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Blue Crystals: The 27 Most Popular Blue Crystals

Blue crystals give you guidance and support during trying times. When you’re experiencing emotional issues or difficult stages of spiritual growth, blue crystals are there to save the day.

Wear blue stones whenever you need a boost of confidence. They promote tranquility and a joyful human experience. We’ll talk about the best 27 blue stones you can choose from.

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Blue Crystals: Meaning

Blue crystals and stones are a symbol of high class and royalty. The color blue was a symbol of high status ever since ancient times. Back then, they used Ultramarine as a high-end pigment extracted from Lapis Lazuli.

Blue crystals resonate with your throat chakra. As a result, they are a symbol of efficient and honest communication. They talk about building solid bridges of communication for well-balanced energy and information exchanges.

Light blue crystals are a symbol of inner peace and mental clarity. They talk about connecting to the higher dimensions and spiritual realms. Dark blue crystals are a symbol of mysteries and the depths of emotions and the subconscious mind.

Because they symbolize communication and healthy exchanges, blue crystals are also a symbol of community. They can connect you with your soul tribe and help you be consciously aware of your role in the grander scheme of things.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Blue Crystals?

A blue crystals is naturally attuned to the throat chakra. That’s your energetic center that handles exchanges of information and energy. It’s the seat of expressing yourself and how you manage to come across to others.

When you use blue stones and crystals, they activate your throat chakra. If it’s already open, they optimize its energy and cleanse it. Keep in mind that your throat chakra is one of the most active ones on a daily basis. Your day is filled with direct and indirect communication, informational and energetic exchanges. All of that interaction is a great thing, of course. But it can also leave unwanted residues of negative energy.

Your blue stones are going to resolve those residues. The crystal is going to cleanse them and filter out unwanted influences and energies.

Blue crystals have powerful healing effects when it comes to mending broken ties. Whether they are family ties, friendships, or romantic connections, authentic communication from the heart can help build bridges over any troubled water. Allow your blue crystals to restore those lines of constructive communication.

Wear a blue stone necklace and it will sharpen your diplomatic skills. You’ll find the best way to say things and the most inspired reactions so everything goes your way. Whether you’re doing public speaking, negotiating a business deal, or asking for a raise, it’s all about being persuasive and projecting confidence.

Your light blue stone also supports your third eye chakra. Wear some blue stone earrings and enjoy the calm and cool energy they’ll give you. Your psychic insight will be clearer and you’ll be able to use it in a constructive way. Using blue-colored crystals is all the more important if you work in the spiritual or psychic field.

Blue-green crystals have powerful healing properties for the heart chakra as well as for the throat. They help you reconnect with your inner child and heal old wounds. You’ll find it easier to go through shadow work and overcome emotional hang-ups.

Of course, if you’re doing therapy, blue crystals are of great help. They’ll help the patient express themselves clearly. The therapist will receive the messages the right way and offer the best-suited feedback. That way, the therapeutic process will yield the best possible results.

The Best 27 Popular Blue Crystals

Not all blue crystals are created equal. They each have different properties and special powers.

All of these beautiful blue crystals can prove to be helpful to you. But you might be looking for some bright morning blue stones right now. And then, when the Moon is high in the night sky, you might want some mysterious dark blue crystals instead.

Go with the flow and follow your intuition. We’ve got you covered with our list. From dark colors to light stone jewelry wear, you’ll find the right blue crystal for you. And if you feel like getting other blue crystals, you still have plenty more options to browse through in our list.

Don’t be afraid to mix and match between your many blue crystals. Use for everyday wear however many crystals you feel called to. And feel free to mix your other stones of different colors with whichever blue crystal feels right for you that day.

1. Blue Lace Agate

blue lace agate

Blue Lace Agate is an extremely rare form of banded Chalcedony. It has a banded or layered presentation. The predominant color is blue with bands that can be a brown, white, or vivid blue color. It's found in one mine, in Ysterputs, Namibia. The extreme rarity makes this blue crystal incredibly valuable and enhances the stone’s popularity.

Blue Lace Agate is believed to help with arthritis and bone deformity, strengthening the skeletal system and healing fractures. It helps to strengthen and accelerate the repair of bones and joints. It helps you overcome thyroid issues. It clears out throat infections and cleanses throat-area lymph nodes. It has great anti-inflammatory and healing properties.

Blue Lace Agate supports your communication skills. It teaches you how to make your voice heard. It supports spiritual communication with the higher realms and sharing that information in an effective way for the highest good of all.

Wear the Agate Spiritual Growth Bracelet and you’ll gain similar benefits.

2. Lapis Lazuli

lapis lazuli blue crystals

Lapis Lazuli is a deep-blue metamorphic rock. It has been appreciated ever since ancient times for its intense color and gorgeous darker tones.

The name of Lapis Lazuli is derived from a few ancient languages and it means “heavenly stone”. It’s no wonder, considering the celestial blue hues this stone presents.

Lapis Lazuli is a powerful activator of your higher consciousness. It enhances your intellectual prowess and fans the flames of your desire for seeking truth, knowledge, and understanding all things. These blue crystals sharpen your mental focus.

This beautiful blue crystal helps any learning process, improves your memory, and boosts the power of your mind. Use the Power Chakra Tassels to benefit from similar positive effects.

3. Blue Sapphire

Blue Sapphire is a precious high saturation blue-colored crystals member of the Corundum mineral family. Blue Sapphires are some of the most popular blue crystals. They’re the most sought-after Sapphires with a Mohs scale hardness of 7.5-8. That means they’re pretty tough, but ideally, they won’t be accidentally dropped, just to stay on the safe side.

Blue Sapphires are a vivid blue. Their primary hue is blue, but as natural stones, they can present a purple or green secondary hue.

Blue Sapphire connects very well with the throat chakra. It enhances self-expression and personal charm. Wear Blue Sapphire at any meeting or negotiation and you’ll win over the room in no time.

4. Blue Diamond

Blue Diamond is extremely rare and maintains a high price per carat. The carat weight and high intensity of color impact the crystal quality of a Blue Diamond.

Natural Blue Diamonds are those that haven’t been subject to any form of radiation or heat treatment to alter their appearance. The intense saturation of the blue hue needs to be natural. The proper cutting angles will make that natural color shine brightly.

The regal and expensive nature of Blue Diamonds makes them high-end choices for engagement rings. It’s a symbol of a union based on honest and authentic spiritual connection.

One of the most popular Blue Diamonds is the Hope Diamond.

5. Blue Topaz

Blue Topaz is one of the most popular Topaz colors. You can find it in a broad range of blue hues, from light blue crystals with light saturation to deep blue hues with medium to darker tones and intense saturation.

Blue Topaz is a December birthstone and a powerful manifesting crystal. These blue crystals enhance your joy, kindness, abundance, and overall well-being.

6. Blue Pearls

blue perals

Blue Pearls are rare. The Blue Akoya Pearls have beautiful blue overtones. Other Blue Pearls like the Tahitian or Sea of Cortez Pearls have different overtones including blue-green, violet, and more.

Blue Akoya Pearls strengthen emotional connections and bring out the authentic selves of the people involved in those emotional ties. They are blue crystals of true heartfelt connections.

7. Blue Tourmaline

Blue Tourmaline is also known as Indicolite, which is a variation of Indigolite. It's the rarest member of the Tourmaline family. Most Blue Tourmaline crystals have blue or greenish-blue color or green secondary hues.

The Paraiba Tourmaline is an even rarer variety of Blue Tourmalines. It was discovered in 1989 in Brazil, then in Mozambique and Nigeria. These Blue Tourmalines have copper inclusions that give the Paraiba Tourmaline a neon-like color.

Blue Tourmalines are crystals of spiritual peace. This crystal supports deep meditation and deep emotional healing. It harmonizes with both the throat chakra and the third eye chakra. That’s part of what makes Blue Tourmaline such a powerful ally for spiritual growth and development.

The Mental Clarity Bracelet encourages similar high vibes of harmony, peace, and love.

8. Blue Moonstone

moonstone blue crystals

Blue Moonstone is part of the Feldspar family of Orthoclase. It presents the adularescence effect, meaning that fascinating sheen and blue flash.

Blue Moonstone has powerful healing properties. As a vessel for Divine Feminine Energy, it’s sensual, nurturing, and heals emotional wounds. Blue Moonstone empowers you to show your true colors but also encourages your diplomatic and persuasive side.

It’s a stone of emotional, mental, and physical seduction. Blue Moonstone sharpens your inner vision and gives your clarity of mind and attention to detail.

Wear the Fertility Bracelet if you’re trying to harmonize with the nurturing, sensual, and fertile energies of the Divine Feminine.

9. Blue Jadeite

Blue Jadeite, also called Blue Jade, is a Sodium Aluminum Silicate. Blue Jadeite presents blue hues, violet blue, and sometimes even green hues.

Blue Jadeite has the power to bring you peace, harmony, and contentment. It can prevent negative energy and thoughts from taking root inside your mind, heart, and soul. Wear the Happiness Bracelet and you’ll ride the high vibes of positive thoughts and feelings that Blue Jadeite can also offer you.

10. Blue Apatite

apatite blue crystals

Apatite was considered a deceptive stone. Though it appears as part of other sedimentary minerals, early scientists struggled to classify this blue crystal. The name comes from the Greek word which means to deceive, in fact.

Blue Apatite helps you achieve a crystal clear state of mind. It gives you a clean slate so you can turn the page towards a brand new beginning. Blue Apatite has powerful manifesting properties. It strengthens independence and advocates ambition.

Wear the Brighter Future Bracelet and step into a better and positivity-filled future.

11. Hawk's Eye

Hawk's Eye, sometimes called Falcon’s Eye too, is a blue-gray or blue-green opaque fibrous form of Quartz. Hawk's Eye is called a pseudomorph of Quartz because it changes into another mineral over time. That makes Hawk’s Eye a powerful transformation stone.

This beautiful blue crystal presents the chatoyancy effect, or cat’s eye effect. It’s a Blue Tiger’s Eye that doesn’t feature the warm tones of the Golden Tiger’s Eye.

You can also find Blue Tiger’s Eye that’s dyed. The dyed Blue Tiger’s Eye looks very different from the Hawk’s Eye and usually presents a brighter blue color.

12. Blue Spinel

Blue Spinel is a Magnesium Oxide and Magnesium-Aluminum Oxide. The color comes from the Cobalt impurities in the crystal lattice. Blue Spinel is one of the world's rarest crystals when it comes to the blue variety. It’s also an August birthstone.

Blue Spinel helps you overcome blockages, obstacles, and issues. With its help, you can have a breakthrough and prevail over any obstacle that might stand in your way.

13. Blue Celestite

Celestite is a Strontium Sulfate mineral found in sedimentary rocks. The name is a result of the delicate blue color it can present under. Celestite tends to have soft, delicate, light colors.

Blue Celestite is also known as Celestine. It encourages mental clarity and spiritual insight. Celestine helps you realize what your life purpose is. Then it supports you in fulfilling your higher calling.

14. Angelite

Angelite, also known as Anhydrite or Angel Stone, is a Calcium Sulfate of Gypsum. When Celestite is compressed over a very long time, it forms Angelite. So Angelite and Celestite are closely related crystals.

The pure blue Angelite crystal raises the vibes of your conscious awareness. It offers true inner peace and empathy, serene energy. It also helps you make contact with your guardian angels and spirit guides. You can read more about it in our Angelite crystal guide.

15. Labradorite

labradorite blue crystals

Labradorite is a form of Calcium-enriched Feldspar with an iridescent effect. It was discovered in Labrador, Canada.

Labradorite is a powerful spiritual stone. It helps you understand the deeper undercurrents behind events and feelings. Labradorite changes your perception of the world and of yourself. It enhances your intuition and empowers you to think outside the box.

Take the next step on your path towards enlightenment with the help of the Mind-Expanding Stone.

16. Blue Calcite

Blue Calcite crystal is a rarer stone from the Calcite family. It has special spiritual and emotional powers.

Blue Calcite is great for soothing and relaxing your emotions. It helps you to return to a point of inner balance. You can also work on your emotional healing with the help of the Loving Heart Chakra Tassel.

17. Aquamarine

Aquamarine is a blue variety member of the Beryl family. The color of this blue crystal comes from the traces of Iron inclusions.

Aquamarine keeps you anchored in the present. It reminds you that little annoyances don’t matter in the grander scheme of things.

Aquamarine helps soothe anxiety and distress. It’s also a great companion for safe travels over water. If you need to re-open the channels of honest communication with someone, Aquamarine is a great help.

Wear the Soothing Bracelet to get things back on track. You’ll enjoy a state of cool and calm smooth sailing.

18. Turquoise

turquoise blue crystals

Turquoise is a blue-green opaque mineral with a waxy luster. It’s a good birthstone alternative for December.

Turquoise has upbeat and cheerful energy. It raises your vibe and helps you look on the brighter side of things. If you’re going through a darker time in your life, it will help restore a lighter mood. With the help of Turquoise, you’ll soon find your way towards happier times.

Try the Positivity Bracelet and ride the high vibes it will bring into your heart, soul, body, and everyday life.

19. Iolite

Iolite, also known as Cordierite, is a Magnesium Iron Aluminum cyclosilicate. Blue Iolite is an intense shade of violet-blue that is similar to Tanzanite. Iolite is a relatively affordable and more readily available blue crystal than others on the list.

Due to its purple and blue vibes, Iolite works with both your throat and third eye chakra. It’s a very spiritual crystal. Use it when you’re doing any form of spiritual exploration like astral traveling, shamanic journeying, or lucid dreaming.

Blue Iolite will keep you safe and help you return as the wiser and more informed version of yourself.

20. Kyanite

kyanite blue crystals

Kyanite is typically blue. It’s an Aluminosilicate mineral present in metamorphic pegmatite and sedimentary rocks.

Kyanite is a blue crystal that realigns your subtle energies. It activates your chakras and encourages free energy flow. These beautiful blue crystals dissolve physical, mental, emotional, and energetic blockages.

Kyanite enhances your psychic abilities. It opens your mind to communicate with higher dimensional beings. Wear the Cosmic Balance Earrings and enjoy the spiritual ride.

21. Sodalite

Sodalite is a royal blue Tectosilicate. Big Sodalite crystals are opaque, but regular-sized crystals are in fact translucent.

Blue Sodalite encourages mutual trust, patience, and respect. It’s a great stone for strengthening new bonds and consolidating existing ones.

If you’ve been experiencing a tough time at home, try the Anti-Anxiety Stones Set. These beautiful crystals will bring back the peace within yourself and your connections.

22. Blue Zircon

Zircon is a mineral part of the Nesosilicates group. Don’t confuse the natural stone Zircon with the cheap synthetic Cubic Zirconia.

Blue Zircon can be vivid blue, pastel blue, sky blue, and bright blue. It has great clearing powers. When you wear Blue Zircon, confusion and repetitive thoughts will steer clear of your mental processes.

23. Blue Tanzanite

Blue Tanzanite is a version of Zoisite that contains amounts of Vanadium.

Tanzanite supports powerful transformations. It’s a great stone if you’re considering taking the first step on a spiritual path. Or, if you’re going through an ascension process, it offers great support and guidance.

24. Blue Smithsonite

smithsonite blue crystals

Smithsonite is a Zinc ore. Blue Smithsonite has a particularly lovely turquoise color. It’s more often part of mineral collections.

It’s a great blue crystal for spiritual work. When you work with the energy of Blue Smithsonite, it’s easier to resolve conflicts from your past and past lives.

25. Blue Halite

Blue Halite is also known as Blue Rock Salt. It’s a rare variety of crystallized Sodium Chloride that occurs in a cubic form. This Halite has beautiful shades of blue.

Since it’s a form of salt, Blue Halite is a very powerful cleanser. It filters through energies and restores a healthy balance in your life.

26. Lazulite

Lazulite is a beautiful blue Phosphate. It has the power to support you in achieving a state of balance. If you’ve been dealing with issues and don’t know where they stem from, Lazulite will bring clarity in the situation.

27. Blue Opal

Blue Opal, also called Peruvian Opal, is a rare Opal crystal. It can only be found in the Andes Mountains, in Peru.

Blue Opal supports courage. It fuels a daring attitude and supports you in taking brave steps forward.

What Other Crystals Work Well With Blue Crystals?

Blue crystals are wonderful crystal allies for other stones. Lighter blue crystals work very well with the higher chakras, the third eye, and the crown. They cleanse your higher chakras and optimize the energy flow and exchange process at that level.

Blue-green crystals work very well with green crystals. Green crystals are very healing and soothing for the heart chakra, but all interactions, relationships, and ties involve some form of communication – and that’s the blue crystals’ area. Any emotional healing process is helped along by adding some blue crystals into the mix.

Yellow, orange, red, brown, and black crystals deal with manifesting and grounding your energy. When it comes to manifesting, blue crystals improve your ability to focus and formulate your goals clearly. It’s an essential part of the process. And once the intention is clear and well-formulated, getting things in motion also involves communication and exchanges. Blue crystals can help at every step along the way.

Get Your Blue Crystals Today!

There are so many gorgeous options to choose from. Get your blue crystal today and start your process of growth and development. The power of blue crystals can improve all areas of your life. From the most mysterious and spiritual aspects to the day-to-day interactions, your blue crystal can work its magic for you.

Use your blue crystals with crystals for balance and focus. Allow their soothing and calming energy to seep into your soul. Embrace the calm and well-balanced vibes coming your way from a blue crystal.

What’s the best crystal for me?

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