42 Heart Chakra Crystals For Love & Heart Health

42 Heart Chakra Crystals For Love & Heart Health

The heart chakra is the vibrant hub of love, compassion, and empathy. A green chakra, this energy center is at the heart of your emotions. Self-care flows from the heart chakra, as well as all our emotional connections to others.

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What Is The Heart Chakra?

The heart chakra is the fourth chakra of the spiritual body. It lies in the chest area, above the breast bone and below the collar bone.

While often considered to be a great chakra for romantic love and attracting a soulmate, the heart chakra also plays a vital role in self-love. Loving energy is stored here and can be directed outward or inward, or both. By showing some love for yourself, you can forgive past mistakes and accept yourself for who you truly are.

The heart chakra gives off unconditional love – the kind of love that requires nothing in return, the kind of love that roots you in the present moment because your love is now.

Being in the middle of your seven primary chakras, the heart chakra is also associated with balance.

In Sanskrit, the heart chakra is called Anahata, which means "pure".

Signs of an open and balanced heart chakra

When you have an open and balanced heart chakra, you'll feel: 

Feeling love for other people and life in general
  • Self-acceptance
  • More inclined to forgive
  • More compassionate
  • Balanced and emotionally stable
  • Rooted in your physical body but spiritually aware

    In short, the heart chakra is the energy center of love. It's the chakra that enables you to heal emotional wounds through a conscious following of what feels good.

    Signs of a blocked heart chakra

    A blocked or imbalanced heart chakra is never good news, but it's not critical. Heart chakra crystals are here to help, but before we discuss them further, it's important to identify how a blocked heart chakra can affect you so that you can become aware of signs to look out for.

    An underactive heart chakra blocks your energy flow and causes you to retreat into yourself.

    If your heart chakra is underactive, you may feel:

    • Shy and timid
    • Fearful of being hurt by others
    • Lonely
    • Unloved
    • Separate
    • Possessive
    • Judgmental
    • Antisocial

      An overactive heart chakra can ramp up your energy to uncomfortable levels, negatively affecting your well-being.

      If you have an overactive heart chakra, you may feel:

      • Stressed and frustrated
      • Superior and unaccepting of other views
      • Self-obsessed
      • Suspicious and distrustful
      • Tightness or pain in the heart
      • Heart disorders

        If any of these symptoms are familiar to you, there's a good chance that your heart chakra is imbalanced. But it's not the end of the world! Now you have the awareness to do something about it.

        How can heart chakra stones help?

        The heart chakra resonates with the color green, therefore crystals that share the color green will resonate with the heart chakra. Their energy will be directed towards this specific chakra. This also applies to pink crystals.

        Pink and green crystals are excellent for heart chakra healing because they are often associated with emotions, particularly love and compassion. Their uplifting energy can help you come out of your shell and embrace your loving energy.

        While there are many stones for the heart chakra to choose from, you'll want to find the one that intuitively calls out to you. If you feel a pull in a certain direction when browsing the heart-healing crystals on this list, trust your gut. Or more accurately, follow your heart.

        Use the following list of heart chakra stones to unlock the door to unconditional love, purity, and serenity.

        42 Best Heart Chakra Crystals

        Here are the best crystals for heart chakra healing:

        1. Rose Quartz - for unconditional love
        2. Green Aventurine - for luck and self-care
        3. Rhodonite - for self-love and self-worth
        4. Rhodochrosite - for emotional healing
        5. Alexandrite - for self-esteem in romance
        6. Kunzite - for calming energy
        7. Amazonite - for hope
        8. Emerald - for divine love
        9. Fire Agate - for passion and empowerment
        10. Malachite - for tough love
        11. Green Calcite - for balance and reflection
        12. Green Jade - for nurturing energies
        13. Green Tourmaline (Verdelite) - for connecting with the emotional body
        14. Moldavite - for love during big life changes
        15. Morganite - for removing negative energy from the heart
        16. Peridot - for positive energy
        17. Moss Agate - for getting in touch with nature
        18. Watermelon Tourmaline - for recovering from emotional pain
        19. Rainbow Obsidian - for healing a broken heart
        20. Unakite - for coming to terms with past hurts
        21. Pink Tourmaline - for soothing anxiety and depression
        22. Aquamarine - for soothing energy
        23. Mookaite Jasper - for opening your heart to the present moment
        24. Rainforest Jasper - for deep connections with Mother Earth
        25. Green Fluorite - for concentrating your emotional energy
        26. Chrome Tourmaline - for compassion in relationships
        27. Pearl - for emotional stability
        28. Rose Pyroxene - for self-belief and self-worth
        29. Citrine - for letting go of negative emotions
        30. Red Jasper - for stress-relief
        31. Garnet - for releasing emotional pain
        32. Bloodstone - for grounding energy
        33. Carnelian - for releasing anger
        34. Red Tiger's Eye - for courage and protection
        35. Clear Quartz - for spiritual balance
        36. Green Opal - for releasing emotional trauma
        37. Sapphire - for expressing love
        38. Chrysoprase - for following your heart
        39. Pink Opal - for loving the little things
        40. Chrysocolla - for soothing and stabilizing high emotions
        41. Green Jasper - for peace, love, and optimism
        42. Strawberry Quartz - for empathy

        1. Rose Quartz

        Rose Quartz is the undisputed stone of love. Even if it wasn't one of the best heart chakra stones, Rose Quartz would still be a must-have addition to any crystal healing collection. If you're having issues in the heart area, be it your physical heart or your emotional seat, Rose Quartz will work its master healer magic.

        Want to invite more love into your home? Get the Love Lamp, a Rose Quartz night light with a soothing warm glow, perfect for creating an aura of love – romantic or otherwise.

        2. Green Aventurine

        Green Aventurine is often called the stone of luck. This gemstone is great for adventurous spirits who like to take a little risk. It ensures that you maintain self-care while seeking new opportunities for advancement in career or your passions. Without question, Green Aventurine is one of the best heart chakra stones for making sure you are supported.

        Get the Aventurine Emotional Healing Anklet to find emotional balance within.

        3. Rhodonite

        The self-love stone, Rhodonite ensures you look after yourself and put your well-being above all else. With this in mind, Rhodonite is a fantastic gemstone for lifting you up out of a depressive slump and making you feel your best. It opens, aligns, and activates the heart chakra, making it one of the best pink stones for breaking away from unhealthy patterns.

        Get a beautiful Rhodonite stone in the Cancer Bracelet and Crystals Set.

        4. Rhodochrosite

        Rhodochrosite is an emotional healing stone at its best. It clears away emotional blockages, helping you enjoy your loving relationships to the fullest. Rhodochrosite restores balance in the emotional body, empowering you to experience the essence of pure love. Meditate with Rhodochrosite and breathe deeply to make the most of the heart healing process.

        Large Rhodochrosite stones are rare and expensive, but if you do manage to get one, you can bet it awakens compassion and floods you with high vibrational energy.

        5. Alexandrite

        One of the ultimate heart chakra stones for relationships, Alexandrite brings self-esteem, especially in the realm of romance. If you're struggling to love yourself, you can't expect anyone else to fall in love with you. Alexandrite solves this issue by helping you work on your self-worth so that you naturally attract the partner of your dreams.

        Alexandrite is a birthstone for July, as well as being the gemstone for the 55th wedding anniversary.

        6. Kunzite

        One of the most charming pink crystals, Kunzite radiates warmth and peace. It encourages you to find your inner tranquility and breathe deeply into it. A gem to restore balance to the heart chakra, Kunzite also stimulates the third eye chakra, opening you up to infinite wisdom.

        7. Amazonite

        Amazonite is well-known for being a stone of hope and optimism. This blue-green crystal is famed for being a warrior's stone, encouraging you to fight for things that are close to your heart. Don't let anything stand in between you and your heart's desires.

        If you're a Virgo, you can get an Amazonite bracelet and stone, along with four other grounding stones for the heart and root chakras.

        8. Emerald

        A gorgeous green gemstone for divine love, Emerald is a dazzling beauty to behold. Another stone for wisdom, Emerald pacifies negative energy in a relationship and helps both parties come to the same frequency.

        9. Fire Agate

        A fiery stone for passion and excitement, Fire Agate awakens your inner child and lets you explore the world from an entirely new perspective. Stimulating the sensual physical body, Fire Agate is a steamy stone for rekindling the more intimate side of your loving relationships.

        10. Malachite

        A deep green stone for the heart chakra, Malachite is often described as a sledgehammer for its tough love approach. It helps you dive into your own psyche, analyzing your past decisions with the clinical scrutiny of a judge. If you can stick it out and let the harsh self-reflection wash over you, you'll find whole-hearted self-acceptance at the other end. This is what makes it one of the best heart chakra stones.

        To find the best Malachite heart healer for you, check out our Malachite collection.

        11. Green Calcite

        Green Calcite is perfect for bringing emotional balance to the heart space. It encourages you to reflect on your journey and its healing power works to soothe past wounds. One of the top green stones for the heart chakra, Green Calcite works its magic on the entire heart center, physically and spiritually.

        12. Green Jade

        Green Jade offers nurturing energies that make it one of the greatest healing gemstones for developing a positive attitude. These little energy healers not only stimulate the heart space, but also have strong metaphysical properties that affect your ability to manifest. Green Jade is often linked to success, prosperity, and abundance.

        Get the Financial Success Anklet to experience the true nature of this powerful stone. The lovely green color on this piece helps to reconnect you with nature too.

        13. Green Tourmaline

        Green Tourmaline, or Verdelite as it's often called, is a brilliant stone for speeding up the emotional healing process. It connects your mental, physical, and emotional bodies so that you can align all three and supercharge your energy and life path.

        The Mental Clarity Bracelet clears negative thoughts away so that you can see and feel more clearly.

        14. Green Moldavite

        Green Moldavite is a superb gemstone for the heart chakra as it supports your heart center during big life changes. Known as a stone of transformation, Green Moldavite ensures you remain peaceful during energy shifts.

        15. Morganite

        There isn't a better heart chakra crystal for removing negative energy from the heart. Morganite clears away bad vibes once and for all. If you want to live life to the fullest, and not let toxic energy stand in your way of your heart's desires, Morganite is the gem for you.

        To develop a calm and serene attitude, wear Morganite along with other crystals for heart health (including Rhodonite) in the Calm Nature Bracelets Set.

        16. Peridot

        Peridot is one of the gorgeous green crystals on this list that boosts positive energy in your surrounding environment. It aids you in letting go of emotions that can otherwise hold you back from success.

        Regarded as a birthstone for August, Peridot is a powerful stone for Leos.

        17. Moss Agate

        Moss Agate is a miracle worker when it comes to nature. These green stones rekindle your connection with nature and help you find peace in the great outdoors. If you have a soft spot for gardening, or hiking in the wilderness, Moss Agate could be your perfect companion.

        18. Watermelon Tourmaline

        If you have deep emotional wounds that need tending to, Watermelon Tourmaline can do the trick. Bringing stability to an imbalanced heart chakra, Watermelon Tourmaline holds immense crystal healing power. Use it to develop a compassionate heart and let go of past trauma.

        The Anxiety-Free Bracelet Set utilizes Watermelon Tourmaline along with other anxiety-busters to stop emotional turmoil in its tracks.

        19. Rainbow Obsidian

        Suffering from heartbreak? It can be the worst feeling in the world, but Rainbow Obsidian is here to help. This healing stone helps you recover from heartbreak and realize why you're still a worthy, strong, and independent person. It's a great stone for self-work and helping you learn to love yourself again.

        Feel the protective energy of this gemstone in the Rainbow Obsidian Protection Bracelet.

        20. Unakite

        Unakite is a wonderful stone for coming to terms with your past. It's sometimes thought to hone your psychic abilities so that you can recover from past life trauma, but it also works with childhood memories or even adult-life pain. Simply let it go with Unakite.

        Shield your home from the traumatic memories of the past by placing an Unakite pyramid in your energy space.

        21. Pink Tourmaline

        Quelling depression and soothing anxiety, Pink Tourmaline is a must-have heart chakra healer if you tend to overthink. Pink Tourmaline banishes worries and helps you relax.

        22. Aquamarine

        Aquamarine is both a stone for the heart chakra and the throat chakra. It helps you come to terms with who you truly are and what your heart really wants. Allow yourself to feel its soothing vibes so that you can express yourself authentically.

        23. Mookaite Jasper

        Mookaite Jasper opens your heart to the present moment and helps you live life in the here and now. It reduces stress and removes the chaotic distractions of daily life. One of the best heart chakra stones for grounding, Mookaite Jasper lets you release negative energies from the heart.

        The Chakra-Balancing Bracelets Set brings all seven of your chakras into balance.

        24. Rainforest Jasper

        If you're looking to forge a deep connection with Mother Nature, Rainforest Jasper is a great place to start. One of the best gardener's stones, Rainforest Jasper encourages you to express your true nature and thrive outside under the warming rays of the sun and the cool shade of the trees.

        25. Green Fluorite

        Green Fluorite is a fantastic gemstone for focus and concentration. It assists you in providing prolonged attention to tasks close to the heart, especially if these tasks include emotional energy. Meditate while holding the Green Fluorite Concentration Stone against the chest area to tune in to your emotions and listen to what they have to say.

        26. Chrome Tourmaline

        Boosting the immune system and relieving pain associated with heart disease, Chrome Tourmaline is a powerful physical healer. However, that's not all it has to offer. Chrome Tourmaline emanates with unconditional love and is the perfect gem to enhance a stagnating relationship.

        27. Pearl

        Want to bring emotional stability to the heart chakra? Pearl is the gem to do it. This emotional balancer is also known to activate the crown chakra, providing a deep sense of clarity and purity throughout the entire body.

        Partner Pearl with Amethyst to move along the path to spiritual enlightenment.

        28. Rose Pyroxene

        Rose Pyroxene is a little-known gem that stimulates the heart center. It's one of the best heart energy healers for focusing on self-worth and self-love. It's best used if you want to focus loving energy inwards.

        Mix it with other heart chakra stones for manifestation in the Law of Attraction Bracelet.

        29. Citrine

        Citrine radiates love, joy, and happiness. With that said, it's usually thought of as a solar plexus chakra crystal, but in this case, it can remove negative emotions which block the heart.

        Wear the Mindfulness Bracelet to become more aware of any negativity you're harboring.

        30. Red Jasper

        The third Jasper crystal to make it onto this list, Red Jasper relieves stress and helps you relax. It grounds your energies and reduces friction in the heart space. Get the Power Chakra Tassels to combine several chakra stones in one.

        31. Garnet

        Garnet is more well-known as a balancer of the root chakra, but it also stimulates the heart. Known as a fiery crystal for passion and sexual energy, Garnet heals and revitalizes sexual relationships.

        Wear the Loving Energy Bracelet to make the most of Garnet's effect on the heart space.

        32. Bloodstone

        Bloodstone grounds your energy and helps you listen more closely to the heart. It helps you become more aware of your physical body, as well as your emotional and spiritual needs. If the heart had a voice, Bloodstone would let you hear it.

        33. Carnelian

        Carnelian primarily affects the sacral chakra, but its ability to release anger and other negative emotions make it a standout gem for the heart chakra too. These toxic emotions live in your heart. Carnelian sets you free.

        The Elemental Protection Spheres shield your energy from bad vibes.

        34. Red Tiger's Eye

        If you're looking to act from the heart and need a little push to be more bold, Red Tiger's Eye will be happy to provide. It enhances courage and lets you focus on what's important, rather than your worries or inhibitions.

        Turbocharge your passion with this elegant Tiger's Eye bracelet.

        35. Clear Quartz

        A master healer for all the chakras, Clear Quartz cleanses and recharges any energy center in its path. While its main focus is on the crown chakra, Clear Quartz is the queen of chakra stones. It unblocks, opens, and activates the heart chakra just as easily as the root chakra, the throat chakra, or the third eye chakra.

        Use the Healing Lamp before bed to reconnect with your spiritual body.

        36. Green Opal

        Green Opal is great for releasing emotional trauma. If there is an emotional wound that cuts particularly deep, Green Opal is one of the best green crystals you can use to help.

        37. Sapphire

        Sapphire is one of the best chakra stones for expressing love. While the main variety of Sapphire is royal blue, there are pink and green varieties that are excellent heart chakra stones. Even the blue colored Sapphire is a symbol of love, representing the 45th and 65th wedding anniversaries.

        38. Chrysoprase

        If you need a little nudge to follow your heart, get yourself a Chrysoprase gemstone. This beautiful stone excels at motivating you to take decisive action.

        39. Pink Opal

        Pink Opal is a great gem for gratitude. When you want to express love for the little things in life, Pink Opal will gently remind you to do so. It encourages you to live life with a smile.

        Wear this powerful mala bead bracelet with multiple chakra stones to enhance the effect of Opal.

        40. Chrysocolla

        Chrysocolla brings you back down to earth when your emotions are in overdrive. If your mind is running at one-hundred miles per hour, Chrysocolla soothes your energy and relaxes any tension.

        41. Green Jasper

        Green Jasper is a great choice if you want to flood your heart chakra with optimism. This uplifting gemstone helps you look on the bright side of life and choose to think the best of people, situations, and events, without becoming naïve.

        42. Strawberry Quartz

        If you want something similar to Rose Quartz, but with a hint of Garnet, you're probably looking for Strawberry Quartz. One of the greatest heart chakra crystals, Strawberry Quartz is the ultimate stone for empaths.

        Wear the Strawberry Quartz Emotional Healing Bracelet to tune in to what others are feeling without draining your energy.

        Get Your Heart Chakra Stones At Conscious Items

        Heart chakra stones are a fantastic tool for building support in the heart space and getting your emotions under control. These predominantly pink or green stones for the heart are unstoppable when it comes to emotional balance.

        If you already have a collection of heart chakra stones and you want to combine them with something to accentuate their healing prowess, take a look at our crystals for love and happiness.

        You won't be disappointed.

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