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The stone of the month


This stone soaks up all negative energy that surrounds you and those around you.

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The Soothing Ring

Cool down with

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How to Use Crystals to Overcome Your Fears

Top 5 crystals for anxiety!

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The Prosperity Bracelet

Thoughts are energy magnets

Think prosperously.

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Harmonize Your Soul

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Crystal Healing Blog

We want to share with you everything you need to know to get the most out of your natural stones. Our crystal expert will guide you through how to use them for healing, chakra work, enhancing positive energy around the home, and much more!

The Essential Guide to Fuchsite and Its Healing Properties

Like all green gems, fuchsite has an energy that strongly resonates with the heart chakra and has a balancing effect on the third eye center. Explore the origins and sources of fuchsite, and simple ways you can harness its energy to support your life and overall well-being.

Why You Need To Add Epidote to Your Gemstone Collection

Epidote is tied to the heart chakra — its green color is a natural match for this energy center. It's also associated with the astrological sign of Gemini. Both the color and astrological season hint at the renewal that epidote can offer if you're open to using this stone correctly.