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Sodalite: How to Use Its Energy to Balance Mind, Body, and Soul


Sodalite: How to Use Its Energy to Balance Mind, Body, and Soul

Sodalite: How to Use Its Energy to Balance Mind, Body, and Soul


If you love going into gemstone shops, you've probably already glanced at this mesmerizing blue stone before. Sodalite is an opaque, deep-blue stone that is often confused with lazurite, dumortierite, or even lapis lazuli. 

Also known as "poor man's lapis" due to its lack of pyrite golden flecks — a distinctive trait of lapis lazuli — sodalite displays a white veining instead, which comes from the presence of white calcite.

This beautiful gemstone is part of the feldspathoid mineral group and owes its name to its high sodium (“soda”) content. It was first discovered in Greenland, but its popularity rose after vast deposits were found in Bancroft, Ontario. 

Apart from Canada, sodalite is also found in South America (Brazil and Bolivia), the United States (Maine and Arkansas), Asia (India and Myanmar), Europe (Portugal, Italy, and Romania), Russia, and Namibia.

A Brief Background on Sodalite

Sodalite is considered a modern birthstone for those born under the sign of Sagittarius, and its soothing energy is said to balance not only the throat chakra but also the heart and third eye chakra. 

This gemstone is commonly known as the stone of judgment and logic, helping to bridge the gap between thoughts and feelings. As such, it’s an ideal gem to help you combine rationality with spirituality, and speak your truth without worrying about others' opinions.

A rarer, lesser-known variety of sodalite is called hackmanite, or "chameleon sodalite." This gemstone comes in shades of pink or violet and possesses a curious trait called tenebrescence: when it's exposed to sunlight, its color changes. Once it's removed from sun exposure, it returns to its original color. Hackmanite is said to emanate a higher vibration than blue sodalite and can be particularly powerful to deepen meditation states.

This healing crystal's energy exudes a calming effect and a peaceful vibe, both of which help to clear the mind, encourage rational thoughts, and stimulate deep self-examination. 

If you’re feeling highly emotional or in constant defensive mode, sodalite might help settle your mind, soothe your emotions, and give you a fresh, clear, and positive perspective.

How to Use Sodalite for Emotional, Physical, and Spiritual Well-Being

Thanks to its tranquil and stable energy, many people believe that sodalite can strengthen your intuition, make you feel more self-confident, and stimulate effective communication. Here are some of the main reasons this gemstone is considered such a powerful tool.

Emotional Healing Properties

Sodalite is an exciting stone as it connects three energy centers (also known as chakras): the heart, the throat, and the third eye. This rare combination is likely to awaken your capacity to see things as they are, with a calm heart and without any of the mind's deceptions.

Its blue color is exceptionally soothing and exudes a calming vibration, which might be beneficial for those who tend to get frequent panic attacks or anxiety episodes. It's said that sodalite can help with mental confusion and can help release fears and old beliefs that don't serve you anymore, supporting you on your path to change.

The sodalite crystal can encourage self-acceptance and self-esteem as it is thought to spark a profound emotional balance, a peaceful heart, and a total trust in your judgment and decision-making capacities. Because of these qualities, it makes for a fantastic gemstone for women going through hormone-related issues, such as PMS or menopause.

It's also a comforting crystal that can support you as you come to terms with aging, letting you accept this new phase of your life. Its energy helps to promote a positive and joyful perspective about getting older. 

Pairing this stone with essential oils like eucalyptus, coriander, and bergamot can further magnify the balmy effects of sodalite and help you feel a deeper sense of inner peace and more at ease with changes. 

This deep blue stone is also said to strengthen self-discipline and efficiency. If you need a boost of energy to get off the couch and start that project you've been talking about for years, grab sodalite and get going.

Other blue stones that calm the mind include:

Potential Physical Benefits

Sodalite stone with white background

Because of its connection to the communication center (throat chakra), sodalite stone is said to reduce throat discomfort, alleviate hoarseness, treat vocal cords, and heal any issues regarding the larynx. Wear a sodalite pendant or choker for better results as it's close to this area on your body.

As its energy is also intertwined with the heart chakra, some believe that it can help lower blood pressure, while boosting your immune system, balancing metabolism, and even keeping your lymphatic system healthy and working at its best.

This beautiful stone is said to stimulate your thyroid gland as well as your digestive system. As such, some people use sodalite to help with weight loss. It has long been used to treat fever, diabetes, water retention, calcium deficiency, and sleep issues.

If you work in an office and spend countless hours in front of your computer, there’s a good chance that you’ve experienced “sick building syndrome.” This scientifically studied condition often manifests in the form of headaches and respiratory problems, and is attributed to a combination of contaminants, poor ventilation, absence of sunshine, electromagnetic radiation, and a stressful environment. 

Placing a sodalite stone on your work desk or wearing sodalite jewelry might not only help to dispel these negative factors, but it may also protect you from electromagnetic pollution, emitted by cellular phones and computers.

Other powerful stones to help fight against electromagnetic pollution include:

Spiritual Healing and Metaphysical Properties

One of the best gifts sodalite's energy can give you is self-expression. Also known as the "poet's stone,” this gem is believed to spark your creativity, especially in the areas of research, writing, and teaching. If you're nervous about speaking in public or to large crowds, holding on to sodalite can help you feel more confident and help you develop excellent communication skills.

Sodalite is considered a stone of awakening, as it stimulates both the pineal gland and the third eye chakra. It’s said that sodalite encourages you to open your mind and intellect to tap into your intuition, thereby achieving wisdom. It's an excellent tool for those who are trying to understand who they are in the world and for those who are on a path of spiritual growth.

This little blue stone is believed to help you blend your conscious and subconscious minds, harmonizing and balancing your rational and spiritual sides, so you can live a more authentic life.

Sodalite's vibrations have also been known to awaken your kind and selfless self. Just like rose quartz, this healing crystal can guide you on your journey of self-love and authenticity. 

If you're experiencing disagreements or conflicts in your relationships, be it with your partner, family members, or friends, sodalite's power can help bring closure to such issues and heal the bond.

Other stones that help to stimulate the third eye chakra include:

Sodalite Healing Properties: Calm Your Heart, Speak Your Truth, Live Boldly

Bowl of sodalite stones

Crystal healing is a gentle and holistic way to support your physical, mental, and spiritual well-being. It has been used for thousands of years by many different civilizations around the world. 

Among these healing crystals and gemstones is sodalite. With its calming yet empowering vibration, it can help you connect the physical with the divine, and help you forge your own path with your own rules. 

Hold on to this blue stone in times of anxiety, stress, emotional pain, or when you need that little boost of confidence to fearlessly share your ideas and feel proud of who you are.


Telma Goncalves is a holistic health and life coach with a passion for wellness, Ayurveda, and sustainability. She has spent the last seven years studying and learning about health, nutrition, and natural living, and she loves researching and sharing her knowledge.

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