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Red Jasper: Spark Your Creativity and Boost Your Energy

When you do a quick search for root chakra stones, red jasper is one of the first options you'll encounter. Even though most of the root balancing crystals are black and possess a very strong energy, the red jasper stone has been known for centuries as the "supreme nurturer." In fact, this reddish-orange gemstone possesses a deeply soothing and grounding vibration that is very comforting, even for those who find the energy of dark crystals to be too heavy. 

Red Jasper activates the base chakra (Muladhara) and opens the sacral point where the kundalini — your creative and sexual side — resides. Yogic tradition believes that when this life force energy is balanced correctly, you feel energetic, vibrant, passionate about life, and filled with new and exciting ideas. For these reasons, red jasper is considered a fantastic supporting stone for actors, actresses, and those connected with the performing arts. 

Despite not being considered a classic birthstone, crystal experts claim it endows patience and compassion to those born under the zodiac signs of Cancer and Capricorn, and it calms Aries's and Scorpio's fiery temper. Virgos can also benefit from red jasper's vibe as it is said to lend them strength and persistence when trying to achieve their goals.

If you're building your energy healing kit and looking for a grounding, yet gentle stone, then red jasper might be one you've overlooked. Below you'll learn about the origins of this colorful crystal and how you can use it to support your well-being, either physical, emotional, or spiritual.

Origins of Red Jasper

Red jasper falls into the same category of such timeless stones as lapis lazuli and turquoise — all crystals that can be traced back to old civilizations who used them for their incredible properties. Its name has been found in Arabic, Assyrian, Greek, Hebrew, Latin, and Persian, proving that numerous ancient cultures harnessed the powers of this red gemstone. 

In fact, early physicians claimed that red jasper was one of the best tools for regulating metabolism, easing fever and colics, and strengthening the digestive organs. The Roman physician Galen was known for carrying a jasper ring, carved with an image of a man holding a bundle of herbs, which symbolized the knowledge to identify diseases.

Known as "the rain bringer," this crystal has been praised since ancient and medieval times as a divining stone. It was used to call the masters of the rain and wind, which were believed to save the harvests in periods of drought and to protect ships from violent storms. 

Ancient Egyptians claimed that red jasper was connected with Isis, the goddess of fertility and the divine feminine, protector of the dead. For this reason, amulets carved with this stone were placed around the neck of the deceased as protection on the path to the afterlife. Legend says that Mark Anthony, the Roman emperor, had a red jasper ring that he used to seal the letters he sent to Cleopatra. 

In Viking and Germanic lore, red jasper was inlaid in the hilt of the sword of Siegfried, the dragon-slayer, and was said to bring him courage and fearlessness. This healing stone was called "the blood of Mother Earth" by Native American tribes and was carried as a protection amulet against unseen dangers in the night, as well as a token to support physical health and encourage new ideas. 

History experts believe that the Odem — the first stone in the breastplate of Aaron, the high priest — which is listed as a ruby in the Bible, could have in reality been a red jasper. 

This healing crystal also honors Cerridwen, the Welsh goddess of inspiration, death, and re-birth, as well as Bona Dea, the Roman goddess of fertility and women.

Sources of Red Jasper

A polished red jasper stone

Jasper is an opaque variety of chalcedony, resulting from the combination of microcrystalline quartz and silicon dioxide. It occurs in different colors, the most common being red, brown, green, and yellow jasper. Red jasper gets its brownish-terracotta color from its high iron content, and some varieties show bands or stripes as a result of the presence of other minerals. These may often be confused with agates, but they don't have agate's translucent nature.

This beautiful and powerful stone forms in nodules or as fillings in fissures of other rocks. It's a common crystal that can be found all around the world. However, the biggest extraction sites are in Brazil, Egypt, India, Madagascar, Russia, and the southwestern United States.

Healing Properties of Red Jasper

Modern-day holistic therapists see red jasper as a stone of endurance, courage, and wisdom — a beautiful and gentle token that not only protects your energy but also helps to ground you. It exudes a slow and constant vibration that provides balance during times of anxiety and stress and brings wholeness and tranquility.

When using red jasper jewelry, crystal collectors have different opinions regarding whether it should be set in gold or silver. Nevertheless, they all agree that it should be worn on the right side of the body for the best results. Therefore, a ring or chakra healing bracelet is an ideal way to carry this eye-catching and sprightly healing stone.

It's an outstanding supporting stone for all jobs demanding physical strength and stamina, including police officers, firefighters, and trades workers. Thanks to its ability to center and stimulate vigor and alertness, it's a fantastic companion for military personnel, accountants, and those who must continuously be focused and ready to go.

​Physical Benefits

As a true stone of the root chakra, red jasper is a perfect crystal to support you if you feel exhausted and are in desperate need of a boost in vitality. Crystal healers often use this nourishing mineral during an energy healing session to balance the Muladhara and re-energize the body. 

Many alternative medicine experts believe it can support muscle tissue growth and often recommend this gem to those who practice bodybuilding and weight lifting, as they claim it may enhance the effects of exercise. It's considered a great healing crystal to support the circulatory system, and the holistic community believes that carrying it may benefit those who have just gone through surgery.

Ancient tradition says that red jasper can be a fantastic tool to detoxify the blood and remove any blockages that may be present in the liver or bile ducts, especially when taken as an elixir or applied as an essential oil. Due to its connection to the sacral chakra — your sexual and fertile point —it can be a thoughtful gift for a friend who's trying to conceive, either naturally or through treatment. 

Emotional Healing

If you're going through times of stress, the red jasper gemstone can help. Its peaceful and relaxing frequency helps ground your energy and bring you back to your physical body and the present moment. It's especially beneficial if you're an over-thinker and have a hard time seeing things clearly due to the overwhelming and uncontrollable flow of your thoughts.

Thanks to its deeply nourishing and compassionate nature, metaphysical healers say red jasper is an outstanding healing tool to support those dealing with unhealthy relationships, where they may feel emotionally dominated by their partners. It's a crystal of courage that may provide them with the strength to overcome these toxic situations and boost their self-worth and self-confidence.

As a true sacral chakra stone, red jasper may help you overcome feelings of apathy and stimulate your passion for living. It fills you with new ideas, inspires highly creative projects, and creates a thirst to try different experiences and step into the unknown. Red jasper can have an exceptionally positive effect if you're struggling with your sexual expression or orientation as it encourages you to release guilt, shame, or any old paradigms that no longer align with who you wish to be.

Spiritual Growth and Metaphysical Properties

Three red jasper stones in a bowl, surrounded by greenery

Though root chakra stones emit a stronger masculine energy, red jasper is undoubtedly an exception. In fact, red jasper is quite unique in its nature: It combines the vigorous and active vibration of the male gender with the softer, comforting side of female energy, making it a great stone to balance your yin and yang.

Like amethyst, it allows you to delve deeper into your meditation practice, and its vibration protects your auric field from negative energy and psychic attacks. Actually, ancient mystics have praised red jasper for thousands of years as a sacred and powerful stone of protection against bad luck and danger. Placing a piece of this crystal in your car when you drive is said to guard against accidents and other inconveniences. 

It's considered a stone of passion in every area of your life. It helps balance sexual aggressiveness, promote sexual compatibility, and assist in overcoming jealousy in a relationship. If you're having a hard time completing a project, then hold on to your red jasper. Its enthusiastic vibe can help reignite your passion for the task and breathe new life in the form of fresh and creative ideas, which can help you move forward. 

Red jasper's presence brings problems to light, aids quick-thinking, and provides crucial insights into difficult situations. This fiery gem teaches you that every choice you make in life is your responsibility and that how you decide to carve your path is entirely up to you. It provides you with the self-confidence and fearlessness to go after what you want and the motivation to pursue your wildest dreams.

Use Red Jasper To Reach Your Goals and Release Emotional Wounds

Red jasper is genuinely a one-of-a-kind stone that is worth keeping in mind when creating your crystal collection. Its versatile and powerful energy carries the wisdom of time and the knowledge of different cultures and civilizations. Wear it frequently when you need an energy boost or a soothing vibration to ground and calm your mind.

No matter how you decide to use this gemstone, be assured that red jasper's special properties will help to support you every day and in every way.

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