How to Use Natural Tools to Protect Your Energy

How to Use Natural Tools to Protect Your Energy


Negative energy is everywhere. You see it on the news, you feel it while talking to friends, and you can sense it just walking down the street. However, we are also surrounded by positive energy. The universe holds both positive and negative in equal balance at all times. Using the following techniques, you can shift your mindset from a receiver of negative energy, to a recipient of positive energy.

Let the mental alchemy commence.

How to get rid of negative energy

In order to start over fresh and reinvigorated, you must first relinquish any negativity within you. You may not feel particularly negative, but that doesn’t mean that negative energy isn’t still lingering somewhere inside you. It can make you feel sluggish, less responsive, and distracted. It can manifest mentally through worries, doubts, and fears; or physically through fatigue, bad skin, or illness.

How to heal the physical body

  • Daily exercise
    Get into the habit of doing a short workout every morning. You don’t have to be the next Arnold Schwarzenegger, just do something to keep you active. Choose to walk rather than drive, go for a run, cycle, swim, do yoga or pilates. Keep fit!

  • Eat healthily
    Eat lots of fruit and vegetables and maintain a balanced and varied diet. A good tip is to eat until you’re 90% full. This avoids exhaustion afterward and makes sure that you don’t overeat, but aren’t still hungry.

  • Stay hydrated
    Take on lots of fluids, especially anything containing antioxidants. Make a commitment with yourself to drink more water. You could even use a crystal elixir to energetically charge the water.

  • Cut back on processed foods 
    Try to cook from scratch more often. Avoid as many foods as you can that are made in a factory for mass consumption. These tend to be ideal for convenience rather than health.

While these points may seem obvious, we find that too many people still don’t stick to them. Make a conscious effort to change that and create your ideal body from the inside out.

How to heal the spiritual body

  • Meditate with crystals
    Take a step back from everyday life. Meditation allows you to neutralize your inner energies, release stress and tension, and recharge yourself for the day ahead. Crystals help to balance energies and amplify intentions, something we’ll talk more about later on.

  • Listen to music
    There’s a reason that sad songs appeal to us when we’re feeling down. We resonate with the energy of the sound and the lyrics because both us and the music are on a low vibration. Next time you feel like putting on a sad song, stick something happy on. It might be a bit jarring at first, but if you can melt into the music then it will raise your spirits in no time! Playing an instrument has a similar effect as it forces you to focus on the chords and keys.

  • Chakra healing
    Place a chakra-healing stone on each of the seven chakras and lie on your back. Make sure you pick a crystal that corresponds to the correct chakra. Breathe deeply and visualize your energy flowing unobstructed from your root to your crown. 
  • Crystal massage
    You can get crystal facial massagers that drain the stress from your skin. They also help you achieve a smooth, youthful complexion. 
  • Crystal bath
    Another pampery option to release negative energy is to run a hot bath. Sprinkle a few drops of your favorite essential oil and maybe light your favorite incense. You could even wear an organic face mask as you soak, but the important ingredient that you must not forget is crystals! Add aquamarine to take the soothing sensations to another level of bliss.
  • Burn white sage
    Smudging is a fantastic way of cleansing your home. If you aren’t sure about how to remove negative energy from your house, then white sage is the perfect solution. It removes stale or stagnant energy and lets it drift out through an open window. If you’ve had some tension in the house of late, then white sage will wash it away, energetically clearing the environment with its revitalizing smoke.
  • Journal with crystals
    Writing is therapeutic. Putting pen to paper can help you work through many internal problems and come to terms with your own flaws and weaknesses -- we all have them. Journaling creates an outlet for pent-up emotional energy. It enables you to reflect and release trauma that is no longer welcome.
    Having a crystal nearby can help absorb the negative energy. Black tourmaline is a fantastic stone for this exact purpose, or if you’re seeking absolution, then you might want to give rhodochrosite a try.
  • Tidy and clean
    Marie Kondo is an expert on this. She implements a type of feng shui that encourages you to release things that no longer bring you joy. Have a mega spring clean and throw out anything that no longer serves you or your higher purpose. Not only this but keep everything clean and tidy. Sweep the floor, make your kitchen counters spotless, dust your shelves. This stops old energy from festering. You can also implement this technique on the body. Regularly shower, shave, and trim nails. Keep yourself clean and tidy, keep your home clean and tidy, and your spirit will feel clean and tidy too.


Use Natural Tools to Protect Your Energy


How to increase positive energy

So you’ve cleansed yourself and you’ve purified your home; you’ve adopted new habits and routines to keep yourself active and healthy; now, how do you attract all this positive energy we spoke of? 

How to raise your vibrations

Set intentions

This could be the most important step when going forward. You want to think long and hard about exactly what you want to do with your life -- what do you want to experience? When do you want to do it? Why do you want to do it? How will it make you feel?

Ask these questions in regards to each facet of daily life: family, relationships, career, hobbies, health, money, spirituality/personal growth, and any other aspect you’d like to improve.

Once you understand the life you want to live, the aspirations and dreams you have, then you can figure out how to get there by setting intentions. Often, we unconsciously set negative intentions by saying things like, “I just know that I won’t get that job,” or something similar. If you can become aware of these moments and flip them on their heads then you can attract all that you desire.

When you begin to achieve your intentions, you’ll be filled with a sense of pride and accomplishment. Your energy will be replenished and you’ll feel a pang of adrenaline. You can use this as motivation to set bigger intentions. Set them regularly, at the beginning of each day or before you go to bed at night. You can even wear jewelry that aligns with and enhances your intentions for maximum effect.

Trust yourself and have faith in the universe. You have access to infinite intelligence, and once you see it at work, your life will never be the same.

Use Natural Tools to Protect Your Energy

Go for a walk in nature

Is there anything that lifts your spirits more than a nice walk through nature? It’s hard to remain down in the dumps while surrounded by the sheer beauty that mother earth has to offer.

Breathe in deeply and fill your lungs with fresh air. Ground yourself in the present and take things slow. Connect with the powerful energy of the planet -- that incomprehensibly enormous rock you’re standing on that’s floating through space. Take a second to gain perspective.

Recite positive affirmations

Positive self-talk can work wonders if done correctly. It’s often snubbed because people don’t believe what they’re telling themselves when in actual fact, that’s the most important part. If you don’t believe your own words then they will fall on deaf ears.

So nurture an optimistic outlook by reciting positive mantras and believing them from the bottom of your heart. If you’re struggling with this then try something smaller to begin with and build up and up and up until you realize the full power of your subconscious mind.

There are many crystals that align with certain affirmations. For example, if you want to forgive yourself and accept yourself for who you truly are, then rose quartz might be a great stone for you. It cultivates self-love and confidence from within.

Wear crystal jewelry

While this can be done alongside many of the aforementioned steps, you can also wear jewelry that specifically helps to raise your vibrations. 

Citrine is a great stone for love, joy and happiness and will no doubt raise your vibration to match its own. It’s said to attract wealth and abundance to the wearer because of its high vibration.

Malachite is a fantastic stone that opens up the heart chakra and attracts love from all angles too. It helps to connect you with nature, restoring your energy levels to their natural state. It dissolves negativity and anxiety by raising your vibrations.

There are many other natural stones that you can wear to enhance your energy. Take a look at our collection for Love and Joy for some more inspirational jewelry to enhance positivity.

Use Natural Tools to Protect Your Energy


If we’re low on energy, it’s easy to say, “I’ll do it tomorrow.” If we feel too tired to do something right now, we’ll make a mental note to do it in the future, but when that time comes, it’s rare that we’ll actually do it. The sluggishness is still there as we continued to live in a low vibration. So what do we say if we’re still tired the second time? “I’ll do it tomorrow…”

This becomes a vicious cycle of negativity. In order to break out of it, you have to step outside of your (dis)comfort zone. You have to become uncomfortable in order to change. So if you don’t feel like doing something, that’s where you need the mental strength to do it anyway. Nobody will do it for you.

Again, there are crystals that specialize in change. Labradorite for example, is a fantastic advocate of positive change. It harmonizes your energy and takes the fear away from large changes.

Malachite is also a stone of transformation. It soothes your energy so that you can shift track with confidence and love. 

By following this list of techniques, you can find a way to protect your energy that works for you.


Conscious Items
Conscious Items

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