Crystals For Peace: 19 Peaceful Stones You Need To Have

Crystals For Peace: 19 Peaceful Stones You Need To Have

In today's fast-paced society, connecting to the present moment is not always easy. With TV, smart phones, and infinite distractions, it can be a real challenge to find inner peace. Not to mention, society's focus on the past and future takes us out of the present and can create negative energy in the form of tension, stress or anxiety.

Slowing down, taking a deep breath, and allocating time to connect with your inner peace is vital. Crystals for peace are excellent helpers when it comes to this seemingly monumental task. Over time, your work with healing crystals will make it easier for you to remain connected, even despite the busy rush of daily life.

What Are Crystals For Peace And Calm?

Healing crystals for peace are natural stones that bring calm to your aura and let you take a step back from your hectic schedule. These peace crystals usually bring loving energy that promotes inner strength. If you're feeling stressed, then crystals for peace are some of the best stones for relieving stress that you can find. They're all about relaxing energy.

Some of the best crystals for peace and happiness are those that soothe mood swings and put you in touch with ancient wisdom. These calming stones remind you that your emotions are guideposts and should be used to check that you are on the right path. Happy and positive emotions are a sign that you are connected to infinite energy, while negative and destructive emotions are a warning sign that you are resisting the universal energies.

Without further ado, here are the 19 greatest calming crystals that bring peace:

  1. Amethyst - the stone of tranquility
  2. Aquamarine - for refreshing vibes
  3. Larimar - the stone of peace
  4. Rose Quartz - for unconditional love
  5. Blue Lace Agate - for articulation and communication
  6. Pink Calcite - for peace, comfort and emotional balance
  7. Spirit Quartz - a stone for peace and harmony
  8. Howlite - for acknowledging your emotions
  9. Green Jade - for luck and inner calm
  10. Selenite - for clarity and high vibrations
  11. Fluorite - for inner peace
  12. Lepidolite - for stabilizing the emotions
  13. Hematite - for grounding your energy field
  14. Celestite - for a deep sense of peace and harmony
  15. Angelite - for peace from the angelic realms
  16. Amazonite - for hope and removing doubts
  17. Citrine - for positive thinking and joy
  18. Dumortierite - for self-confidence and support
  19. Kunzite - for making sense of your emotions

1. Amethyst

Affectionately known as the stone of tranquility, Amethyst is one of the most fundamentally powerful stones for peace. Connecting to your third eye and crown chakra, Amethyst is a purple crystal that soothes your energy and helps you relieve stress.

If you want to find a deep sense of inner peace, Amethyst is a wonderful crystal to turn to. Not only is it a common gemstone, it also has other incredible properties. As a member of the Quartz family, Amethyst excels at removing negative energy from your surroundings, keeping your aura protected from external influences. With this level of protection, Amethyst encourages you to turn inwards and find stillness.

Amethyst has also been said to facilitate contact with spirit guides which can bring immense peace and clarity to a situation of intense stress. Wear the Tranquil Anklet to eliminate tension.

2. Aquamarine

Like a cool splash of water on a hot summer's day, Aquamarine helps you go with the flow of your ethereal body. It encourages you to pull out your metaphorical surfboard and ride your energy like a wave. If you don't master the waves of your mind, you will always be beaten down by them, struggling for breath as you try to stay afloat.

By wearing Aquamarine rings, you stimulate the throat chakra and find your true voice. It helps with self-expression, without which, you tend to bottle your energies down and hide from the world. Aquamarine lets you release your inhibitions and be yourself – one of the most freeing things you can do. And with freedom comes inner peace.

Choose Aquamarine bracelets if you want to wear crystals for peace every day. The light blue bracelet will calm any emotional turmoil you're feeling.

3. Larimar

Larimar is a wonderful stone for peace. It helps you see stressful situations from a higher perspective, abolishing negative thoughts from your mind and empowering you to focus on the positive. As a powerful manifestation crystal, Larimar promotes a healthy well-being in all aspects of life.

A beautiful crystal, you can wear Larimar to gain composure and put a stop to self-sabotaging tendencies. As Larimar is said to be a stone of Atlantis, it's commonly associated with ancient wisdom. Working on the upper chakras, crystal jewelry made from Larimar will provide soothing energy for your mind, body and spirit.

4. Rose Quartz

A powerfully protective crystal, Rose Quartz is oozing with feminine energy. It helps you connect with divine love and pass it on to all those you meet. One of the top healing crystals for the heart chakra, Rose Quartz is the queen of calming stones when it comes to emotional suffering.

Rose Quartz is also an incredible stone for self-forgiveness. If you've been holding onto something, whether it be a mistake or something you regret, Rose Quartz can help you come to terms with it. You wouldn't be where you are now if it weren't for everything you've experienced so far. The goddess energy of Rose Quartz helps you view this as a good thing so you can use it to create inner peace.

The Rose Quartz Healing Crystal Set is a fantastic combination of raw natural stone, bracelet and dowsing pendulum. Work with this magical stone to activate your green or pink chakra and help you find peace within yourself.

5. Blue Lace Agate

A wonderful crystal for the throat chakra, Blue Lace Agate helps you connect with others on a deeper level via articulate self-expression. When you feel more connected with the people around you, you are more likely to feel a deep sense of inner peace.

This light blue stone helps stave off distractions, especially in the form of negative thoughts. It prevents jealousy, soothes anger, and encourages you to focus on yourself rather than what other people think.

Some say that the energy of Blue Lace Agate resonates with the angelic realms. It's no wonder these calming stones are so sought after.

6. Pink Calcite

A beautiful stone for emotional balance, Pink Calcite brings an overwhelming sense of stability. It helps you ground down into the present moment and enjoy life for what it is. It stimulates your green-pink chakra, a.k.a the heart. By doing so, it opens you up to the deepest levels of peace and comfort.

Pink Calcite unknots the nervous system, helping to release tension and spread a joyful sensation along the body. Sometimes called Mangano Calcite, this popular crystal is great for self-care. Spend time with this peace stone to grow your sense of self-love and rest easy when you're by yourself.

7. Spirit Quartz

Arguably the most beautiful crystal for peace, Spirit Quartz is a negative energy buster from the Quartz family. Following the master healer approach of its sister, Clear Quartz, Spirit Quartz enhances the energy of relationships, both platonic and romantic. In social situations, this peace stone encourages teamwork, cooperation, and harmony.

Spirit Quartz is also great for reflecting inwards and finding inner peace. It's a great stone for introspection and allows you to take a step back from the chaos of the modern world and just be.

As Clear Quartz shares many similarities with Spirit Quartz, you may find something you like in our Quartz collection.

8. Howlite

A gorgeous stone for the crown chakra, Howlite teaches you to give yourself permission to feel. It brings awareness to the emotions so that their influence over your actions is diminished. This is a fantastic crystal for those who suffer with anger issues or anybody who reacts before they think things through.

Giving access to a higher perspective on life, Howlite is a wonderful crystal to use for meditation or other spiritual practices. It can be a consciousness booster if used correctly. Place Howlite in the center of a crystal grid with other crystals for inner peace to maximize its power.

If you're an Aries, you can get a beautiful bracelet and crystal set that features a stunning tumbled Howlite stone.

9. Green Jade

A stone predominantly associated with luck, Green Jade is a powerful stone for the heart chakra. It activates the heart area, enabling you to act from a position of unconditional love. It helps you find peace within yourself first so that you can manifest it in the outside world too. Add Jade to your crystal collection if you find it difficult to remain connected to the present moment. 

Self-destructive habits can quickly spoil inner peace, but Green Jade highlights any self-sabotaging behaviors as things to work on immediately. It replaces anything that could cause you harm with self-love, leading you to eventually question why you ever acted differently in the first place.

Find inner peace with your finances with the Financial Success Anklet.

10. Selenite

A great stone for clarity, Selenite is a high vibration crystal that helps you sort out your thoughts rather than get overwhelmed by them. Stimulating the crown chakra, Selenite charges your energy and helps you connect with higher realms of consciousness. Unlike most other stones, Selenite can cleanse itself and other healing crystals.

As one of the greatest crystals for inner peace, Selenite relieves tension, stress and anxiety, encouraging you to make firm and decisive steps towards your goals. One of the most peaceful stones, keep Selenite close by to watch your tension fizzle away.

The Selenite Cleansing Lamp is a fantastic way to integrate the peace-inducing benefits of this amazing stone.

11. Fluorite

Neutralizing negative energy, Fluorite is a great stone for focus. If you have a natural Fluorite crystal by your side while working, you'll notice the difference in productivity. The Concentration Stone got its name for a reason! With the ability to direct attention in a controlled manner, comes the opportunity for inner peace. Fluorite is a mighty meditation stone.

One of the ultimate gemstones for peace, Fluorite is also a great crystal for the third eye and heart chakras, depending on whether it's the purple crystal variant or the green chakra stone. Whichever type of Fluorite rings you have, use it to clear the clutter of your mind and direct your attention intentionally.

12. Lepidolite

A stabilizing stone for relieving stress, Lepidolite helps to ground your energy and keep you moving forward. It's a wonderful crystal for staying in touch with earth energy and finding security from deep within. If you've been struggling with trauma or other emotional turmoil, tranquility crystals like Lepidolite will get you back on track emotionally. They'll help you release pent-up emotions in a safe and loving way.

One of the top choices of crystals for inner peace, Lepidolite is also great for reducing the effects of PMS, menopause, or other hormonal changes. If you're a Libra, the emotional balancer can be found in our jaw-dropping Libra Bracelet and Crystals Set.

13. Hematite

A stone for inner strength and grounding, Hematite is one of the best crystals to bring peace. Simply holding this iron ore can make you feel more present in the moment and diminish the effect of potential distractions. Thought of as a warrior's stone, Hematite brings confidence and security, helping you let go of any doubts and embrace who you truly are.

A great protection stone, Hematite opens the root chakra. Hematite bracelets can help you find inner peace and protection.

14. Celestite

Working on the angelic realms, Celestite is a dream stone. Literally. This beauty can amplify the power of your dreams so that you can learn lessons while you sleep, become lucid more easily, and dissect your night-time adventures with more clarity the following morning. As one of the best crystals for calm and peace, Celestite helps you awaken each morning with a feeling of inner peace and connectedness, as if your unity with the universe was infallible – which it is.

If you happen to be a Pisces, or know somebody that is, you can get Celestite, Amethyst, and Aquamarine all in one peace crystals set: The Pisces Bracelet and Crystals Set.

15. Angelite

Angelite, another angelic stone, raises your consciousness and helps you find peace from above. It introduces you to divine love and aids you along your journey of self-discovery. With spirit guides and guardian angels available to contact through the power of this magical stone, there's no doubt that it will increase your inner peace.

If you like your calming crystals to have a spiritual dimension, then Angelite is the stone for you.

16. Amazonite

The extraordinary stone of hope, Amazonite is a powerful emotional balancer that allows you to relinquish the stresses of daily life and focus on yourself. One of the best healing crystals for peace, Amazonite works well in a crystal grid with other crystals that represent peace. If you can get several working harmoniously together, you can shift your attitude in mere moments.

If you have doubts about your future or your life choices, Amazonite will help you find peace with them. It's an energy-healing stone that brings calm to every decision you make. Combine it with other powerful zodiac stones in the Crystal Zodiac Chain.

17. Citrine

Citrine is a bundle of joy that replaces negative thoughts with positive ones, negative energy with super high vibrations, and self-doubt with confidence and ambition. There isn't a better crystal for developing a can-do attitude than Citrine. Its bubbly, larger-than-life, relaxing energy motivates you to follow your dreams and stick with your passions.

Activating the solar plexus chakra, this master healer inspires self-love and kindness. It helps you in spreading your newfound peace to other people rather than keeping it all to yourself. From the way you talk to the way you smile, Citrine will supercharge your energy so that everybody feels peaceful around you.

The Healing Crystal Starter Kit combines the powerful energy of several crystals for inner peace from this list, including the bright ray of sunshine, Citrine. It's an excellent set for crystal beginners.

18. Dumortierite

Another one of the crystals for peace that activates the third eye chakra, Dumortierite also stimulates the throat and encourages honesty and integrity. As a supportive stone, it brings tranquil vibes to the wearer even in the most difficult of times.

Dumortierite encourages you to stand up for yourself and be more confident. Nobody will be allowed to walk all over you when this crystal bodyguard is an arm's breadth away.

19. Kunzite

A whirlpool of creative energy, Kunzite is an emotional balancer that ignites a feeling of unrestricted self-love. It helps you operate from a plane of unconditional love and encourages you to look after yourself with a little self-care. Kunzite is all about making you feel good in your own skin, regardless of the energy around you.

Get Your Crystals For Inner Peace At Conscious Items

If you liked this list, you can find plenty more crystals for inner peace in our store. Browse stones for serenity and peace to get your favorites in a variety of different gemstone jewelry.

Connect with your inner peace, drown out the noise of everyday life, and leave tension, stress and anxiety at the door.

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