Kyanite Meaning: Clear And Strengthen Your Chakras

Kyanite Meaning: Clear And Strengthen Your Chakras

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But did you know that Kyanite crystals grow in other colors and have particular healing properties unique to each stone?

In this article, we'll explore what Kyanite is along with its different varieties. We'll also look at a few ways you can use each one to recharge your chakra system, help you feel more confident, and even deepen your connection with your intuition and higher self. 

What Is Kyanite?

How To Use The Kyanite Crystal

Kyanite is a stone of connection, healing, clear thinking, and psychic ability. It's a chakra healing stone used to align the chakras and bring harmony and balance. The stone breaks low-frequency energies without absorbing the negative energy. It is an excellent stone for meditation. You will never have to cleanse a Kyanite crystal. Just like using Selenite to cleanse crystals, you can also use it to cleanse other crystals.

In the industrial world, Kyanite is used in heat-resistant ceramics. Kyanite gemstones are also used as exotic gems.

Kyanite meaning

Experts believe that Kyanite's name comes from the Greek word “cyano,” meaning deep blue. It was named blue because the first crystals to be discovered were blue. Throughout the 19th and early 20th centuries, Kyanite was spelled “cyanite,” potentially supporting this theory. 

But before becoming Kyanite, the stone was once called Disthene, which means two strengths. It got the name Disthene because of having two different hardnesses.

What are the Kyanite properties?

According to Robert Simmons and Naisha Ahsian's “The Book of Stones: Who They Are and What They Teach,” Kyanite, or Disthene, is an aluminum silicate mineral, metamorphic rock, and part of the triclinic crystal system. Its hardness on the Mohs scale depends on how the aluminosilicate mineral is measured—when measured along the crystal axes, it ranks at 4.5 on the Mohs scale. When measured across the axes, the hardness is anywhere from six to seven. 

These gemstones grow into long, blade-like crystals and come in a variety of colors, such as blue, green, indigo, black, and orange. Though less popular, Kyanite crystals can also be white, pink, yellow, and gray.

Where to find Kyanite?

You can find Kyanite crystal deposits all over the world, with some producing exceptionally colored crystals. Kyanite deposits in Kenya yield deep blue-teal Kyanite blades, while vibrant orange gemstones emerge from mines in Tanzania. Deposits in Nepal bear transparent blue Kyanite crystals. A fascinating combination, Ruby in Kyanite (or Ruby Kyanite), with Ruby's red and Kyanite's blue colors, lies in southern India.

Other countries where you can find deposits of Kyanite include Russia, Brazil, South Africa, Mexico, Myanmar, Switzerland, and the United States. In the U.S., Connecticut, Pennsylvania, and North Carolina all have mines producing Kyanite crystals. 

Kyanite and It's Many Different Forms

Kyanite Different Forms

Kyanite crystals come in a variety of colors, each with its own set of healing properties. You can work with any type of Kyanite separately or combine them to maximize their energetic balancing qualities. 

In Athena Perrakis' book, “Crystal: Lore, Legends & Myths,” she shares how Kyanite balances your energy and subtle bodies (like your chakras and energy channels, or nadis) while also inviting a sense of peace and centering into your life. 

Here are some ways you can harness the metaphysical properties of Kyanite gemstones to enrich your life and open your chakras

Blue Kyanite

Blue Kyanite stone

Blue Kyanite is good for the throat chakra. Like many blue stones, Blue Kyanite assists in clearing energy blockages from your throat chakra. It will comfort your throat and strengthen your voice. Maybe you feel as though no matter how hard you try, you just can't seem to find a way to communicate with friends or family effortlessly. Or perhaps you have an opportunity to do some public speaking at work but worry about stumbling over your words once you start.

Keep your eyes open for a polished Blue Kyanite cabochon to hold while you meditate, or tuck in your pocket to encourage confident self-expression and communication with yourself and others. 

Blue Kyanite's calming effect can help you tune into and strengthen your communication with your higher self too. When you can tap into universal wisdom, you feel more secure in your decision-making. You can also use it to reach your spirit guide.

Meditate with Blue Kyanite by lying down with the crystal on your body. Alternatively, you can meditate while holding the crystal at your body's center. Relax and feel the vibrations moving along your chakras, aligning them. You might end up opening the third eye chakra and receive psychic abilities.

Feel free to combine your Blue Kyanite with other gemstones supporting the throat chakra, such as TurquoiseSodalite, or Amazonite. 

Blue Kyanite varieties help you accept life as it is, let go of past traumas, be compassionate to yourself and be human. The stones promote patience, respect, and charitability.

Green Kyanite

Green Kyanite stone

Much like Blue Kyanite and its association with the throat chakra, Green Kyanite links to the heart chakra. Simmons and Ahsian report that the stone helps you connect more deeply to your heart center. When the energy of this chakra is clear and flowing, you can feel the sincerity of interactions between yourself and other people. 

Green Kyanite is also good for helping you bridge the connection between nature and yourself. It allows you to flow more freely with life and where it takes you, rather than feeling apprehensive and resistant to changes and new situations. 

The stone creates an excellent channel for your life force. You can use it to support a new venture or nurture an ongoing project. The Kyanite stone carries nature's power of growth. You can place it in your garden to nurture and grow your plants.

If you have trouble letting go of worries about the future, especially in uncertain times, Green Kyanite may be just what you're looking for. Let its soothing green color help you find more grace and ease in the present moment. Practicing mindfulness enables you to release stress and anxiety and find a centered place of trust in the unfolding of your life. 

Rose Quartz, Malachite, Garnet, and Jade are other heart chakra healing crystals you can couple with Green Kyanite. You can also combine it with Moss Agate, Fuchsite, and Fairy Stones to contact nature spirits. Carry the crystals on a hiking trip to amplify your connection to nature.

Indigo Kyanite

Indigo Kyanite stone

When you feel called to work with your third eye chakra, this Kyanite is a natural fit. The energy of Indigo Kyanite can stimulate your pineal gland, which some believe has the potential to awaken psychic abilities like telepathy and clairvoyance (visions). The stone enhances your intuition, trust, wisdom, and spiritual growth. You can use it for astral projection.

Another way you can harness the high-vibration energy of the stone is by using it for dream recall. If you feel especially connected to your spirit guides or higher realms in your dreams, consider placing a piece of Kyanite under your pillow to help you retrieve intuitive messages. 

Don't forget that Lapis Lazuli and Amethyst both balance your third eye chakra. Keeping a piece of Amethyst crystal by your bedside can help you drift into a peaceful sleep. 

Black Kyanite

Black Kyanite stone

Black Kyanite is exceptionally supportive of clearing out stagnant and negative energy. Whether you're looking to get the energy moving in a specific chakra or move on from unhealthy environments or relationships, these Kyanite protective crystals can be helpful.

Simmons and Ahsian note that Black Kyanite is restorative to your meridians and allows you to feel both energized and grounded. If you believe in past lives, you can use this stone to revisit them while keeping you grounded in your physical body. 

If you'd like to enhance your experience with Black Kyanite healing crystals, think about adding Black Tourmaline to your collection. Its grounding and protective qualities are a perfect complement to the stone.

Unlike most healing crystals, Perrakis notes that you don't need to worry about cleaning your Black Kyanite crystals because they don't absorb or store energy. 

You can also use the crystals to discontinue a negative attachment from your past life. If you suspect that karma from your past life is disrupting your current life, you can program your Black Kyanite crystal to break it off. You program your crystal by setting an intention on it through meditation. Feel free to amplify the Kyanite's strength by combining it with Black Obsidian or Amblygonite.

Orange Kyanite

Orange Kyanite stone

As its vibrant tangerine color suggests, Orange Kyanite is a fantastic stone to use when working with your sacral chakra, where your creative and sexual energy originates. Just as other types of Kyanite work to disperse sluggish energy and remove blockages, this Kyanite will do the same. 

It's worth noting the metaphysical properties of Orange Kyanite extend to the root and solar plexus chakras as well, offering vital energetic replenishment to those chakra centers if needed. 

When you need to use your imagination for a new business plan or a creative writing project in your spare time, pick up a piece of Orange Kyanite to stoke your creative fires within. 

The stone is also reported to help you transcend wounds from other lifetimes or your past, liberating you and creating an opportunity to move forward in your life.

Give your sacral chakra some extra love by wearing a chakra bracelet with Carnelian or Sunstone.

What Are The Kyanite Metaphysical Properties?

Kyanite Metaphysical Properties

All colors of Kyanite are powerful healing stones that work within the sixth (third-eye) chakra. Third-eye chakra is known for clear thinking, self-discovery, spiritual and psychic abilities. In working within, Kyanite helps with logical reasoning, introspection and enhances your intuition. It also helps with recalling dreams and memories. You can place a Kyanite crystal at the center of your brow to recall childhood memories.

All Kyanite crystals align your chakras, but each color works best for its specific chakra. For example, Blue Kyanite is excellent for healing the throat chakra. You can place Blue Kyanite on the throat chakra (the base of your throat) to encourage self-expression. The stone encourages communication and speaking from your innate truth. Nonetheless, when you use varying stones in combination, it magnifies their effects.

Kyanite stones are high-vibration stones that clear life-energy blockages and calm your mind and the whole body. They are excellent for getting to deeper states in meditation. A Kyanite crystal will balance your yin and yang energy and create a link to receive and transmit energy. You can have a Kyanite stone on your desk to encourage teamwork by bridging the gap between different beliefs at the workplace.

Kyanite gemstones are affiliated with different birth signs, including Libra (September 23- October 22), Aries (March 21- April 19), and Taurus (April 20-May 20).

What Are The Kyanite Healing Properties?

All variations of Kyanite have potent healing powers for your physical, mental and spiritual health. Below are the Kyanite healing properties:

Physical healing

Kyanite Healing Properties

Eastern medicine practitioners believe that the body is supported by life energy (Qi or Chi) that passes through energy pathways (meridians) to reach all the organs. The energy flow determines how the body feels, moves, and everything else. An energy flow blockage could affect how you feel, think, move, etc. Just like chakra blockages, life energy blockages could result from poor diet, stress, trauma, drug use, and other negative influences.

Additionally, the energy channels connect organs in yin and yang pairs that should stay in balance. When you have an imbalance in a yin and yang connection, it may manifest as an illness. Reiki practitioners study these energy channels (meridians) to sense them and manipulate the energy to bring back the balance and heal the body.

When you have a Kyanite crystal, you don't need to be a Reiki master. Indigo Kyanite heals the third eye, which dispels any life-energy blockages and brings back the natural balance within your body and the spirit. The third eye chakra directs your energy flow. Like Eastern medicine, when you balance your meridians, it treats the issues you may have, like inflammation, pain, and minor infections.

Here are the issues that Kyanite is known to heal.

  • Kyanite is a natural pain reliever. You may use Kyanite as a healing stone after trauma or surgery to relieve pain. Place the stone on the affected area and let its healing energy spread within you.
  • Through healing the chakras, Kyanite is known to reduce inflammation and lower blood pressure. You can meditate with the stones in your hands after setting an intention to get better.
  • Kyanite helps to quicken recovery from traumatic experiences. Kyanite encourages tissues to create new pathways to connect energy gaps caused by illnesses. It also helps to heal broken bones.
  • Healers use the gemstone for relieving brain disorders. It also improves your cerebellum's functioning, which improves posture and mobility.
  • Black Kyanite's grounding effect is believed to help align the spinal cord and strengthen your skeletal structure. To ground yourself with the crystal, simply hold it in your hand for 5 quiet minutes. Relax and keep your attention inwards to feel the crystal's sensations.
  • Kyanite crystals improve communication. By activating the throat chakra, the gemstone encourages you to speak truthfully and express yourself without fear. Holding onto a Blue Kyanite crystal or tucking it into your bra during a public speaking event will balance your throat chakra and remove any meridian blockages. You can place a Kyanite crystal on your desk at work to promote unified communication amongst yourselves. Or hold it in your pocket when closing a deal with your client. It helps you think on your feet!

Emotional healing

Kyanite Healing Properties

Kyanite alleviates anxiety and encourages deep relaxation. Lighter shades of Blue Kyanite encourage free-flowing energy that brings balance to your body and relaxation. Combine that with the Indigo Kyanite's ability to activate the third eye, which helps you see things clearly and understand them. You may realize that whatever you're worrying about is not worth the time. After an exhausting day, you can hold a Blue Kyanite crystal to let go of the emotional burden. Having a Kyanite gemstone in your pocket during a stressful time will help calm your nerves.

Kyanite is known to combat self-destructive patterns. Kyanite helps to change your habits by encouraging the formation of new neural pathways. Neuroplasticity (forming and losing neuropathways) is how we learn things and form habits. Scientists suggest that neuroplasticity ends at 25, so any destructive habits become more difficult to change after 25. But you can use an empowerment Kyanite grid (arrange Kyanite stones in a geometric pattern) to visualize and reinforce new habits.

Kyanite helps to solve disputes. Kyanite's frequency is useful for arbitration, negotiations, and repairing broken relationships. In balancing yin and yang and activating the third eye, Kyanite promotes teamwork even in disharmony. Wearing a Kyanite bracelet during a peace-keeping mission will encourage the warring groups to find common ground.

Spiritual healing

Spiritual healing of Kyanite

Kyanite facilitates introspection. Healing the third eye helps you listen to your intuition, reason clearly, and increase self-awareness. Kyanite's high vibration encourages you to look within yourself and discover how your uniqueness will help you in your purpose. It also helps to identify the part you play in the consequences in your life so that you can take back control over your life. You can meditate with a Kyanite crystal to uncloak your delusions and prejudice.

Meditation with Indigo Kyanite facilitates connection with higher beings. Opening the third eye activates your psychic ability to access and communicate with spirit guides. The crystal's high vibration can enhance telepathic powers.

Green Kyanite connects you to nature and its power. It can help you move through different realms of existence in nature. In line with nature, the gemstone encourages growth.

What Are The Kyanite Benefits?

You can use Kyanite's high frequency to achieve many things, including:

  • Align the chakras
  • Clear life energy blockages
  • Recover from addiction or trauma
  • Support in a spiritual journey and spiritual growth
  • Access your innate wisdom
  • Inspire harmony and fair treatment
  • Repair a broken relationship or nurture a new one
  • Nurture a business venture
  • Inspire living with integrity
  • Increase self-awareness
  • Encourage free expression and eloquent communication
  • Manifest things into your life
  • Promote tissue healing
  • Enhance mental clarity
  • Promote third eye meditation
  • Improve mental health
  • Promote luck and wealth
  • Sever harmful ties to your past life

What Are Kyanite Side Effects And How To Solve Them?

Kyanite's high vibration may be too much to handle when starting if you don't have the right energy. But if you set an intention for your stone and have the right energy, you will be fine (more on setting an intention below).

You may experience some of the following side effects after using Kyanite:

  • Sleeping problems. You may have a restless sleep when you use Kyanite in your bedroom for the first time, so it's better to use Kyanite in other rooms. High vibration stones are generally not recommended for the bedroom because they tend to be overly stimulating while you're trying to sleep. As a result, you might wake up now and then or have nightmares or anxiety dreams.
  • Headaches. And if you ask what crystals help with headaces - Kyanite is the answer! Its strong frequency may trigger a headache when you use it to open the pineal gland the first time. Headaches, nausea, and dizziness are common when your third-eye chakra is unbalanced or when you're in very low frequencies. You can spend more time sitting with the stone to balance your chakras and align your frequencies before using it. Staying hydrated and standing barefoot on the ground (grounding yourself) also helps avoid such side effects.
  • Overpowering negative emotions. When using Kyanite to recover from trauma, you may be overwhelmed by your memories. But relieving your memory is part of recovery. It would help if you talked about your trauma with someone you trust or a therapist. Speaking out about the trauma enables you to release some tension and even see through the pain. It's also good to take the healing in small steps.
  • Over-dependence. If Kyanite helps you deal with stresses without releasing them, you have not dealt with the problem. You might easily become hooked to the crystal to ease the pain. As much as you incorporate Kyanite in your self-care routine, you should take practical steps to release your negative emotions.

One excellent way to deal with Kyanite's side effects is to set an intention for the crystal through meditation. When setting an intention, you program the Kyanite stone to serve your needs. Hold the stone in your dominant hand, visualize and feel the intention you want, then say it out loud (or in your head) like a mantra. Repeat the mantra until you feel that you've transferred your intention to the stone.

Though Kyanite does not store negative energy, you can cleanse it with sage to keep it pure. Burn the herb (sage) in a room, and leave your crystal to bask in the smoke. Since Kyanite is an air and water element stone, you can also cleanse it in running water. If your stone has some debris, you can totally use a small amount of natural soap.

Use Kyanite To Harmonize the Energy of Your Entire Chakra System 

There's no doubting the power of Kyanite gemstones when you want to balance your chakras and clear energy blockages. From dream recall and past life exploration to fueling creative expression and giving you the confidence to communicate clearly with others, this natural wonder seems to do it all. Use it to open the third eye or contact your spirit guide. You can also use it for astral projection.

No matter which variety of Kyanite you decide is right for you, you can count on benefitting from its harmonizing energy and vibrations. The best way to use Kyanite for best results is through meditation. But you can also wear the stone in jewelry (Kyanite earrings, bracelets, rings...) or set it up somewhere at home or in the office.

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