Blue lace agate

Easy Ways to Use Blue Lace Agate to Nourish Your Chakras

If you’ve been pining for the next gemstone to add to your collection, blue lace agate could be the perfect addition. This understated yet elegant crystal holds profound healing energy. It's one you’ll love introducing into your life. 

Tied to the signs of Gemini and Pisces in the zodiac, these pale blue healing crystals work to refresh your chakra system and help you find a sense of equilibrium. In this article, you’ll learn about the geology of blue lace agate stones. Plus, you’ll explore how you can tap into this supportive stone’s metaphysical properties.

What Is Blue Lace Agate?

According to Judy Hall’s book, “The Encyclopedia of Crystals,” blue lace agate stones are part of the trigonal crystal system and rank at a six on the Mohs hardness scale. Blue lace agates are a form of chalcedony, a variety of quartz. Agate gemstones come in several varieties, each with a unique appearance in terms of coloring or pattern. These crystals often come in various shades of blue and white banding and patterning, making them eye-catching gemstones.

Robert Simmons and Naisha Ahsian share in “The Book of Stones: Who They Are & What They Teach,” that the most beautiful blue lace agate stones are found in South Africa and some of those, along with crystals from Romania, display glimmering druzy crystals. Druzy crystals are tiny minerals that form on the surface of a stone and look like fine sand or sugar crystals.

You can find other deposits of blue lace agate crystals in Africa, Brazil, the Czech Republic, India, Morocco, and the United States. 

Healing Properties of Blue Lace Agate

Blue lace agate

Crystal healing has been around in various cultures for centuries. Blue lace agate’s metaphysical properties make it an ideal stone to use for this purpose. Like other forms of agate, blue lace agate is a gentle healing stone and has a more subtle effect in the wearer’s life. 

Its blue color is ideal for working with your throat chakra, improving your well-being, and taming an emotional or overactive mind. Here are a few ways blue lace agate can enrich your own life.  

Balance Your Chakra Centers

Many gemstones have associations with particular chakra centers and are often used for chakra healing. Blue lace agate is a helpful stone for both opening and balancing the energy in your throat chakra.

Anything that involves communication is governed by this energy center. And imbalances in this chakra can manifest in several different ways. While feeling uncomfortable expressing yourself in a public speaking role is one indicator, there are other signs your throat chakra needs some attention.

Simmons and Ahsian note how talking too much or not thinking before you speak are signs that you may need to get the energy moving in your throat area. If you aspire to be more discerning and thoughtful in your speech, wearing a bracelet with blue lace agate beads may help. 

This calming blue stone is also excellent for circulating the energy in your third eye chakra and crown chakra. Since blue lace agate is a stone of communication, it can gently open you up to guidance from a higher consciousness and allow you to fine-tune your intuition.

Other chakra stones you may want to work with include lapis lazuli, aquamarine, and carnelian to nourish your throat chakra and encourage greater confidence when speaking. Add fluorite or amethyst gemstones, and harness their healing energies for your third eye and crown chakras. 

Embrace a Fresh Start

Blue lace agate

Sometimes we hold ourselves back, whether that involves hesitating to turn over a new leaf or not showing up in a truly authentic way. Perhaps we fear judgment from others and are unsure how we’ll be received. This can cripple us into inaction.

Or maybe we’re worried about enduring rejection or that we won't be entirely accepted the way we wish to be. All of these things keep us feeling small and like we aren’t able to step into who we long to be. Suddenly the exhilaration of starting anew is dampened by insecurity.

One way you can work on cutting through self-doubt is to work with blue lace agate’s healing properties. This gemstone can help you find a place of inner security where you no longer dwell on any past judgments from yourself or others. You might also notice a difference in how you choose to approach rejection in your life. 

You could be embarking on a new career, and feeling a little apprehensive and unsure of yourself. You need to build more confidence. When you try something new, instead of getting caught up in the uneasiness of change, reassure yourself of being redirected into something better.

If you can trust your life, the idea of rejection can dissolve completely, giving you the determination to forge ahead with your dreams and aspirations.   

Think about also working with tiger’s eye to bolster your confidence or peridot to ensure a positive attitude. 

Settle Your Emotions

Simmons and Ahsian share how blue lace agate’s light blue coloring hints at its ability to help you feel calm and find emotional balance and harmony in your life. If you find yourself feeling frustrated or unable to process anger constructively, this gemstone may be what you’re looking for.

There are times when we think we’ve worked through an emotional issue, only to realize that we’ve been seething under the surface when we lash out at a friend or loved one. Blue lace agate can help you process your emotions around an issue and release them so they don’t creep into other areas of your life. 

Another aspect of blue lace agate’s healing energy revolves around its ability to help you find some peace of mind. It doesn’t matter if you’re experiencing everyday anxiety and stress or have an overactive and busy mind. Blue lace agate works to help you find stillness and a tranquil mental state.  

Tucking a polished cabochon in your pocket can help you keep its calming energy nearby as you go about your day. Be on the lookout for a blue lace agate geode to place on an altar or keep by your bedside, encouraging a more tranquil environment at home.

For some other supportive gemstones, give aventurine and amazonite a look. Both can help you find greater peace of mind and inner stillness. Search for sunstone to temper any feelings of aggravation.

Use Blue Lace Agate To Find Balance Inside and Out

Blue lace agate

Blue lace agate is a beautiful gemstone for finding balance in your life. Its healing energy can keep you on track with the plans you make for yourself or help you reboot your energetic system when you need it. Anytime you feel like having a little extra help keeping your rhythm going, turn to blue lace agate to stay in your sweet spot.

Healing crystals can motivate you to bring your best to each day or allow you to fully embrace your inner self so you can show up in your life and for others. Aim to put forth a little extra effort in taking care of yourself. Start a morning meditation practice or create a nightly bath ritual with your gemstones and see how that extra mile may make all the difference in your life.

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