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The Golden Purification Bracelet
The Golden Purification Bracelet
The Golden Purification Bracelet
The Golden Purification Bracelet
The Golden Purification Bracelet
The Golden Purification Bracelet
The Golden Purification Bracelet
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The Golden Purification Bracelet

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Availability: Low in stock today
Cleanse the mind, body, and spirit with the Golden Purification Bracelet.

Designed with breathtaking Rutilated Quartz, this bracelet allows you to decontaminate your chakras, recharging them and breathing new life into your soul.

The beautiful golden strands are formed from Rutile, a mineral rich in titanium-oxide. This enhances the aesthetics of the clear Quartz, but also dramatically improves the crystal’s properties. It empowers you to delve deep into the psyche - especially through daily meditation. It enables you to comprehend the duality of the universe, gaining a more profound appreciation for life and nature.

As a member of the Quartz family, this crystal is a strong energy amplifier. It magnifies the positive vibes and increases them, eliminating any negative energy in the process. It focuses your mind on the present, refusing to let the regrets of the past or the distracting clutter of the future bog down your thought patterns.

Rutilated Quartz enables you to set aside any self-doubt or insecurities, banishing fear and lifting spirits. It’s a common stone to be used in healing grids, due to its immense abilities in ameliorating feelings of guilt, anxiety, or loneliness. These problems may seem unconnected, but can be linked to many greater issues. The bracelet will allow you to strike at the core, reinventing yourself for the better by breaking down negative habits that you may not even know you had.

Purify your soul today.

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Product Details:
  • Shape: Round
  • Bracelet type: Bead Bracelet
  • Material: Rutilated Quartz
  • Bead size: 7 mm, 8 mm, 10 mm
  • Bracelet length:
    7 mm, 8 mm beads: 15 cm - 18 cm
    10 mm beads: 16 cm - 19 cm
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