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Crystals For Pain: 10 Best Healing Crystals For Chronic Pain

Are you considering using crystals for pain relief? It’s an excellent idea! These powerful tools for crystal healing can lower negative energy levels and bring you comfort by amplifying the healing positive energy.

There are various ways that crystals for pain relief can help you. We’ll talk about what crystals are good for healing chronic pains and how exactly they can help you with pain relief.

We’ve got a list of 10 powerful pain relief crystals you can use as home decor or crystal jewelry. Choose the one that best fits your situation. And if you’d like some suggestions on how you can use these powerful healing gemstones, we’ve got a few tips for you.

What Crystals Are Good For Healing Chronic Pains?

When it comes to healing chronic pains and achieving pain relief, there are various types of healing stones you can use for your crystal healing process.

These healing stones work on neutralizing negative energy flow. They bring you relief if you're suffering from chronic pains in the physical body, but also address your emotional pain relief needs. They are healing and comforting crystals that will help you get through this difficult journey.

Your healing gemstones will also amplify the positive energy flow. That way, you’ll have better stamina, higher vitality levels, and a more optimistic outlook on the entire journey.

When it comes to coping with chronic pains, we could use all the help we can get.

How Can Healing Crystals Help With Pain Relief?

Healing crystals have several ways through which they can offer you relief from chronic pains. They can help you reduce pain and help your body heal.

As they alleviate pain, these healing crystals also comfort your adrenal glands which are under constant fire when you’re experiencing pain. That gives them anti-inflammatory properties, which will help you with any muscle pain, joint pain, and diminish muscle tension.

Another way your crystals for pain relief can help you is by boosting your immune system or calming it down, depending on what your body needs. If you need a stronger immune system, they’ll power it up. That will help your body cope with viruses or opportunistic bacteria which can affect you during a stressful recovery process.

But sometimes your immune system might be in overdrive and cause auto-immune issues. In that case, your crystals for pain relief will help cool down the engines of your immunity so your body can slowly recover. If you’re dealing with an autoimmune issue like arthritis, pain relief will come from your crystals cooling down your over-active immunity that’s attacking your own body.

The spiritual growth you’ll also experience while using these powerful crystals for pain relief is going to fortify your body and soul. You’ll find the best ways to overcome issues and raise your vibration when wearing your crystal jewelry.

As a result, you’ll be less affected by those and other health issues in the future. There are direct connections between spirituality and religion and successful pain management.

The 10 Best Healing Crystals For Pain Relief

Are you ready to start your journey of overcoming pain and recovering from your health issues with the help of crystals? We’ve got 10 powerful suggestions for you when it comes to healing crystals for pain relief.

Use these crystals or any other healing stones you feel guided to alongside your medical treatment. These powerful crystals are meant to aid and amplify your medical recovery or pain management program, not replace it.

Whether you choose to use one or more of these crystals, you can’t go wrong. You can also combine them in healing sets and crystal grids which will amplify their powers.

The 10 crystals for pain relief we recommend are:

  1. Rose Quartz – encourages emotional balance, reduces stress and negative feelings
  2. Clear Quartz – master healer, amplifies positive healing energy, transmutes low vibes into high vibes
  3. Labradorite – supports powerful transformations so your pain will become a thing of the past
  4. Aquamarine – fuels powerful breakthroughs in your healing journey
  5. Malachite – heals your heart and helps you manifest healing
  6. Pyrite – improves greatly your chances of successfully overcoming your pains
  7. Fluorite – clears your body of negative energy to promote releasing pain
  8. Moonstone – balances your hormones and endocrine system
  9. Black Tourmaline – boosts your immune system, cleanses and protects your energetic field
  10. Tiger’s Eye – grounds you in the healing and supportive energy of Mother Gaia

1. Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz is the perfect crystal to use for overcoming any form of suffering. That’s because Rose Quartz promotes emotional balance which helps you get rid of negative energy.

All chronic conditions can (and do) affect your emotional balance. With the help of Rose Quartz, you’ll diminish that negative effect on your energy field. If you feel calm you’ll find solutions to your physical problems with more ease. Achieving a state of inner peace is an essential part of managing and overcoming pain. Reducing stress with the help of Rose Quartz will also help reduce pain.

Turn on the light of your Self-Care Lamp and feel its power when it comes to achieving harmony and inner peace.

2. Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz is a master healer crystal for pain relief. It works by amplifying your positive energy and blood flow. That’s going to boost your immune system.

Clear Quartz helps you transmute negative energy into higher vibes. That makes them powerful crystals for back pain relief. Clear Quartz heals and supports your entire energetic system. The energetic weight of your system falls on your spine, so the heavier your vibe is, the more back pain it can cause. 

Use the Curative Lamp to overcome your pain and find relief.

3. Labradorite

Labradorite is a powerful transformation stone. It helps you release the pain and negative energy it was caused by.

Labradorite can help you overcome pains and issues connected to the respiratory system. That’s because the lungs are powerful transformative organs in your body, along with the digestive and secretor systems. Due to its ability to transform, Labradorite also clears up skin issues.

Use the Rings of New Beginnings to start your journey towards managing your pain and health issues and ultimately overcoming them.

4. Aquamarine

Aquamarine breaks the loop of negative thinking and pessimism and supports powerful healing breakthroughs.

As a throat chakra crystal, it soothes sore throats. At the same time, it relieves anxiety which can cause immune issues such as allergies that can affect your respiratory system and trigger skin problems

Wear the Soothing Bracelet to experience the comforting and supporting vibes of Aquamarine.

5. Malachite

Malachite is a powerful heart chakra stone. It can help alleviate heart disease and improve your mood. That’s an important part of dealing with pain since heart disease in particular is known for causing issues such as depression.

You can amplify the power of other crystals for pain relief by using them together with Malachite. That’s because Malachite is a powerful stone for manifesting healing and overcoming chronic pains and health issues.

Wear the Heart-Healing Ring and the Law of Attraction Bracelet and you’ll manifest a successful pain management plan while healing your heart.

6. Pyrite

Pyrite attracts success into your healing journey.

When it comes to your physical body, this powerful stone gets rid of excess fluids by supporting your kidneys. That will also help alleviate skin irritations and inflammation of your entire body.

Keep the Success Stones Set by your side when you’re working on finding pain relief. You’ll feel things flow with more ease towards you and find the best solutions for your situation.

7. Fluorite

Fluorite is a powerful cleansing stone. It acts as a blood cleanser and detoxifier, which will alleviate pain in your whole body.

Fluorite helps you get rid of headaches caused by lower energies affecting your energy field. Keep the Cleansing Stone by your side to experience its powerful cleansing properties.

8. Moonstone

Moonstone is a powerful helper when it comes to issues related to your Divine Feminine energy. By wearing Moonstone, you’ll find relief from menstrual cramps and any related pain issues such as endometriosis.

Moonstone also helps as it brings balance to your endocrine system and helps regulate your hormone levels. Wear the Lunar Ring of Power to keep pain at bay.

9. Black Tourmaline

Protecting yourself from negative energy is an essential part of dealing with pain. Black Tourmaline is an essential protective stone when it comes to crystals for pain relief.

Low vibes and electromagnetic pollution affect your lower chakras and your entire body. They cause or aggravate high-stress situations and affect your immune system in a negative way.

By wearing Black Tourmaline, you reduce the negative effect of outside energies while you’re dealing with your pain. If there’s a source of negative energy causing you pain, it can remove or at least seriously diminish its effect. Wear the Spiritual Protection Bracelet to keep yourself safe from low vibes.

10. Tiger's Eye

Tiger’s Eye is one of the best stones to support you in overcoming chronic conditions. It improves blood circulation to your painful area.

Tiger’s Eye grounds your energy in the healing and supportive high vibes of Mother Gaia. That’s going to boost your healing powers and resolve the causes of your chronic pain. Allow the Grounding Bracelet Set to help you deal with your pain.

You can use any of these 10 crystals for pain relief as part of chakra sets and healing crystal grids as well. By using them together, or combining them with other healing stones, you’ll reduce pain, discomfort, and inflammation. A powerful example of this is the 7 Chakra ‘Blissful Healing’ Set which brings stability and balance into your pain management and healing journey.

How Do You Use Crystals For Pain And Inflammation?

There are several ways you can use your crystals for pain relief and inflammation. Depending on your particular issues, some of them might be more or less accessible at a particular point in time. Don’t worry about that.


Your crystals for pain relief are always there for you. They’ll find a way to help you, regardless of the details of any particular practice.

Your healing crystals focus on you, not on the practice in and of itself. Their mere presence is going to promote high vibrations of healing and recovery. Make sure you have at least one crystal for pain-relief around you at all times.

That’s going to help you navigate this challenging and sometimes difficult process. But don’t lose hope and faith in yourself and your endless resources. You’ll make it through this rough spot and come out of this predicament.

If you’re having issues with maintaining your optimism, get the Apatite Heart of Positivity. Its soothing and comforting energy will help you rediscover the way towards positive thinking and the highest frequency so you can heal.

Yoga, meditation, contemplation

Add crystals for pain relief to your regular yoga or meditation practice. Your body will recover and heal faster. You’ll overcome your health issues with more ease. It will be easier to find the solutions that best fit your situation. You’ll be able to apply them in the most efficient way for you.

Depending on the type of chronic pain or inflammatory issue you’re dealing with, some practices might be difficult, uncomfortable, or even impossible to follow. 

Maybe you’re a regular yoga practitioner, but can’t actually go through with it at this specific point in time. Or perhaps you can’t keep up with your regular meditation practice because of the pain levels that are so distracting. Don't push yourself, but remember that these healing crystals can benefit your practice.

Simply focus on your crystals for pain relief. If you’re using a Healing Lamp, contemplate the light as it filters through the crystal. Allow that light to permeate your body and soul. It’s going to lend its healing powers to you by simply being there.

Cleansing your space and energy

An essential part of crystal pain management is cleansing your space and your own energy. You can read more about how to remove negative energy from your home and how to cleanse crystals you use for pain relief in our crystal guide.

It’s also important to focus on how to clean your soul. Combine these powerful cleansing methods to keep your own energy and that of your home at optimal levels. That way, you’ll overcome pain and heal your physical issues.

Get Your Physical Healing Crystals Today!

Don’t allow your chronic illness to take charge of your life. Find the best crystals for pain relief for you and embrace their healing powers.

Find the best crystals for pain relief that fit your situation. Welcome their healing energy into your soul and into your life. Feel how they transmute lower vibes into the highest frequency of healing, recovering, and overcoming any challenges. With these amazing gemstones by your side, you’ll embrace the energy of the future and release the physical pain of the past.

Whether you’ve chosen one of our 10 suggestions of the best crystals for overcoming chronic pain and inflammation, or you’ve decided on using other crystals of your own, you’re on the right track towards optimal health. Maximize the power of your stone by using it together with crystals for healing and cleansing.

Empower yourself and take charge of your journey towards living your best life. Your physical healing crystals are ready to support and guide you towards claiming your blessings.

What’s the best crystal for me?

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