Strawberry Quartz Meaning, Symbolism, and Uses

Strawberry Quartz Meaning, Symbolism, and Uses


Part of the beauty and excitement of living on earth is that it’s such an exciting and mysterious place to be.  There truly is no end to the infinite nature of the beauty that can be discovered.  Every element, every part of nature, and every crystal has meaning and value.  They possess a deep ability to affect how people feel, and the Strawberry Quartz is an example of a stone with that kind of ability.  

For anyone who feels the need to connect in a deeper way with their inner love and inner self, Strawberry Quartz has the ability to unlock a deeper understanding of unconditional love.  Let’s discuss the stone Strawberry Quartz itself, its meaning, and how it can impact your wellbeing.   

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What Is Strawberry Quartz?

Strawberry Quartz is a beautiful and magical variant of the regular Quartz crystal.  While Strawberry Quartz is oven confused with Rose Quartz due to a marked similarity in their color and several similarities, they are, in fact, different crystals with different properties.  Strawberry Quartz features a much darker pigmentation than Rose Quartz due to the iron oxide found deep within its gorgeous crystalline structure. 

Additionally, Strawberry Quartz sparkles with a deep shine that shows off its beautiful red hues when viewed in light.  The majority of people who have ever seen Strawberry Quartz in person are struck by its beauty, its inner light, and the way it throws shadows and arcs of light off every surface around it.  It almost reaches out to its viewer and draws them in.    

What’s The Difference Between Strawberry Quartz and Regular Quartz

People often find themselves asking what the difference is between Strawberry Quartz and regular Quartz, and this is a perfectly understandable question.  The difference is rather subtle, and it can be difficult to keep track of all the variants of crystals that find themselves throughout nature.

The Quartz crystal is a gorgeous and magical stone that comes in a variety of shapes and colors.  While Quartz has several practical uses (such as being used as watch faces and in a variety of other modern devices to resonate and filter electronic frequencies), it also has several beautiful properties as well.  

While clear Quartz is by far the most common variant seen throughout most modern markets, there are several other varieties within the Quartz family.  Believe it or not, even amethyst is part of the very broad Quartz family, as are Quartz clusters and beautiful colored Quartz varieties.

Strawberry Quartz is one such variety, with its color coming from the mineral content laced through its beautifully intricate depths.  The scientific properties of Quartz come from its mineral content, and the stone’s structure allows for additional properties based on its internal structure.    

Types Of Strawberry Quartz

While there are not a wide variety of recognized variations of Strawberry Quartz, there are several different (but somewhat chemically related) oxides that are found in the crystal itself. 
Here is a breakdown of these iron oxides:

  • The first is called “lepidocrocite” and has a chemical makeup of (FeO(OH)).
  • The second is called “goethite” and also has a chemical makeup of (FeO(OH)), but with a wildly different chemical and crystal structure.
  • The third is called “limonite” and has a chemical makeup of (FeO(OH)*nH2O).
  • The fourth is called “hematite” and has a chemical makeup of Fe2O3.  Hematite is also a crystal and is considered to be the most important type of iron ore and is one of the most commonly found minerals on the Earth.  

The Symbolism Of Strawberry Quartz

By far, the most powerful and deep emotion in the range of human expression is the emotion of love.  Strawberry Quartz is directly connected to and corresponds with the Heart Chakra.  Channeling the power of love can be a very magical way to transcend your surroundings and sink deeper into life.  

In the fast-paced lifestyle of the modern-day, it is important to be able to take a step backwards and inwards towards something even deeper than what our senses can take in.  The symbolism and significance of Strawberry Quartz are that it has become an excellent way to transcend real life and attain peace of mind through the beauty of love.     

Meaning Behind Strawberry Quartz

The meaning of Strawberry Quartz is derived from its connection to the Heart Chakra of the heart.  It transcends the physical world to bring energies of love pouring into your life and washing over you so that you can unlock the personal importance that you really possess.   

Strawberry Quartz Chakra Healing

The healing properties of Strawberry Quartz are directly related to the heart and its Heart Chakra, and you will get the most effect out of the Strawberry Quartz crystal when it is carried or worn on the left side of your body or near your heart.  Doing so opens the energy surrounding you for unconditional love, connecting you in an even deeper way with the love surrounding you from the universe and the other auras surrounding your physical and metaphysical body. 

Cleansing and Charging Strawberry Quartz

Cleansing and charging of Strawberry Quartz can be difficult and is somewhat more complicated than most other stones.  While several other crystals have several methods by which they can be charged or cleansed, Strawberry Quartz is slightly limited in what can be done to it.  For example, Strawberry Quartz cannot be exposed to direct sunlight and therefore cannot be used to cleanse or charge the Strawberry Quartz. 

Instead, Strawberry Quartz must be cleansed in lukewarm water.  However, you cannot simply submerge the crystal within the water. You have to hold it underneath a jet of lukewarm, room-temperature water to get the full effect.   

Strawberry Quartz And The Zodiac Signs

The zodiac sign that the Strawberry Quartz crystal is most commonly associated with is the Libra sign, which falls between the dates of September 23 and October 22. Because Libras are naturally romantic, they feel a deep inner connection with the energy coming off of this crystal. The Strawberry Quartz allows Libras to let go of negative traits like negativity and indecisiveness as an overly controlling and possessive nature.  Additionally, the Libra connects with their creative side through a deep emotional connection with the Strawberry Quartz stone.   

The Bottom Line

Exploring the beauty of the aura and the beauty of the metaphysical is half the excitement of the journey when it comes to unlocking your emotional potential through an exploration of crystals and crystal healing.  

Here at Conscious Items, we believe in your ability to find the perfect stones for your lifestyle to support any of your needs.  Additionally, we only sell the highest quality products, so you can rest assured that no matter which crystal you decide best fits your needs, you are getting the best.  

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