Rose Salt Night Light
Purifying • Happiness • Soothing
11 reviews from $39.95 USD
Negative energy can linger around your home after an argument or a long and stressful day. Purifying that space to ensure your home is refreshed not only makes you feel better, but it’s essential for your well-being in the long run. Rose Salt Night Lights do the trick perfectly. Making an excellent addition to any room, these night lights act as an air freshener, cleansing, deodorizing, and re-energizing your household. The suggested benefits of Himalayan salt are almost endless. Placed on your bedside table, they’re known to help with insomnia. They’re also said to absorb negative energy in the environment and have a similar effect on the body to a brisk walk in nature. You’ll be revitalized in its presence. It neutralizes the effects of electronics, clearing the smog associated with them.  Cleanse your home the natural way. Affirmation: Before bed and first thing in the morning, repeat, “My home brings me energy.” Product details: Item type: lamp Material: Rose Himalayan Salt Crystal Color: orange, white Light mode: warm Package includes:  1 x replaceable light bulb, 1 x large Himalayan salt crystal with a plug attached Dimensions: Size of the stone:  Raw: 3 in (75 mm) x 2.4 in (60 mm) Polished: 3 in (77 mm) x 2 in (50 mm) Size of the mount: 2.75 in (70 mm) Weight:  Raw: 19.4 oz (550 g) Polished: 12.3 oz (350 g) Since the night light is made of Himalayan salt, the colors and shape may vary slightly from stone to stone, making each one utterly unique.
Natural White Sage 2-Piece Set
Removes Negativity • Cleansing • Shielding
1 review $13.95 USD
Burning incense provides more than just a nice smell. You can use it to recharge crystals, revitalize your energy, or purify your home. Or all three.White Sage is a fantastic cleanser of negativity. It transforms the surrounding atmosphere into one filled with light and uplifting energy. To ensure your crystal remains beneficial to you, burn White Sage around it on a regular basis. This extracts the energy that the crystal has absorbed, and leaves it open and full of energy. When burning for you or your home, White Sage is known to reduce anxiety and stress. It creates an uplifting mood and energizes you for the day ahead. As it’s antimicrobial and antibacterial by nature, it creates true freshness which can be helpful for people with asthma, bronchitis, or allergies.  Welcome the delightful fragrance of White Sage into your home.How to use White Sage:It’s a good idea to set your crystal an intention every time you cleanse it with White Sage. Sit up straight so that your lungs can reach full capacity. Inhale deeply, hold, and then exhale deeply. Ensure that your thoughts are focused on your intentions for the stone. Be clear and concise; don’t overload your mind. Always open a window before burning White Sage in your home and avoid inhaling the smoke directly. Wait for it to clear before spending extended time in the newly energized room.Affirmation: Use mantras that support pure energy, such as, “I cleanse any and all negativity in my home.” Product details: Item type: natural incense sticks Material: White Sage Color: white Package includes: 2 x Natural White Sage Stick Dimensions: Incense length: 4 in (10.2 cm) Weight: 1 oz (30 g)
The Purification Lamp
Vitality • Good Vibes • Health
1 review $69.95 USD
As time goes by, we unwittingly harbor unwanted energies. It happens naturally when you invest in a negative thought: be it fear, pain or doubt. This is why it’s crucial to cleanse our mind, body and spirit regularly. Clear Quartz is the perfect crystal for the job.Clear Quartz is one of the best purifiers in the mineral kingdom. It’s so good at what it does that it doesn’t even need to be cleansed itself. In fact, if you leave your other crystals at the base of the Purification Lamp, it will recharge them too! You won’t need to waste electricity to do it either—the Clear Quartz stone is active even when the light is not. Talking of the light, its soft glow creates the perfect ambience for healing. This legendary crystal boosts the immune system and strengthens your natural defenses against illness and disease. Meditate in the warmth of the lamp to clear your mind, amplify your energy and connect with your higher self. Purify your energy with Clear Quartz.How to use:Attach the USB to a power outlet and switch it on! Place it in your room, or on your spiritual altar, to enhance the surrounding energy. Take some quiet time alone with the lamp to experience its purifying properties first-hand.Product details: Item type: natural stone lamp Material: Clear Quartz Color: white Light mode: warm Package includes: 1 x Clear Quartz crystal, wooden mount and USB cable cord Dimensions: Stone size:  2 - 2.8 in (5 - 7 cm) Size of the mount:  Diameter: 3.9 in (10 cm) Height: 0.8 in (2 cm) Cable cord length: 43.3 in (110 cm) Weight: 22.9 oz (650 g) As Clear Quartz is a natural stone, the colors may vary slightly from stone to stone, making each one utterly unique.
Loving Lotus Incense Holder
Peace • Love• Purity
9 reviews $18.95 USD
In the modern age, we can be so divorced from nature. We struggle to relax, our mind is always racing, and stress levels are through the roof. It doesn’t have to be that way though. Incense relaxes the body and ensures that we remain in touch with our inner selves.The ‘Loving Lotus’ is the perfect holder for your incense. Its symbolic beauty emanates feelings of compassion, love, and purity. If you’re using incense for meditation, these emotions only seek to elevate your experience. The lotus flower is sacred in many religions because of its innate connection with mother nature. It’s often found to represent fertility and can therefore be a phenomenal metaphysical aid when trying to conceive. Burn some rose incense and place it somewhere near your bed for the magic to happen.Use the ‘Loving Lotus’ to enhance the energy of incense.Affirmation: To get into the relaxation zone while incense is burning, recite something like, “I am calm and peaceful and nothing can bother me.” Product details: Item type: incense holder Material: Zinc Alloy Color: brown Package includes: 1 x Incense Holder Dimensions: Diameter: 3.46 in (8.8 cm)  Height: 0.79 in (2 cm) Weight: 2.5 oz (70 g) Note: Incense stick is not included
Selenite Cleansing Lamp
Purifying • Deep Sleep • Meditation
29 reviews from $39.95 USD
The moon doesn’t create its own light - it reflects that of the sun. Likewise, the Selenite Cleansing Lamp may appear to light your room, but what’s more important is how the light is reflected within you. It purifies parts of you that are no longer essential to your wellbeing.If your crystal jewelry feels like it’s losing its touch, if its vibrant energy is wearing off, then place it under the glow of the Selenite Cleansing Lamp. Leave it there throughout the night to bask in the energy of Selenite. It’s the ultimate crystal cleanser. No other stone comes close when it comes to removing the old energies embedded within crystals. Named after the Greek goddess of the moon, Selenite controls your inner tides too. It gives you power over your emotions, encouraging you to bring a stillness within. It’s said to induce a deep and peaceful state that’s perfect for meditation. Just as it cleanses other crystals, it cleanses your own mind, body and spirit. Leave it on your desk while working to focus with a clear head. Cleanse your crystals. Cleanse your room. Cleanse yourself.How to use this stone:The light emitted from this lamp is soothing. It brings you down from emotional extremes and is easy on the eye. That makes it ideal for enhancing concentration. Switch it on after sundown to keep an aura of productivity. Alternatively, you can leave it on as a nightlight to help you relax into a deep sleep. Product details: Item type: stone lamp Material: Selenite Color: transparent, white, brown Light modes: warm Cable cord: USB Package includes: natural Selenite crystal, wooden mount and USB cable cord Dimensions: Stone size: Small: 2.36 x 1.18 in (6 x 3 cm)  Large: 3.94 x 1.57 in (10 x 4 cm) Size of the mount: Small: 2.56 in (6.5 cm) Large: 3.94 in (10 cm) Cable cord length: 59 in (1.5 m) Weight:  Small: 5.6 oz (160 g) Large: 11.3 - 12.7 oz (320 - 360 g) As Selenite is a natural stone, the colors may vary slightly from stone to stone, making each one utterly unique.
The Amethyst Healing Water Bottle
Beauty • Meditation • Health
12 reviews $59.95 USD
Ever felt like there must be an easier way to absorb the positive energies of crystals? There is! Drinking with The Amethyst Healing Water Bottle stimulates every cell in your body. Allow the healing energy of Amethyst to flow through you—literally. Amethyst is highly valued for its protective properties. Flushing out negative thoughts and emotions, this gorgeous stone acts as a crystal bodyguard for your aura. Popular for use during meditation, Amethyst helps soothe the mind and relax the body. It’s the perfect energy to receive from a refreshing sip of water. Its mind-stilling effects have been said to arouse the third eye, empowering you to reflect more profoundly. Purify your aura and surround yourself with positive energy. Affirmations: This is a fantastic opportunity to use regular affirmations. With each sip you take, say something that empowers you. “I deserve good things” or “I am confident and courageous” are two simple ones to get you started.  Product details: Item type: crystal elixir bottle Material: Amethyst, glass Color: purple Dimensions: Size: 10.2 x 2.5 x 2.5 in (260 x 65 x 65 mm) Volume: 16.9 fl oz (500 ml) Weight: 16.6 - 17.3 oz (470 g - 490 g) As Amethyst is a natural stone, the colors may vary slightly from stone to stone, making each one utterly unique. 
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Buddhist Meditation Set
Relax • Harmony • Transformation
2 reviews $31.50 USD $44.95 USD
Looking for a way you can get into the right headspace for deep meditations? Look no further. This Buddhist Meditation Set provides all you need to enter your inner paradise.Taking the time to reflect on the nature of being is essential for all people looking to open their minds and become more self-aware. The incense candlestick allows you to burn a relaxing fragrance and enter a trance-like state of zen. Observe the changes going on in your body. What can you hear, feel, or smell? Note that these feelings, along with all others, are temporary. Don’t get attached to them. The tranquil energy of resin helps connect the chakras from the tip of the scalp to the base of the spine, while the presence of wood brings your energy back to nature.Open the door to inner harmony.Affirmations: While meditating, feel free to introduce an affirmation that you repeat if you feel yourself losing focus. Try something like “Everything changes,” or “I am an observer,” to reinforce Buddha’s teachings.Product details: Item type: home decor / meditation set Material: glass, resin, sand, stone, wood Color: white, black, gold Package includes: 1 x Wooden Tray, Candle Holder, Candle, Sculpture, Incense burner, White Sand, a few Incense Sticks and Small Pebbles Dimensions: Size:  Garden: 6 x 2 in (13 x 4 cm) Buddha statue: 5 in (12 cm) Weight: 14 oz (400 g)
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Keep Calm & Stay Home: The Ultimate Quarantine Set
Protection • Meditation • Health
$49.95 USD
We’re all in the same boat recently, but only the conscious minds out there know that we should be monitoring and controlling our reactions, rather than hopelessly worrying about the situation at large. Keep calm and stay home. You still have so much to be grateful for. While all cozy and cooped up at home, we want to feel safe and secure. That’s why we’ve created the ultimate quarantine set: a gorgeous protective Amethyst, natural White Sage sticks, and a pristine Abalone Shell to ensure your surfaces stay sage-free. This heavenly bundle of peace and tranquility was put together so that you could have a greater sense of comfort while staying at home. Stay snug with your loved ones, regularly refreshing your home’s energy. Cleanse your comfy spaces, cleanse your family, cleanse yourself!Stay home. Stay free from negative energy.How to use it:Burn the sage to cleanse your home environment, resting the sticks inside the iridescent shell to catch the ash. Open the window to let the smoke drift out. Notice, it gets energetically lighter as you do so. Place the beautiful amethyst nearby to set a new intention for your purified space.Product details: Item type: protection bundle set Material: Amethyst, White Sage, Abalone Shell Color: violet, white, blue Package includes: 1 x Amethyst Cluster, 1 x Natural White Sage Stick and 1 x Abalone Shell Dimensions: Size:  Amethyst Cluster: 1.18 - 1.97 in (3 - 5 cm) x 0.78 - 1.18 in (2 - 3 cm) Natural White Sage Stick: 1.18 x 3.94 in (3 x 10 cm) Abalone Shell: approximately 4.72 x 3.14 x 1.18 in (12 x 8 x 3 cm) Weight: approximately 5.3 oz (150 g)
The All-Cleansing Tower
Purifying • Positivity • Protection
3 reviews from $22.50 USD $29.95 USD
We often struggle to implement any real curative work on ourselves because we fail to see the forest for the trees. We lack the self-awareness to fully understand what's even wrong. Enter Selenite, the perspective-enhancing master cleanser. Reminiscent of the tip of an iceberg, this Selenite tower represents the surface level worries and anxieties you may face in today’s cultural climate. However, just as we’re aware that the iceberg continues underwater, so do we understand that these surface level problems are mere symptoms of a deeper imbalance from within ourselves. Selenite empowers you to access the root cause of the problem and cleanse the core of your mind, body, and soul. It purifies negativity, expels toxicity, and heals each and every cell from the inside out. It replenishes your energy and melts the proverbial iceberg, flooding you with positivity and self-love. The tower makes a fantastic decorative piece, or you can use it during meditation and healing grids. Why not all three? Melt your iceberg with the All-Cleansing Tower.How to use it:The Selenite tower is fantastic to use during meditation. It also works well as the central piece in a healing grid or spiritual altar. Use it as a point of focus to cleanse your current mindset and prepare for a new one. Whether you're setting intentions or simply trying to relax, take a brief moment to connect with the All-Cleansing Tower before you begin. Selenite can also be used to cleanse other crystals. Leave them overnight with the tower to replenish their energy.Product details: Item type: stone decoration Material: Selenite Color: transparent, white Package includes: 1 x Selenite Tower Dimensions: Stone size: Small: 2.36 x 1.18 in (6 x 3 cm)  Large: 3.94 x 1.57 in (10 x 4 cm) Weight:  Small: 2.1 - 3 oz (60 g - 85 g) Large: 8.5 - 12 oz (240 g - 340 g) As Selenite is a natural stone, the colors may vary slightly from stone to stone, making each one utterly unique.
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Natural Energy Aromatherapy Cones
Meditation • Self-Love • Healing
3 reviews $11.95 USD
Isn’t it just magic when a special scent brings up an old memory? Fragrances hold within them the power to heal and transform the mind and body. Aromatherapy was born from this. Burning incense is the perfect route to more energy and less stress. Rose fragrance is beautiful and soft, like the delicate petals of the flower. It’s said to inspire self-love and attract the partner of your dreams. Lilies resemble peace. They harmonize the aura and stimulate the crown chakra. Sandalwood is a great scent for ridding your aura of negativity. Its benevolent energy is peaceful and relaxing. Lavender is a classic soothing scent that reconnects you with nature. Its invigorating charm refreshes you when drained. It’s the best choice to light while meditating. Ocean scent provides the serenity of the seaside. Let the salty waves wash over you. Soak in the uplifting benefits of both the sun and the sea.  Enter a new world of sensations. Affirmation: You can use a different mantra for each scent, but a common one might be: “I am happy, relaxed, and full of energy.”Product details: Item type: natural fragrant incense cones Fragrances available: Rose, Lily, Sandalwood, Lavender, Ocean Color: purple, orange, pink, brown Burning time: 8 - 12 min per incense stick Package includes: 25 x incense sticks + 1 x incense tray Dimensions: Height: 1.18 in (3 cm) Diameter: 0.47 in (1,2 cm)  Weight: 2.3 oz (66 g)
The Healing Crystal Starter Kit
Chakra Healing • Equilibrium • Perfection
2 reviews $49.95 USD
We all have to start somewhere. With this epic starter kit, you can familiarize yourself with some of the most powerful crystals in the mineral kingdom and start reaping the rewards. These crystals are perfect for purification, healing and stress-relief.The largest of the stones in the set, Selenite, has the most palpable energy. It’s well-known in the crystal world for being the ultimate cleanser. It can purify any other crystal, including the variety of quartz stones in this set. Hold Selenite when you want to feel a sense of deep peace. It’s a powerful healer and it’s recommended to treat diseases of the liver, spleen, stomach and intestines, alongside regular treatments. It’s a brilliant remedy for headaches too. Selenite is one of the greatest crystals to use when setting intentions for yourself. It will connect the five quartz stones together, providing an additional boost to: pleasure, love, clarity, peace and will.Each individual quartz stone can be used to reduce a specific type of stress. For financial stress, Citrine is the perfect choice. It’s commonly referred to as the ‘Stone of Success’ because of its ability to attract wealth and prosperity. Carry it in your purse to increase your finances.Rose Quartz reduces stress from relationships. It strengthens the bond between you and everyone you come into contact with, be it spouse, sibling or friend. Hold it to the heart chakra for 15 minutes after a particularly tiring day to relax.Clear Quartz is excellent for clearing stress that causes physical exhaustion. This clarity-inducing gemstone is another healing powerhouse. It strengthens and protects the body, bolstering the immune system. Gaze into this alluring crystal to free up creative blocks.Amethyst liberates you from any spiritual stress that you may encounter. It transforms negative vibrations into positive ones so that you can thrive in any situation. Used in conjunction with Selenite, Amethyst helps you focus your desire and hold it there for faster manifestations. Slip one under your pillow for a restful sleep.Tiger’s Eye supports you with burn out. If you’re feeling low on willpower or lacking belief, Tiger’s Eye is the stone to help you get back on track. It’s a crystal that supports action. It preserves the positive energy of your intentions, ideas and desires so that you can amplify it during the manifestation process. Take it with you to exams or important meetings for extra confidence.The best time to start using crystals was yesterday. The second best time is right now.How to use:You can carry and use these crystals separately, by placing Citrine in your purse, or Amethyst under your pillow, for example. However, you can also combine them into a powerful crystal grid. Using the Selenite stone as a base, scatter them in a formation that feels good to you and set an intention for the process. They make fantastic worry stones to keep in your pocket too.Product details: Item type: natural stone decoration Material: Clear Quartz, Amethyst, Selenite, Rose Quartz, Citrine, Tiger’s Eye Color: multi-color Package includes: 6x crystals, 1x guide introducing each stone Dimensions: Stone size:  Selenite: 1.4 in (3.5 cm) x 4.3 in (11 cm) Other stones: 0.8 - 1.2 in (2 - 3 cm) Set weight: 4.6 oz (130 g) As the stones are natural, the colors may vary slightly from stone to stone, making each one utterly unique.

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