How Crystals are Formed & How Their Properties Affect Spirituality

How Crystals are Formed & How Their Properties Affect Spirituality

Ever wonder, how do crystals form? How do crystals grow? How are crystals made? 

We’ll talk about crystal formation and what role the crystal structure plays in the process. Then we’ll discuss how crystals interact with electricity and how that connects to energy.

It’s important to be aware of the role crystals play in spirituality. Find out how crystals can help improve our lives.

There are plenty of reasons to introduce crystals into your spiritual practice. And if you don’t have one in place, it might be a great time to start right now. Let’s talk about why that is.

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Where Do Crystals Come From?

Where do crystals come from? In simple terms, crystals come from the earth. Crystal formation usually happens underground through a complex process that can involve various minerals and conditions such as pressure, temperature, and the presence of different materials.

In a way, crystals are the geological fruit in the garden of planet Earth. The word crystal comes from the Greek krustallos, which means ice rock crystal. The name was inspired by the crystal structure of ice.

A crystal is a solid material in which the atoms are arranged in a highly ordered microscopic structure. It forms a crystal lattice that extends in all directions. This crystalline structure describes all the flat surfaces with the same specific orientation. When studying their crystalline form, a few carbon atoms differ greatly from a few boron atoms.

The salt crystal structure is different from another naturally occurring crystal, even though they’re all crystals. The way scientists typically describe crystals is based on the arrangement of the crystalline rocks. The science of studying crystals is called crystallography.

How are crystals formed?

The process of crystal formation is called crystal growth. Crystals are formed through a mechanism called crystallization or solidification. That crystal formed through a process of uniting many tiny mineral crystals arranged in the same repeating known crystal structures.

The internal arrangement of atoms combine in geometric shapes. These unit cells stack perfectly and form symmetrical patterns. The perfectly shaped mineral crystals at a microscopic level determine the crystal lattice of that mineral crystal.

The crystal surface consists of perfectly shaped crystals. There are crystal plane orientations based on different crystal structures. The whole crystal surface presents that same crystalline structure when seen under a magnifying glass.

The same atoms can combine in various shapes. The different microscopic atomic arrangement means a different characteristic macroscopic shape. The crystal form is determined by the atomic arrangement of the tiny mineral crystals that produce crystals. 

Different crystal shapes mean different crystals. When it comes to symmetry and crystals, you can notice different patterns and crystal symmetries in various crystalline materials. Even when the respective rock crystals are formed in the same way, if the basic atomic structure differs then we’ve got different crystals.

The dissolved minerals might be the same, but the arrangement of the atoms determines the crystal orientations that make a Corundum crystal a Ruby or a Sapphire. The basic atomic structure might be the same, there aren’t more atoms here or there, but their patterns differ.

The nature of a crystal is not its macroscopic shape, but the repeating pattern of its molecular structure. Each crystal structure has its own characteristic symmetry. In terms of geological crystal formation, the minerals occur naturally and form ordinary periodic crystals. The ordinary periodic crystal has specific characteristics that pertain to its crystalline structure.

Recognizing symmetrical patterns is a part of crystallography. The regular user is likely to recognize a crystalline solid by looks because we’re surrounded by ordinary crystals in our everyday lives. Think about sugar or table salt crystals, for instance.

The Physical Properties Of Crystals

How crystals are formed influences their properties in physical terms. Crystals have a wide variety of physical properties which differ from one crystal to the next. The most obvious difference is in color, of course. But they have different hardness scores on the Mohs hardness scale, cleavage, transparency, and luster.

The properties of crystals are influenced by numerous factors that affect their formation processes, such as pressure, temperature, and chemical composition. They have many amazing properties which influence how they’re used in fields such as technology.

For instance, a crystal’s electrical properties mean how good of a conductor that crystal is. That means how good it is at allowing electrical current to pass through it. But that transfers outside of the field of technology. Electricity is a form of energy. As a result, these physical properties of crystals affect how good an energetic conductor that crystal might be.

Crystals interact with the energy going through them. How they interact with it makes those crystals a better fit for your purposes of healing, growth, and development at a particular point in time.

Let’s take Quartz crystals, for instance. Quartz resembles ice crystals in structure, but it’s very different in terms of everyday life.

There are many different members of the Quartz crystal family than the very beautiful Clear Quartz: Rose Quartz, Smoky Quartz, Amethyst, and Citrine are all equal rights members of the same crystal family. But they look so very different, right? And they have wildly different properties in spiritual terms, too.

The Spiritual Properties Of Crystals

The different properties of crystals on the physical plain have a great influence on their spiritual properties as well. As a result of its structure, composition, and physical traits, each crystal has a different spiritual effect. And to add to that wide range of diversity even further, each crystal can have very different spiritual effects on each separate person.

Let’s take a look at two very obvious physical traits of crystals that influence their spiritual effect: transparency and color.


The transparency of a crystal refers to how much light that crystal allows to go through it. From the transparency point of view, crystals can be opaque (minimum level of light that goes through the crystal), translucent (medium level of light that goes through the crystal), and transparent (maximum level of light that goes through the crystal).

Some opaque crystals that have very significant spiritual powers are Opal, Aventurine, Aquamarine, or Agate.

Their opaque nature makes them excellent comforting and protective crystals. They keep away negative energies that originate from outside your own field. At the same time, they help you process your own negative energies and overcome them. An excellent example is the Soothing Bracelet, which supports you through stress relief, amplifying your courage, and bringing your inner peace.

Translucent crystals have significant transformative energy. They can help you transmute energies, which essentially means transforming them from lower vibes into higher vibrations. These crystals have a powerful impact on your life journey, encouraging any process that involves growth, healing, development, but also protection and cleansing.

Some powerful examples of translucent crystals with popular spiritual properties are Moonstone, Selenite, and members of the Quartz family, like Amethyst.

Some crystals can present in both a translucent and a transparent form, for instance, Clear Quartz, Fluorite, or Citrine. In fact, the same crystal can present areas of transparency and areas of translucency. That makes them amazing cleansing and clarifying crystals.

This trait makes them amazing candidates for crystal lamps, for instance. These lamps bring together the amazing healing and uplifting power of the light with the spiritual strength and properties of the crystals used. The Selenite Cleansing Lamp or the Serenity Lamp are perfect examples of that.

Transparent gemstones and crystals have the ability to greatly amplify traits such as strength, endurance, and courage. That’s one reason why you can often see them as part of engagement rings, for instance, such is the case for Diamonds. Another reason transparent gemstones and crystals are popular is their obvious beauty and how they interact with light, offering them that glittering charm.


One of the most obvious physical traits of crystals with a major spiritual impact is color. There’s a wide range of colors in which you can find crystals and gemstones.

One of the most common ways the color of crystals influences their spiritual powers is that of chakra associations. Depending on their color, crystals can work best with one of the seven main chakras. We’ve already discussed chakra cleansing methods, so we won’t go into a lot of detail about the various methods to heal, cleanse, and unblock your chakras.

But just in case you need a quick cheat-sheet on chakra healing crystals, we’ve got a nifty little list for you. And because sharing is caring, just in case you’d like to get more suggestions on each color and chakra separately, we’ve got some separate crystal guides for you to check out.

The seven chakras and their crystals

The seven main chakras and the crystals that work best with them are:

  • White for the crown chakra – White and clear crystals connect to your crown chakra. They help you receive wisdom and energy from your higher power and support spiritual ascension. Some powerful examples of such crystals are Clear Quartz, Selenite, and Moonstone. Jewelry such as the Lunar Ring of Power connects naturally to your crown. You can read more about crown chakra crystals in our crystal guide.
  • Purple for the third eye chakra – Purple and indigo crystals are naturally in tune with your third eye chakra, for instance, Amethyst or Iolite. They support your spiritual growth and awareness and boost your psychic gifts. We’ve got a few more suggestions for purple crystals for you to consider.
  • Blue for the throat chakra – Dark, medium, and light blue crystals and stones connect to your throat chakra. Some awesome examples of that are Apatite, Lapis Lazuli or Labradorite. Your throat chakra plays a major role in all of your social interactions, which are a big part of your life. The Cosmic Balance Earrings are a great example of how blue gemstones can bring balance into your life.
  • Green for the heart chakra – green gemstones and crystals have a direct energetic link to your heart chakra. These crystals help with emotional healing and bring good luck and abundance your way. Some powerful examples are Malachite, Green Aventurine, or Jade. There are plenty of green crystals you can choose from.
  • Yellow for your solar plexus chakra – whether they’re opaque, transparent, or translucent, crystals such as Citrine connect to your solar plexus. They boost your vitality and stamina and support your personal power and manifestation processes. There are plenty of other yellow gemstones options you can consider.
  • Orange for the sacral chakra – another very active chakra in all of your undertakings as the seat of your creativity and problem-solving abilities, the sacral chakra connects to powerful crystals like Sunstone. Wear the Sunstone Energy Bracelet and feel it upgrading your life. You can also try any of these other powerful orange crystals.
  • Red, brown, or black for the root chakra – there are plenty of crystals and gemstones that connect to your root chakra. Take your pick from any of the red crystals, brown stones or black crystals we’ve already discussed. Or try a powerful combination, such as the Divine Protection Gift Set, which will cover all of your root chakra needs of grounding and protection.

You can make the most of the power of crystals by combining them in crystal grids or crystal sets, like the 7 Chakra Healing Tassel or the Chakra Cure Bracelet. These powerful crystal combinations harmonize naturally with your entire energetic system. They bring you all of the benefits of each crystal to each one of your chakras.

It’s also important to point out that the general guidelines and ideas related to crystals and their spiritual power are meant to serve as a starting point for your personal journey of exploration. Your own crystals are going to interact with your personal energy in a way that’s unique to you and that crystal.

In the end, it’s not about the rules or general ideas, which aren’t set in stone anyways. What matters is to follow your intuition and embrace your own experience with crystals.

Get Your Crystals Today!

Crystals have so many amazing gifts to give you. You just have to open your heart and soul to their energy. Receive their gifts and they’ll give you all the guidance and support they can.

Crystals have the ability to assist your journey of healing and recovering. They can support your spiritual growth and ascension process. You’ll connect with your higher self and find inner peace with their help.

Try some crystals for serenity and peace to bring the vibe of joy and contentment into your everyday experience. If you’ve got some bold dreams you’re following, get the help of crystals for success and manifestation. Or maybe you could use some crystals for love and happiness to finally enjoy the harmony and unconditional love you’ve always dreamed of.

Follow your intuition. Listen to your gut feeling when it sparks your interest in a particular crystal. Experiment with it. Embrace the energy and high vibes that your crystal offers you unconditionally.

Receive these gifts from Mother Gaia and welcome them into your life. Consider the fact that crystals are formed in the heart of Mother Gaia and earth. They are physical gifts from the heart of Mother Earth that can bring endless spiritual blessings into your experience.

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