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  • Expect an Average Order Value of 80 USD, that’s something you won’t find among our competitors.
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  • We currently offer a 30-day cookie life.
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  • Although our minimum payout is $500, with our products and services, this will be an easily achievable amount.
  • Your payout will be paid to you on a monthly basis either via PayPal or wire transfer.

About Conscious Items

At Conscious Items we recognize that crystals are more than just a trend – they are an integral part of daily life for many people.

These people value our products and the quality of our services, ranging from our 100% real stone crystals to our live chat option, ensuring that the journey to purchase is as simple as possible.

With outstanding TrustPilot reviews and the growing popularity of crystals, it is the perfect time to join our affiliate program and profit from our experience

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How will we support you?

  • Any new material, special offers, or promotions? You will be notified in advance so you can plan far ahead.
  • With retargeting on Facebook, Instagram, Google, and Abandoned checkout via email, the customers that you bring in will be sent to our retargeting sequences with a higher chance of a conversion.
  • With our specialist affiliate manager to offer guidance, you will never have to feel like you’re on your own. If you have questions, you can always ask via scheduled calls or email. We are always happy to support you as best as we can.
  • If you need to verify any articles about crystals, our Crystal Specialist will be at the ready, double-checking any information you’re not sure about.

Always Improving!


Our dedicated conversion rate optimization team is always working on new features, analyzing our average order value and maximizing our conversion rates.


With the lightspeed loading time on our website, customers can find their products quickly and easily and therefore would be more likely to make a purchase with a commission for you.


We made our purchase options as vast as possible to suit all customer needs. Customers can also pay through Klarna and AfterPay. Easier access to payment means a higher chance of a conversion.


We have products for everyone and yet we’re still expanding, with unique products which cannot be found anywhere else! The customers you bring in won’t be able to find the same products in any other store; they will have to buy directly from us.

Happy customers, booming business

Trusted by 200000 customers

We are already trusted by more than 200,000 customers and we are on our way to gaining even more.

Our products are growing in popularity by the day

Our products are growing in popularity by the day, as can be seen, by our outstanding TrustPilot reviews – we have a huge percentage of returning customers who value the quality of our products. Not to mention our fast shipping which has been praised by customers from various parts of the world such as in the US, CA, AU, MY, and SG.

We give back!

We give back! For every order made, we plant a tree through the Planting Hope initiative. That way, we can do our bit for the planet and encourage customers to do the same by simply purchasing our products. Planting trees has never been easier!

We have something for everyone!

We have something for everyone! Crystals are not only a niche, they can be used by various customers and fulfil their different needs. Yoga fanatics? Home decor? Zodiac enthusiasts? Or even ordinary people looking for stunning jewellery? Our products will appeal to all, giving you more room for marketing.

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Support from us

How could you easily advertise?

How could you easily advertise? We will provide you with any URL based on your affiliate information, making things as simple and accessible as they can be for our customers.

We understand the value of feedback

We understand the value of feedback and are always keen on improving, which is why you will also be able to track your performance with our advanced analytics, giving you insight into how successful your advertising is.

It's easy to get started

We know we have given you many numbers to consider, but here are two more explainings just how easy it can be to take part in our affiliate program.

  • Simply click the button below and fill out the form. We typically approve applications within two working days.
  • Look out for our approval message and our new affiliate email series which will help you get the most out of the program.
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We only sell the highest quality products made from genuine stones.


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