Green Fluorite: The Expert's Guide To Properties, Meaning, and Healing Uses

Green Fluorite: Guide To Properties, Meaning, and Healing Uses

Looking for a little mental clarity in the chaos you currently call your life? Green Fluorite is the answer in beautiful, green crystal form. 

Originating deep within crevices of other rock formations, Green Fluorite is a beautiful, multi-faceted stone with a healing vibration that brings organization to your thoughts and your environment. 

If you’ve considered adding Green Fluorite to your collection but aren’t sure how it’s used or what it can help you achieve, we’ve got you covered. We’ll explore this mind and body centering stone and give you all the information you need to use it effectively in your daily life and spiritual practices. If you're looking for the properties of other types of fluorite, you can check out our complete list of crystals and their meanings.

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What Is Green Fluorite?

Green Fluorite is a stone prized by both geologists and metaphysical healers alike. Physically, the stone is one of the most balanced available, which translates into its ability to balance the mind and soul. 

Physical Properties of Green Fluorite

Fluorites are crystals that form from hydrothermal processes, or the high heating and slow cooling of magma. Fluorites develop in cracks and crevices (called “veins”) of other rock formations, usually sedimentary rocks. 

Green Fluorite is a smooth stone when tumbled and takes on a beautiful marbled appearance. In its natural form, it ranges in color from light, almost transparent green, to darker jade colors. 

Fluorites are also known as fluorspar. These crystals are minerals that are made of calcium and fluorine. Fluorites are especially important to geologists, as it is an easily recognizable mineral that is extremely stable and predictable. 

Fluorite is the mineral used by geologists to measure the Mohs hardness rating of 4. It’s also the only mineral known that has four directions of perfect cleavage, which means it breaks easily into perfect shapes. Most commonly, you will see octahedrons in Green Fluorite.

Although fluorites are available in numerous different colors, like purple and yellow, green is one of the most popular. 

Green Fluorite’s fluorescence was discovered in the 1800s by a geologist named George Stokes, who realized the stone’s ability to glow when exposed to pure white light. The beautiful violet glow of a fluorite is magical and only happens with exposure to long-wave ultraviolet light.  

Fluorite also has a perfect gravity reading of 3.2, which makes this crystal much more detectable than other crystals. 

Where Is Green Fluorite Located?

Green Fluorite is fairly common, with large vein deposits in areas all over the world, including the United States. However, the extraction and production of fluorite in the U.S. is a small operation and expensive, so most of the fluorite stones you’ll find for sale in the U.S. markets have been imported from other countries. 

China, Mexico, Mongolia, and South Africa all have thriving fluorite exports and large resources of fluorite to mine. 

Metaphysical Properties of Green Fluorite

Because Green Fluorite is such a physically balanced and stable crystal, it is used for balancing and stabilizing the spirit, soul, and body. Green Fluorite is the great harmonizer, making sense out of confusion and helping organize and reframe thoughts. Green Fluorite restores order and also promotes peace in the mind, body, and environment. 

Often referred to as the “genius stone,” Green Fluorite has a strong connection to intelligence and mental aptitude. This stone helps you hear new concepts, ideas, and information and process it with better understanding and retention. 

Green Fluorite’s strong vibration of 6 stimulates brain cells and helps support better concentration, laser focus, and discernment. Users of Green Fluorite rings should keep the crystal near them when they need additional mental clarity, are experiencing a difficult problem, or need guidance.

If it’s deeper intuition and connection with psychic powers you want, Green Fluorite can also help. Green Fluorite provides a clear channel to the spiritual realm and clears negative energy from the spiritual environment. 

History of Green Fluorite Use

Because Green Fluorite is fairly common, it has been used for centuries. Often thought to be the home of the rainbow because of its multidimensional colors and its ability to fraction light, ancient cultures believed in this crystal’s ability to keep them grounded and balanced. 

The Chinese used fluorite for carving reliefs and figurines. They believed it symbolized greatness and would use it to carve out pictures of victorious battles or successful warriors. The Romans believed fluorite would prevent over-indulgence and often made their wine chalices from different varieties of the crystal. 

Ancient Greeks, too, valued Green Fluorite, often giving it as gifts. Even early American peoples used fluorite. In fact, a large deposit of fluorite is found in Illinois, and the state recognizes it as the state stone. Illinois is home to a museum that features the largest collection of fluorite in the world.

What Is the Meaning of Green Fluorite?

The meaning of a stone simply refers to its symbolism, or what the stone is most closely connected to in terms of metaphysical abilities, spiritual connections, and physical manifestations. 

Green Fluorite’s meaning is attunement to the spirit, which is thought to be the highest level of awareness one can achieve. Green Fluorite represents pure mental focus, mental ability, and growth. 

With the ability to clear and absorb negativity from the environment and spiritual channels, Green Fluorite is known for its ability to spark renewal. New thoughts, creative ideas and solutions to problems, and new frames of belief are all achievable with a Green Fluorite crystal.  

While Green Fluorite is not a birthstone, it is the zodiac stone of those born under the sign of Pisces. Therefore, Pisceans will likely feel a stronger connection to these stones. 

Green Fluorite and the Chakras

Most crystals naturally align with a particular Chakra due to their vibration. Green Fluorite aligns perfectly with the Heart Chakra, helping keep the Heart Chakra open and balanced. 

The Heart Chakra is where we find our true selves. It’s where our innermost being lies waiting to be discovered. A person with a balanced Heart Chakra speaks their truth openly and confidently. Their actions and words align with the truest and deepest version of themselves. 

A closed or unbalanced Heart Chakra can happen because of past or current trauma. When the Heart Chakra is unbalanced, a person can feel controlled by something or someone. Alternatively, they can also feel like they control others. 

Because the Heart Chakra is the location of both our deepest desires and the seat of ideas we resist, keeping it open and balanced is incredibly important. 

Green Fluorite helps unclog our Heart Chakra, absorb negative injury and trauma, and give us mental clarity and focus to overcome anything that blocks the Heart Chakra from complete openness. 

Green Fluorite helps promote a state of acceptance for all things the heart experiences and can help change your mind frame from experiencing them as either good or bad but simply as events that ebb and flow in and out. 

While Green Fluorite is close to the Heart Chakra, it’s also powerfully connected to the Third Eye Chakra, which controls consciousness. The Third Eye Chakra can be balanced by Green Fluorite, improving perception and helping you see situations clearly instead of through the veil of emotions. 

Healing Properties of Green Fluorite

Green Fluorite has powerful healing properties, likely because it is such a balanced stone. Green Fluorite aids in physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual healing, making it an incredibly well-rounded crystal you’ll want to keep within reach. 

Physical Healing Properties of Green Fluorite

Fluorite stones are frequently used for physical healing, but Green Fluorite, in particular, is often used for immune disorders, bone issues, and even dental pain. 

Because Green Fluorite is a strong stone with a heavy, detectable gravity, it’s the perfect solution for helping ease joint and bone pain. It has the ability to align with the skeletal system and provide support for your bones. If you suffer from diseases like arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, bone spurs, or other bone-related issues, keeping Green Fluorite nearby can help bring soothing comfort. 

Green Fluorite also connects with the body’s immune system, making it a stone that is very popularly used for support with colds, flu, and other ailments. Some healers even promote the use of Green Fluorite for serious infections and immune disorders. 

If you suffer from stomach issues, digestive discomfort, or an unbalanced gut, Green Fluorite can be used to find relief. 

Mental and Emotional Healing of Green Fluorite

Even during times of extreme chaos in your life, finding balance and order is possible. 

No matter what you are experiencing, Green Fluorite can help you find stability. Whether you feel like you are in a mental state of chaos or are surrounded by chaos in your environment, Green Fluorite can help smooth anxious, bound-up nerves, clear channels of mental confusion, and remove environmental stressors. 

Green Fluorite helps create order and design, making situations and thoughts more rational and easier to interpret. It’s also powerful in helping you release mental fixations. Those that struggle with unhealthy habits and behaviors, like addiction, find release from those burdens. 

Spiritual Healing of Green Fluorite

All of us experience areas of spiritual brokenness, as well as the need for spiritual healing. Green Fluorite brings spiritual healing in the form of helping unlock repressed memories and feelings, so you can properly heal from them. 

Green Fluorite also restores spiritual balance. When you feel you aren’t as spiritually connected as you once were, or when you feel as though your spiritual channels are clogged, Green Fluorite can help you clear the channels and make better contact with your spiritual guides. 

Use of Green Fluorite

Green Fluorite is useful for meditations, spiritual ceremonies, and balancing rituals and ceremonies. You can also use Green Fluorite in the workplace and at home. Here’s how. 

Meditation and Ceremonies With Green Fluorite

Green Fluorite is one of the best crystals for meditation because of its ability to help you maintain focus. Many users find simply placing Green Fluorite crystal next to them during meditation helps them find a deeper connection with their spiritual practice. 

It’s also a great stone for use in yoga and pilates, as it helps promote endurance and focus and keeps the mind in check and free from negative, defeating thoughts or distractions. Green Fluorite also helps improve balance and stability, making it perfect for attempting to master side crow position or finally achieving a forearm balance. 

Green Fluorite also opens spiritual channels to allow the flow of psychic exchange. If you are exploring your psychic tendencies and abilities, Green Fluorite is essential in your ceremonies. 

Green Fluorite For Healers

Healers love using Green Fluorite to help absorb negative energy from their clients instead of allowing it to pass into their auras. 

Green Fluorite is also powerful for helping balance the Chakras. Placing a Green Fluorite crystal into each palm and one above each brow can help balance the Third Eye Chakra. Placing a crystal on the Heart Chakra (in between the breastbone) can help balance the Heart Chakra. 

Green Fluorite in the Home and Workplace

Used in both the home and workplace, Green Fluorite helps bring balance and peace to the environment. Used in the home it promotes tranquility, thought, acceptance, and stability. It is especially helpful when used during times of emotional stress and trauma at home. 

You can place Green Fluorite in the entryway to your home to absorb negative vibrations from visitors and even from members of your own family. 

Green Fluorite also helps you connect spiritually through dreams. Using Green Fluorite under the pillow will help you experience dreams that you can later interpret. It is said that dreaming on Green Fluorite can help you walk through spiritual realms safely and without trauma. 

At work, Green Fluorite helps keep you balanced and focused. No matter what you have on your daily docket, Green Fluorite can help you feel in control of it and able to make sense of even the most difficult situations. 

Useful to those in jobs that require a high level of thought and problem-solving, Green Fluorite helps encourage the best use of mental faculties and improves thought process. Placing a Green Fluorite concentration stone on your desk can help you stay on task. 

Green Fluorite’s vibration harmonizes with computers and other technologies, making it a great addition to any office space. 

You’ll even experience less stress and feelings of tension with Green Fluorite nearby. The peaceful vibration of Green Fluorite allows you to use your intelligence without being clouded by feelings of nervousness or panic. 

Green Fluorite in Jewelry

You can always wear Green Fluorite in jewelry, and wearing a Green Fluorite crystal on a pendant that hangs close to your Heart Chakra can help keep your Heart Chakra open and balanced. Green Fluorite bracelets or rings can also help you extend balance to others you meet.

Cleansing, Recharging, and Caring for Green Fluorite

As with any crystal, Green Fluorite will need to be cleansed, recharged, and cared for so that it remains powerful and functioning. Green Fluorite needs to be cleansed frequently because it is highly absorbent of negative energy. Cleansing your stone on a weekly basis is ideal. 

How Do I Know If My Green Fluorite Needs Cleansing?

Green Fluorite should be cleansed regularly, but if you begin to notice the crystal isn’t functioning as well, you should go ahead and cleanse it. 

Feeling like you are lacking focus, unable to concentrate or stay on task, or can’t process new information are signs your crystal may need cleaning. Also, if you are undergoing a particularly difficult or chaotic time period in your life, more frequent cleanings will be in order. 

Cleansing With Water

Water is the preferred method of cleansing for Green Fluorite. Because Green Fluorite is connected to renewal, growth, and rebirth, water is a perfect choice as it washes away the old and prepares for the new. 

You can cleanse your Green Fluorite under running water for several minutes while holding a cleansing intention firmly in your mind or stating it out loud before you begin. If you have access to natural running water, like a stream or spring, those sources work beautifully for cleansing and also provide a great backdrop for a cleansing ceremony. 

Cleansing With Sound

Because Green Fluorite helps so much with concentration and balance, you may find yourself with an abundance of these beautiful crystals. If so, you can cleanse them all at once with the sound cleansing method. 

Using a chant, music, or a sound instrument like a tuning fork, cleanse your crystals by allowing the sounds to sweep over the stones, harmonizing vibrations and clearing away negative energy. 

Sound cleansing is a great “hands-off” way of cleansing your stones, which helps protect them from damage. 

Moonlight Cleansing

Crystals love moonlight for charging and cleansing. You can simply leave your crystal outside when the moon is fullest so that it is able to absorb lunar energy. This is also a great way to recharge and activate your Green Fluorite crystals, which can make them more useful to you. 

It’s best to place your Green Fluorite directly on the earth if you are attempting to cleanse with moonlight. This allows negative energy to be released from the crystal and passed down into the earth. 

Cleansing Fluorite with Selenite

The safest method to cleanse your Green Fluorite (or any other crystal) is using the Selenite stone. Simply place the crystal you want to cleanse on Selenite for 24 hours and then recharge it.

Cleansing Tips

Make sure when you are cleansing your Green Fluorite, you don’t expose it to something that could be damaging to it. Sunlight, for instance, could cause your stone to fade, so it isn’t recommended for cleansing. 

Likewise, some materials, like salt, can wear down your stone’s surface, especially if it is untreated. 

If you are cleansing jewelry, always be sure to check with the jewelry manufacturer to make sure the metals used in the jewelry can tolerate the method of cleaning you are attempting. 

The Takeaway

If you’re lacking concentration or balance, Green Fluorite is the crystal you need. With its ability to keep you focused, help you understand, interpret, and retain information, and establish order in the midst of chaos, Green Fluorite is the perfect addition to your work and home spaces. 

Spiritually, Green Fluorite helps you reach acceptance in your heart and helps bring awareness of past trauma so that you can begin to heal. Green Fluorite helps increase your natural intuition and heightens your psychic awareness. 

Using Green Fluorite for healing is great for gastrointestinal issues, helping support balanced immunity, and even helping soothe discomfort from joint and bone pain. 

You can enjoy the benefits of Green Fluorite by placing these crystals in your home, under your pillow, and in your workplace. The ultimate in recharging and balancing stones, Green Fluorite will give you peace and focus while on your journey to spiritual attunement. 

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