26 Crystals For Communication: The Must-Read Guide

26 Crystals For Communication: The Must-Read Guide

Communication skills are fundamental to the human experience. It's through our voice that we can project our thoughts and feelings onto the world. But that's only half the story. An equally crucial part of communication is listening to and understanding the person you are communicating with. Otherwise it's just you talking.

Poor communication is one of the leading causes for the demise of relationships, be it romantic or platonic. Usually, poor communication skills stem from a blocked or overworked throat chakra. If your throat chakra is blocked, you may find yourself being overly critical or more timid than usual. You could struggle to articulate yourself clearly and may get frustrated at the feeling that nobody understands you.

If this sounds like something you're familiar with, then we have good news! There are healing crystals that help with communication and can be used to clear any throat chakra blockages. These stones tend to be blue as that is the color that resonates most strongly with the throat chakra. However, crystal healing is a holistic approach and there are stones that specialize elsewhere that still work wonders for creating harmonious communication.

If you want to speak confidently, and convey your thoughts, ideas, and emotions clearly, then you will benefit from crystals for communication. These stones also promote honesty, integrity, and compassion.

Ready to vocalize your true self and project your inner voice? Here are the best crystals for communication.

  1. Aquamarine  - for self-expression
  2. Turquoise  - the stone of communication
  3. Amethyst  - for communicating on a spiritual level
  4. Lapis Lazuli  - the stone of friendship
  5. Amazonite  - for emotional clarity
  6. Citrine  - for confidence and positive energy
  7. Sodalite  - for speaking your mind tactfully
  8. Blue Lace Agate  - for articulation
  9. Clear Quartz  - for boosting positive intentions
  10. Blue Kyanite  - for speaking your truth
  11. Rose Quartz  - for love, compassion, and romance
  12. Celestite  - for communicating with angels
  13. Blue Chalcedony  - for building stronger friendships
  14. Azurite  - for verbalizing past-life experiences
  15. Kunzite  - for expressing your emotions
  16. Moonstone  - for understanding your own emotional body
  17. Chrysocolla  - for listening and empathizing
  18. Unakite  - for speaking softly
  19. Blue Apatite  - for clearing throat chakra blockages
  20. Green Aventurine  - for speaking from the heart
  21. Rhodochrosite  - for confidence and peace
  22. Larimar  - for asking for your true desires
  23. Carnelian  - for creative expression
  24. Blue Quartz  - for unconditional love
  25. Smoky Quartz  - for grounding your energy centers
  26. Red Jasper  - for protection against toxic people

1. Aquamarine

Aquamarine is the undisputed gem of self-expression. It's a soft blue stone that removes stress and helps you find the right words when expressing your authentic self. The healing vibrations of this gemstone make it a great crystal for the throat chakra.

Wear Aquamarine bracelets to calm your nerves before public speaking. Keeping the beads of this communication crystal in touch with your skin will enhance its properties tenfold.

2. Turquoise

Often called the best crystal for communication, Turquoise is another throat chakra activator. These green-blue crystals allow you to have meaningful conversations with those you love, helping you tap into your intuitive abilities so you know when to speak and when to sit back and listen.

If you want good communication skills, this powerful stone is one of the best crystals you could ask for. Get the Positivity Bracelet to promote healthy communication.

3. Amethyst

One of the more spiritual communication crystals, Amethyst banishes negative energy from your surrounding environment and helps your words cut through the tension and get straight to the point. It creates an aura of calmness both in you and the people in your conversation. This wonderful stone can be used in our everyday lives to counter negative thoughts and improve our spiritual well-being.

The Prometheus Bracelet encourages you to think before you speak. It partners Amethyst with Tiger's Eye, a good crystal for protection and confidence.

4. Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli is one of the best crystals for communication in relationships. It's a stone of self-awareness and it encourages you to maintain strong relationships with those you love by first understanding yourself on a deeper level. Like most blue crystals, Lapis Lazuli helps to clear and open the throat chakra, but it also works on the third eye chakra.

If you want to get the best communication stones in a bracelet, then you can't go wrong with the Chakra Cure Bracelet.

5. Amazonite

The stone of hope, Amazonite connects you to your emotional body. It encourages you to really feel your emotions so that you speak from a place of confidence and integrity. If improving communication on the emotional level is your goal, Amazonite won't steer you wrong.

The Rainbow Freedom Rings combine several colorful crystals for communication from this list, including the beautiful Amazonite.

6. Citrine

A great stone for love, joy and happiness, Citrine is a beam of sunshine that helps you project your positive thoughts directly into another person's mind using a careful selection of powerfully charged words. When wearing Citrine, you'll communicate with joy. It's one of the best stones for confidence and self-belief, so it's the ideal choice if you're looking to passionately pitch your ideas.

Wear the Wealth and Abundance Earrings to make the most of Citrine's special power.

7. Sodalite

Sodalite is an amazing crystal for the throat area in general. If you have a sore throat, Sodalite is a great crystal to help bring your natural voice back. It's a stone that lets you communicate your desires without provoking other people. If you're in a debate and things are starting to get heated, Sodalite will ensure you choose your words carefully and tactfully.

If you want to bring Sodalite together with 6 other crystals for communication from this list, you can get essential oil roller bottles that help you communicate succinctly and bring balance to the throat chakra. Use them wisely.

8. Blue Lace Agate

Blue Lace Agate is one of the best communication stones as it helps you articulate yourself with ease. When using Blue Lace Agate, you seem to remember words you learned many moons ago but have never used since. It's almost as though you get an energetic dictionary to boost your vocabulary and help you find the right words in any situation.

Get a blue crystal for communication in the form of a sliced lamp. While not technically Blue Lace Agate, it is a dyed form of natural Agate. Like all blue crystals, the lamp will induce calmness and promote clear communication.

9. Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz is not the first thing that comes to mind when someone asks, "What crystal is good for communication?" However, because of its highly charged energy and powerful manifestation abilities, Clear Quartz is an excellent choice. The stone of clarity not only brings purity to the mind, it also enhances positive intentions. If you desire to have healthy communication, Clear Quartz will support you.

Using a Clear Quartz crystal point like the Intention Stone will help to supercharge your communication skills.

10. Blue Kyanite

If you want to speak truthfully, Blue Kyanite can help. One of the best blue stones for throat chakra healing, Blue Kyanite is fundamentally a stone of truth. It puts us in touch with our true selves and helps us convert our newfound self-awareness into words that others can comprehend.

The Cosmic Balance Earrings combine Blue Kyanite with Tourmaline to promote emotional balance and mental stability. Wear them to remain level-headed when having meaningful conversations.

11. Rose Quartz

One of the best crystals for communication and confidence when it comes to love, romance and compassion, Rose Quartz is a heart chakra healer that can't be denied. It helps with self-love and encourages forgiveness so you can rise above the painful memories of past experiences and still speak with power, balance and truth.

If you're looking for crystals for healthy relationships, then Rose Quartz should be at the top of your list. Get the Healing Set of crystal pens to boost your creative expression in regards to writing emotionally.

12. Celestite

Instead of emotional healing stones, what about if you're looking for crystals for communication with spirits or spirit guides? Celestite is the stone for you. A great crystal for clairvoyant communication, Celestite can help you connect with all things metaphysical. It hones your psychic abilities and, like Lapis Lazuli, unlocks both your third eye and throat chakras.

If you happen to be or know a Pisces that's looking for crystals for telepathic communication, then the Pisces Bracelet and Crystals Set should be the first thing on their to-buy list. In addition to Celestite, it also features Aquamarine, Amethyst, and Blue Apatite!

13. Blue Chalcedony

If you want to build strong relationships with friends, Blue Chalcedony is one of the best communication crystals for you. This gentle gem has powerful healing vibrations that help you speak confidently from a place of love. It brings balance to the mind, body and emotions, so you can convey exactly how you feel without confusion.

The Elegant Calming Bracelet is a fantastic way of using one of the top stones for communication to calm your nerves and make you look like a queen at the same time.

14. Azurite

Azurite is one of the best crystals for communication when it comes to verbalizing past-life experiences. Bringing balance to the energies of the third eye, Azurite helps you attain higher consciousness through meditation and other spiritual practices. It facilitates communication between the physical plane and the higher realms. Azurite can also bring a new perspective to a disagreement.

Although past-life communication is yet to be scientifically verified, there are countless first-hand accounts that have extraordinary and difficult-to-deny stories. Azurite is one of the most incredible crystals for clarity and communication with past versions of yourself.

15. Kunzite

Kunzite is a gorgeous crystal good for communication skills. It helps you speak truthfully and from the heart. The power of this stone lies in the high-energy frequency it emits that resonates with the heart chakra. It helps you communicate the regular emotions that life all-too-often gets in the way of. With Kunzite in your pocket, you'll never forget to take your loved ones for granted.

Breaking down irrational fears, this stone harmonizes your emotional energy centers and supports honesty and compassion.

16. Moonstone

Connecting you to lunar energy, Moonstone is a power stone for the emotions. It puts you in touch with your inner goddess and helps you express that side of yourself seamlessly. Moonstone encourages you to speak your emotions freely and it soothes any rifts between you and your partner.

Wear the Lunar Ring of Power to make the most of Moonstone's innate spiritual healing properties.

17. Chrysocolla

Chrysocolla is one of the greatest crystals for communication because of its ability to amplify empathy. It's a stone for listening first and speaking second. When thinking of excellent crystals for communication, Chrysocolla should always get a mention as other stones don't allow for the same level of emotional understanding as this standout gem.

18. Unakite

Unakite empowers you to convey deep meaning in soft tones. It teaches you that you don't need to be stern and dominating to get your point across. You can say it gently and still flood your voice with passion. As one of the best stones for communication in terms of tonal variety, Unakite is a great stone to partner with throat chakra crystals.

The Protected Home Pyramid Set contains an Unakite pyramid that will help to prevent arguments at home.

19. Blue Apatite

Blue Apatite is one of the most potent communication stones to use as it clears away any blockages in the throat area. Like all the other blue crystals on this list, it's a powerful throat chakra stone. It drains the mind of negative thoughts that can seep into conversations, and replaces them with upbeat, positive energy that manifests itself in everyday communication. Blue Apatite is one of those stones that make a real difference in your daily interactions. It can help you find the right mindset to initiate a healthy dialogue in your relationships.

Keep the Apatite Heart of Positivity nearby to consciously improve the way you communicate. It will help you access higher consciousness, rise above the distractions of day-to-day life and cut straight to the point every time.

20. Green Aventurine

One of the luckiest stones for communication, Green Aventurine has the articulation skills of Blue Lace Agate, but with emotions rather than thoughts. This powerful healing crystal helps you express how you truly feel to your friend, family, or significant other. It's fantastic for emotional self-expression.

The Emotional Healing Anklet helps you bring balance to your emotions before expressing them. This prevents you from saying things you might regret.

21. Rhodochrosite

Rhodochrosite is a soft and gentle gem for the heart chakra. It pushes you to look inwards to find inner peace. After forging a tight bond with Rhodochrosite, you can speak confidently and calmly about any topic. It will be an energetic source of support that prevents you from rising to provocations. It empowers you to focus only on what's important.

22. Larimar

Larimar gives you the confidence and the courage to speak up and ask for what you truly desire. It lets you release inhibitions that may prevent you from taking that first bold step. Once the first step is out of the way and the words have been spoken, it becomes easier to continue – with or without Larimar.

One of the ultimate crystals for communication with the divine source energy, Larimar will help you manifest your desires.

23. Carnelian

Carnelian unleashes a fiery creativity within you upon working with this stone. It fills you with passion and helps you seek out your truth and communicate it with yourself effectively. Often, we find it hard to really understand our own creative urges, even when they're staring us in the face. Carnelian taps into your intuition and, in the process, becomes one of the great self-communication crystals.

The Elemental Protection Spheres will remove negative energy around the home, while boosting your creative communication at the same time.

24. Blue Quartz

Blue Quartz might be a throat chakra stone, but it's also a powerful gem for unconditional love. It helps you see everyone as a mirror so that you consciously choose to send love with your words. By wearing Blue Quartz, conscious communication can become second nature. If you ever feel tempted to lash out in response to something someone has said, Blue Quartz will help you re-evaluate your potential response in near-instant time.

25. Smoky Quartz

A great healing crystal for removing negative energy and shielding against electromagnetic pollution, Smoky Quartz can transform a poor communicator into a dazzling wordsmith. By grounding and protecting your energy, Smoky Quartz instills you with the confidence to speak up and make your voice heard.

Wear the Energy Shield Anklet to safeguard your energy and enhance your communication from the ground up.

26. Red Jasper

Red Jasper is another top protection stone and energy grounder. It acts as an anchor during conversations, rooting you back to the point whenever you go on a tangent. It also shields you against the negative energy of those you spend time with. If your workplace is full of toxic people, Red Jasper will help you communicate effectively and efficiently without losing your cool.

Often included in chakra-healing jewelry sets as the base chakra activator, there isn't a better one than the 7 Chakra Bracelet and Stones Set. Several of the other crystals in this set are also great crystals for communication.

Get Your Communication Stones At Conscious Items

The best communication crystals provide lucidity to your words and enhance your ability to speak clearly. They help you find the right way of conveying information so that the receiving party will understand. They also improve your listening skills and ensure your chakras are open and aligned with your true self.

Get your energy-balancing communication stones here and partner them with crystals for confidence so that you have no trouble expressing your thoughts, opinions, or ideas publicly.

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