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Blue Quartz: Crystal Healing Properties And Spiritual Benefits

The Blue Quartz crystal presents many interesting metaphysical and healing powers. Blue Quartz jewelry has amazing properties and also looks great.

We’re going to go through the healing properties and spiritual benefits of Blue Quartz crystals. That way, you’ll know how, when, and why to use this beautiful crystal.

About Blue Quartz Crystals

The larger category of Blue Quartz actually involves more blue crystals. The Blue Quartz rock category includes Dumortierite, Siberian Quartz, Angel Aura Quartz, Star Blue Quartz, and Smoke Blue Quartz.

Is Blue Quartz Natural?

There are both natural and artificial versions of Blue Quartz.

Siberian Quartz is often produced in the laboratory. Russian science labs produce it using Cobalt ions.

Natural Blue Quartz is also known as Dumortierite.

Angel Aura Quartz is a man-made light Blue Quartz variety.

Star Blue Quartz is a natural crystal and the gemstone of Alabama, United States.

Blue Quartz Properties

Blue Dumortierite is a fibrous blue-colored Aluminum Boro-Silicate mineral. It’s an extremely rare blue gemstone with a vitreous and silky luster. This Blue Quartz can be found in Peru.

The Dumortierite natural Blue Quartz is an igneous rock, meaning it was formed from cooled and solidified molten lava. It presents as a brilliant cobalt blue crystal Quartz gemstone. It’s rarely light as a color structure.

Siberian Quartz has a similar appearance to that of Blue Sapphire due to its intense man-made color. It results from a process of breaking down natural quartz and re-growing it with cobalt insertions that cause the new deep blue color.

Angel Aura Quartz, also called Aura Lite or Aura Quartz, goes through extreme heat treatments and then is coated with a special blend of metals that give it the specific shine.

Star Blue Quartz is a deep shade of blue. It’s an opaque or translucent Blue Quartz with inclusions of Magnesio Riebeckite or Crocidolite.

Smoke Blue Quartz can be found in South America. It’s a newer discovery from the Blue Quartz group. It presents a mix of smokiness and light blue color.

Blue Quartz Crystal Meaning

A significant part of the Blue Quartz meaning is spirituality and wisdom. It’s a symbol of a cool and collected approach to life.

This gorgeous precious stone has powerful metaphysical properties. It repels negative energy and transmutes it into higher vibes. As a result, Blue Quartz speaks about spiritual ascension and enlightenment.

When you wear this gorgeous crystal, you always attract attention. That’s why Blue Quartz is a symbol of beauty and grace.

Blue Quartz Benefits

There are interesting benefits to using Blue Quartz. We’ll go through some of the main areas where it can be of great help.

What are the healing properties of Blue Quartz?

This beautiful gemstone is one of the most powerful healing crystals in the Quartz family (you can check them all out in our crystals and their meanings guide). It’s a powerful tool for crystal therapy.

Blue Quartz brings inner peace and tranquility. Wear a Blue Quartz necklace when you’re undergoing any form of the healing process. It will improve the effects and make the overall process a lot smoother.

What is Blue Quartz good for?

Blue Quartz brings to you the energy of a deep and calm ocean. It helps you achieve a deeper level of emotional healing. When you use Blue Quartz, you can explore your subconscious mind. Fears and unresolved issues will come to the surface so you can resolve them.

A Blue Quartz stone can help to energetically align subtle bodies. With the help of these healing stones, you’ll be enhancing psychic abilities and strengthening your self-knowledge.

If you’ve been dealing with issues related to your authentic self, wearing a Blue Quartz ring will support your self-expression.

When you’re experiencing issues with your immune system, this healing crystal can help. It improves lymph drainage through your body which clears out toxins.

You can improve endocrine system issues by wearing Blue Quartz as well. It will help balance your hormone levels so your system functions optimally.

Blue Quartz Metaphysical properties

There are numerous metaphysical or healing properties of Blue Quartz. It’s a crystal with an incredibly high vibration.

Blue Quartz is used for very specific energetic work in the metaphysical world. It has the power to anchor you in the present moment. But metaphysical healers also use it to retrieve forgotten memories from past lives.

With the help of Blue Quartz, you can achieve spiritual communication with higher dimensional beings. It increases the intensity and depth of your psychic visions. You’ll have a clearer picture of your path forward.

It’s also an excellent crystal companion for exploring karmic connections. You can use Blue Quartz to do shadow work for your current and previous lives. Using this powerful crystal, you can cut karmic cords and resolve energetic loops.

A common form of Blue Quartz protection is shielding you from electromagnetic smog. It replaces those low vibes with good energy you can thrive on.

Blue Quartz healing properties for the chakras

Blue Quartz has powerful healing properties despite its gentle and unassuming blue hue. Adding it to your crystal collection is going to activate and cleanse all of your lower chakras. It will raise the vibe of your entire energetic body.

Blue Quartz connects first and foremost to your throat chakra and third eye chakra. It’s the stone of your higher self, stimulating you to be constantly evolving. With its help, you can connect to ascended beings and make great progress on your spiritual journey.

What does Blue Quartz do for the Zodiac signs?

Blue Quartz crystals resonate with the power of the Moon and of the air element. The zodiac sign that is most in tune with Blue Quartz is Aquarius.

Blue Quartz also connects with the energy of your 11th house of companions, social ties, and networking. With its ability to support clear and efficient communication, Blue Quartz helps you build strong and far-reaching social networks. It fuels your ability to build bridges over troubled waters in your community, family, and friends circle.

How To Use Blue Quartz Crystals

Blue Quartz helps raise the vibes of your energy and of your environment too. For instance, if you have dark Blue Quartz countertops, everything you prepare or do on those countertops will have the highest possible vibes too. Blue quartz kitchen countertops will raise the vibes of everything you prepare and cook on them.

If you combine the sheer power of Blue Quartz with the amazing power of setting your intention and of manifesting, you’ll be able to achieve all of your goals.

Add your Blue Quartz to your altar and it will improve your communication with your spiritual team. Use it while you meditate and you’ll achieve higher levels of spiritual communion. Wear it every day and it will protect, guide, and support you to live the best life you can.

Manifesting wealth with Blue Quartz

You can work towards manifesting material abundance, prosperity, and great wealth with the help of Blue Quartz.

Use Blue Quartz as a magnet for prosperity. This crystal can help you make your way towards professional and business-related success. This gemstone is going to fuel your motivation and turn your desires into reality.

You can manifest a raise, a promotion, a bonus, or a bigger profit in no time with the help of Blue Quartz. It will improve your creativity, enhance your power of concentration, and enable you to confidently and persuasively present your ideas. As a result, it will empower you to release any fears, doubts, and worries that are holding you back from living the prosperous life you actually desire. Call your material blessings toward you.

Another powerful member of the Quartz family when it comes to wealth is Citrine. You can use the Ultimate Wealth Bracelet in a similar manner. Set your intention to manifest wealth and wear this bracelet together with Blue Quartz jewelry pieces. You’ll see material abundance come your way before you know it.

Focus on the affirmation: “I take new steps every day towards achieving ultimate wealth.”

Manifesting spiritual growth with Blue Quartz

You can use the help of Blue Quartz to stimulate your third eye chakra. It will expand your conscious awareness and the level of awareness and understanding of the world within you and around you.

Blue Quartz is going to give you the gift of clarity. Your perception is going to become sharper. You’ll be able to look beyond the surface illusions of everyday life. You’ll shed the lower vibes that don’t serve your spiritual progress and block your blessings

This powerful process of transformation is going to lead you towards a much higher-vibe level you’ll operate from. Your motivation will come from a higher place. You’ll be able to make progress towards enlightenment.

You can also achieve great spiritual progress and growth with the purple member of the Quartz family, Amethyst. Try the Spiritual Evolution Anklet and you’ll make quick and meaningful progress on your path towards spiritual ascension.

Meditate while wearing this anklet to unlock its power. Add Blue Quartz to the process as well. Focus on the affirmation: “I evolve spiritually as a result of each experience.”

Manifest emotional fulfillment with Blue Quartz

When it comes to emotional fulfillment, Blue Quartz can help you in two very powerful ways. One aspect involves emotional healing, spiritual balance, and inner peace. The other aspect involves experiencing true love and romantic bliss. We’ll talk about each aspect to see how Blue Quartz can help you.

Emotional healing

Without emotional stability, you can’t achieve a state of balance. If you’re stressed out or you’re feeling anxious, there’s a negative energy wave washing over your energetic centers. You need to focus on emotional healing so you’ll step towards experiencing a fully satisfying life.

Blue Quartz can mediate a clear and direct communication with your heart chakra. It can activate the beautiful feelings of self-love and self-acceptance. You’ll finally be able to release your emotional baggage. Loving yourself fully will bring in true emotional healing.

The 108 Quartz Healing Bracelet helps you go through a similar journey of healing. Wear it together with Blue Quartz and dare to step confidently into the future.

Spiritual balance

In order to maintain and further your progress with emotional healing, you need spiritual balance. With the help of Blue Quartz, you’ll be able to take charge of your mental processes. This beautiful crystal will bring balance to your mind, body, and spirit. That’s what will help you get your ideas and desires in order so you have a clear perspective on things.

Once you achieve spiritual balance, you’ll make inspired decisions. You’ll navigate through any confusion and feel confident about following your intuition. You’ll become able to understand your own needs and the needs of others much more lucidly. Only through balance can you find your way towards the high vibe of unconditional love.

Inner peace

With the help of Blue Quartz, you’ll be able to resolve your issues. Negative energy will slowly be removed from your energetic system. Blue Quartz is a powerful spiritual crystal that helps you receive support and guidance. You’ll harmonize with the high vibes of inner peace and achieve a lasting sense of inner balance.

With the help of the Emotional Healing Anklet you can achieve similar results. Combine the power of Blue Quartz with the power of Amethyst, Rose Quartz, or Aventurine, and allow your emotional body to heal properly so you’ll experience a truly fulfilling life.

Use the affirmation: “I am fully healed on an emotional level.”

True love and romantic bliss

True love is unconditional, uninhibited, and universal. It can help guide you towards fulfilling your life purpose and experiencing bliss. Blue Quartz can get you on this wavelength.

Because this crystal vibrates at such a high frequency, it can attract your soul tribe towards you. You’ll feel empowered to experience unconditional self-love. That’s the first true step towards offering true love to someone else. True love and romantic bliss are only one step further down this path.

The powerful spiritual Blue Quartz enables you to release unnecessary low vibe emotions. It will encourage love, peace, and harmony to reside within your heart. You’ll have no more doubts. Your intuition will confirm that you’ve got the right people beside you.

The Strawberry Quartz Love Bracelet can help you find your way towards true love. Together with Blue Quartz, this bracelet will bring your way the blessings of true bliss.

Use the affirmation: “I am entirely happy and emotionally fulfilled”.

How To Cleanse And Charge Blue Quartz Crystals?

Blue Quartz resonates with the energy of the Moon. As a result, you can cleanse and charge Blue Quartz with the help of moonlight. The most powerful moonlight is the one during the Full Moon phase.

Leave Blue Quartz under direct Full Moon light. By the time morning comes, your crystal will be fully cleansed and charged. It will buzz with the abundant high vibes of the Moon’s energy.

You can also use other forms of cleansing, like smudging, meaning burning white sage, incense, or Palo Santo. If you wear your crystal every day, for instance, a Blue Quartz bracelet, you should cleanse it regularly using smudging.

When your intuition tells you it’s time to cleanse your crystal, do it. You can’t always wait until the next Full Moon. Artificial light can also do the trick, especially if it’s combined with the power of a crystal. The Selenite Cleansing Lamp will cleanse your crystal and replenish it with positive energy whenever you want it to. In any case, consider using Selenite to cleanse crystals as a go-to method for ensuring your stones' pure and "untouched" energy flow.

What Other Stones Do Blue Quartz Crystals Work Well With?

Since Blue Quartz is a member of the great Quartz family, it works well with other crystals from the same group. Some of the best crystal allies for Blue Quartz are Clear Quartz and Rose Quartz.

The Milky White form of Quartz is another powerful crystal ally for the Blue Quartz stone. When used together, they help you connect to the higher dimensions and communicate clearly with your higher self.

Blue Quartz also resonates with other powerful blue crystals like Blue Sapphire or Lapis Lazuli.

Get Your Blue Quartz Crystal Today!

Allow the power of Blue Quartz to transform your life right now. Invite the high vibes and healing positive energy of this beautiful crystal into your soul.

To make the most of it, use it with crystals for balance and focus.

Achieve emotional balance and make spiritual progress. Open clear and efficient lines of communication with everyone you want to. Shine in negotiations and achieve all of your goals with the help of Blue Quartz.

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