Comprehensive Fluorite Guide: Meaning, Benefits, Properties, and Healing

Ultimate Fluorite Guide: Meaning, Benefits, Properties, and Healing

Ready to detox the negativity from your spirit and soul? Want to overhaul your physical health and achieve total wellness? Grab your Fluorite, and let’s get started. 

Fluorites are crystals of clarity, peace, and cleansing. If you don’t have them in your collection, you’re going to want them. Fluorites are highly absorbent and perfect for keeping you cleansed of negativity. 

Here’s everything you need to know about Fluorite crystals, the benefits they offer, and how to use them in your daily life and spiritual practices. 

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What Is Fluorite?

Fluorites are crystals that form inside rocks by hydrothermal process. This means they form when materials are exposed to high heat and then cool slowly. Fluorites are very common and are found all over the world.  

Physical Properties of Fluorite

Fluorite is also known as fluorspar. It’s an important mineral in industrial mining and is made of calcium and fluorine—it’s the mineral form of calcium fluoride, or caf2. Usually, you can find Fluorite inside rocks that contain heavy metals, but it can also be found in limestone and dolomite rocks, and they are often present alongside quartz and other minerals. 

It’s easy for geologists to identify Fluorites because they have very recognizable physical attributes. They are the only crystals that have four directions of perfect cleavage, which means they break into easily recognizable patterns, like octahedrons. Fluorites are often found in places like Russia, Spain, and England, where a famous collection of Fluorites is known as the Derbyshire Blue John. 

Fluorite is a soft mineral and is used as the standard for Mohs hardness level 4. It also has a specific gravity of 3.2, which is higher than most other minerals. 

Fluorite glows when exposed to ultraviolet light. This ability to glow is called fluorescence. The ability a Fluorite has to glow is thought to be caused by substitutions of other minerals in the crystal, which also explains why Fluorites are found in such a wide variety of colors, including the extremely popular Rainbow Fluorite. 

There are different grades of Fluorite. The purest forms play a hand in creating hydrofluoric acid, but these crystals are also used for decorative purposes like jewelry and vases, as they can be used to create opalescent glass.  

Interesting Uses of Fluorites

Fluorite is an important crystal used for chemical production. You’ll find it in household products like air conditioning coolant. It’s also used in metallurgical processes to help metals move more easily. 

Your favorite fluoride toothpaste? It’s got Fluorite inside, too. In fact, the fluoride you have painted on your teeth at the dentist is also Fluorite-based, which is a true testament to the physical healing and health-supportive benefits of this crystal. 

Fluorite is also used in making high-quality lenses for eyeglasses because of its low-refractive surface. 

Origins of Fluorite

Folklore tradition says Fluorite came from the earth and traveled across the rainbow, picking up beautiful colors in its journey before settling into the rocks. This may explain why Fluorite is found in so many vibrant colors. We now find Fluorite deposits all over the world, including the United States. 

The cost of mining and production of Fluorite in the United States usually makes it too expensive to be profitable, which is why the majority of the Fluorite you’ll purchase in the U.S. has been imported from China, Mongolia, Mexico, and South Africa. 

Historical Use of Fluorite

The name Fluorite comes from the Latin word “fluere,” which means “to flow,” and the name of the element Fluorine is derived from the same.

Fluorite was given this name because it is often used as a flux in smelting. A flux is a material added to hot metal liquids to improve their fluidity and to help draw out impurities. 

For instance, when iron is smelted, Fluorite is added to help remove traces of sulfur. This is important because this is essentially how Fluorite works with the body and mind.

Fluorite was used by ancient cultures to sculpt figurines, stemware, chalices, and even statues. The Romans believed that drinking from a goblet crafted from Fluorite would prevent drunkenness. 

Ancient Chinese cultures believed Fluorite placed near them while they slept would encourage lucid dreams and a better ability to interpret them. 

Metaphysical Properties of Fluorite

Fluorites are known as peace-inducing, detoxifying stones that help promote vision and clarity, thanks to the internal stability that the crystals possess. The use of Fluorite rings helps sharpen intelligence, improve IQ, and activate both the left and right hemispheres of the brain to help you fully engage in your activities.

Fluorites keep your body and mind cleansed from negative energy, thoughts, and actions that don’t serve you. It’s also useful for drawing out physical impurities and toxins, enhancing your overall wellness, and restoring harmony. 

Fluorites promote truth and mental clarity, both of oneself and of situations. These healing crystals can help you make sense of situations that used to baffle you and help you find direction when you feel lost or without purpose. 

What Is the Meaning of Fluorite?

Fluorite's meaning lies in detoxing from negativity and opening to peace and positivity. Fluorites are incredibly absorbent crystals that draw out actions, thoughts, and emotions that no longer serve us and encourage neutrality and peace in all situations. 

Fluorites are synonymous with clean, healthy auras that are open to light. Just like their name implies, Fluorites encourage flow. Free flow of thoughts, emotions, and ideas are inspired by Fluorite. 

Fluorites keep your third eye and heart chakras open and help rid the soul, spirit, conscious, and subconscious of negative energy. They help remove limitations imposed by our own minds or the words and actions of others.

Fluorites are also often used to help people manifest their dreams and desires, but don’t think of them as magic genies. Fluorites help guide your heart chakra toward desires that are healthy and beneficial to you and allow you the clarity to manifest them while protecting you against obsession for desires that can be self-destructive or unhealthy.  

Fluorite and the Chakras

Fluorites are wonderful for helping align and balance the Chakras. Each different color of Fluorite aligns with different Chakras, although all Fluorites are useful in helping open the Heart Chakra and Third Eye Chakra. 

Clear Fluorite

Clear Fluorite is a translucent crystal that looks similar to glass. It is connected to the Crown Chakra on the top of your head. A blocked or imbalanced Crown Chakra can lead to:

  • Unwillingness to accept things as they are
  • Inability to hear or consider other ideas
  • Feelings of being disconnected or disinterested 
  • Depression
  • Confusion

Clear Fluorite works to bring you clarity, removing strong emotions and balancing the Crown Chakra so you can see situations clearly and without negative or self-defeating feelings. 

Blue Fluorite

Ever feel like what you say gets lost in translation with others? You’ve probably got a blocked Throat Chakra. 

The Throat Chakra controls communication, both with yourself and with others. Symptoms of a blocked Throat Chakra include:

  • Being afraid to speak honestly and openly with others
  • Inability to hear hard truths from others
  • Dishonesty with self and others. 

Blue Fluorite gives you your voice. It helps give you the confidence to be your authentic self in any circumstance and communicate with others freely. It also encourages healthy, useful conversation. If you are approaching a difficult discussion, a blue Fluorite in your pocket can give you confidence. 

Green Fluorite

Your Heart Chakra is deeply connected to green Fluorite. Your Heart Chakra controls everything you desire and also the things you detest. A blocked Heart Chakra can look like:

  • Feeling controlled by others
  • Obsession over people, places, or things
  • Self-destructive behaviors (addictions) 
  • Attempting to control other people

Green Fluorite keeps your Heart Chakra open and cleansed of these limiting feelings and helps bring you into balance so you can be free to explore healthy desires. 

Purple Fluorite

Beautiful purple Fluorite helps balance the Third Eye Chakra better than any other Fluorite color. The Third Eye Chakra is what keeps your self-awareness, intuition, psychic ability, and connection to others healthy and balanced. 

An unbalanced or blocked Third Eye Chakra can:

  • Make you feel disconnected spiritually
  • Cause lethargy and tiredness
  • Cause delusion about yourself and others

Purple Fluorite balances the third eye and brings you foresight and better overall awareness. It keeps your third eye cleared of spiritual smog, which could cloud your judgement. 

Yellow Fluorite

The sunshine Fluorite helps balance your solar plexus. Your solar plexus is located at the center of your abdomen and controls many physical wellness markers as well as personality issues. You may have an imbalance in your solar plexus if you: 

  • Frequently experience digestive issues
  • Have low self-esteem or feelings of low self-worth
  • Tend to have a passive-aggressive personality

Yellow Fluorite washes over your solar plexus like liquid sunshine, bathing it in healing warmth and helping it to radiate positive energy. A balanced solar plexus encourages enhanced psychic ability and also increases your physical energy. When you are feeling lethargic, yellow Fluorite can help supercharge your body. 

Healing Properties of Fluorite

Fluorite is extremely useful as a healing tool. With its ability to absorb negative energy and toxins, it’s beneficial for the body, mind, and spirit. 

Physical Healing Properties

Tired of drinking detox tea? Try using Fluorites instead. 

Fluorites naturally help detox your body by pulling toxins from your system and drawing out impurities. Fluorite can be rubbed over areas of the body that are in specific need of detoxing, like the skin, or placed near the body to promote overall wellness. 

Fluorites are the premier crystals to use synergistically with a clean, toxin-free lifestyle. They naturally promote energy, allowing you to stop relying heavily on stimulants, like coffee, for energy. 

These crystals work fabulously with the immune system, encouraging proper function and helping bring comfort when you are sick. Their ability to pull out toxins helps you feel better when you are ill or simply worn down. 

Fluorites are also great for supporting people with joint and bone pain. Arthritis sufferers enjoy the soothing benefits Fluorites provide by calming nerves, relaxing muscles, and decreasing stiffness. Fluorites naturally promote flow and flexibility, which is why you’ll often see them in use in yoga studios. 

Mental and Emotional Healing With Fluorite

Fluorites’ ability to help keep things flowing is incredibly healing to your mental and emotional state. If you feel trapped or stuck in a thought pattern or emotion, Fluorites can help you move past them. 

Fluorite helps you experience your emotions and thoughts as they flow in and out of your mind and spirit and gives you the understanding that there is no permanency to them. It helps you become totally at peace with uncomfortable feelings and face them with neutrality instead of negativity. 

Fluorite is also useful in helping you gain true awareness of yourself. Promoting self-realization without preoccupation. Fluorite is considered one of the best crystals for empaths that helps you find empathy and compassion for yourself and others and prevents you from becoming self-focused or narcissistic. 

If you feel lost and unable to make clear decisions, Fluorite bracelets can help give you guidance. It serves as a guiding light that allows good, positive energy to lead you down the correct paths. 

Fluorites also help release you from the bondage of self-deprecating habits, like unhealthy self-talk, obsessive-compulsive behaviors, and addictions. 

Spiritual Healing With Fluorite

Fluorites help open your chakras to receive light and positive energy. They are the ultimate in spiritual detoxifying crystals, literally pulling negativity that may collect in your aura and leaving it open to positive energy. 

Fluorite helps to flush your aura of negative energy and protects against incoming negative emotions. Essentially, Fluorite works to eliminate spiritual smog and can help you find your way back to spiritual grounding when you feel lost or disconnected. 

Fluorite is also excellent for increasing awareness and psychic ability, making it easier and more comfortable to travel through spiritual practices. 

Uses of Fluorite

To reap the healing benefits of Fluorite, you need to know how to properly use it. Fluorite is best used as an everyday crystal, perfect for using consistently and constantly (i.e., wearing daily or sitting in a spot you will pass by often). 

Fluorite in Meditations and Ceremonies

You can incorporate Fluorite into your meditations and ceremonies by either having it near you as you practice or by placing the Fluorite stones on your body on your chakras. Fluorite works well on its own during your meditations or in conjunction with other crystals. 

If you are doing deep spiritual work, having Fluorite guarantees you will not be harmed by negative energies or thoughts so that your practice has a positive and successful outcome. 

Fluorite in the Home and Office

Fluorite is a great addition to home and workspaces. Both beautiful and ornamental, Fluorites make great centerpieces and conversation starters.

Pair a beautiful green Fluorite with a yellow Fluorite to simultaneously remove negative energy and fill the room with positive light and energy. Anytime you use Fluorites in your spaces, you are encouraging the removal of negative energies and helping recharge the space with positive vibrations. 

Fluorites promote peace, so they’re great for both work and home. When you are experiencing times of high stress, or if you find yourself susceptible to anxiety, using Fluorite can help calm you, soothe nerves, and give you the patience to be fully present in the situation. 

Placing a Fluorite under your pillow at night can increase your subconscious’s ability to express itself in dreams. Fluorite also gives you wisdom and knowledge of how to interpret these dreams, which can free your subconscious from traumatic events and help you heal.   

Fluorite for Healers

Healers can use Fluorite in their practices to help them balance chakras and help their clients work through emotional and spiritual barriers safely. 

Fluorites also offer protection to healers as they help their clients, protecting them from absorbing negative emotional energy from them and ensuring they are not emotionally overwhelmed with their work. 

Healers can also use Fluorite to encourage their clients to be honest and open with them, so they can have a better chance of helping them and promoting their peace. 

Fluorite in Jewelry

Many people love to wear Fluorite because of its beauty and power to heal. Fluorites come in many colors, so it's easy to find one that speaks to your soul. Feeling deeply connected to a particular Fluorite should encourage you to use it in your practice. 

Wearing Fluorite bracelets around your wrist can help protect you from absorbing negative energy from people you meet. Keeping the stone on a necklace holds Fluorite close to your heart center, making sure it is open and free to accept new ideas and light. 

Cleansing and Recharging Fluorite

Like all crystals, Fluorite will need to be regularly cleansed and recharged. Because Fluorite is a softer crystal, some traditional methods of cleansing (like direct salt contact) aren’t recommended.

You may not know when it's time to cleanse your Fluorites. Often, we place a crystal in a space and forget about it until we notice that our bodies and minds have become off-balanced. This is usually a great indication that it’s time to cleanse your crystals. 

Here are some of the most effective ways to cleanse Fluorites. 

Water Cleansing

The use of water is perfect for cleansing a small amount (one or two) of Fluorite crystals. Running water is best, as the flow of water can absorb negative energy from your crystals and carry it safely away from them. 

You can run your crystals under a jet of water for about thirty seconds while holding a cleansing intention in your mind to successfully cleanse your Fluorites. Remove from water and allow to air dry, or pat dry with a clean cloth.


Salt is absorbent, so it’s natural that we want to use salt for cleansing and absorbing negative energy from our crystals. However, Fluorite is a soft mineral, and direct contact with salt can be too abrasive. 

If you’d like to use salt for cleansing, fill a large bowl with salt, and place a smaller bowl inside. Place your crystal inside the smaller bowl and cover both bowls with a towel. Leave your crystal covered for 24 hours to cleanse. 


Got lots of Fluorite? You want a sound cleanse. Gather your Fluorites together and allow the vibration of sound to wash over them, literally bouncing the collected negative energies from them. 

You can use a chant, music, tuning forks, or any other instrument to help harmonize the vibrations of your crystals and cleanse them thoroughly. 

Fluorite Cleansing and Recharging Tips and Tricks

Cleansing and recharging are not the same. Cleansing removes built-up negative energy your crystals have collected, recharging enlivens and awakens them. 

One of the easiest ways to recharge your Fluorites is to sit them in direct moonlight. When the moon is at its fullest and brightest, sit your Fluorites outside so they can recharge using lunar energy. 

Also, if you have Fluorites that have been made into jewelry, it’s best to check with the manufacturer to make sure the method cleansing you’d like to perform is safe for the other, non-Fluorite portions of your jewelry. Some metals, for instance, shouldn’t be placed in water.


Fluorites are minerals that are fairly common and extremely useful in your spiritual practice. Each different color of Fluorite helps you connect emotionally and spiritually and helps balance and open your chakras. 

Using Fluorite is a great way to detox your mind, body, and soul of negative energy and emotions and free you from burdens you may not even know you are carrying. Fluorite inspires peace, creativity, and clarity. 

You can use Fluorite in your spiritual and meditative practices to protect you against negativity and help keep you open to positive light. Fluorites are excellent stones used alone or simultaneously with others as they help keep you cleansed and energized on your spiritual journey. 

Fluorites are widely popular and available in numerous shades. Find the color of Fluorite that feels most deeply connected to your spirit and incorporate it into your work, home, and spiritual journey. 

We are all in need of spiritual, mental, and physical detox, and Fluorites are the perfect tools to help us achieve detoxification and rebirth into positivity and total wellness.

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