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Hematite Meaning: Hematite Benefits And How To Use It For Healing

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If you find yourself drawn to the silver sheen of the Hematite stone, or the rusty red hue that lurks beneath, then it could be a sign that you need to feel more grounded. Hematite's energy is palpable, and your intuition can hear its call from a mile away. It's one of the most abundant minerals on earth which is why it's so effective at rooting you to it. They don't call it a root chakra healer for nothing.

Renowned for being a crystal that anchors you to mother nature, Hematite chakra work can be spiritually profound. It breathes peace and balance into all the body's energy centers, but it holds the root chakra in particularly high regard. Hematite symbolizes the core of the planet. It ties you to it so that no matter how far your mind wanders, you can always find your way back home.

Hematite Meaning

A Hematite stone will raise your confidence levels and reward your self-assurance. It's famed for its powerful healing properties which are excellent at removing negative energy and transforming it into something you can use for good. Its healing powers are nothing new, however. Just look at the Hematite crystal throughout history – it was always used to keep negative energies at bay.

Hematite History

hematite meaning

The name of this mineral stems from the ancient Greek word for “blood”. While this could be due to its high iron content, in Cassandra Eason's book, “Crystals,” she says the ancient Greeks used the term blood because “it was believed the stone bled if scratched.”

Soldiers from that era were said to powder the stone down into a fine red pigment and smear it all over themselves before a battle. It was thought to make them invulnerable and more courageous.

Soldiers in the Roman legion were also said to use Hematite. They supposedly wore Hematite jewelry, usually a Hematite ring with a carving to Mars, the god of war. When polished, the rings would shine like silver. 

Sometimes referred to as the Iron Rose, Hematite stone has been used by humans for as long as we've been around. Prehistoric man used Hematite to create cave paintings. A little later, it was used as a mirror because of its highly reflective metallic sheen. Not long after that, the Hematite stone was adopted by the Egyptians. Like many other healing crystals, they used it to decorate the tombs of pharaohs. It was thought that the protective energy of Hematite stones would keep negative energies at bay during the journey into the afterlife.

The Hematite stone was even thought to prevent excessive bleeding during childbirth. For this reason, it was a popular stone among midwives. Farmers wore Hematite jewelry to protect against curses that could destroy their harvest, too. It has always held a special significance as a counter to evil.

Where To Find Hematite

Hematite is common all over the globe but is frequently found in Australia, China, Brazil, and India. Raw Hematite has a high iron content so it's often used in fields that focus on its physical properties rather than its healing properties. 

Hematite isn't just common on earth though. The Romans long associated the Hematite stone with the red planet, Mars – and they knew what they were talking about. Recent estimates suggest that the surface of Mars holds abundant sources of Hematite.

Is Hematite Magnetic?

Hematite is an iron oxide mineral with around 70% of its composition being iron, and the other 30% being oxygen. This means – you would think– that it has the same magnetic properties as a piece of iron. That's not quite true.

Hematite only remains magnetic above a temperature known as Néel Temperature. In everyday life, Hematite isn't going to display a strong magnetic pull or attach itself to a magnet.

This may appear as a shock to some who have heard marvelous things about Magnetic Hematite and its curative properties. Hematite bracelets are often sold as cures to arthritis because of their magnetic charge. While it may have some effect, it's important to note that these stones are man-made. They are not natural Hematite and will not contain the same healing properties as unaltered Hematite.

Can Hematite Go in Water?

Hematite is one of the most common crystals you should avoid putting in your crystal water bottle or crystal elixir as it contains iron and will rust when submerged Remember, crystals ending in "ite" are generally water unsafe crystals.

What Is Hematite Used For?

using hematite

As an iron oxide crystal, Hematite's predominant use is as an iron ore. Around 90% of iron extracted from Hematite stone is used to make steel. This makes Hematite important for supporting the structure of buildings.

Most of the other major Hematite uses come in the form of spiritual healing powers.

Hematite Healing Properties

The Hematite stone benefits are nearly endless. If you decide to introduce this reddish-brown crystal into your life, you may want to keep some of them in mind. Here's a shortlist of Hematite's healing properties:

Physical healing properties of Hematite

  • Healthy circulation

    We've already covered the connection between the Hematite stone and blood, but we didn't mention the startling effect that connection has upon the physical body. It's thought that keeping a Hematite stone nearby can strengthen the circulatory system and bring about a healthy flow of blood – and energy – around the body. This is one of the best Hematite benefits for anybody that suffers from high blood pressure, blood clots, heavy periods or any other blood flow issues.

    hematite healing properties
  • Detoxifies the body

    The Hematite crystal is one of the best at clearing away negative energies from your mind, body and spirit. In the physical body, these energies can manifest as illness or weakness, or even something as simple as leg cramps. Hematite helps you to feel fresh and energetic, supercharging your energy so that you recover more quickly from illnesses and have a stronger immune system to protect you against potential future encounters. It also stimulates tissue regeneration.

Emotional healing properties of Hematite

  • Focus

    An excellent stone for mental clarity, Hematite is a student's best friend. It helps you hone in on any work you need to complete, enhancing your ability to concentrate and promoting logical thinking. It's been known to spark original thoughts, increasing the depths of your imagination. Innovative ideas are easier to come by when you work with Hematite. Not only this, but Hematite is famed for being able to upgrade your memory. It finds a safe spot to store information so that you can easily recall it in detail at a later date.

  • Confidence

    Hematite helps you let go of inhibitions. With this stone, nothing will stand in the way of you and success. It ramps up your willpower, giving you a deep inner conviction and driving you to pursue your dreams. It makes all your goals tangible and gives you the courage to stand up to bullies or anyone that tries to discourage you. One of the best Hematite benefits is that it won't let other people project their insecurities onto you. And if you are filled with empathy, Hematite is considered to be one of the crystals for empaths.

  • Soothing

    If you feel your emotions getting the better of you, then simply touching Hematite will bring your heart rate back down. It's a natural relaxant. Its cooling effect on the body is one of the greatest Hematite healing properties because it works any time you feel remotely agitated. Partnered with its aforementioned grounding properties, Hematite is a great stone to use to reconnect with nature. This makes it a perfect crystal for different types of jewelry, including the gorgeous Harmony Bracelet.

Hematite metaphysical properties

  • Protection

    Commonly referred to as a protective stone, Hematite is said to be one of the greatest crystals for countering negative energy. It soaks it up like a sponge and prevents it from affecting your aura. You can use Hematite as a protective charm to shield your energy from danger. It's because of Hematite's powerful absorption abilities that it must be cleansed regularly.

    Crystal experts everywhere place Hematite among the best crystals for protection.

  • Balance

    Said to bring your inner energies into complete harmony, Hematite is a great stone for chakra work. While it primarily focuses on the root chakra, its energy extends to all those above it. Those familiar with the Tao would claim that its energy helps bring the yin yang energies into equilibrium, harmonizing the ethereal nervous system with the physical nervous system. It's a perfect companion for those looking to achieve self-mastery.

    The calming effect of the stone promotes stability and helps you see the positive side of every scenario. If you're mingling with lots of people with different energies, keep a Hematite stone nearby – preferably somewhere you can have direct contact – and it will give you some much needed energy. Take a look at some of our other stones for balance and focus too.

    hematite stone meaning
  • Hematite spiritual meaning

    A Hematite stone dissolves negativity in all its forms. It helps you relax and ground your energy in times of intense stress. Just holding a Hematite stone increases courage, tranquility and inner strength. There's a certain weight to this powerful stone that anchors you to the present moment and pulls you out of an overthinking mind.

    Its high vibration helps to heal the body on three distinct planes: mental, physical and spiritual. Transmuting negative energy through such a high vibration inevitably converts it into love, the highest of the high. It calms the mind and induces a deep inner peace.

  • Hematite chakra

    The Hematite stone activates the root chakra, located at the base of the spine. This red energy center is responsible for taking in energy from the earth, which is why Hematite is so highly regarded as a protection stone. It filters energy on the way into your spiritual body and acts as a crystal bodyguard for your aura.

    In the same sense, it's the base chakra that helps ground your energy and find inner strength; two qualities in which Hematite excels.

    When compared with other base chakra healers like Garnet, Smoky Quartz and Red Jasper, Hematite has the upper hand in regards to cultivating positive energy. While black stones like Obsidian, Tourmaline and Onyx might be slightly stronger protection crystals, Hematite is an all-round balancing stone -- it combines the best of all the root chakra has to offer in one shiny little package.

  • Hematite zodiac

    While anyone can wear Hematite stone jewelry and reap the rewards of its healing properties, there is one zodiac in particular that has a special love for Hematite.

    Those born under the sign of Aquarius find that working with a Hematite stone is highly beneficial. It's not often listed under top Aquarius crystals, but compared to other star signs, Aquarius is a no-brainer.

    Aquarians are usually independent and creative. They love mental stimulation, but also need plenty of time to recharge. They tend to have a care-free attitude but can be intensely passionate about things that are important to them. A lot of their time is spent in their own heads, overthinking and often jumping to conclusions about other people's motives, or even worse, adopting someone else's sentiment as their own. Hematite gives them the confidence to believe in their ambitious or visionary ideas.

    Hematite provides relief to this way of thinking. It protects the spirit and keeps the mind sane. It's one of the best stones to keep close if you're an Aquarius who suffers from some of the ailments mentioned above.

How To Use Hematite

It might seem like Hematite is a wonder stone that can achieve anything. But how do you make use of the Hematite benefits? Here are just a few of the ways you can use this crystal in your life:


Whether you have a Hematite bracelet or the raw stone, you can use it to help you feel more grounded while you meditate. Simply place Hematite nearby – or even better, hold it – while you settle into your meditation session.

It's advised to keep your meditation practice at the same time every day. You can choose which time works best for you, but first thing in the morning is a great way to start the day feeling refreshed and uplifted.

Sit comfortably with your Hematite in your hands and close your eyes. Focus on its energy. Don't worry about what's for dinner. Don't think about what time your important meeting starts tomorrow. Don't analyze what your manager's sly comment meant yesterday. All of that detracts your attention from the present moment. It's just you and your Hematite stone.

That being said, if your mind does wander — as it often will — don't berate yourself or associate any emotion or belief to the distraction. Simply recognize that your attention has drifted, and bring it back onto the Hematite. Try to stay grounded and focused on this very moment. Nothing else is important. Feel the energy of the stone transfer into your body. Experience your natural state of being. 

hematite properties

You can use the Buddhist Meditation Set to help you if you're new to the practice. With a relaxing incense, and an image to focus on, you may find it easier to quieten your mind.

Spending time meditating with Hematite healing crystals like this can be liberating. It'll also train you to get out of your head more easily. Over time, the Hematite mineral can bring you out without having to sit down for an 'official' meditation session. That's one of the many Hematite bracelet benefits.

Wear Hematite jewelry

Whether you choose a Hematite bracelet or a Hematite necklace, the important part is that you wear it often. One of the numerous advantages of wearing the crystal, like in the Mindfulness Bracelet, is that you allow its energy to be a constant influence on your life.

There may be days where you feel more drawn to this special stone than others. A small part of this will be because of the style of the Hematite jewelry, but for the most part, your intuition will know when you need Hematite's energy to support you.

Consider getting a Hematite anklet set so you can mix and match with different stones to switch up your energy and the benefits you get from your crystal jewelry.


It's a good idea to wear Hematite every day if you're struggling with any of the problems that the stone directly counters. Wear it daily if:

  • You find it hard to stay focused
  • You're not living in the present moment
  • You're overwhelmed and over-stressed
  • You lack self-esteem
  • You frequently spend time with people who drain your energy

WARNING: Avoid wearing Hematite jewelry if you have a pacemaker. One of the Hematite side effects is that it can disrupt the magnetic field of pacemakers.

Crystal healing therapy

Hematite's healing properties are not just metaphysical. It's well known to be a great support for the circulatory system too. It regulates the blood supply, cleansing the blood vessels, and ensuring you're healthy on the inside. If you have an open wound, Hematite reduces excessive bleeding and speeds up the recovery time.

It's also thought to soothe pain and injuries to bones or joints. It increases the flow of your vital energy so that your body heals quicker. Place it on the sore area to relieve you of any pain. 

Overcome addictions

Hematite is great for changing negative habits into positive ones. It's been used in many cases to alleviate withdrawal symptoms in people who stop smoking. It's also beneficial for quitting alcohol, overeating, or even gambling. Mental hardwiring that causes you to repeat disruptive activity is counteracted by the energy of Hematite. This is one of the reasons it's listed as one of the top stones for anxiety too.

Wear Hematite jewelry to reduce cravings if you're quitting some kind of compulsive behavior. Its energy supports you throughout the whole day. However, it always works best as a supplement to professional help.

For traveling

Hematite is one of the best crystals for reducing travel sickness. It's the ideal companion to have with you during long journeys in which you feel uneasy or ill. Whether you get sick from flying, driving, or sailing, Hematite is there to relieve the effects. Hematite jewelry works best in this regard as you won't even realize it's there. 

Hematite is also useful in overcoming fears related to travel. Many people have a phobia of flying, but sometimes you need to go somewhere that's too far away to drive. In these cases, Hematite is better than a vodka on the rocks for calming your nerves. If your flight is a particularly long one, then you'll get a double whammy of joy; Hematite also reduces the effects of jet lag, easing your transition into a new time zone.

Feng Shui

Place Hematite stones around the home to protect the energy of your living environment. Just as it brings balance to you, it also brings harmony to your outer world – in this case, your home. The Hematite properties are conducive to a healthy living space and a successful life both financially and socially.

Place a Hematite rock near the front door to protect your home's energy against newcomers. Keep one in your bedroom for extra positive energy morning and night, one in your office (if you have one) to boost focus, and another in your bathroom to enhance self-esteem when you're at your most vulnerable.

You can also combine Hematite stones with the Feng Shui Crystal Ball Set for the ultimate home protection.

Make Use Of Hematite Stone In Your Daily Life

Now you know why Hematite is lauded as one of the greatest crystals in the mineral kingdom, you can begin to use it to enhance the energy in your life. Remember, everything is energy. Protect yours with Hematite.

If you're looking for some crystal combinations to bring out the Hematite meaning in your life, look no further. Our crystals for protection and support will set up some awesome combinations.

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