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Apatite Stone Meaning, Symbolism and Uses

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Apatite has a very long and interesting history as a gemstone. The origin and uses of Apatite set it apart from other crystals. Apatite is technically any group of calcium phosphate minerals that are hexagons. Let’s talk about all the varieties of Apatite out there and the different uses for this stone. 

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What Is Apatite

Apatite is partially made of the mineral that vertebrate animal’s bones come from. Three different minerals contribute to Apatite, calcium phosphate, fluorine, and chlorine. This type of rock is found in igneous and metamorphic formations in places with rich iron deposits—places like Brazil, India, Kenya, Norway, Canada, and the United States. 

Apatite crystal

This crystal ranges in color from green to yellow to even pink. This makes it easy to confuse with other minerals. It’s a five on the Mohs scale and has been discovered in moon rocks collected by astronauts. There are many types of Apatite, each with its abilities and properties. In fact, Apatite is considered one of the crystals for grief and overcoming the death of loved ones, and regarded as a protective crystal for empaths.

Types Of Apatite

Apatite, in general, possesses many unique abilities, however specific colors of Apatite have additional qualities. Here are a few examples:

  • Blue Apatite opens the Throat chakra and helps with communication. It heals your heart and connects you to spiritual guidance. 
  • Yellow Apatite helps activate your Solar Plexus chakra and get rid of toxins and bad energy in the body. It helps with stored anger and people who struggle to concentrate. It also treats depression and laziness. 
  • Green Apatite heals the Heart chakra. It lifts sprites and improves digestion. It creates feelings of comfort and protection. 

The Symbolism Of Apatite

The Apatite stone is all about manifestation. It’s connected to your past lives, but it is also entwined with your future. It helps stimulate attunement to the spiritual world and deepens your connection with yourself and others. Apatite balances emotions and chakras all at once. 

Apatite gets rid of the negativity that you feel about yourself and other people. It’s a useful tool for people with autism and hyperactive children. Apatite encourages peacefulness and clarity for people on the path to enlightenment. It also strengthens your intentions while meditating, which is necessary to connect with oneself. 

Apatite crystal

Reaching a higher level of spiritual guidance is not easy to achieve. Apatite is made for this and gives you the ability to lucid dream. Achieving your goals using Apatite won’t be hard since it’s a stone made for success. This stone also clears confusion and frustrations to allow you to quickly learn and accomplish things, making it ideal for anyone trying to advance their career. 

The Meaning Behind Apatite

The Apatite crystal comes from the Greek word apatao, which means to deceive. Throughout history, this stone was often mistaken for other types of stones, which is how it earned this moniker. Apatite that is blue, green, pink, and yellow are the ones that are most commonly used for metaphysical reasons. 

Apatite is also a source of phosphorous, which is used for fertilizer. People tend to associate this stone with spring and the renewal of life. It’s linked with the Gemini zodiac sign, so it may carry some of those characteristics, as well. This stone may contribute to you feeling more adaptable or intelligent, as well as more sociable. 

Uses Of Apatite Stone

The easiest way to allow Apatite to influence your body and mind is by wearing it as jewelry. Different colors of Apatite have connections to specific parts of the body. If you don’t like wearing gemstones, placing them in your purse or pocket will work well also. 

If you are meditating and looking to manifest something, try holding Apatite in your lap. You will also find it useful to lay down with the crystals on your body, lined up with the seven chakras. This will aid in alignment for your chakras and allow you to connect with the spiritual realm on a deeper level. 

Another way to use Apatite is in the bath while you relax, although you need to be careful not to add any bath salts because it could damage the gemstones. Decorating your house with Apatite is useful for keeping your environment under control and getting rid of negative or stagnant energy. Apatite placed under the pillow is also helpful for vivid dreams at night. 

Everyone has a different reaction to crystals. Some people might be able to wear this gemstone every day, but other people might find it difficult to constantly carry around that energy. Do what feels right for you and don’t feel like you have to always have Apatite around if it isn’t beneficial. 

Affirmations for Apatite in mediation: 

  • I open my inner eyes to the realms of knowledge.
  • I am available to receive hidden knowledge. 
  • I nourish my spirit through my creativity.
  • I have a right to speak my truth. 
  • I listen to my body and know what it needs. 

Cleansing And Charging Apatite

Apatite can be cleansed every week using running water. Don’t use water that is hot because this gem is heat sensitive, and avoid salt water. You may also place Apatite in a bowl with some herbs to effectively cleanse its energy. The method that you use is up to you as long as you take the proper precautions. 

Charging this crystal in the sun will cause it to fade, so charge it in the moonlight or in other ways. It’s a fragile stone that is sensitive to most chemicals, so make sure you don’t use anything harsh to cleanse or charge it. 

Another safe way is to cleanse Apatite crystal with Selenite. Just place it on a Selenite stone and wait to 24 hours for the negative energies to get out of it.

Apatite And Chakras

Each color of Apatite can be used for different chakras. The color that each chakra is associated with can be used to open and enhance each one. For example, using Red Apatite for the Root chakra. 

Apatite crystal

If you are feeling hyperactive in any way, this could be a sign that your Throat chakra is blocked. Wearing Blue Apatite as a necklace while you meditate can help clear this up. The Throat chakra is the voice of your body, which allows the energy of the other chakras to be heard. When this chakra is opened and balanced, we are able to speak our truth and communicate effectively and easily. 

Pets and Apatite

Apatite has a special connection to the animal world. Since it is made of phosphate, which is the material of animal teeth and bones, it symbolizes the conversation between us and animals. Placing Apatite near your pets at home promotes healthy bones and teeth for your pets. 

Other Gemstones That Go With Apatite

If you are looking for a complimentary stone to go with Apatite, there are many to choose from. Adding multiple crystals to your meditation practice can enhance the crystal’s powers. 

  • If you are looking to attract loving energy, use Rose Quartz with your Apatite.
  • If you are looking to make a change in your life, use Clear Quartz with Apatite. 
  • Black Tourmaline provides additional protection and motivation when used with Apatite.

Check out our Crystals and their Meanings guide and use your intuition to pick the perfect match for your Apatite stone.

Bottom Line

Apatite is sometimes overlooked due to its softness and sensitive nature. However, the hardness and durability of Apatite don’t affect its powers and abilities in the spiritual realm, and this delicate stone has many benefits that are worth looking into.

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