Celestite Crystal Meaning, Healing Properties and Spiritual Importance

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The Celestite crystal, also known as Celestine stone, is a pale blue gemstone that attracts those who are seeking inner harmony and a deeper connection to the universe. It may be a subconscious yearning, but if you're reading this, it's a pretty good sign that you can sense the echoes of Celestite's call. Read on to learn the Celestite meaning and discover why these healing crystals could be your new favorite gemstones.


What Is Celestite?


Celestite, as a strontium sulfate mineral, often forms in geodes. It's generally compact and fibrous, and can also form in more complex shapes like pyramidal crystals. Often, raw Celestite stone can be found alongside other minerals like Albite, Anhydrite and Halite.

It's a healing crystal that has seen a resurgence in new-age communities because of its metaphysical healing properties, but its high vibrational energy had been put to use long before it received its current name.

Celestite stone throughout history

Long-used under different names, Abraham Werner was the one who coined the name Celestite when he discovered it in Pennsylvania, in 1791. It might not be the official state mineral, but Celestite is the stone most people associate with Pennsylvania.

More recently, a cattle herder discovered an enormous deposit of these healing crystals in Madagascar from the Jurassic era, 65 million years ago. At the Madagascan deposit, they were producing 15 tons of Blue Celestite per annum by the 90s! Madagascar is widely considered to be the home of the highest quality Celestite stones.

What is Celestite crystal used for?

Nowadays, Celestite is a highly sought after spiritual stone, used by energy healers around the world for its magnificent metaphysical properties. However, it's also used in other trades too.

As alkaline earth metals can't be found in their pure form, scientists need to access them via other minerals. Celestine, being a strontium sulfate, is one of the minerals they often turn to for the element strontium. In fact, it's one of the main sources of strontium on earth! As such, it's a necessary component in television screens, it's used in fireworks due to the fiery red color it lets off while burning, and it's also used to help with refining sugar.

Due to its chemical similarity with calcium, research is currently being done on strontium's effect to reverse bone loss. Having said that, American Bone Health suggests not to take strontium supplements as a replacement for calcium.


Symbollically, What Is The Celestite Meaning?


Celestite is regularly linked to divine power, angelic realms and higher levels of consciousness. It's been associated with the cosmos and universal wisdom because of its piercing blue color and alluring energy. The Blue Celestite meaning then, is thought to be representative of understanding—on a deeper level—the secrets of the universe.

The name “Celestite” actually comes from the Latin word, “caelestis,” which refers to its sky blue color. You'll find the same root in the word, "celestial," so it's no wonder that the mysteries of the heavens have been associated with this ethereal stone. It's heavily linked to supernatural forces and spiritual development, making it the go-to crystal for those on the path of enlightenment.

Its metaphysical properties are what makes it stand out from the crowd. It stimulates not one, not two, but three of your chakras, controlling the flow of energy in the upper regions of your spiritual body. Celestite has positioned itself as one of the top healing crystals for all energy-related issues. Its high frequency empowers you to change your mood quickly, removing negative energy from your environment and replacing it with positive vibrations.


What Does Celestite Do Spiritually?

You may be wondering why you're drawn to such a crystal. Celestine's frequency is extremely high, which allows it to penetrate different levels of consciousness far quicker than a low vibratory crystal. In essence, the more you feel drawn to Celestite, the more likely it is to reveal itself to you. It enhances intuition, encouraging you to explore the possibility of extrasensory perception and psychic powers.

One of the more profound Celestite properties is that it can connect you to the angelic realms. It opens you up to receiving information from higher beings and can put you in contact with your guardian angels. Process the wisdom you receive through the crown and third eye chakras, and let it work its way down to the throat for expression. 

Widely considered as the best gemstone for pursuing spiritual strength, Celestite connects you to the divine nature of everything. It's difficult not to marvel at the sheer beauty of the universe and everything in it when you have this soft blue crystal nearby.

Like entering a vortex of cosmic knowledge, Celestite has the ability to temporarily transport your awareness to a non-physical plane where everything seems to make sense, despite its complex intricacies. Because of its work on the higher chakras, there's a good chance that you can recall some of this experience and convert it into clear, concise words for others. It's one of the great crystals for creativity, inspiring poetry, prose and short stories from those who have worked with it.

These levels of spiritual exploration come with time, effort and practice. Meditating with this crystal can be life-changing, but it can also feel slow-going if you expect too much too soon. Similarly, if your energy centers are unbalanced, you are unlikely to recall your more profound experiences with Celestite, if you even have them at all. They will appear dream-like in nature, distorted, with various shapes and symbols used to represent the non-physical truth.

Celestine crystal is often called a “teacher for the new age” by crystal enthusiasts because it connects us with our spirit guardians and guides us towards love and light. There are hardly any crystals out there that are as powerful as Celestite for increasing spiritual awareness. It empowers you to locate your true self and understand your purpose. It's the ideal stone for all those who feel lost.

Which chakras are associated with Celestite?

The sky-blue Celestite color indicates that the throat chakra is the primary energy center of this crystal, but one of the best Celestite metaphysical properties is that it also activates two other chakras.

Crown chakra


The crown chakra is the seventh and highest chakra in our immediate spiritual body. No surprises for why Blue Celestite activates this chakra; it's the crown that connects you to the universe and the divine source of creation. It instills a feeling of oneness when open and cleared, as if all things are intricately connected, woven in a universal web that's impossible to fully digest in our waking life. It gives you a glimpse of infinity.

Using a Celestite crystal, you can rein in the ego and increase your true power. There's no need to compare yourself to others when this chakra is open. You are confident and comfortable in your own skin, but more importantly, you are aware. There's a calming sensation that comes with prolonged awareness, as if a comet could hurtle towards earth and you wouldn't even flinch. The crown chakra connects your mind, body and spirit so that you feel aligned with your true purpose.

Third eye chakra

Place a piece of Celestite on your third eye to enhance intuition and cleanse your thoughts. This is a great place to begin if you want to train your psychic abilities, especially clairvoyance. This region is commonly associated with the sixth sense and being able to detect energy instinctively. It also stimulates vivid imagery, some of which can come from external sources if the right channels are open. It can be used as inspiration for creative work in art, writing or music.

Opening the third eye chakra empowers you to detect subtler vibrations, increasing your ability to distinguish between different energies in your surrounding environment. In Lyn Buchanan's book about Controlled Remote Viewing, The Seventh Sense, he calls this "ambiance." He argues that it's not mystical or esoteric; we all have ambiance, we were just never taught about it like we were with our five physical senses.

By using a Celestite crystal to clear the third eye chakra, we can all gain easier access to Buchanan's theorized sixth sense, and further senses beyond that.

Throat chakra


The third and final chakra that Celestite stimulates is the throat. This actually puts it in a unique position as it enables you to access divine wisdom from the crown, understand it intuitively in the third eye, and communicate that knowledge clearly and succinctly through the throat. This chakra encourages you to express truth, either verbally or non-verbally.

What Are The Celestite Healing Properties?

While Celestite's spiritual benefits might steal the show, they're certainly not the only thing this pale blue crystal has to offer. If you feel like something's off, but you can't quite put your finger on what it is, then Celestite is a great choice to help you realign your body and mind. Its calming vibrations support emotional healing and help to cleanse your energy of unwanted stress or tension, even if you aren't quite aware of its presence.

If you're going through a hectic patch in life and things are all over the place, then Celestite eases you into the daily practice of mindfulness. It encourages you to remain calm and find your inner peace instead of rising to stressful situations.

Is Celestine stone good for meditation?

The relaxing properties of Celestine indicate that it would make a fantastic meditation stone. Incorporate it into your daily practice and monitor the difference. By tapping into its high vibrational energy, you'll feel a spring in your step and your spirits will be lifted. It has the power to transform darkness into endless love and light.

To use Celestite in your meditation practice, try placing a small crystal on your third eye as you lie down. As you focus on the energy of the crystal, keep your mind's eye open for the mystical energy of the spirit world, calling you forth and luring you towards it. Follow that path. You may find yourself conversing with angels or other heavenly beings, and when you return, you'll remember them with vivid detail.

Many people report coming back from these types of adventures with enhanced spiritual awareness, profound inner peace and a sense of overwhelming joy. It's a moving experience and one that stimulates your sense of personal power. It makes you feel as though you can achieve anything.

If you already have a regular meditation technique, then Celestite can be integrated with that instead. It calms the mind regardless of the method. Expect sharper focus, improved mental clarity and more accessible visualizations. 

Should I sleep with Celestite?

You can also meditate with Celestite healing crystals before bed to help you drift into a deep and restful sleep. Keeping a piece of Celestite on your bedside table, or leaving a crystal under your pillow while you sleep, is ideal for enhancing dream recall. It allows you to remember specific details of the dreamscape more easily and it improves the chances of gaining awareness and initiating a lucid dream, if that's your intention. It empowers you to retain information learned in dreams with the utmost clarity. It's also great for digesting the symbolism of dreams and understanding their true significance.

For this reason, it's advised to put a Celestine cluster or geode next to your bed. It's a great sleep stone, helping you relax at night and taking your mind off things that fight for your attention. Consider the Celestite crystal similar to Amethyst when it comes to enhancing sleep. It brings peace and tranquility, calming your mind and empowering you to relinquish overactive thoughts.

What Are The Emotional Healing Properties Of Celestite?


Celestite is one of the best healing crystals to help you overcome fears, whether they're irrational or not. Here's a few fears that Celestite likes to bust wide open:


Those who get seasick, or are particularly nervous flyers, can find that this crystal soothes tension and allows them to relax into the journey. It calms the energies of those who suffer from carsickness, too. One of the often overlooked Celestite benefits is that is prevents nausea while traveling and maintains good health and posture during long journeys in cramped spaces.

Public Speaking 

Everyone knows that picturing the audience naked only gets you so far. Celestine swaps fear for inner calm and soothes your nerves before you walk out on stage. Whether you're an actor, singer, comedian or just somebody who needs to give a speech at their best friend's wedding, Celestite is the perfect stone to have for support.

Open Spaces 

Agoraphobia may seem like a relatively rare phobia, but over 2 million people in the U.S alone suffer from it. Celestite puts you in touch with your inner power, helping you find strength from within to conquer your fear. Having a cluster of this celestial blue stone on hand is a sure-fire way to boost mental health and provide a bit more security if you feel uncertain in open spaces.

More ways to calm your energy


Celestite's fear-preventing properties soothe other onslaughts of nervous tension too. Carrying this crystal is like having a personal masseuse 24/7! People who suffer from panic attacks often find great comfort in Celestite; that's why it's the one of the best companions for those with acute anxiety

Celestite slows down our chaotic modern life and encourages us to appreciate the smaller things. It brings our attention to things we might otherwise take for granted and encourages us to maintain a healthy practice of gratitude.

If you're in a relationship that's sapping your energy, you'll be pleased to hear that Celestine brings peace and calm here too. It promotes communication and helps to harmonize your joint vibration, getting you both on the same page. Talk it out with your partner and find a solution that works for the both of you.

How Do You Cleanse And Charge Celestite?

Despite a lot of false information online, Celestite should not be cleansed in water. It's an extremely brittle mineral and it can easily start to degrade if left in water for any reasonable period of time.

The best way to cleanse Celestite is by bathing it in rice and then letting it bask in the early morning sun for no longer than an hour. Any longer in direct sunlight and its beautiful blue color could start to fade.

If skilled in meditation, you could cleanse this heavenly stone with nothing but the power of your mind. However, this is best left for people with a lot of experience in mental cleansing. If you're a novice in meditation, then it's better to be safe and cleanse your Celestite crystal in the aforementioned method.

There are some that suggest extraordinary charging methods for Blue Celestite, such as wrapping it in blue silk and leaving it in a drawer for two days. We haven't tried this method, so can't attest to its effectiveness, but there are plenty of tried and tested techniques for cleansing crystals that haven't let us down yet!

Is Celestite toxic?


And no.

Let me explain.

As a strontium sulfate mineral, Celestite contains sulfur, a notoriously toxic element that can wreak havoc on the respiratory system. However, it only does this in high doses, not to mention, it has to be a completely different form of sulfur, i.e not the physical kind.

Could the sulfur change form and become harmful?

It'd have to be hot. I mean, really hot. So hot that succumbing to the toxic fumes of your stone would pale in comparison to your body literally melting.

Having said all that, avoid using Celestite in elixirs or crystal baths. The toxic part of it is not going to come out under any ordinary circumstances, but you wouldn't want to ingest it either.

Which Crystals Go Well With Celestite?

Celestite is renowned for its high vibration. Partner it with other crystals that have high vibrations to see the best effects.


MoldaviteMoldavite stone is high frequency crystal is the perfect match for Celestite. Its potent energy is pressing, pushing your Celestine crystal to work harder. The two thrive off each other and Moldavite seems to bring out the best of your celestial gemstone. This is a great crystal pairing for manifestations.



Most types of Quartz carry high vibrations, too. Clear Quartz is the most famous, but Chalcedony, Amethyst and Citrine are all potential partners for Celestite. They enhance intentions and supercharge positive energy.



Tourmaline is a fantastic crystal for protection. It works perfectly in jewelry as a pendant or talisman to defend your energy. If you can, try to find a piece of jewelry with both Celestite and Tourmaline. This will guard your energy during your out-of-world adventures among the divine. The connection between these two crystals is even stronger if the Tourmaline used is of the colorful variety: pink, green or watermelon.

Are Angelite and Celestite the same?


It's frequently stated that Angelite and Celestite are the same crystal but this is misinformation. Angelite is a calcium sulfate mineral whereas Celestite is a strontium sulfate. This makes them incredibly similar, as calcium and strontium are next to each other on the periodic table—and as mentioned earlier, strontium is even considered a potential replacement to calcium when it comes to bone health. But they are not the same.

Their energies are somewhat similar, and the Celestite crystal meaning is closely linked to that of Angelite's too. Both crystals are said to guide you through the spiritual realms and help you communicate with your guardian angels. With the right intention, the connection between these two crystals could be mind-blowing.

Used to deepen your mindfulness practices and explore the heavenly planes in spiritual safety, these two stones combine to make one of the best crystal combinations for meditation you could ever wish for. A jewelry piece that combines these two crystals would likely be elusive, but it would definitely be worth it.

Use Celestite To Connect With Your Guardian Angels

This blue mineral is one of those rare crystals whose energy could seriously change your life. Enter a relationship with this stone with a healthy intention in mind and Celestite will make sure it becomes a reality. Enjoy the calm energy that these stones bring. Whether you have raw celestine, tumbled beads in jewelry, or a natural geode, this celestial marvel will take your mindfulness to another level.

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