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Spiritual Jewelry

 If you’re after a piece of spiritual healing jewelry, then you’ve come to the right place. Here at Conscious Items, we offer a wide variety of spiritual crystal jewelry, specifically designed to initiate the inner healing process. Our beautiful gemstones come in a range of styles, from ornately carved to smoothly rounded - we never skimp on quality!
 We have an array of spiritual stone jewelry to choose from, each one unique and offering different areas of focus for self-development. Whether you’re interested in cleansing and recharging the 7 chakras, protecting yourself against negativity, or if you want to dabble with healing grids, we have something for you. We also have gorgeous jewelry, spiritual in the way it directs the thoughts of the wearer. The Anti-Anxiety Bracelet, for example, dissolves worry and overthinking, allowing you to heal a small but specific area of your core being.
 Conscious Items is proud of its spiritual jewelry collection and we’re confident that you will find the perfect piece for you, or perhaps your loved one.

Spiritual Jewelry Gifts

 If you intend on gifting an alluring item to somebody you hold dear, then Conscious Items can assist you. We offer hundreds of special pieces that can be used to help heal countless spiritual ailments. 
 Are they working on a long-term project but can’t seem to maintain concentration? We know that things are always getting in the way and preventing people from achieving their goals, so gift them the Blue Focus Bracelet - a Lapis Lazuli beaded bracelet that enhances concentration and clears the mind of distractions. 
 Perhaps they’re constantly feeling drained of energy - The Triple Protection Bracelet would be a fine item to gift, ensuring that they remain shielded against negative energy, and full of life all of the time. It’s also one of our most popular items, so check out the reviews beforehand.
 Maybe your loved one just likes the idea of spiritual crystal jewelry because it’s trendy and looks stylish. In this case, why not get them something that they’ll enjoy the look of that also has positive qualities. Try one of the Vitality Pendants - there are several to choose from, each with a rugged and natural effect, but all providing amazing individual benefits.
 Shop for spiritual jewelry gifts now - whatever you decide to gift them, we’re sure that they will love it. 

Spiritual Bracelets

 While we have many options for spiritual healing jewelry, it’s our collection of bracelets that’s the largest. We have a bracelet for anything you desire, be it luck and prosperity, wealth and abundance, or passion and motivation. We have spiritual bracelets made from hundreds of crystals - from amethyst and quartz to malachite and obsidian, you are guaranteed to find a bracelet that is as beautiful and as powerful as you desire. 
 The 108 Quartz Healing Bracelet is one of our most popular items - combining the sacred number of 108 with the immense healing power of quartz. 108 is an important number of beads to have on a bracelet - known as mala beads, they’re commonly used in meditation for counting intentions, prayers, or breaths. Sometimes classed as spiritual yoga jewelry, beaded bracelets such as this can have a dramatic and positive impact when involved in the practise of yoga.
 Another of our classic bracelets is the Tiger’s Eye Passion Bracelet. It inspires ardor in love and relationships, but also in creative projects. Want to take your photography to the next level? This spiritual bracelet can ignite the passion to do so, encouraging you to try new angles and unorthodox shots. The same can be said for any creative desire. When it comes to romance, the Tiger’ Eye Passion Bracelet can keep a relationship alive by bringing new and interesting ideas to the table. Whether this is a unique type of date or a fun game to try between the two of you, the Tiger’s Eye Passion Bracelet brings back that heart-skipping feeling when you see your loved one.

We are confident in our selection of spiritual jewelry. Browse for yourself - you won’t be disappointed.