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Gemini Birthstone: What Are The Top 10 Gemini Crystals?

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About The Zodiac Sign of Gemini

Gemini, also called The Twins, is the second of the zodiac signs and the first air sign. The astrological sign of the Twins is ruled by the planet Mercury. That means that Gemini people have a natural skill when it comes to communication, or in other words, they have the gift of gab.

One of their positive traits is that they do very well in social situations because of their communication skills. They also do very well in numerous professional settings, from being a medical professional constantly racing against time to save lives all the way to working as a therapist to boost people's self-confidence and support them in avoiding pointless drama in their lives.

But there's also a hidden nature of the Gemini sign: Gemini people can also fall into deceptive practices in some situations because they have such a native ability to persuade people which can turn into the skill to manipulate. Because of that dual nature, a person born under the star sign of Gemini can be a skilled and yet a dangerous politician, for instance, depending on certain aspects of their natal chart.

Gemini people tend to be free spirits that like to do things on their own terms, which can sometimes lead to them needing more emotional balance in their personal relationships and careers. Sometimes they go back and forth between personal integrity and inner peace and a conflictual and chameleonic nature.

People born under the first of the air astrological signs tend towards achieving spiritual enlightenment and more balanced life, developing a healthy social conscience, and mastering social grace.

And yet one of their personality traits which can be a bit weird is that when things are very well-balanced and they enjoy continued good fortune, their conscious minds mix things around to create some chaos so they feel challenged yet again. Their competitive nature is one of their key traits.

If anyone were to write the complete guide to understand people born under the sign of Gemini, they'd be writing it forever and still wouldn't be able to complete it. That's how complex the Gemini - meaning people born between May 21 and June 21 - are.

But it's precisely the complexity of this zodiac sign that makes them so powerful when it comes to fruitful transmutation and manifesting good luck. For Geminis, crystal energy is the perfect balance between the energy of the Above and the energy of the Below, a mix of opposing elements within which they feel perfectly at home.

What Is The Birthstone For Gemini?

Like any other zodiac sign, Gemini spans over two different months, so there are two Gemini birthstones.

Depending on the month in which Gemini is born, there's going to be one talismanic stone for the May Gemini and one talismanic stone for the June Gemini.

What Are The Two Gemini Birthstones?

The two birthstones for the Gemini sign involve the zodiac birthstone for May and the zodiac birthstone for June.

1. May Gemini Birthstone: Emerald

The May Gemini birthstone is Emerald. Emerald focuses its healing properties on the heart chakra to achieve emotional well-being for the sign of Gemini.

Emerald gives them the emotional strength they need in order to take decisive steps towards self-improvement and overcoming self-destruction.

Learn more about Emerald stone in our blog post.

Emotionally strong Gemini people simply walk away from shady people and are able to keep their highly sensitive nature protected while also pursuing their dreams.

2. June Gemini Birthstone: Pearl

The Gemini birthstone for June is Pearl. Pearls are a symbol of spirituality, inner wisdom, and the connection to the higher realms.

Pearl can support you in achieving any spiritual task and it also enhances intelligence while promoting good health. It provides a powerful stimulant to your nervous system, helping you to achieve consciousness of the higher realms.

As the Gemini gemstone, Pearl basically gives its wearer the ability to tune into the higher vibes of the cosmos. By wearing Gemini jewelry, such as the Spiritual Evolution Anklet, you connect to your higher self and the wisdom of the higher spheres.

What Is Gemini's Birthstone Color?

What color is Gemini, birthstone stone edition? When it comes to the Gemini stone color, our top picks are green, white, blue, and transparent.

  • The green Gemini birthstone color of precious stones talks about the vibrant vitality and healing nature of Mother Gaia's influence on this air sign.

  • With the help of the white birthstone, Geminis can look inwards and achieve that level of wisdom and pure understanding of their own human nature.
  • A blue Gemini birthstone talks about the throat chakra and Gemini's communication abilities.
  • A transparent stone is a lucky stone, and not for just one task. It supports transmuting negative energy into positive vibes and ascending to higher levels of consciousness and wisdom. It's a talismanic stone for spiritual growth and ascension.

Top 10 Gemini Crystals

The two main Gemini birthstones work very well with either of these top crystals and healing stones for Geminis.

Birthstone jewelry that includes that zodiac sign birthstone along with other crystals that are very favorable to the sign is all the more powerful and has much more of an impact on the wearer.

1. Moonstone

Wearing Gemini birthstone rings with Moonstone can support your process of self-discovery. What is Gemini birthstone jewelry good for if not truly getting to know yourself?

The Lunar Ring of Power can help you to embark on a journey of self-development and growth, which will support you in fulfilling the ambitious dreams so typical to the Gemini's zodiac sign.

2. Alexandrite

Alexandrite is the Gemini stone of chameleonic changes. Its ability to change colors depending on the light source it's under speaks about Gemini's ability to transform and transmute.

Coupled with the Moonstone birthstone, these precious stones support transformative upgrades and spiritual progress, as well as manifesting your dreams by speaking your desires out loud.

3. Agate

Agate is one of the most powerful healing crystals and birthstones for Geminis, since it helps them achieve and maintain their inner peace while also acting as an energetic shield that keeps Gemini safe from outside influences.

Wearing the The Spiritual Growth Bracelet puts the healing crystals to work while also protecting Geminis and fueling their passion and zest for life.

4. Tourmaline

Tourmaline jewelry is a trusted birth stones ally for Gemini's zodiac stones. The soothing and comforting healing energy of Tourmaline bracelets, and Green Tourmaline, in particular, offer Geminis the support and tenderness they need as they recover from any emotional turmoil or dramatic event.

The Tourmaline Anklet of Hope, especially if coupled with a Gemini birthstone necklace with Emerald stones, guides Gemini through the maze of everyday life and fuels the positivity needed in order to see the light of hope at the end of the tunnel.

5. Sapphire

Sapphire stones and White Sapphire stones particularly, when set in jewelry with other Gemini zodiac birthstones, power up Geminians spiritual nature and attune their heart chakra and throat chakra as they undergo spiritual upgrades.

White Sapphire is very powerful when it comes to neutralizing negative energy and filling the heart and mind of the wearer with positive and uplifting thoughts and feelings. The positive vibes are here to stay with the help of White Sapphire.

6. Aquamarine

The agile and fast-moving Gemini's mind can move at dizzying speeds. While that's a clear perk for this sign, it can also become exhausting and energetically draining.

Wearing Aquamarine bracelets with your Pearl birthstone, Gemini, is going to keep you anchored in the present. Your throat chakra and your crown chakra are going to harmonize, so you'll speak with peace of mind and tranquility within your own thoughts and feelings and within those of others.

This Gemini crystal soothes anxiety and restlessness, giving you an uplighting and serene state of mind and body. Aquamarine rings and other jewelry can calm down physical issues of the digestive system as these gorgeous stones weed out the lower vibes from your energetic field.

7. Citrine

Citrine stones have powerful healing energies, which when coupled with the Gemini birthstones of the month of May, Emeralds, can work to temper down a restless heart. In combination with the Gemini birthstones of the month of June, Pearls, Citrine stones can temper down a restless mind.

This precious and uplifting stone transforms the mood of the wearer of the jewelry. The Mindfulness Bracelet with Citrine stones can act as a shield against spite, malice, and jealousy of those around you.

8. Chrysoprase

Though Geminis can come across as very confident and self-assured, behind the strong unaffected mask that they can sometimes wear for the world there's a sensitive soul constantly dealing with doubts and uncertainties.

This beautiful stone has heart-nourishing properties, as well as grounding abilities. When combined with May Gemini birthstones, Emeralds, these stones fuel your ability to express yourself in a bold and self-assured manner without coming across as full of yourself or annoying.

9. Topaz

Topaz is one of the powerful stones for Geminis, particularly the Blue Topaz variety. Natural Blue Topaz is a rare gem in the same way that Geminis are special gems for their loved ones and their professional environment.

Some of the blue stones that work best with Geminis and their throat chakras, Blue Topaz stones also connect to the third eye and work with your perception of the world around you and of yourself.

It's an essential stone for your process of self-analysis and personal growth. At the same time, Blue Topaz supports Geminis in expanding their universe and gaining access to wisdom and insight from higher dimensions.

10. Celestite

Celestite is a powerful stone for Geminians because it connects them to high vibe spiritual truths. That means that they can speak the truth and perceive the truth in what is spoken to them.

Celestite is a powerful stone for Geminis that work in fields that include truth detection, negotiations, and coping with tense and stressful situations.

    How To Charge Your Gemini Stone

    Since the Twins’ astrological sign is an air sign, charging your Gemini stone is going to involve the element of air and light.

    Set your stone under direct light, be it sunlight, moonlight, crystal or a Rose Salt Night Light lamp, somewhere where the air moves freely: on a window sill, in your garden, somewhere out in nature. The combination of light and active air currents is going to charge your stone and infuse it with the vitality and brilliance of the elements it's interacting with.

    You can help the process along by setting the intention for your stone to become fully charged with positive high vibe energy. Set the intention that your stone is radiating bright positive light, glowing with joy, fulfillment, and blessings.

    Meditation can also help along the process. Visualize your stone shining bright like the Sun itself, overflowing with positivity, optimism, abundance, fulfillment. Picture every positive and constructive thing you desire its help with to be the core trait of your stone. Feel that energy glowing from the stone as if your Gemini's stone is the very essence of truly blessed light.

    Once you've charged your stone, it's ready to do its best work for you and with you. Don't forget to cleanse it regularly, and after each cleansing, charge it again before working with it.

    Raise Your Vibe With Gemini Gemstones!

    Make the most of these stones for the Gemini birth month of May and June. Attract higher vibes and a more fulfilling day-to-day life with the help of whichever stone from these healing crystals and precious stones for the Gemini star sign.

    Step into a higher level of consciousness and improve your life journey with these Gemini crystals and birthstone jewelry!

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