How to Open Chakras: A Simple Guide to Keep Your Energy Flowing

How to Open Chakras: A Simple Guide to Keep Your Energy Flowing

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If you’ve ever lacked motivation and energy or felt stressed out about every little thing without understanding why, the reason behind it might be a blocked chakra. You may have heard about this concept before, but perhaps you want to know more and discover how to open chakras.

According to Hindu and yogic tradition, humans not only have a physical body, but we also have an energetic body (or system), with its own channels and active centers. This system is where prana, or life force, flows and energizes every organ, cell, and tissue.

Even though there are 114 pools of energy spread around your body, there are seven main chakras that connect to specific areas and parts of your anatomy. An optimal chakra system occurs when your instincts, feelings, and thoughts are well-balanced, and your energy centers are opened and aligned.

The chakra chart is divided into two sections: low chakras and high chakras. The first three — root, sacral, and solar plexus — are located in your lower body and are considered your physical and instinctual centers. They're deeply connected with the physical body and its primal needs. 

The remaining chakras — heart, throat, third eye, and crown — are known as the spiritual centers, which are aligned with your higher self and the search for purpose and connection with the universe.

There are several ways to open chakras: you can opt for a reiki session, schedule chakra healing therapy, or join a Tibetan singing bowl assembly. However, there are simple things you can implement in your everyday life that can open and nourish your energy system.

Below, you'll learn about each energy center, how it can influence your well-being, what it feels like when it's unblocked. You’ll also learn how to open chakras using an easy and uncomplicated approach.

Opening Chakras: Activities and Crystals That Support Your Chakra System

Before you start, there are a couple of things to keep in mind about chakra opening. It’s tough to have completely open energy centers (like when you were born) because of all your life experiences and external factors that influence your physical, mental, and spiritual condition.

Some of your chakras may be overactive, and some might be nearly closed. Therefore, it's essential to recognize the feelings that accompany a blocked chakra and the activities you can do to open it and keep a healthy energy flow. As such, chakra cleansing is a vital part of your emotional, physical, and spiritual prosperity. Pay attention to your body's signals that tell you about a weak root chakra.

When trying to open chakras, there’s no need to soothe overactive centers. Once you manage to open all seven chakras, the energy evens out and balances itself.

Root Chakra

How to Open Chakras: Root chakra

The first chakra — or Muladhara in Sanskrit — is located at the base of the spine, and it's represented by the color red. When it's closed, you're dominated by feelings of anxiety, fear, anger, nervousness, and disconnection from your physical body and people in your life. You may feel constantly tired, scared of change, or you might end up eating too much or too little. 

An open root chakra can lead to a sensation of stability and security. You feel present in the moment, deeply connected to your body, and grateful for it. You're not overcome by feelings of distrust or insecurity.

There are different activities that can help open your root chakra, and you'll be surprised to find out that they're quite simple to complete. Giving your body some type of movement (like walking around the block or doing yoga) is a great way to connect to your body and the earth. You can also check out a yoga guide for beginners that will surely make your life better

Walking barefoot is another fantastic activity that helps you feel more grounded. And it’s not just spiritual gurus saying so — science proves it. Researchers have found that the practice of “earthing” allows you to naturally pull electrons from the ground and into your system. As a result, you may experience better sleep and reduced pain.

Other enjoyable activities that help open the root chakra include gardening, visiting a conservatory, getting a house plant, or planting your feet in the sand or dirt.

You can also try a chakra meditation, using your favorite chakra stones:

Meditation for Opening the Root Chakra

Start by sitting in a comfortable position. Connect the tips of your thumbs with the tips of your index fingers in a classic meditation mudra with your palms facing upwards. 

Place your root chakra crystal on the palm of one of your hands. Settle your hands on top of your knees and close your eyes. 

Take a few deep breaths and relax, feeling your body release all the tension with every exhale. Once you've reached a deep state of relaxation, visualize a vibrant red light in your perineum region. 

Chant the Lam mantra (either internally or externally). Acknowledge any stagnant energy that may be present and visualize the red light removing the blockage and opening the chakra. Do this for as long as you feel it's necessary. 

If you decide to lie down, place your chakra gemstone on your groin area or by your feet.

This chakra meditation can be used to open any chakra. All you have to do is adapt the mantra, the stones you use, and the color you visualize. If you're lying down, place the crystal in the appropriate chakra location.

Sacral Chakra

How to Open Chakras: Sacral chakra

The Svadhisthana or orange chakra is often considered the antithesis of the root chakra. While the first center's theme is survival, the second chakra is all about emotional and creative energy. It's also the center where your kundalini — or sexual energy — is stored.

When the navel chakra is blocked, you may feel a lack of motivation and creativity, emotional confusion, a sense of helplessness, or an excessive need for control. You may find yourself repeating vicious cycles from the past, like going back to dysfunctional relationships or toxic lovers.

An open sacral chakra is said to make you more flexible and adaptable to unexpected changes that come your way. You'll also find yourself fully enjoying all the pleasures life has to offer as well as a healthy sexual appetite.

The second chakra is connected to water. As such, all activities that involve this element are believed to open and balance this energy center. Taking a bath, swimming, or spending time by the water are some of the things you can do to help unblock your Svadhisthana. Starting a creative project like painting, drawing, dancing, or singing is also a great way to activate and balance this chakra.

If you want to engage in chakra meditation and wish to unblock this center, use the Vam mantra during your practice, visualize an orange light, and hold a sacral chakra stone in your hand. As an alternative, lie down and place it on your navel area. Powerful sacral crystals include:

Solar Plexus Chakra

How to Open Chakras: Solar plexus

The third chakra, or Manipura, is the center of your personal power and will. The yellow chakra is often associated with the sun and its positive energy. A closed Manipura is believed to lead to feelings of low self-esteem, victim mentality, and difficulty in making decisions. You may also feel riddled with guilt over past unresolved issues and have a pessimistic view of life.

When your third chakra is active, you feel more in control of your destiny and empowered to overcome fears. You feel assertive and confident in the decisions you make, and take full responsibility for your life. You experience a higher drive to achieve your goals, accept challenges, and rise to the occasion.

Due to its deep connection with the sun, pursuing activities that involve this element is one of the best ways to activate the Manipura. Exercising when the sun is out is said to provide your body with energy and strength the same way this star nourishes our planet. Also, when you engage in physical activity, your system releases endorphins that are known to boost your self-esteem and overall mental well-being.

Eating meals in the sun is also believed to unblock the solar plexus. It helps the absorption of nutrients and may gently stimulate your digestive organs, which are energetically connected to this chakra. These functions can also be supported by doing some abdominal breathing.

In a chakra meditation session, chant the Ram mantra and place your healing stone in the belly button region. Take your pick from one of these solar plexus healing stones:

Heart Chakra

How to Open Chakras: Heart chakra

The Anahata is located in the middle of your chakra system, as it represents the integration between your physical realm and your spiritual aspirations. It’s represented by the color green. 

When your heart chakra is closed, you'll find yourself holding onto grudges and grief, or keeping your emotions bottled up. You may feel shy, jealous, or have a hard time trusting people, even struggle with commitment issues. Wearing crystals for grief may help you overcome the difficult situations, calm emotions, and open the heart.

An open Anahata can lead to ultimate love, compassion, and forgiveness. You accept yourself as you are, as well as those around you. There's an effortless harmony in all your relationships, including family, friends, and your partner. 

You experience feelings of selflessness, altruism, and a balance between your masculine and feminine energies. To activate your heart chakra, spending time with your loved ones is said to lead to deeper loving connections and a more balanced fourth center.

Spending time with small children and animals is another excellent way to understand universal love and nourish the green chakra. Volunteering your time for a meaningful cause is the ultimate act of altruism and one of the most powerful ways to enhance states of gratitude, joy, and love. These emotions are inherently connected to an activated Anahata.

For a chakra healing meditation session, chant the Yam mantra, and place your heart chakra stone close to the center of your chest. Some loving heart chakra crystals include:

Throat Chakra

How to Open Chakras: Throat chakra

The communication chakra, or Vishuddha, is also known as the blue center. It's where your sense of self-expression and the purest, most profound part of your self reside. According to yogic tradition, this chakra is considered a purification center that is activated and cleansed by verbalizing any repressed feelings and thoughts you may have bubbling inside you.

When the Vishuddha is closed, you may feel fearful about speaking out or being misunderstood. You might even experience social anxiety, and have a hard time speaking up as you're afraid of conflicts or of being controversial. 

An open throat chakra encourages you to speak your truth by engaging in honest and open communication. It also enhances your ability to listen to others and create a safe space for them to share their deepest feelings.

Activities that allow you to express your thoughts and your unique voice are a wonderful way to open and nourish the blue chakra. Some of these pursuits include journaling, writing (stories, poems, etc.), singing, socializing, and openly sharing your ideas and emotions.

Chant the mantra Ham during your chakra meditation practice and place your blue chakra crystals at the base of the throat. Soothing fifth chakra stones include:

Third Eye Chakra

How to Open Chakras: Ajna chakra

The third eye chakra, also known as Ajna, is represented by the colors of indigo and purple. Some believe that when this center is open, you have direct access to a sort of chakra control panel that allows you to open and align all your other chakras. This center is responsible for the connection between your inner and outer reality. 

A closed Ajna may lead to a lack of concentration and focus, and make you fear the unknown. You might feel a complete disconnection from your intuition and inability to reflect on yourself and your life. 

On the other hand, if your third eye is activated, you can easily let go of old beliefs and patterns that no longer make you happy and fulfilled. You embrace your new self with open arms and start to see things as they are. You feel supported to move past fear and old paradigms that don't speak to your true self. 

To open and balance the third eye, engage in activities that stimulate your imagination and bring your dreams to life. Meditating, keeping a dream journal, creating a vision board, or simply following what you feel called to do are all beautiful choices that balance the Ajna.

When you start your chakra meditation session, chant Om, and place your special indigo or purple-colored stone between your eyebrows. Some of the best third eye chakra healing crystals include:

Crown Chakra

How to Open Chakras: Crown chakra

The crown chakra, or Sahasrara, is the last center on the chakra chart. It's often depicted in white, violet, or sometimes a golden color. A blocked crown chakra can lead you to feelings of emotional distress, isolation, sadness, or make you feel cynical about spirituality. You might experience a lack of direction and a disconnection from others and the world around you. You probably have a hard time setting goals and sticking to them.

An open crown chakra is said to encourage an enhanced awareness of your higher self and create an open channel of communication with your true self and the universe. You feel a deep sense of bliss and unity with everything.

Some of the best activities to open the Sahasrara are acts that help you trust the universe and guide you towards attaining your ultimate potential. This can include spending time in silence and stillness, meditating, engaging in spiritual practice, setting daily or weekly intentions, and giving or receiving energy work. 

For chakra meditation purposes, chant the OM mantra and place your favorite crown chakra stone just above your hairline, as close as possible to the top of your head. Some of the most powerful seventh chakra stone openers include:

How to Open Chakras: Clear Energy, More Vitality, Enhanced Well-Being

Opening chakras is one of the most basic techniques when it comes to energy healing, and one of the first things that energy therapists will assess before starting an energy treatment. However, as you now know, there are plenty of accessible, affordable, and practical actions you can take daily to stimulate and awaken your energy centers. 

By doing these activities, you'll move stagnant energy and help your prana flow freely, reaching all parts of your body. By adding the power of the chakra stones, you're further magnifying your meditation and visualization practices, which will undoubtedly lead to more energy, emotional stability, and overall well-being.

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