Moonstone Crystal Meanings and Uses

Moonstone Crystal Meanings and Uses


Moonstone is as mystical as its name. It’s a crystal that’s perfect for new beginnings and growth. You’ll channel sensitivity and hope with Moonstone. It’s a symbol as old as the moon itself with ample energy for everyone to harness if they’re willing. Let’s talk about what Moonstone can do for you and your healing journey.

What Is Moonstone?

Moonstone is a feldspar mineral that comes in pink, green, yellow, and colorless varieties. It can be transparent or opaque, depending on where it’s found. They’re a rare gem that is highly valued, especially when they’re from Sri Lanka and India. Other places where Moonstone is commonly found include Brazil, Norway, Australia, and Germany. 

This rock has a Mohs hardness of 6.0 to 6.5. When it forms, the orthoclase and albite separate into layers. When these minerals diffract light, they create adularescence. This is apparent in other crystals, such as Labradorite. 

Symbolism Of Moonstone

Moonstone exudes a vitality that allows you to feel re-energized. It’s associated with strength and calmness. It’s known to enhance intuition and inspire success in all avenues of your life. It’s highly valued by monks and shamans because of its abilities. The Moonstone goes along with the waxing and waning phases of the moon. It washes away feelings of negative emotions and protects those who use it. 

This stone has an esoteric feel that evokes tranquility in the body and mind. In ancient times, people thought that the moon was in the stone because of its shimmering appearance. People also believed that giving your lover a Moonstone during a full moon will let you experience heightened pleasure. The regenerative power of the moon inspires this stone’s miraculous energy. 

The Meaning Behind Moonstone

The ancient Romans believed that Moonstone came from the light rays of the moon. The Greeks thought that the stone was related to the lunar gods that they worshipped. During the 1800s, Moonstone was extremely popular in parts of France. 

In the country of India, Moonstone is the stone of the dreamer. It brings people visions during slumber and is considered good luck to receive as a wedding present. Indian people display Moonstone on yellow cloth because that is a sacred color in their culture. 

The Indian people believe that long ago, there was a battle between Lord Vishnu and the demon god. Moonstone was believed to be formed from the demon god’s eyeball. In parts of the Middle East, this stone is associated with fertility. It’s often sewn into their clothes to bring forth children. 

Types Of Moonstone

Moonstone comes in a variety of colors that vary in healing powers. Depending on what you are looking for, you can seek out these specific types of Moonstones. 

  • Cat’s Eye Moonstone carries the balance of yin and yang energies for optimal balance. It helps with clarity and focus during meditation. If you are looking to know more about your emotions and their patterns, this is the stone for you. 
  • Peach Moonstone allows you to see loving and positive energies in every situation. It helps with anxiety and worry by dispelling feelings of negativity. 
  • Rainbow Moonstone is a protection stone. It’s excellent for psychic clarity and working on past traumas. It helps align all the chakras and helps you stay grounded. 
  • White Moonstone enhances your dreams and magnifies your emotions in a big way. It opens the inner eye and helps you develop your receptive abilities. 

Healing Properties

Moonstone has many physical and emotional healing properties. Using it in your everyday life brings endless benefits to you and your surrounding spaces. This stone is closely linked with feminine energy, hence why it powerfully affects symptoms of the menstrual cycle. It reduces PMS and even aids infertility. 

Since this stone is known for balancing hormones, it also helps women during pregnancy and childbirth. It aids in a speedy delivery and healthy baby. Using Moonstone during labor reduces discomfort and helps the baby find its way into the world. 

The moon affects the tides of the ocean, as well as human bodies. It has a way of changing our emotional balance during the full moon and elevating our feelings. Moonstone reminds you of the cyclical nature of life, just like the moon itself. It helps us process fears and anger from the past, allowing us to heal and move forward. 

Uses Of Moonstone

Moonstone is often used to wash away negative energy and rebalance the room. When you place Moonstone in a room, it will bring harmony into that space. When you feel tensions running high, use Moonstone to disperse it. It can also be used in spaces where you crave more creativity and free expression. If you are looking for help with fertility, place the stone in the bedroom for good fortune. 

Wearing Moonstone as jewelry is one of the best ways to connect with the crystal on a spiritual level. Placing the stone on your skin allows the maximum amount of absorption to your body. The stones on your Moonstone bracelets will be able to vibrate at the same frequencies as you, aligning the chakras in the process.

If you’re looking for a crystal to complement Moonstone, try obsidian, opal, or amethyst to start with. Place any combination of these stones at an altar so that you can absorb their energies.  An affirmation to use with Moonstone is, “I live in alignment with my own values.”

Cleansing And Charging Moonstone

As you might have guessed, Moonstone is best cleansed with moonlight. This stone reacts to its namesake by shedding its negativity and charging itself with fresh vibes. Moonstone is also cleansed with water after you feel it needs a clean start. 

Leaving Moonstone under the moonlight will always benefit it, but beware of leaving it out in the sun. The UV rays may damage the stone and fade the colors. You should also avoid of saltwater cleansing or any other abrasive materials. 

Zodiac Sign

People born under the Libra sign find Moonstone to be the most beneficial to them. These people are known for their sharp and quick-witted nature. They never back down from confrontation and like consistency. 

Scorpios will also enjoy Moonstone because of its gentle energy. It balances this sign and brings new ideas to their headspace. It also aids them in their decision-making processes. 

Chakra Association

Moonstone is known for its connections to the Heart chakra, Third Eye chakra, and Crown chakra. This stone is regarded as deeply spiritual, so it’s only natural that its association with the chakras enhances this spirituality. When wearing Moonstone rings to balance the chakras, the stone allows you to look deep within yourself to understand beyond this realm. They help you understand your part in the world and where you fit into it. 

Bottom Line

If you crave more feminine energy in your life, Moonstone might be the right move for you. This stone not only lets you see the big picture but also helps you embrace change with grace. So, what are you waiting for? Try a Fresh Start Bracelet with Moonstone and Malachite for promoting growth and compassion.


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