21 Crystals For Intuition: The Essential Guide

21 Crystals For Intuition: The Essential Guide

Ever felt a little voice telling you something? No, not your annoying neighbor who wants you to stop leaving your crystals on the fence, but an inner voice or a gut feeling. This sensation can feel like precognition. It can feel as though you have a dormant psychic ability that only appears once in a blue moon.

What if we told you that crystals for intuition can magnify this inner voice so that you can hear it more often and more clearly?

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What Is Intuition?

See, this inner voice is a psychic ability in many ways. Your intuition is akin to spiritual awareness, where your subconscious mind is able to pick up on the subtlest of energies and report back to your conscious mind before it even knows what's happened.

The few studies that science has performed on intuition indicate that "[it] can help make better decisions under the right circumstances." By using crystals for intuition, you amplify this ability so that you can become more in tune with your psychic powers. In many ways, it's like learning to see for the first time. You have to gauge the depth of perception, hand-eye coordination, reading something up close, re-adjusting in the dark, etc. You do a lot with your eyes without even realizing it. It's become second nature. Meanwhile, your intuitive eyes have been closed for your whole life.

Another reason intuition is so difficult to master is that our physical reality is largely dominated by what we see and hear. This is why regular meditation can help you get in touch with your inner self and any dormant psychic abilities – it's distraction-free time where you put your predominant senses away for a while and simply listen to your body. You learn to hear your intuition. 

What Crystals Are Good For Intuition?

There are dozens of crystals for intuition and third eye chakra healing, but these 21 intuition crystals are the best of the best. Many of the stones on this list don't just supercharge your intuitive abilities, they are also fantastic at enhancing psychic abilities, deepening your spiritual practice, and helping you attain inner wisdom through higher consciousness.

We hope that you can develop your psychic gifts with one or more of the following stones:

  1. Lapis Lazuli - one of the best 3rd eye crystals
  2. Labradorite - for spiritual awakening
  3. Blue Lace Agate - for translating your intuition into action
  4. Amethyst - for linking the crown chakra with the third eye chakra
  5. Celestite - for psychic abilities
  6. Fluorite - for deep focus and concentration
  7. Black Obsidian - for deep insight into the way you operate and why
  8. Moonstone - for trusting your gut feelings
  9. Clear Quartz - for clarity and intentions
  10. Sodalite - for a deep dive into our psyche
  11. Citrine - for unblocking our intuitive abilities
  12. Serpentine - for spiritual guidance
  13. Blue Apatite - for working with past-lives
  14. Kyanite - to channel messages from the divine
  15. Ametrine - for developing intuition
  16. Malachite - for releasing inhibitions
  17. Blue Calcite - for boosting psychic powers
  18. Moss Agate - for grounding energy
  19. Rose Quartz - for self-love and acceptance
  20. Selenite - for cleansing your aura
  21. White Topaz - for inspired thoughts

1. Lapis Lazuli

A standout gem for the third eye, Lapis Lazuli knows how to stimulate your psychic abilities. It's one of the best crystals for developing intuition and other psychic gifts because of its color and vibration. As a gorgeous blue crystal, Lapis Lazuli works on the upper chakras and unlocks the door to higher consciousness. When the door is open, you're able to receive spiritual wisdom and deep insight into your time here on earth.

If you want to use your crystals for intuition to get you in touch with your higher self, Lapis Lazuli bracelets are for you. It helps you dissect and analyze profound truths and its unique properties make it a firm favorite to develop awareness, practice meditation, and to enhance communication.

The Power Chakra Tassels will get this awesome gemstone to work on your third eye, easing you open to your psychic abilities.

2. Labradorite

Labradorite is one of the ultimate gemstones for intuition. If you've ever worked with this iridescent crystal, you'll know how much of a spiritual eye-opener it can be. Labradorite is in a league all on its own when it comes to spiritual practice. It elevates your consciousness to the point where you can re-evaluate your problems from a higher perspective. Some say, it puts you in dialogue with your higher self.

If you're looking for one of the best crystals for psychic intuition then Labradorite should be at the top of your list. It's well known for bringing out your psychic abilities and helping you connect with lost senses. It's also the best stone for making a positive change in your life.

Get one of the top crystals for psychic ability improvements in a tumbled stone: The Mind-Expanding Stone.

3. Blue Lace Agate

It's all well and good having crystals for intuition, but unless you act upon that intuition, are they really benefiting you? With Blue Lace Agate on hand, you'll feel more inclined to act upon your intuitive abilities. If you hear your inner voice, this type of Agate translates it into immediate action.

This proactive stone is also a blessing for communication. It helps you gather information with your psychic abilities and then translate it into words that others can understand and empathize with. It's a good stone for teachers and crystal healers.

If you want an Agate Night Light that will enhance your psychic abilities, then look no further.

4. Amethyst

Amethyst, the stone of peace, tranquility and spiritual guidance, is also a fantastic gemstone for developing intuition. Amethyst is a highly spiritual stone and can put you in contact with your spirit guides. It raises your vibration to one of love and joy so that you attract positive entities who wish to help you on your journey.

Opening both the third eye and crown chakra, Amethyst provides an easy route to access your higher self, increase intuition, and understand the messages coming from the higher realms.

The Intuition Lamp does exactly what it says on the tin. It turbocharges your intuition and helps you connect with your personal power from a place of peace and clarity.

5. Celestite

One of our favorite crystals for intuition, especially regarding sleep and dream energy, is Celestite. This beautiful stone can enhance your sense of the dream world, helping you gain awareness while inside the dream. Through meditation, Celestite encourages you to explore your energetic body, prompting you to find the truth within yourself: you are one with everything.

For deeper insight, connection, and clairvoyance, choose Celestite. You can get this great crystal for intuition inside the Pisces Bracelet and Crystals Set.

6. Fluorite

A top stone for concentration, Fluorite enables you to focus with intent. It's a great stone for attention. As we know, stones for intuition are simply crystals that help bring your attention to your special sense so that you can explore it in more depth and listen to what it offers. You'd be hard-pressed to find a better stone for attention than Fluorite.

Developing intuition with Fluorite comes naturally. Simply wear Fluorite crystal jewelry or direct the healing energy of a Fluorite crystal point.

7. Black Obsidian

Black Obsidian is a powerful stone for spiritual awareness. Not only does it encourage deep introspection, Obsidian also protects your aura every step of the way. If you're looking for a sense of security while you seek your inner wisdom, Black Obsidian is the energy shield you need.

Working with Black Obsidian can lead you to psychic gifts you didn't know you had. It all starts with developing intuition. Psychic abilities seem to spontaneously arise after enough work on the higher self.

The Soul-Cleansing Black Obsidian Bracelet is a great way to amplify your intuitive abilities while keeping your energy defended.

8. Moonstone

A stunning healing crystal, Moonstone empowers you to trust your gut feeling. Whatever the situation is, Moonstone will let you hear your gut first. If you're performing meditation, yoga, or some other spiritual practice, Moonstone makes a great accomplice as it will let you listen to your body on a deeper level too. It helps you find postures that promote positive energy.

Moonstone is also a great stone for emotions. It brings emotional balance and introduces you to your inner goddess. Wear Moonstone if you want to experience more intuition when it comes to listening to your emotions and your physical body. The Triple Crystal Anklet of Positivity is great for elevating your psychic abilities and raising your frequency.

9. Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz is essential for clarity. It unlocks your dormant clairvoyance and helps you to set intentions with real meaning. Since ancient times, Clear Quartz has been associated with psychic abilities because of its use in scrying. Most crystal balls are made out of Clear Quartz and seers or fortune tellers would regularly use them to tap into their psychic powers and intuitive abilities.

Activating the crown chakra, Clear Quartz bracelets are master healers that can raise anybody's psychic ability. Use this stone during your meditation sessions to completely empty your mind and see from your third eye.

The Energy Protection Lamp features a Clear Quartz crystal ball that can be removed from the base for developing intuition and psychic gifts. Use it wisely.

10. Sodalite

Sodalite is one of the best crystals for intuition if you're looking to take a deep dive into your own psyche. A self-reflective crystal by nature, Sodalite encourages you to form deep insight into the workings of your own mind. It generally works on the throat chakra, but can influence the third eye too.

Fantastic for spiritual guidance, Sodalite will point you in the right direction and encourage you to express your psychic abilities to the world. The Anti-Anxiety Stones Set banishes negative thoughts and helps you progress along your spiritual path without fear.

11. Citrine

High vibration crystals don't come much better than this. Citrine is a powerhouse of positivity, enhancing psychic abilities by raising your frequency to one of pure love and joy. It vibrates at such a high rate that you can't help but smile in its presence. It's said to connect you to higher consciousness and help you find your own psychic gifts.

The solar plexus chakra isn't often associated with intuition, but high vibration crystals like Citrine are an exception to the rule. The spiritual nature of Citrine enables you to focus on your personal power and your own ability to influence the world around you by your very perception of it. Citrine makes time stand still so you can see the minute details that your subconscious mind picks up on in real-time.

The Mindfulness Bracelet is the perfect piece of crystal jewelry to wear when you're seeking inner truth and hoping to develop greater awareness. Wear this bracelet during meditation to maximize its healing energy.

12. Serpentine

Serpentine is a fantastic crystal for spiritual guidance. It connects you to your spirit guides and helps you make the right decisions for you. Working with this gem can create an undisturbed flow of energy that can assist you with all your day-to-day experiences.

If you ever feel lost or alone, Serpentine will hold your hand and guide you back on track. It shines a light on confusion and helps you come to terms with things as they are. Everything happens for a reason, and Serpentine is more than willing to show us what that reason is, if you're ready to accept what it offers.

The Taurus Crystals and Bracelet Set contains a beautiful Serpentine stone.

13. Blue Apatite

Blue Apatite is an uplifting gemstone that is phenomenal when it comes to remembering and learning from past-lives. One of the best crystals for psychic ability, Blue Apatite helps you hone in on your ethereal body so that you can detect things from an energetic perspective rather than a physical sensation.

Developing intuition comes easy to people who work with Blue Apatite. Its positive energy makes any goal more achievable. The Brighter Future Bracelet is a brilliant bracelet for those looking to expand upon their psychic abilities.

14. Kyanite

One of the all-time great crystals for telepathy, Kyanite helps you channel messages from the divine. It's a crystal for intuition that adds a spiritual dimension of insight that will make you question everything you thought you knew as reality. For some, this can be a little too much, but for those seeking truth and meaning here on earth, Kyanite can help you find answers.

Form a connection with this stone and you will be one step closer to enlightenment. It helps you explore your inner self, listen to your gut, and receive messages coming from higher entities. A powerful stone of communication, wear Kyanite earrings to express yourself with universal balance in all aspects.

15. Ametrine

A mind-blowing combination of Amethyst and Citrine, this high-vibe crystal has a wonderful way of revealing your psychic abilities to you. Like a hot mug of cocoa on a cold winter's day, Ametrine soothes your mind, body and soul to a point of such comfort that you can't help but relax. Only then will your intuition become more apparent.

16. Malachite

If you want to work with crystals for intuition, you must first release any inhibitions that are holding you back. Malachite helps you do this. A great stone for making positive change, Malachite highlights your flaws and weaknesses and forces you to take action to change them. In doing so, you become more in tune with your natural body, and thus more open to psychic abilities.

The Law of Attraction Bracelet helps you forge a stronger connection with your psychic abilities so that you can make better use of the natural laws of the universe. By wearing this bracelet, you'll be developing intuition 24/7.

17. Blue Calcite

If you want to boost your psychic abilities, Blue Calcite is the stone to use. This crystal works best if you are already aware of what your psychic gifts are. Blue Calcite emphasizes them and manifests situations in which you can put them to use. In a way, it's a spiritual teacher, guiding you to use your ethereal talents.

18. Moss Agate

The second type of Agate on our list, Moss Agate is more of a grounding stone. It roots your energy in the present moment so that you can be hyper-focused on the subtle energies of your surroundings, developing intuition as you go. These green stones help you form a connection with nature, becoming more intuitive of the needs of the flora and fauna under your care.

19. Rose Quartz

A crystal of compassion, Rose Quartz is used for developing intuition in the field of love, romance, and self-care. It helps you intuitively know what you must do to make your loved ones, or yourself, feel better. If you're somewhat of a clueless romantic, Rose Quartz will set you straight.

Use the Rose Quartz face roller to relieve tension and stress, helping you remain in touch with your natural intuition.

20. Selenite

To increase intuition, you need clarity. Selenite is more than happy to provide. As a cleansing stone, Selenite purifies negative energies that stand in between you and your intuition. It's often reported that working with Selenite opens up the mind and empowers psychic abilities to shine through.

The Divination Crystal Grid Set comes with a huge Selenite heart that you can use to purify your aura before your spiritual practices.

21. White Topaz

White Topaz is another white gemstone that enables crystal clear thought. Aiding in manifestation, White Topaz brings your intuition to the surface so that you can make instinctive decisions to further you along your path. It carries the energy of truth so you can always choose what's right. Treat White Topaz like a moral compass.

The good news? White Topaz and colorless Topaz are the most common and least valuable types of Topaz. That means you can add them to your collection without any problems.

Get Your Intuition Crystals At Conscious Items

Partner your intuition crystals with stones for serenity and peace so that you can relax your mind and shut away all distractions before listening to your inner voice. We hope you found some crystals for intuition that you can utilize in your daily life to strengthen the connection to universal energy and make the most of your innate psychic abilities.

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