White Crystals: What Is The Best White Crystal For You?

White Crystals: What Is The Best White Crystal For You?

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White Crystal Benefits

White crystals have tons of benefits that differentiate them from the many other colored stones. White stones can be used for crystal healing, especially in regards to cleansing. Their angelic white sheen is enough to prove their purity. This tends to make them great energy purifiers for yourself, your home or your other crystals.

White stone physical healing properties

White Crystal Benefits

Out of all the crystals in the mineral world, white crystals are the ones that benefit the upper part of your body the most. Your head, face and hair are all governed by white stones. This is because their color resonates with the crown chakra and so their benefits are most powerfully felt in this region.

When using white crystals, you can wave goodbye to migraines, headaches or confusion. They bring mental and emotional clarity, helping clear disruptive thoughts. Their healing energy is thought to soothe insomnia too, encouraging you to drift into a deep and relaxing slumber.

White crystals are great crystals for detoxing. They help your body purge toxicity and clear your energy in every single pore of your body. A lot of the time, a white crystal will boost the immune system too. This makes them perfect healing crystals for supporting the entire physical body. A white Quartz stone is a great example of this as it actually accelerates the recovery from illness and injury too.

White stone spiritual healing properties

To access the true potential of white crystals, you'll want to make use of their spiritual healing properties. White stones work wonders on the higher chakras; they enhance your psychic abilities and provide unrestrained access to the spiritual world. Most white crystals act as a spirit guide, connecting you to your higher self and protecting you from psychic attacks or other paranormal toxicity.

Raising your spiritual awareness and promoting inner peace, white crystals and clear crystals are very similar in their properties. Both activate the crown chakra and both provide similar benefits for your spiritual work.

Whether you have a white crystal already or you're eyeing up several white stones to get, these healing crystals will have profound effects on your ability to access higher realms of consciousness. They promote psychic visions and crystal clear mental clarity.

Crown Chakra Crystals

As mentioned above, crown chakra crystals can be white or clear stones. Clear Quartz, White Selenite and Howlite are all examples of crown chakra activators with similar healing properties. Crown chakra stones are energy cleansers that stimulate the free flow of your prana—or life force—throughout the entire body. Their spiritual work culminates in the crown but it doesn't begin there. It starts in the root, goes up through the central chakras, through the third eye chakra and finally into the crown.

This is why crown chakra crystals are thought to boost the immune system and improve overall health. They affect every part of the body. Some people like to do chakra meditation to open the crown, visualizing a white light embracing their entire body. This may be beneficial to your meditation practice, especially if you're using white crystals to help.

Manifesting With White Crystals

White crystals possess a high vibration that is simply unmatched by other stones. This high vibration makes them excellent manifesters—the best of the best. Their upbeat and positive energy helps to heal emotional wounds and keeps negative emotions at bay. White stones bring a wealth of new opportunities your way.


A white crystal can be the perfect companion for a relationship that is just beginning. Its positive and high vibratory energy attracts the best experiences for both parties. It enables both people to let loose and enjoy themselves without inhibitions. They're not usually considered great stones for love because of the much more focused heart chakra stones, but white crystals certainly bring good fortune in this department. They do this by helping you look at the world through less cynical eyes. They promote hope and optimism instead.


Similarly, a white crystal is a fantastic support for summoning abundance. Regardless of your life path, white crystals provide hope, balance and a sense of purpose. They help you feel connected to the world and the people around you. With a white Quartzite stone in hand, you'll feel like you can do anything.

Because white crystals calm your energy, you may not notice their powerful vibration, but on a subtle level you will be harmonizing with it. These white stones empower you to manifest wealth, success and prosperity. They are great stones for improving the circumstances of your environment and creating a new reality that you can be happy in.


White crystals help you retrieve information from the universe. They elevate your spiritual awareness so that you can access deeper knowledge from your higher self. Expanding your aura, white crystals empower you to detect new sensations without sacrificing your spiritual safety. Incorporate a white crystal into your meditation practice to access the deeper secrets of the universe and find balance in the way you tackle life.

10 White Crystals You Must Use

Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz

Sometimes called White Crystal Quartz, Clear Quartz is a strong energy-amplifier. It acts as a broadcast tower, strengthening your signal and beaming it out into the universe. With Clear Quartz bracelets by your side, intention-setting will feel like a breeze. It sets you on the right path and helps steer you away from the darkness.

White Quartz Crystal helps you channel the white light inside of you until you're buzzing with energy in every cell of your body. In the deepest states of meditation with Clear Quartz, you'll be able to feel without your five senses. Your aura becomes a tangible force field that you can detect and explore. As a crown chakra crystal, Clear Quartz rings activate your psychic abilities and strengthen your intuition. It's a stone to listen to if you're feeling lost.


Howlite stone

This streaky white stone is a beautiful crystal that sums up purity perfectly through its appearance. It helps you acknowledge who you truly are and encourages you to proactively live by your word. A white stone to make you feel safe, Howlite brings inner peace in times of emotional turmoil. It's one of the best crystals for helping you be more present in your physical body, enabling you to sense your surrounding environment with more lucidity. It brings a shy person out of their shell and gently encourages self-acceptance.


Moonstone crystal

Moonstone channels the energy of the moon. One of the best white crystals for the feminine gender, Moonstone connects you to the divine feminine. Like Clear Quartz, it's a great energy-amplifier. If used under a full moon, its energy is enhanced even further! It's a stone that reminds you of the cyclic nature of the universe; just as the moon goes through cycles, so does the earth and so do you.

All things come to pass and Moonstone will be there to support you through life's perpetual changes. It provides a lingering sense of hope for a better future. Hold Moonstone — or wear a Moonstone ring — if you want to feel peace and calm in times of frustration or irritation. It's one of the best white crystals for recovering from emotional wounds. It heightens the emotions but does so in a way that doesn't agitate, but makes you more appreciative.

White Selenite

Like Clear Quartz, Selenite is another white/clear crystal for the crown. Selenite is by far the best stone for energy cleansing that we know of. It's a purity stone that doesn't even need to be charged itself. You can get Selenite cleansing plates that are designed to hold and charge all your other crystals at once! That's how powerful purification properties of Selenite are! It instills a deep inner calm that is simply immovable.

Clear crystals like this are ideal for mental clarity. As being able to think clearly is one of the best perks of white crystals, Selenite is certainly a contender for the best white stone there is. It brings balance to energy, finding the natural equilibrium in all things. Selenite banishes dark energy and welcomes light. Selenite jewelry can be beneficial for maintaining a sense of purity, be it day or night.

White Agate

White Agate stone

Agate comes in all the colors of the rainbow, but White Agate is the crystal healing marvel that stimulates the higher chakras. A stone of balance, White Agate helps you release the past, letting go of things that no longer serve you. It reminds you that your ego clings onto things to perpetuate itself into the future. You are in control of your life path. You decide your destiny. Live in the present moment with this white crystal and remain grounded in your mind, body and spirit. Wear a White Agate bracelet to treat every mistake as a lesson.

White Topaz

White Topaz stone

If you're ready for a breath of fresh air, White Topaz is a stone of immense peace and harmony. Its serenity-enhancing effects are undeniable; try holding one of these white crystals and see how long it takes for your emotions to settle, the mind to quieten, and the sense of inner calm to rise from within. White Topaz jewelry is great for remaining in touch with your spiritual consciousness 24/7. In other words, having this beauty on your person during the day enhances mindfulness and unlocks the true white crystal meaning: be present in the physical experience while simultaneously maintaining your connection with the spiritual realms.

White Chalcedony

White Chalcedony

White Chalcedony is thought to fill your aura with a bright white light. It's a fantastic stone for eradicating dark thoughts, eliminating negative energy and replacing them with peace, calm and tranquility. It's a gentle stone of love and balance. Its soft energy is great for bringing people closer together. It helps you keep your integrity, putting truth and honesty first and foremost in your life. As a relative of Quartz, it also boosts your intentions and amplifies the positive energy that you put out into the world.

White Opal

White Opal

The iridescent White Opal has similar properties to Pearl. The glittering silver-gold sheen lets you know that its healing properties are world class. Unlike other crystals, White Opal shows you something different every time you gaze upon it, be it about yourself or the mysterious limitless of creation. It sparks creativity and lets your imagination take center stage. As a white crystal of hope, it raises your spirits when you're feeling low and promises a better tomorrow. Combine Opal with other Quartz stones to intensify its healing properties.

White Zircon

White Zircon stone

Highly prized as a less valuable alternative to Diamond, White Zircon is a beautiful and brilliant crystal to use in healing jewelry. It's one of the top white crystals for attracting good fortune as its powerful sparkle is thought to bring luck your way. White crystals affect the mind and the mental plane and White Zircon is no different. Leave a piece under your pillow to prevent nightmares and enable you to lucid dream more easily. It eases you into a deep sleep and is even thought to support you during astral travel. While these white crystals may be cheaper than Diamonds, they are still expensive stones.

White Calcite

White Calcite stone

White Calcite is an energy supercharger. It helps you come to terms with your life situation and let go of things that create tension. One of the best white crystals for forgiveness and understanding, White Calcite helps you keep your energy in check by accepting what you can't change. Activating the higher chakras—both the crown and the third eye chakra—this white crystal is an amazing addition to your healing crystal set, especially if you're using these natural stones to access higher realms of consciousness or communicate with your higher self. The chalky White Calcite will support you every step of the way.

How Do You Use White Crystals?

White crystals can be used in a number of ways. It doesn't matter if you have one white crystal or a whole collection of soul-stirring white stones, the important thing is that you keep them close. The more skin contact the better, which means that white crystals work best in jewelry like necklaces, bracelets, anklets or rings. For white crystals in particular, earrings are a great way to wear them. This is because their high energy will resonate better with the crown chakra from there.

You can also use white crystals like you would with any other crystals, for reiki healing, crystal grids or decorative ornaments. Selenite, for example, is a fascinating stone to use in all three of the aforementioned ways because of its purifying properties. You can get Selenite wands that are specifically designed to direct energy during reiki healing, Selenite crystal points or pyramids that are excellent focal points in crystal grids, or a Selenite Cleansing Lamp that's ideal for protecting and energizing the home.

Holding these white crystals during meditation is a sure-fire way to deepen your practice, too. As most of these stones increase spiritual awareness and elevate consciousness, utilizing them during your self-exploration time is ideal. They will channel your energy inwards, helping you delve deeper into your own awareness, or assist you in your introspective search for meaning.

White crystals are also a great aid for other metaphysical practices such as scrying, tarot reading or clairvoyance. If you're practicing a new psychic ability, a white crystal will be the best ally you could wish for.

Which Other Healing Crystals Work Well With White Crystals?

Other Crystals Work Well With White Gemstones

White crystals will naturally boost any other stone's energy, regardless of what color it is. This means that you can choose what you want to focus your energy on, select a crystal for that, and then partner it with a white stone to magnify the effects.

If you want love, then partner your white crystals with a pink crystalor a green crystal. Think Rose Quartz, Rhodochrosite, Malachite or Aventurine. These heart-healers will take on new energy when partnered with a stone like Clear Quartz. They attract both romantic love and universal all-encompassing love of the spirit-to-spirit kind.

If you're looking for wealth, confidence or success, then partner your white crystals with Citrine, Tiger's Eye or Pyrite. Not only will this enhance your self-belief and turbocharge your willpower, it'll boost overall happiness and fulfillment. These types of stones encourage you to follow your dreams.

Maybe you want more protection or grounding? Let your white crystals shack up with Hematite, Red Agate, Black Tourmaline or Black Obsidian. These crystals are perfect for stimulating the root chakra, and with a little help from one of your white stones, they will have double the energy for protection.

If you want to make the most of the higher realms of consciousness that white crystals give access to, then we suggest pairing your white stone up with Fluorite or Lapis Lazuli. Amethyst will work wonders in this field too. These crystals all specialize in the metaphysical and spiritual realms. Double your energy here for the best possible inward journey.

Use White Crystals To Take Your Life To The Next Level

White crystals possess powers that are simply calling out to be used. Not only do they raise your intuition, but they deepen your perspective and can help reshape your worldview. Of all the crystals in the world, white crystals are the best for spiritual advancement. Keep this in mind as you choose your next healing stone.

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