Howlite's Meaning, Properties, and Healing Benefits (Comprehensive Guide)

Guide to Howlite's Meaning, Properties, and Healing Benefits

Howlite may not be a well-known stone, but it’s definitely one worth having in your healing collection, especially if you frequently find yourself overwhelmed with emotions, stressed, and unable to find inner peace. 

Let’s explore the Howlite’s origins, its meaning, healing properties, and benefits. 

What Is Howlite?

Howlite is a mineral found in sedimentary rock. Although it isn’t very common, it’s not considered incredibly rare.  

Physical Properties of Howlite

Howlite is traditionally found in small clusters in sedimentary rock and is solid white with a marbled pattern. Striations of black and grey are usually found in Howlite, giving it its classic marbled appearance. It generally looks like a polished stone or crystal. 

Translucent Howlite is rare and not completely clear in appearance. It is also found in clusters and resembles a head of cauliflower in appearance. 

This stone is incredibly soft, with a Mohs hardness of only 3.5. Howlite has irregular cleavage, which means it does not break into predictable patterns, but rather fractures into shapes that are different each time. 

Howlite is extremely porous, which makes it easily dyed. Howlite is often dyed to resemble other stones and gems. 

Origins of Howlite

Howlite was discovered by Henry How of Nova Scotia. Miners brought the mineral to him when they found it while mining for other minerals in 1868. 

Howlite is only found in a few areas, including Canada, the United States, Turkey, Germany, and Russia. Translucent Howlite has only been located in Tick Canyon in Los Angeles, California, and in Nova Scotia. 

Historical Use of Howlite

Howlite is a relatively  new discovery, even though it was found in the 1800s. Most minerals we are now familiar with were discovered centuries ago and used by ancient cultures. 

However, healers and shamans have rapidly increased their use of Howlite in their practices due to its calming effects and healing properties. 

Howlite is frequently used to produce imitation stones, and when it is dyed, the color change helps promote different healing uses of the stone. 

Metaphysical Properties of Howlite

Howlite’s gentle, milky-white color and soft composition are reflective of its metaphysical properties. Howlite is known for promoting peace and calmness. It reduces anger and helps calm the spirit. 

Howlite is also known as the patience stone, helping produce and deepen patience in its users. Howlite helps keep you grounded and centered and can alleviate feelings of high tension and stress. 

What Is the Meaning of Howlite?

Howlite’s meaning is the promotion of calm, peace, deep reflection, and tranquility. Howlite helps you grow spiritually by placing you in a position of calm acceptance and quieting your spirit. If you find meditation difficult due to distraction, Howlite is a great stone to keep by your side during your practices. 

Howlite also promotes self-reflection, free from narcissism or negativity. It allows you to look deeply at your personal truth and gives you the courage to make adjustments where needed. 

Howlite and the Chakras

Howlite is most connected with your Crown, or 7th, Chakra. The Crown Chakra is the source of new ideas, creative inspiration, motivation, and right thinking. 

A blocked or imbalanced Crown Chakra can cause you to feel unable to accept situations and people for what and who they are. Crown Chakra imbalance or blockage can lead to disconnect, depression, and even psychosis. 

Howlite helps balance and restore your Crown Chakra, keeping it open and free from negative energy or emotions that no longer serve you. Because the Crown Chakra is closely related to thought and emotion, Howlite works beautifully to remove excessive feelings that can cause resentment, anxiety, distress, and anger. 

Healing Properties of Howlite

Howlite has many healing properties, including treatments for the body, mind, and spirit. 

Physical Healing With Howlite

Howlite helps increase your body’s ability to retain calcium. It’s deeply connected with strengthening your bones and teeth, and is a great help for people with dental issues or even arthritic pain. 

Because Howlite is so calming, it promotes relaxation and is often used to help people who suffer from insomnia. Placing a Howlite under your pillow can help you rest easier and wake up feeling refreshed. Howlite calms the nerves and mind and prepares your body for rest. 

Mental and Emotional Healing With Howlite

Howlite works well to help you gain insight about yourself and the world around you. It’s perfect for people who suffer from anger issues, as it helps to remove anger and hostility, replacing it with tranquility and neutrality towards situations and others. 

Howlite is often used to regulate the temper and can even be useful in promoting better self-tolerance and acceptance. 

Spiritual Healing With Howlite

Howlite stimulates your memory and helps spark your desire to learn new ideas and concepts. This can help you deepen your spiritual connection and understanding of the universe by being able to better collect and retain information about the spiritual realm. 

Because Howlite is calming, it is a great addition to spiritual and meditative practices as it allows you to center and become open to spiritual messages and breakthroughs. 

Howlite is the perfect accompanying stone for your spiritual journey as it promotes self-growth and gives you the courage to challenge yourself to learn new things without fear of failure. 

Uses of Howlite

You can use Howlite in your meditations and spiritual ceremonies, as well as in your home and work environments. Here’s how. 

Meditations and Ceremonies With Howlite

Howlite is a great addition to your meditative practices. Its ability to calm your mind can make meditation possible even for those who feel they can never rest their minds and clear their thoughts. 

You can add this unassuming stone to any of your practices along with other powerful crystals, as it will never interfere. Howlite will give your soul, mind, and body rest as you meditate and reach deeper levels of spiritual growth. 

Try placing Howlite at the top of your mat when you practice yoga to increase concentration and alleviate stiffness. The calming vibrations of Howlite will help you deepen your practice and focus on your breath instead of the difficulty of a posture. 

Home and Office Uses for Howlite

Howlite may be the best stone you can have in your workplace. Because it allows your mind to remain calm, it’s great for high-stress jobs, difficult decisions, and stressful work environments. 

Howlite creates a protective bubble around you, giving you the freedom to work peacefully in environments that are challenging. 

Using Howlite in your home can help make your home a tranquil place of refuge. If you have family members or roommates who are argumentative, Howlite will encourage them to be at peace and rest as well. 

You can place Howlite in your bedroom to help encourage better, deeper rest. Using it in your doorway or entryway will help all who enter your home feel at peace and ease, taking down their protective shields and helping their visit feel relaxed. 

Howlite For Healers

Healers may find refuge in Howlite, as they are often plagued with negative energy and overarching emotions related to the healing work they perform. Howlite can help them stay calm during particularly difficult healing sessions. 

Howlite is also a great addition to their practice for calming and alleviating strong emotions in their clients that no longer serve them. 

Cleansing Howlite

The best way to cleanse your Howlite is to use lukewarm water. Howlite is incredibly porous, so salt cleansing methods aren’t recommended. 

If you have a piece of dyed Howlite, you shouldn’t use cleansers and should check with your manufacturer to make sure the dye is water-resistant. 

To properly cleanse, you can use running water. Focusing on a cleansing intention, hold your Howlite under running, lukewarm water for approximately thirty seconds. Allow the Howlite to air dry, or gently pat it with a clean cloth. 

You can use sound cleansing for Howlite, but because it is not usually used for absorbing negativity as much as other crystals, sound cleansing may not be as effective. 

When to Cleanse Howlite

You’ll know it’s time to cleanse your Howlite when you feel easily agitated, restless, irritable, and discontented. When you feel like you are no longer at peace with yourself or the universe, it’s time to give your Howlite stone a gentle cleansing. 

For Howlite jewelry, make sure the other components of the piece (metals and threads) can withstand water before submerging. 

The Takeaway

Howlite is a relatively new stone that is useful in bringing peace and tranquility to all who use it. Perfect for balancing the temper, increasing patience, and promoting level-headedness, Howlite is a useful stone for your daily practices. 

Howlite helps you focus on meditation and clears the mind for rest and relaxation. Able to help you reach deeper levels of spiritual growth, Howlite is a stone that can be used with other healing crystals or by itself. 

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