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Serpentine Stone Ultimate Guide: Awaken Kundalini Energy With New Jade

Serpentine is well-known in crystal circles for being a stone of immense knowledge. Its appearance in your life, even through articles such as this one, indicates that you’re ready to learn some of the secrets that serpentine holds.
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The Serpentine stone is well-known in crystal circles for being a gemstone of immense knowledge. Its appearance in your life, even through articles such as this one, indicates that you're ready to learn some of the secrets that Serpentine holds.

What Is Serpentine?

Serpentine Stone To Protect

Serpentine isn't a name that belongs to a single mineral, rather it's a name given to a group of magnesium silicate minerals that are all similar in genetic make-up. Most crystal collectors won't be able to distinguish between Chrysotile, Antigorite and Lizardite—the three most common forms of Serpentine—but a scientist analyzing the elements it's composed of would.

The name Serpentine is derived from the Latin word “serpentinus” which roughly translates to “snake-like”. This is mainly because of its scaly green color and its common association with reptiles. It's also been given some crystal nicknames since it gained popularity. You may know it better as New Jade, Olive Jade, or Snake Jade. The references to Jade are based only on looks; the Serpentine crystal meaning is not remotely similar.

Where does Serpentine come from?

Serpentine, in its many different forms, can be found all over the world. From the UK to Brazil, and Canada to Cyprus, this crystal knows how to get around. There are large quantities of it found throughout the USA, including rarer variations like purple Antigorite in Texas.

Affectionately known as California's state rock, Serpentine also has a home in Cali. In this state on the west coast, two tectonic plates converge and the pressure from such a meeting provides the ideal opportunity for Serpentine stone to form. Serpentine soils are often found there too. They are low in nutrients so they rarely have plants growing in them, however, the California pitcher plant gets its nutrients from insects, rather than the earth, and you're likely to find it growing alongside Serpentine. If you spot the California pitcher plant, then the chances are Serpentine is nearby.

How was Serpentine used in myth, legend and history?

While Serpentine may be named after snakes because of its dark green features, the fact that it's one of the best healing crystals for clearing negative energy leads many to speculate that there is more to this connection with snakes than first meets the eye.

For example, the Greek god of medicine, Asclepius, was known for his famous snake-entwined staff—he was actually killed by a thunderbolt from Zeus because the king of the gods feared Asclepius would make humans immortal! To this day, the rod of Asclepius is used as a symbol for good health, even by the World Health Organization. It's no wonder that Serpentine is lauded for its healing properties if it has connotations like that.

There's another ancient story that revolves around a serpent. You may have heard of it. The story goes that Eve was tempted by the serpent to eat fruit from the tree of knowledge of good and evil. Associations with Satan came later, but the snake has always been linked to wisdom. Serpentine just so happens to hold that connection with ancient knowledge, and by using Serpentine healing crystals to open the crown chakra, we can access it ourselves first-hand.

In Medieval times, Serpentine was used as a totem to increase the healing power of medicine. It was believed that the crystal's energy could accelerate the healing process, and this belief is still held by some crystal enthusiasts today.

Further back than that, Romans would use Serpentine as a protective talisman to ward off evil. They used it to nullify sorcery and the dark arts. If you feel the need for a crystal bodyguard to keep your spiritual energy safe, then Serpentine is an excellent choice.

More recently, the Serpentine meaning has evolved to become associated with protection from snake bites and disease. 

What is the use of Serpentine?

Besides being an excellent gemstone for crystal jewelry, or simply used as a raw stone for crystal healing, Serpentine is also used to create a building material: asbestos. Chrysotile is the only asbestos mineral in the Serpentine family.

Most buildings built before the 1980s, especially in the West, were built using asbestos. In fact, around 95% of asbestos used in the USA is from Chrysotile. Nowadays, if a building is to be demolished, experts will be brought in to check the white Serpentine asbestos levels. Asbestos has notoriously been linked with ill health, including cancer, asbestosis and other serious lung conditions.

Is Serpentine dangerous?

It might seem odd that the Serpentine family are considered healing crystals, even though one of them has been involved in a whole array of illnesses. But there is one important distinction to make.

It's well-researched that the Serpentine stone itself is not toxic.

Chrysotile crystallizes into a fibrous material that we call asbestos, but that is not its natural form. Moreover, the rest of the Serpentine family are completely asbestos-free. Wearing Serpentine jewelry is harmless, as is using a Serpentine crystal, because these forms contain little to no asbestos. More importantly, they cannot release asbestos into the air for you to inhale. Therefore, wearing Serpentine jewelry is widely considered safe. And it's a good job, too—the deeper Serpentine meaning would be lost on us if we weren't using its healing properties for our spiritual work.

What Does Serpentine Symbolize?

Just as serpents represent immortality, transformation, knowledge and health, so do Serpentine crystals. They enhance your spiritual and psychic connection to the earth, and their deep-green hue puts you in touch with mother nature. Serpentine helps you understand the metaphysical nature of reality and the immortality of spirit; it does so in such a powerful and moving way that you will be stunned.

As we've already mentioned, Serpentine's knowledge-enhancing properties are symbolic of the great serpents of mythology, many of which were intrinsically linked with wisdom. Work with Serpentine to tap into this ancient knowledge, regain memories of past lives, and learn from their lessons.

Which chakra is Serpentine for?

Serpentine stone activates all the chakras. It welcomes in energy from the ground, rooting you to the earth, not only by its physical weight, but also by its spiritual density. It helps bring this fresh energy up through your chakra system, passing through the heart chakra—an important energy center for this dark green crystal—and up through the throat, third eye and finally to the crown chakra.

There is a key difference between the power of green Serpentine and the power of other chakra-cleansing crystals. That difference is again associated with the snake: the kundalini snake.

What is kundalini energy?

Serpentine Stone To Protect

If you've heard of the word "kundalini" then you may know that it's something to do with the chakras, but aren't quite sure what. In ancient Eastern traditions, particularly those like yoga, acupuncture and meridian healing, kundalini energy is seen as divine feminine energy, coiled at the bottom of the spine. Coiled, like a snake.

The concept of a kundalini awakening revolves around the idea of freeing the energies within, helping this snake-like path unfold so that your energies can flow freely upwards. Having an imbalanced or blocked chakra means that your kundalini serpent cannot move through that specific chakra. Your energy hits a dead-end there and is stopped abruptly. This can cause many issues. To prevent this, we need to open, align and activate the chakras, and liberate the kundalini serpent.

The kundalini snake is essentially a metaphysical pathway for your life-force, or prana energy. Awakening your kundalini can be done in a number of ways, including meditation, tantric sex, pranayama breathing or mantras. Crystals, specifically Serpentine, can help advance this process.

How To Awaken Kundalini Energy With Serpentine Crystal

Practice kundalini meditation

Serpentine Stone To Protect

Because of its chakra-opening properties, Serpentine stone is the perfect gemstone to meditate with. Hold this wise, green stone while you focus on your breathing. Don't let anything else worry you. Thoughts arising? Let them go as they came. No guilt, no frustration, no stress. If you notice your mind drifting, gently bring it back. When you start to feel a little more relaxed, a little more in the zone, bring your attention to the Serpentine crystal in your hands.

By this point you should feel more in tune with the stone's energy. After practicing kundalini meditation for a few weeks, you may even start to become aware of the prana energy itself, tingling like a little charge of electricity at the base of your spine. This is one of the first kundalini awakening stages; feeling the energy of your own life-force.

There are some specific meditation methods relating to the chakras, and others that promote kundalini rising. These are even more beneficial when partnered with the Serpentine stone.

Wear Serpentine jewelry

A more simple way to help awaken your kundalini energy is by wearing Serpentine crystal jewelry that helps you banish negativity and replace it with love, health and positive energy.

Serpentine is one of the great stones of balance, too. The ouroboros, the symbol which depicts a serpent eating its own tail, is symbolic of the cyclical nature of the universe. Serpentine channels this energy when you hold it. It helps you stabilize the entire chakra system, harmonizing the flow of energy and unravelling the kundalini serpent inside. This feeling of spiritual balance is long-lasting and can affect multiple areas of your life simultaneously.

Serpentine empowers you to feel stable in the knowledge that all is one and everything is constantly changing. Every atom in existence is moving, and every single one of them is made up of 99% empty space. Their apparent connection seems physically impossible, but it's the perfect reminder of how we are all connected on a spiritual plane that we can't detect using our physical senses.

The high vibration of Serpentine crystals can bring on a life-changing experience within. Some say it's taken them on a journey of self-discovery. By wearing Serpentine jewelry, you'll be one step farther along the path to knowing yourself, understanding yourself, and experiencing yourself through the power of kundalini rising.

 Use Serpentine stone for protection

Serpentine Stone To Protect

If you've already unblocked your chakras and advanced down the spiritual path using Serpentine, then you can now employ the same green stone to aid you in maintaining the new status quo. The last thing you want to do after liberating your energy is restrain it again. Practice mindfulness with the Serpentine crystal to protect your energy and keep bad vibes away. Sometimes, it may be tempting to give in to the trivialities of the moment, but doing so for too long can cause you to lose your way. Your kundalini will retreat and you'll have to awaken it all over again.

You can place Serpentine stones around your home, setting them intentions to protect your energy and keep your chakras open. This way, whenever you see your Serpentine crystal, you will automatically associate it with the task you have set it. You don't even have to see it visually. On a psychic level, its very presence is enough to deter negativity and promote clear, fresh and peaceful energy.

You can direct its energy by holding it to the area that needs the most work. Because of its lizard-green color, Serpentine is most often linked with the heart chakra. Holding it to your chest will release emotional stress there and encourage your life-force to bypass any blockages. 

What Are Some More Healing Properties Of Serpentine?

Serpentine Stone To Protect

Serpentine's metaphysical properties allow you to tap into your innate psychic potential. It gives you more control over your energy, and in turn, your life. If you're feeling emotionally blocked or are struggling to complete a task that you ordinarily could, then Serpentine is an excellent stone to help you get through it.

It cleanses the mind and body so that you can function at full capacity. But more importantly, it purifies the spirit and purges negativity at the core rather than just tackling the symptoms. Use Serpentine as your personal worry stone to support you in times of need.

One of the often-overlooked aspects of working with Serpentine is that it boosts your confidence. It's not felt in the same way as Tiger's Eye or Citrine. Its confidence-enhancing properties are akin to a spiritual awakening that allows you to reinvent yourself in a positive light. It empowers you to trust in yourself and your own decisions, particularly when faced with conflicting information. Leave a Serpentine crystal on your desk to clear away confusion and improve productivity.

Serpentine is one of the best crystals for transformation. Like a snake, it helps you shed your skin and let go of the past. Every single cell in the human body has a finite lifespan. They're constantly regenerating. Within 7 years, every cell in your physical body will be different from what they were before, and Serpentine promotes healthier and stronger cells with each cycle. With over 50 trillion cells in the body, just imagine what you could do if you primed every single one of them.

Similarly, Serpentine helps you release all of your past emotional pain and trauma. It doesn't define you. Once you let go of the things that hold you back—from a time that no longer exists—you can become something new. You get to choose your own future, and Serpentine is the perfect crystal to open you up to this beautiful fact. Start now!

Get Your Own Serpentine Stone To Protect, Charge And Awaken Your Kundalini Energy

If you feel Serpentine calling you, listen to it. There's a good chance you're ready to embrace its wisdom and shed your skin. Whether you get one of the raw green crystals, or you wear it in jewelry, you won't regret your time spent with Serpentine.

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