Selenite Crystal Meaning: How To Use Selenite And Its Magical Healing Properties

Selenite crystals have been used by people for thousands of years, for both their practical and mystical qualities. Together, we'll explore what Selenite is, its connection to ancient civilizations and mythology, and how best to use the remarkable metaphysical properties of this healing crystal.
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You've probably come across Selenite before, but maybe you aren't quite sure how to use it and fit it into your gemstone collection. Or perhaps you've been enjoying its healing properties and are looking for a few new ways to work with it. 

What Is Selenite?

Selenite is a clear crystal, renowned for its healing properties. It's thought to be the greatest cleansing stone on the planet, purifying all the energy in its surrounding environment. Selenite stones work well in jewelry, particularly if partnered with other crystals.

The Selenite crystal stone removes stagnant energy from your aura and helps you find your true purpose. It injects you with clarity, dissolving distractions and transforming negative energy into hope, love and positive vibrations.

You may know Selenite by one of its many other names: Gypsum Flower, Satin Spar, Divine Light, and Liquid Light.

Selenite meaning

With a name that derives from the Greek word, Selene, also known as the Greek goddess of the moon, the Selenite stone meaning is clearly associated with lunar energy and the unfathomable energy of the cosmos.

Selenite is a high vibration stone that connects you to your own energy field. It's the perfect crystal for self-reflection and meditation because of its clarity-inducing effects.

The Selenite crystal meaning is also strongly linked to light—hence its nicknames: Liquid Light and Divine Light. It's thought to capture sunlight within its body, radiating it to you when you need its energy most. When meditating with Selenite, it's often noted that the meditator sees a pure white light that passes through the third eye chakra and into the crown. This is one of the key reasons that the Selenite crystal is so often used in chakra meditation to relieve energy blocks.

Selenite properties

Selenite is a type of transparent crystal and a variety of gypsum, a naturally occurring mineral that's used in our daily lives much more often than you probably realize.

The properties of Selenite make it an excellent stone for carving. Ancient civilizations cut and shaped alabaster into beautiful pieces of pottery and sculptures. Satin Spar, a fibrous form of gypsum or Calcite, can be polished and cut into cabochons. The resulting cabochons reveal a gorgeous cat eye-like effect, similar to Tiger's Eye gemstones.

Selenite is one of the most popular varieties of gypsum. The other is Desert Rose, named for its striking resemblance to the flower itself, and its origin in the Saharan sands in Algeria and Morocco. Selenite actually works rather well in combination with Desert Rose as both crystals reduce negative energy and promote mental clarity and intuition. Desert Rose is often called Desert Rose Selenite, too.

Selenite is a fairly brittle stone, only number 2 on the Mohs scale of mineral hardness. This means you should treat it with extreme care, especially if stored alongside other crystals as its surface is prone to scratches.

Aside from the mineral hardness, the Selenite crystal properties are similar to Clear Quartz in many ways. This goes for both its physical appearance and its metaphysical properties.

What is Selenite used for?

Along with being part of the monoclinic crystal system, gypsum is the main ingredient in plaster and used to make sheetrock. If you've ever kept a garden, you may have found gypsum there too since it's often ground up and used in fertilizer. 

Most of the Selenite uses come from its spiritual side and healing properties. Whether you wear it, sleep with it, cleanse your other crystals with it, or use it for meditation, Selenite is a powerful healing crystal for promoting positive energy and attracting good vibrations.

What does Selenite do?

Selenite promotes positive energy, purifies low vibrations and reprograms everything it touches to work at optimal capacity. It has a knack for clearing away unnecessary clutter, enhancing mental clarity and providing a thorough aura cleansing.

Selenite invites you to look inwards and be more introspective. While its energy primarily focuses on the crown chakra, its pure white light passes through every energy center, including the heart chakra. By removing energy blocks here, it empowers you to truly love yourself and experience universal love.

The Selenite crystal can dissolve time and space, leaving you outside the physical body. It opens the door to other forms of consciousness, activating the higher chakras and welcoming you into higher realms of awareness.

Where is Selenite found?

Deposits of gypsum crystals are commonly found all over the world, from Poland, Italy and China, to Southern Australia and Canada. In the United States, mines in Ohio have produced remarkable Selenite crystals, but perhaps the most stunning Selenite crystals are found in the Naica mine in southern Chihuahua in Mexico. 

These crystals are massive in size, ranging from three feet up to 50-foot columns. In the Naica mine, a Selenite crystal forms as a result of the groundwater. It has a high sulfur content, and when it eats away at the limestone walls, the calcium released by the limestone—combined with the sulfur in the water—creates dazzling gypsum crystals.

Selenite In History And Folklore

Throughout history, many ancient civilizations favored Selenite's enigmatic beauty. It even made its way into some of their mythologies. 

According to Athena Perrakis' book, “Crystal: Lore, Legends & Myths,” Selenite not only derives its name from the Greek goddess of the moon, Selene, but the Ancient Greeks attributed Selenite's etheric glow and luminous appearance to the fact that Selene became trapped inside the crystal itself.

Each Selenite wand or crystal shard was like a sliver of moonlight, trying to escape its confines. Selenite's delicate radiance was so treasured it's said King Minos used Selenite stones to build the walls of his palace. Whenever the light of the moon poured in, it would set the interior aglow.

Ancient Romans were intrigued by Selenite's seemingly magical ability to help their gardens grow abundantly. Elite Roman citizens, including the emperor Tiberius, built a sort of precursor to modern greenhouses next to their homes. These enclosures, known as a specularis, were mobile and allowed someone to move their plants when the seasons changed to protect them. 

Everyday citizens also used glass to build their specularis. Still, wealthy Romans chose Selenite as a building material because it magnified the heat of the sun more effectively than glass, and helped their plants grow hearty and healthy.

Different Types Of Selenite Crystals

Besides natural Selenite, which is the most common and can be white or clear, there are several different types:

Blue Selenite meaning

The Blue Selenite stone supercharges your intuition with help from lunar energy. It combines knowledge with decision making and proactivity to promote wisdom. It assists in empowering you to see through the material illusion of life. It's thought to be great for financial success and encouraging money to flow freely towards you.

Blue Selenite is particularly lucky in months that feature two full moons (a Blue Moon). Place a piece of Blue Selenite on your third eye chakra to hush the chaotic noise and stress of everyday life. It helps you break through energy blockages and see things with more clarity and focus.

Desert Rose Selenite uses

As mentioned earlier, Desert Rose Selenite is a type of gypsum that forms in rose-like shapes. It's great for cleansing and clearing away toxic energy. Another great Selenite crystal for meditation, Desert Rose helps you release thoughts that no longer serve you.

Orange Selenite metaphysical properties

Great for use at home or in the workplace, Orange Selenite is a protective stone that keeps unwanted energies at bay, grounding your aura and helping you feel stable and secure. It connects you to the earth, enhancing its healing properties. It's a great countermeasure to use against electromagnetic pollution or EMF radiation. It's thought to reconnect you to your divine feminine energy.

Peach Selenite healing properties

Peach Selenite is a powerful stone of emotional transformation, and a fantastic stone for support during times of emotional turmoil or intense and sudden life changes. It has tangible healing properties, with a specific focus on self-esteem, self-worth and self-belief. This type of Selenite promotes confidence, courage and creativity.

Is Peach Selenite natural?

Sometimes mistaken for a variant of Orange Selenite, Peach Selenite is its very own member of the Selenite family. You can find natural Peach Selenite, although it is much rarer than clear Selenite crystals. Its peach color comes from the Saharan sands.

Green Selenite benefits

Improving and enhancing the overall sense of well-being, Green Selenite is a great stone for physical healing and rejuvenation. This type of Selenite crystal works wonders for the skeletal system, the skin and the region around the heart chakra. Green Selenite promotes confidence and inspires you to follow your heart.

Pink Selenite meaning and healing properties

Pink Selenite is said to hold the magical healing properties of regular clear Selenite, while also magnifying the energy of platonic love. It's a fantastic crystal for creating new friendships or strengthening the bond in existing ones. Its meaning is one that aligns with unconditional, universal love.

What Are The Selenite Crystal Benefits?

Every gemstone comes with its own unique healing properties, and Selenite is no exception. Whether you're looking to energetically freshen up your personal space or channel a calm and relaxed state of mind, a Selenite crystal could be just what you're looking for. 

Here are the various Selenite crystal healing properties:

Selenite healing properties

Most importantly, Selenite is an emotional healer. It's one of the best healing crystals to use if you want to remove negative patterns in the way you think, feel and perceive the world around you. It helps you cultivate positive energy and foster a healthy mindstate.

By bringing clarity to the mind, and by utilizing its powerful aura-cleansing abilities, Selenite purifies your mind, body and soul. It breathes new life into you and ignites a spark of optimism within that is hard to shut down.

Physically, Selenite is a strong detoxifier. Hold Selenite to release any impurities from within. This may not make you feel good at first, but you should treat it as a kind of purge. You need to release the negativity within to be able to embrace and wield your own inner light.

Selenite has impressed people for millennia. Its work on the human spine separates it from other healing crystals. It's able to send wave after wave of soothing energy to your tired or sore muscles, and strengthen bone tissue through its high vibration.

Some say that Selenite can even prevent sickness and slow down aging. By removing toxins from the body, Selenite stops your body from deteriorating as quickly as it ordinarily would. It supercharges the immune system, keeping you safe from infections and viral diseases.

Selenite metaphysical properties

Selenite gemstones are especially supportive of your energetic field. In Athena Perrakis' book, "The Ultimate Guide to Chakras," she states that Selenite can clear the energy fields of people, places, and things. Selenite gemstones help you wash away any stagnant or negative energies that may have accumulated.

Whenever you feel like the energy of your home or office needs a little refreshing, grab a Selenite crystal wand to keep on your desk or add to an altar in your home. You can use Selenite crystals to help prepare your space for meditation, too. Allow the purity of this transparent stone to work its magic in clarifying the energetic space around you.

Unlike other healing crystals and gemstones that need to be regularly cleaned, Selenite crystals don't need recharging quite as often. While there are several ways to replenish your stones, keep in mind that your Selenite crystal should never be soaked as it breaks down in water. A quick rinse will do.

Protect yourself from negative energy

You can use Selenite properties to enhance your life by taking advantage of their capacity to act as a protection stone, too. Some believe Selenite crystals are excellent for car protection and can help keep you safe when driving after dark. 

You can always add other protection stones to your collection to bolster their metaphysical properties. Tiger's Eye, Black Obsidian, Turquoise, Black Tourmaline and Malachite are all excellent choices if you frequently travel for work or want to add a layer of protection around your home. Critically, they work well in combination with Selenite's positive energy.

Remember, healing crystals work around the clock to keep you energetically protected. If you're feeling bogged down or drained by negative energies, Selenite crystals can make a world of difference. They keep your spirits up and your energy refreshed. Let its natural glow remind you of your own inner light.

Selenite spiritual meaning

Selenite is a deeply spiritual stone. It's said to connect you to your true purpose and help you find your way in life. It's known for unlocking higher realms of consciousness and deepening mental clarity to the point of utter serenity. It promotes peace within.

Other healing crystals simply can't match Selenite's spiritual properties.

What is the Selenite chakra?

One of Selenite's greatest strengths lies in its ability to stimulate and cleanse the energy of your chakras—in particular, it clears, heals and activates the crown chakra. 

Perrakis notes that when this chakra is out of balance, you may struggle with connecting to a higher realm or divine guidance. If you believe in spirit guides and are hoping to connect with them or others in an angelic realm, Selenite can help. Working with a Selenite crystal or wand can help you circulate the energy in your crown chakra, connecting you more deeply to your guides and higher self.

A good indicator of having cleared a blockage in your crown chakra is experiencing a sense of deep peace and mental clarity. When your crown chakra is clear and flowing, you trust in your connection to something greater than yourself, which allows you to feel more tranquil and less anxious. You'll feel at ease with yourself and where you are in life. 

Other gemstones and healing crystals that work well with Selenite to support your crown chakra are Amethyst and Fluorite. Both work to rejuvenate and harmonize your energy.

What is the Selenite zodiac sign?

Selenite crystals tend to be most beneficial for those born between April 20 and May 21, i.e Tauruses. Their emotional energy can be somewhat soothed by a Selenite crystal. This stone will help them see things with more clarity, and encourage them to let go of negative energies in the form of thoughts, feelings and prejudices.

Other zodiac signs that can benefit from Selenite are Cancer and Aquarius.

How To Use Selenite

When you understand the Selenite meaning and uses, a whole new world opens up to you. The Selenite crystal healing properties are second to none, especially when it comes to purifying energy.

Selenite wand

One of the most popular ways to use Selenite in the removal of negative energies is by getting a Selenite wand. You can use it to cast away unwanted energy and keep it well clear of your personal energy field. It's a powerful healing tool for balancing the chakras and it's frequently used by reiki healers. As Selenite is great for cleansing other crystals, it's possible to use a wand in this way too. Selenite plates work even better!

You can also use a Selenite wand for sleep. Simply leave a Selenite wand under your pillow and you'll find your mind will switch off as if it's been unplugged. The wand helps clear your mind of negative thoughts, plans for the future, or memories of the past. It helps you be present and still, removing and clearing all distractions. With a Selenite wand under your pillow, sleep will come easy.

Selenite wand meaning

Used for thousands of years to energetically clear auras, Selenite wands take us to the core of why we love crystal healing. There's something magical about holding a Selenite wand and allowing it to clear your mind. It calms your nerves, eases tension and allows you unrestricted access to higher realms of consciousness. These states are usually reached by experienced practitioners, but anybody can notice a difference in awareness when using a Selenite crystal wand.

Can you wear Selenite?

Wearing Selenite is definitely possible, but it's not as popular as other stones in crystal jewelry because of its soft nature. It can easily be scratched or damaged. However, you can still get a Selenite bracelet that will cleanse your energy.

Wearing a Selenite necklace is possible too, though if you want to wear Selenite crystal jewelry because of its skin-to-skin contact, you might be better off holding Selenite stones instead. The Harmonious Heart is a great example of a Selenite stone you can hold and meditate with.

How to meditate with Selenite

Meditating with Selenite can be a powerful experience. The Selenite stone benefits make it a great crystal for switching off a busy mind. Selenite meditation can be performed with any Selenite crystal, but it's a good idea to have support stones too. If you're new to crystals, then a Crystal Healing Starter Kit could be just what you need to kickstart your meditation habit with the help of natural stones.

If you've got a bit more experience with these gorgeous crystals, then perhaps you'd be more suited to a Divination Crystal Grid. This combines Selenite with seven other crystals to activate each of the chakras. This is the ultimate set for the dedicated meditator.

If you want to take things even deeper, recite a Selenite mantra—something you can decide on before you start. Whether you choose a pre-existing mantra, or you invent one to match your intentions for the stone, Selenite meditation isn't complete without a Selenite mantra.

Where to place Selenite on the body

If you're meditating with Selenite, try lying down and placing it on your forehead. This will help to stimulate the crown chakra.

Similarly, if you have a headache, placing a Selenite crystal point on your forehead (with the point facing outwards) will help to direct the negative patterns of vibration away from you.

If you feel tight or tense, place a Selenite crystal on the area in question. Its high vibrations should relieve any aches, pains or tightness.

How to make use of the Selenite lamp benefits

The benefits of Selenite lamps are obvious, but if you want to make it crystal clear why the Selenite properties are better for lamps than any other crystal, here's 5 reasons why:

  • Selenite cleanses the energy of the room: your possessions, your crystals and you.
  • It clears away negative energy and promotes peace and tranquility before bed.
  • The Selenite crystal healing properties are up there with the best—some people even argue that it's the most powerful purification stone ever discovered!
  • As one of the best healing crystals for sleep-related issues, one of the Selenite crystal lamp benefits is that you will receive its healing energy even while you sleep. It reduces insomnia and prevents nightmares.
  • It works to clear and support your crown chakra, even when the light is switched off.

These are just a handful of the Selenite lamp benefits, but you must always remember that Selenite is a healing crystal that will continue to work its energetic charm on you, with or without power. The Selenite Cleansing Lamp for example, acts as a regular cleansing tower when the electricity is unplugged.

Selenite crystal cleansing

As mentioned above, Selenite is most famous for its cleansing abilities. It's one of many Selenite crystal uses, but it seems to be the most potent, and the most revered. That's why Selenite cleansing towers are so popular.

You don't need to cleanse Selenite as often as any other crystal. This is because Selenite is a self-cleanser. It refuels itself by refusing to hold onto stagnant energy.

You can charge Selenite crystals in moonlight overnight. Simply set them an intention and leave them to reconnect with the moon. If it's a full moon, or even better, a blue moon, then leaving it outside overnight will help increase its lunar power. When you bring it back inside the next morning, its high vibration will be palpable.

Use Selenite To Clear Your Energy Field And Improve Your Well-Being

From the mythology of ancient Greece to our modern times, people have treasured Selenite for its ethereal allure and powerful metaphysical properties. Seek out this natural beauty whenever you feel the need to strengthen your connection to your higher self or surround your energy field with a protective force.

Don't forget your chakras can reap the benefits, too. Explore our Selenite products to unlock the mystical qualities of this healing crystal and apply them in your journey. When you do, you'll be enhancing your well-being and enriching your life.

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