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Your Guide to Larimar and its Healing Properties

Posted by Sara Todic on

Your Guide to Larimar and its Healing Properties

Your Guide to Larimar and its Healing Properties


Larimar’s deeply relaxing energies can call you at any time, and if they do, it’s a big sign that you need to slow down and take some time to enjoy life’s little pleasures. It can be an extremely transformative crystal if you’re ready to embrace its healing energy.

Larimar Origins

Larimar can only be found in the Dominican Republic, and its calming turquoise color is reminiscent of the sea of its tropical homeland. When holding larimar, don’t be surprised if you’re suddenly hit with an image of the sun, sand, and sea of the Caribbean paradise. 

There are records of a denied mining request to exploit the Larimar reserves in 1916, however, it didn’t gain its name until 1974. Upon its rediscovery, Miguel Méndez decided to name the crystal after his daughter, Larissa, and the Spanish word for sea, “mar”. He combined both words to create larimar. 


larimar raw

This rare gemstone is often said to be one of the only crystals to neutralize and balance the powerful elements of fire and water. It’s known chiefly as a stone of water for its island habitat and aquamarine color, but it was actually forged by volcanic lava. Larimar holds fire and water in perfect balance. 

Larimar is a blue variety of pectolite. It occurs within cavities in basaltic lava and forms a solid mass that can sometimes contain other crystals, such as hematite. The stronger the blue color, the rarer, and more expensive it becomes. 

Larimar in Mythology

Often called by its nicknames, you may have heard larimar referred to as the Atlantis Stone. This was coined by the famous clairvoyant, Edgar Cayce. He claimed that the Dominican Republic was once part of Atlantis and that the lost civilization was famed for having a blue crystal with incredible healing properties. 

Many believe that larimar was once popularly used by Atlanteans, and if worked with today, could reveal insights into antediluvian knowledge. If you meditate with larimar or keep it near you while you sleep, you may be prone to receiving visions from Atlantis.   

Another nickname for larimar is Dolphin Stone. For years, larimar is said to have a connection with dolphins—also an important symbol to Atlanteans—and some have even claimed that it enables them to communicate with the marine animals. Some crystal healers use larimar to channel the healing energy of dolphins to help us today. 

Larimar Healing Properties

Hold larimar close to you wherever you are to immediately reconnect with the gentle ebbs and flows of your inner tides. It brings harmony to the mind, body, and spirit. Known as a calming stone, larimar will relieve stress, cool tempers, and soothe fears. It strengthens the physical and emotional bodies.


 larimar stones

As a stone for the throat chakra, larimar is excellent at increasing your communication skills. It empowers you to find the right words to express your inner wisdom in the most articulate way possible. It provides the courage to speak from the heart. For this reason, wearing larimar in a pendant or necklace usually works wonders. It is sometimes used to help singers or performers protect and amplify their voices. 

Larimar is a great crystal to help you spot which limitations you’ve imposed upon yourself. It brings down the veil and helps you glimpse the truth on the other side. In doing so, it frees blockages in the head, neck, and chest. It eases a self-sabotaging attitude and encourages you to realize your power. Larimar is all about giving you control over your own life.

You can also use larimar to help you let go of the past. It frees you from emotional inhibitions that seek to keep you in perpetual discomfort. If something isn’t serving you any longer, toss it out. It isn’t welcome anymore. Larimar heals unresolved issues, repressed pain, and emotional trauma, and encourages you to process and release all negative thoughts and feelings.

Those scared of needles, doctors, or hospitals need not worry with larimar close by. It can calm phobias through the use of clear and confident communication. It’s also the perfect crystal for new mothers to help them cope with postnatal depression and the stresses of parenthood. In addition to this, larimar is said to be good for the skin. It works wonders with rashes or eczema.

If you're feeling anxious then larimar is the best worry stone to keep nearby. It helps you reconnect to your childhood, letting you be playful and full of joy without holding back. Place it at home to create a peaceful environment and soothe the negative energy that disagreements leave behind. 

Meditate with Larimar

Said to be a powerful meditation stone, larimar helps you reach deeper levels of consciousness more easily. It empowers the mind, body, and soul to reach higher vibrations and feel more in tune with one another. It helps you realize your true purpose and gives a sense of clarity and direction. 


larimar tumbled

Some say that meditation with larimar can induce contact with angelic entities. It elevates you to the spiritual plane so that you can contact your guides and ask for direction. 

Meditating with larimar makes it a lot easier for you to notice negative attachments and break away from them. It helps you feel comfortable in your skin. 

How to Use a Larimar Elixir

You can bathe larimar in water and use the liquid to bring freshness to your living space. Add it to your bath water so that you soak up its calming benefits and feel extra relaxed afterward. Or sprinkle it around your home to clear away stagnant energy and heal imbalances. You can even add a few drops to second-hand items to free them from their past owners and make them your own.

Simply leave the larimar stone in a bowl of water for a few hours to let the water absorb its energy. Ensure the larimar is cleansed before and after use. Feel free to drink this elixir in small doses, too. It will welcome the crystal’s healing energies into your body to work from the inside out. It can be a powerful experience.

Don’t resist larimar’s call. If you feel the urge to seek it out, then larimar has already sought you out. It’s certainly a stone worth meditating with. What ancient wisdom will you connect with?

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