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A Comprehensive Guide to Blue Apatite Meaning and Healing Properties

Blue Apatite is a high vibration crystal that manifests positive energy in your day-to-day life. Because of this, it's often nicknamed the "Stone of Manifestation". Other key Blue Apatite meanings include: clarity, cleansing, protection, and wisdom.

But before we delve deep into the Blue Apatite meaning, or the subtle difference in effects between light Blue Apatite and dark Blue Apatite, there's a few simple questions to work through.

What Is Blue Apatite?

The Blue Apatite stone is a blue crystal and a member of the Apatite stones. Like many blue crystals, Blue Apatite stimulates the throat chakra as well as the third eye chakra. As a deeply spiritual stone, it's predominantly used for its spiritual healing properties, but it does have uses outside of the crystal healing world too.

Differing from Yellow Apatite, and other stones in the same family, Blue Apatite is the most common form of Apatite. It promotes self-expression and ignites an uplifting energy within you that can't be halted.

Technically, Apatite stones are rare forms of Tourmaline. Thus, they share many of the same properties.

Blue Apatite Properties

While it's not a particularly strong stone on the Mohs scale of hardness (scoring 5), the properties of Blue Apatite are nothing to be scoffed at. Apatite is a calcium phosphate mineral that can be found in a wide range of colors.

These blue crystals vary in shade between indigo and neon blue, a vibrant color that is highly-prized. It's possible that the shades of color will vary even within the same crystal.

Composed of the mineral phosphate, the mineral that makes up the bones and teeth of all vertebrate animals, Apatite stones are sometimes used to manufacture fertilizers.

Phosphate minerals like Apatite can also be used to protect coats of paint on metals from rusting. They work to fluoridate water too.

One of the craziest Blue Apatite benefits is that it holds and stores energy, including radioactive energy. While this makes it perfect for expressing your personal power and manifesting your desires by charging it with good energy, it is also used professionally to safely store Strontium-90, a radioactive contaminant found in certain groundwater.

Tried and tested, it's no wonder the Blue Apatite crystal has earned a good name in the crystal healing world with professional use cases like that.

Where is Blue Apatite found?

Blue Apatite can be found all over the world. The main sources of this fascinating stone are in India, Russia, Brazil, and Madagascar.

Is Blue Apatite dangerous?

Due to its ability to store radioactive waste, it's commonly asked if Blue Apatite stones are dangerous.

The answer is no.

Blue Apatite is no more dangerous than any other stones. It has no ill effects to those who wear it, unlike some of these bad luck stones.

Is Blue Apatite toxic?

Blue Apatite is not toxic.

However, don't get using a mineral that's stored radioactive waste for spiritual healing. The crystal on its own is not toxic, nor dangerous, but the radioactive waste most definitely is.

What does Blue Apatite do?

Blue Apatite is a crystal healing gemstone that works on the throat chakra and third eye chakra. It's thought to be a good dream stone if you place it under your pillow before bed. It stimulates vivid dreams and enhances dream recall.

Some even claim that the Blue Apatite metaphysical properties go even deeper, suggesting it gives vertical vision. This phenomena is where you can witness multiple levels of consciousness operating harmoniously at the same time.

People tend to use Blue Apatite crystals to cleanse their mental body, empowering them to see through the illusion of reality and access their psychic abilities.

In short, Blue Apatite is a powerful stone for clearing and storing energy. Its cleansing influence helps you access latent psychic powers, while its positive energies maximize your manifestation potential.

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What is Blue Apatite good for?

One of the best healing crystals for developing psychic gifts and having psychic visions, Blue Apatite is good for all types of psychic perception. From clairvoyance to scrying, remote viewing to astral projection, the Blue Apatite stone can help.

If you find yourself in a depressive slump from time to time, or feel unmotivated to take action towards your goals, Blue Apatite will help you overcome your obstacles. It's a gemstone that encourages, inspires, and motivates. It lifts your spirits and keeps you on a high vibrational field.

Finally, Blue Apatite is a phenomenal physical healer too. It supports the repair of bones, muscles, and cartilage. It has also been used to lower metabolism and suppress hunger.

Blue Apatite Meaning

blue apatite

Apatite comes from Apato, a Greek word, meaning "to deceive". This was because Apatite was regularly mistaken for other minerals.

Funnily enough, Apatite was named in 1786 by German geologist, Abraham Gottlob Werner, but the stone that he had named after deception, was actually not Apatite at all. Apatite had deceived the top geologists of the time and it wasn't reclassified until 1860. The gemstone that had initially been thought to be Apatite was in fact, Fluorapatite.

What does Blue Apatite symbolize?

In terms of the spiritual Blue Apatite meanings, it is thought to represent the limitless nature of consciousness. Not only can you see multiple planes of existence with this stone, astral project, and enhance psychic powers, you can also naturally attract the opportunities and circumstances you need to succeed with whatever your ambitions are.

In this case, Blue Apatite symbolizes the true nature of reality.

It prepares you for spiritual attunement, setting you up to be more aware of the paranormal abilities you (and everyone else on the planet) possess. The Blue Apatite stone meaning suggests that humanity is on the verge of a mass awakening to our true powers, and Apatite crystals can gently nudge us in the right direction.

In that sense, Blue Apatite encourages feelings of hope. The Brighter Future Bracelet encompasses this feeling and more.

Blue Apatite Healing Properties

Blue Apatite crystals have plenty of healing attributes that are worth mentioning. These healing crystals are light and upbeat, showing you the direction towards a better life without pushing you or being too forceful.

Check out the healing properties of Blue Apatite below.

Physical healing properties of Blue Apatite

blue apatite

Blue Apatite is a healer in the physical world just as much as the metaphysical.

Wearing Apatite stones is said to maintain healthy bones, teeth, and muscles. Blue Apatite encourages you to stick to healthy eating and exercise regularly. It motivates you to look after yourself, even if you don't feel like it.

Natural Blue Apatite near your bed doesn't only help with lucid dreaming, it also welcomes in a deep sense of relaxation each night, empowering you to drift off seamlessly, and wake feeling refreshed and revitalized.

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If you've been having some joint problems, Blue Apatite can be a great crystal cure. It supports the regrowth of muscle tissue, particularly with ligaments and cartilage.

Emotional healing properties of Blue Apatite

blue apatite

Blue Apatite helps you come to terms with your emotions. A brilliant gemstone for personal growth, Blue Apatite is there to help you progress. To do so, you will need to let go of emotions that are no longer serving you.

Perhaps you feel angry, sad, or lonely; whatever it is, the Blue Apatite stone will remind you that in order to receive what you desire, you need to become the person that is able to receive those things. Ask yourself: could an angry person manifest happiness at the same time? 

Blue Apatite may not stimulate the solar plexus chakra like other types of Apatite do (namely, Yellow Apatite), but it still holds a reputation for being a great stone for ambition and motivation. As a blue stone, Apatite implores you to search within and express your authentic self honestly to the world. 

It's worth mentioning that you can also incorporate Green Apatite to deal with your Heart chakra.

The Blue Apatite stone utilizes its energy storage capacity by letting you build up energy reserves. With back-up energy, you can restart your energy flow whenever it's feeling weak, creating endless motivation and unlimited perseverance.

Wear the Triple Crystal Anklet of Positivity if you're struggling to maintain a positive attitude.

Blue Apatite metaphysical properties

blue apatite meaning

The Blue Apatite metaphysical properties are where this gem really shines. As mentioned earlier, working with a Blue Apatite stone is said to unlock paranormal abilities that lay dormant within us.

Said to boost creative problem solving, Blue Apatite stones have great healing properties for helping you overcome work problems from a higher perspective. They allow you to tap into your intuition and relax when approaching complex issues. By following the lead of these gorgeous blue crystals, you can be sure that you'll turbocharge your decision-making process and be able to think outside the box more effectively.

Blue Apatite enhances creativity in other ways too. It motivates you to explore your inner power, testing what works and what doesn't within you.

Blue Apatite is also famed for its ability to uncover past-life experiences. You can use the knowledge gained in the past to help you now. The lessons you learned in past lives will be restored to your memory through working with the Blue Apatite stone and opening the brow chakra. This newfound wisdom can cause incredible transformations.

Blue Apatite chakra healing

Blue Apatite ranges from light to dark. Depending on the shade of the Blue Apatite stone, it can activate the throat chakra or the brow chakra.

Throat chakra
blue apatite

Typically a royal blue color, the throat chakra also resonates with blue-green gems like Turquoise or Aquamarine. This energy center is the hub of self-expression. It supercharges your communication skills and empowers you to articulate yourself effectively. You can always get your point across better by using throat chakra stones.

There are plenty of throat chakra stones available, but Blue Apatite is right up there with the best of them.

Third eye chakra
blue apatite meaning

As a deeply spiritual stone, it's no wonder that Blue Apatite activates the brow chakra, a.k.a the third eye chakra. This area is responsible for the energy flow between the crown and the rest of the chakras. It's a chakra that unlocks psychic powers and encourages you to trust your intuition – when you listen carefully, it's never wrong.

Blue Apatite zodiac sign

While not typically associated with any zodiac sign in particular, Blue Apatite is often considered a stone for Gemini. This could be because the Blue Apatite meanings resonate with the energy of a Gemini more than any astrological sign.

Pisces is also a contender as they often doubt themselves. Blue Apatite will set them straight which is why it earned its place in the Pisces Bracelet and Crystals Set.

Blue Apatite natural birthstone

While not a stone usually associated with any zodiacs, nor a traditional birthstone, Blue Apatite is a natural birthstone for those born between February 19th and March 19th. This is a powerful stone for all those born just before the spring equinox.

Blue Apatite in numerology

The Blue Apatite crystal resonates with number 9.

In numerology, the number 9 signifies spiritual awakenings, life purpose, and the wisdom of the inner self. It empowers you to see through a spiritually clear lens. These healing crystals fit the bill for a number 9 spectacularly.

Because of the nature of numerology, the number 9 is also symbolic of endings. Similarly, the Blue Apatite meaning will change your perception so drastically that going back to what you were is simply not an option.

Best Crystal Combinations for Blue Apatite

The vitreous luster of a Blue Apatite crystal is all well and good on its own, but why not partner it with other stones for physical healing, psychic powers, and positive energy?

If you're wondering how to use Blue Apatite with other crystals, and which ones you should choose, then we've got your back. Here are our top three choices for crystal combinations.

Fire Agate

blue apatite and fire agate

Fire Agate prevents psychic attack, acting as a defensive unit to protect your paranormal adventures with Apatite. When you explore realms of a higher consciousness, it's possible that you attract the 'eyes' of other beings. These can focus upon you – psychically – to examine you in closer detail. Fire Agate prevents this from ever being an issue. It's like covering your tracks.


blue apatite and amethyst

If you want to use Blue Apatite as a dream stone, then partnering it with Amethyst is a must. This purple-hued gemstone is a brilliant crystal for sleep and dreams all on its own. It prevents insomnia and eases worries before bed. It's arguably the best crystal for relaxation and also enhances dream recall. By doubling down on dream crystals, you are sure to make the most of your lucid dreaming expeditions.

Explore our Amethyst collection to find the perfect piece for you.


blue apatite and moldavite

Another highly spiritual gem, the Moldavite stone can help with honing your psychic powers. Use the two together during meditation to reach deeper levels of peace, calm, and inner quiet. If you add in other powerful metaphysical healers like Celestite or Angelite, the shift in consciousness could be the equivalent to ingesting psychedelic mushrooms. These powerful consciousness shifters are not to be taken lightly.

How To Cleanse And Charge Blue Apatite?

Firstly, Blue Apatite is not a crystal that works well with water. Read our water-safe crystal guide to check other stones and how they react in water or salt water.

As it can't be submerged for long, if at all, your best bet is to use a damp soft cloth to wipe down the mineral before leaving it outside under the full moon. This will purify the energies stored in the crystal and recharge it for more healing work.

For more ideas for different cleansing methods, check out our blog post on how to cleanse crystals.

Delve Into The Blue Apatite Crystal Meaning With Conscious Items

If the Blue Apatite meaning sounds like something you'd like to see more of, you're in the right place. You can check out our Apatite stones collection to find the piece of your dreams.

With time and practice, this beautiful crystal will reveal its healing properties to you and allow you to forge an unbreakable bond with it. Use it to tap into your psychic powers and experience psychic visions – there's nothing quite experiencing it for yourself.

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