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Tigers Eye Meaning: Healing Properties and Benefits of Tigers Eye

Tiger's Eye is a chatoyant Quartz with a golden brown to red-brown color. It contains Silicon dioxide, and its colors come from iron dioxide. It has opaque transparency and a silky luster. Tigers Eye meaning is primarily self-confidence and spiritual strength. It is mined in Western Australia and South Africa.

The Tiger's Eye meaning was used in ancient cultures for protection and good luck. You can use it today to attract confidence, good luck, abundance, and wealth.

Keep it close to get the optimum benefits. You can keep it in the house or wear Tiger's Eye rings, beads, pendulums, necklaces, or bracelets.

In this article, you’ll find out everything about Tigers Eye meaning and healing properties. You will also explore how to activate this stone, which crystals to combine it with and how to cleanse Tigers eye.

In this article:

Origins Of Tiger's Eye

tigers eye stone

The first Tiger's Eye stones were discovered in South Africa by a German naturalist named Martin Lichtenstein. South Africa is still a source of this stone, although deposits have been located in Namibia, Western Australia, India, Brazil, Burma, and even parts of the United States and Canada. There is a mine in Blue Ridge, Georgia, that is known for Tiger's Eye stones. 

Tiger's Eye is mainly found in areas with dry air, high temperatures, and a sense of wilderness. During the 16th century, this stone was so rare that it became more expensive than Gold. If you’re lucky, you can find the Tiger's Eye stone next to gold deposits since most have been removed from the mines.

The Properties Of Tiger’s Eye

tigers eye properties

Tiger's Eye is named so because of its deep, orange, red, and brown colors with delicate black "stripes" and chatoyancy. These properties give it a cat-eye-like quality.

Physical properties of Tiger's Eye

Tiger's Eye is an opaque stone that is rarely found in rough form. Properties of the Tiger's Eye, like Mohs hardness of 7, make it extremely durable. Most of these stones are cabochon-cut, meaning they have been tumbled and polished but not faceted. 

The Tiger's Eye stone has chatoyancy, which is the name given to the optical effect a stone has when light reflects off of it, similar to how light reflects in a cat's eye. It is considered a similar stone to Hawk's Eye Chrysoberyl. 

You'll find a beautiful array of colors in Tiger's Eye stones. Patterns range from amber, red, orange, and brown color and usually have fine black lines delineating different color patterns. The black lines (cross bands) do not oxidize upon light exposure because they are made of titanium dioxide. The titanium dioxide is behind the creation of a lot of markings in the Tiger's Eye stone. As for red bands on the gemstone, iron dioxide is responsible.

The Tiger's Eye stone forms when one of two elements inside a Quartz stone overpowers the other — often Crocidolite. The Crocidolite is slowly replaced by a variety of Quartz, as it retains the shape of the parallel fibers. This overpowering effect is why it is given this name and one of the reasons this stone is potent by nature. It resembles the eye of the tiger, meaning it has a yellow golden to red-brown color and silky luster.

Tigers eye metaphysical properties

The Tiger's Eye crystal possesses the metaphysical properties of strength, intelligence, courage, ambition, and power. Users of Tigers Eye can harness more profound inner strength, a renewed sense of personal willpower and determination, increased self-confidence, and self-love. 

The Tigers Eye metaphysical properties make you harness the correct use of will and power, stimulate your integrity, and help you make better, more focused decisions. When you choose this stone, its metaphysical properties will give you an overwhelming sense of harmony, prosperity, and grace. 

The Tigers Eye metaphysical properties help you follow your heart, seek out horizons and make a fortune no matter the odds. You manage to chase your dreams with a smile and confidence with the help of a Tiger's Eye gemstone.

When faced with a complicated situation, the Tiger's Eye will provide valuable insight. It helps your mind focus and attract wealth and abundance naturally without hard work. Its metaphysical properties also eliminate your fear and provide deep transformation.

    Healing Properties Of Tiger's Eye

    Tiger's Eye has powerful healing properties, and many people rely on it to keep them grounded, confident, and motivated and keep their emotions balanced. 

    Physical Healing Properties of Tiger's Eye

    Because the Tiger's Eye stone stimulates both the solar plexus chakra and the root chakra, it's naturally beneficial at helping correct physical ailments you experience when those two chakras are out of alignment. It has physical healing properties that help people in different ways like:

    • Fortifying the blood and balance the endocrine system because the Tiger’s Eye stone brims with vitality.
    • Helping people that are sluggish and have lethargy in their work to become more energized.
    • Increasing energy, metabolism, and sex drive; hence balances all hormones to help your body have an optimum function.
    • Benefiting the solar plexus chakra, improving different physical ailments; digestive problems, heartburn, glucose intolerance, broken bones, and anxiety.


    Emotional and Mental Healing Properties of Tiger's Eye

    tiger eye healing properties

    When you feel less confident than you'd like, Tigers Eye benefits can help you. Its direct, powerful warmth helps stimulate self-confidence and self-love and can support you with low self-esteem. Wearing it can instantly bolster your confidence and help you feel more aligned with your ability to make the right decisions with discernment. 

    Tiger's Eye is a convenient stone when you feel indecisive. Simply having a it gives you higher mental clarity and the vision to see decisions in a black and white framework.

    Spiritual Healing Properties of Tiger's Eye

    The protective benefits of Tiger's Eye are also available to you on your spiritual journey. Tiger's Eye not only enhances your psychic gifts, but can also protects you during psychic sessions, scrying, or attempting to reach your spiritual guides. 

    Since it's a grounding stone, it's perfect as an addition to your meditations and spiritual ceremonies. If you've been struggling to find focus when you meditate, Tiger's Eye properties bring your mind back to Earth to stay grounded, centered, and focused.

    Tiger's Eye Meaning

    The Tiger's Eye stone meaning is:

    • Confidence
    • Determination
    • Focus
    • Passion

    The user of a Tiger's Eye stone can channel the energy of the sun and set their spirit ablaze. Its healing properties warm the soul, create renewed confidence and rapidly dispel negative energy. 

      Different types of Tiger's Eye and their meanings

      Tiger's Eye gemstones grow in different environments and have other trace elements making them exist in various colors. The most popular ones are Yellow Tiger Eye, Red Tiger Eye, Blue Tiger's Eye, and Green Tiger Eye.

      Yellow Tiger's Eye Crystal Meaning

      yellow tiger eye meaning

      The Yellow Tiger's Eye stone is the most popular in the market. It has a well-organized, strong luster and silky pattern with a golden brown or yellow-brown color that resembles a tiger's yellow stripes. 

      The Yellow Tiger's Eye meaning is to prevent physical and mental ailments, depression and eliminate fear. Indians consider Yellow Tiger's Eye stones as sacred and a sign of prestige.

      Blue Tiger's Eye Crystal Meaning

      Blue Tiger's Eye (also called Hawk's Eye) is translucent, has a strong, silky luster and a merging light. It resembles a Hawk's Eye because of the blue asbestos fibers present in the stone. When you view it from a specific angle, you will see the clear crystal.

      The Blue Tiger's Eye meaning is good luck and fortune. If you one with the cat's eye effect, know that it’s high-end. You might like this Blue Tiger's Eye bracelet for success.

      Red Tiger's Eye Crystal Meaning

      Heating a natural Yellow Tiger’s Eye oxidizes the components with iron turning it into the Red Tiger's Eye that has a reddish-brown color. Red Tiger's Eye ( or Tigerite) stones are precious and rare, most of which are available in the market dyed.

      Red Tigers Eye meaning is braveness and enthusiasm. If you are a timid person and want to improve your weaknesses like indecisiveness, wear the stone to overcome them. You can also wear this Red Tiger’s Eye bracelet to ignite your passion.

      Green Tigers Eye Crystal Meaning

      Green Tiger's Eye stones are rare, and the ones available in the market are dyed like the red ones. When you view a Green Tiger's Eye under a microscope, you will observe a green color in the stone's superficial layer. You can find them in the market as jewelry like this Tiger's Eye growth bracelet.

      The Green Tigers Eye meaning is the courage to continue moving. Soldiers would use this gemstone on the battlefield for courage. You can also utilize the Tigers Eye meaning to overcome fear and anxiety.

      How To Use Tiger's Eye Crystal

      A Tiger's Eye stone works effectively when you have it by your side at all times. If you need energy, you can carry, wear or place it next to where you work. It improves your energy and courage. Additionally, the Tiger's Eye makes you reach great heights of success. 

      Here are different ways you can use Tiger's Eye:

      1. Hold Tiger's Eye as you meditate

      You can use Tiger Eye properties in your mediations and ceremonies and as an accompanying stone. This stone has a warm, intense energy that channels light and dispels darkness. It's best used by those who need confidence, grounding vibrations, and power to make decisions. 

      2. Wear Tiger's Eye as Jewelry

      tigers eye bracelet

      Wearing Tiger's Eye jewelry can help increase your daily confidence levels and enhance your passion for life. Suppose you struggle with intimacy or confidence with your sexual prowess. In that case, the Tiger's Eye bracelets' properties give you the energy needed for enjoying your escapades and feeling comfortable and confident. You can use it alongside other stones like Amethyst and Red Jasper. 

        3. Use Tiger's Eye in Feng Shui

        Tiger's Eye is perfect for Feng Shui because it cleanses and offers protection in your environment. You can use Tiger's Eye in Feng Shui for your workplace to increase focus, insight into complicated situations, and reduce procrastination. Feng Shui is where you arrange crystals in your space to eliminate disposition and create balance giving it a Zen-like feeling. 

        While at home, Tiger's Eye is highly beneficial in Feng Shui to attract fortune, keep moods grounded, and eliminate fear. To use it in Feng Shui, keep a Tiger’s Eye amulet next to the window and front door. If you think your child has a tiger's nature, you can place the Tiger's Eye stone in the nursery or bedroom.

        4. Sleep with Tiger's Eye under your pillow

        Sleeping with a Tiger Eye under the pillow is a great way to harness its soothing powers. Its properties will calm your mind and help you have a good night's rest. If you suffer from nightmares, the Tiger's Eye stone will reduce them over time and improve your sleeping patterns daily.

        How To Cleanse Tigers Eye

        Tiger's Eye is a durable stone that can tolerate virtually any method of cleansing. Water is always an excellent option for cleansing your crystals and stones. 

        Tiger's Eye has a reputation for soaking up toxic energies. It is also critical to cleanse its energy to keep it at the highest level of its vibration and eliminate negativity in your life. Cleansing your Tiger Eye will keep it fresh and keep its energy flowing. 

        When it comes to how to cleanse Tigers Eye, here are a few popular methods: 

        1. Sound cleansing

        Align your energizing stones together and, using a sound tool, allow the sound waves to wash over your stones while you recite a cleansing intention over them. Sound cleansing is an efficient way of cleansing your Tiger's Eye stones if you have multiple or would like to cleanse other stones along with it.  

        2. Water cleansing

        tiger eye cleansing in water

        Keep the Tiger's Eye stone in a flowing stream or rinse it with water for 20 minutes, then dry it. If you can't access a river, purchase mineral water, then soak the crystal for one day to eliminate negative energy.

        Cleansing your Tiger's Eye stone with water helps to cleanse and purify it. Tiger's Eye is a natural stone, and cleaning it with natural methods will eliminate the toxic energies it has accumulated. 

        3. Kosher salt cleansing

        Can Tiger's Eye go in salt? Yes, it can! People mainly cleanse and purify Tiger's Eye with kosher salt because it does not have iodine.

        • Place kosher salt with large grains in a dish and bury your Tiger's Eye stone underneath the salt for one day (ensure it reaches 24 hours and not less). It is an effective method of purification that lasts for 100 days or three months. 
        • If kosher salt has tiny grains, you need to use water. Mix in the ratio of 500 grams water to 10 grams and place the crystal into this solution for one day. Smaller kosher salt grains have lower energy levels; hence you can only carry the crystal for four weeks until it needs another purification process. 

        4. Crystal cluster cleansing

        The easiest method to cleanse and energize your Tiger's Eye stone is with a crystal cluster. Crystal clusters have high energy levels that purify and charge the stone. All you have to do is place your eye stone on a crystal cluster for one night. 

        5. Sage cleansing

        Burning sage produces smoke that eliminates negative vibrations that the Tiger's Eye stone picks up. Simply ignite the bunch of sage and pass the smoke over your Tiger's Eye stone for half a minute or so. Combine the cleansing process with a vision that all the negative energies have been eliminated to get the best results. Ensure the space or room you’re using is well ventilated to avoid choking.  

        6. Incense cleansing

        tiger eye incense cleansing

        You can cleanse your Tiger's Eye stone with incense because it has high energy that soaks up negative energy and charges your stone. Burn incense in your Loving Lotus incense holder and let your stone soak in the smoke while saying affirmations of intentions you have. It could be affirmations about removing negative energy or manifestation that the Tiger's stone brings you success.

        Repeat the affirmations to show that you have faith that they will come true. Great affirmations with the Tiger Eye include, 'I will achieve success, 'I will get a promotion at work, 'I am confident, etc. Ensure to burn the incense and cleanse your Tiger Eye stone in a well-ventilated area to eliminate smoke, bad vibes, and avoid choking.

        FAQ about Tigers Eye

        What Does Tiger’s Eye Attract?

        Tiger's Eye attracts prosperity, good luck, and abundance in your life. The stone will also give you confidence and attract wealth. These golden stones are great if you want success through money flow, opportunities, and business growth. 

        For example, if you’re hesitant about starting a business, consider wearing this Gold Tiger's Eye bracelet to inspire success. Gold Tigers Eye meaning is emotional stability, inspiring action on your ideas, and attracting good luck.

        What Chakra Is Tiger's Eye?

        Tiger's Eye properties balance both the solar plexus chakra and the root chakra. Due to its healing properties, it is a versatile stone that can have several applications in chakra work. Its grounding capabilities make it useful in many areas of the body and mind.  

        The Tigers Eye meaning is associated with the following three specific chakras:

        Tiger's Eye and the Solar Plexus Chakra

        Tiger's Eye and the solar plexus chakra

        The Tiger's Eye stone is ruled by the sun, and as such, it has a unique ability to channel solar energy. This works brilliantly when opening and balancing your solar plexus, which is also governed by the sun. 

        The solar plexus chakra controls our ego, personality, willpower, and self-confidence. However, there are list of crystals for solar plexus chakra healing and rebalancing.

        Imbalance with the solar plexus chakra can result in either:

        • Negative feelings like low self-esteem, devaluation, lack of confidence, and inability to rely on one's one determination and willpower
        • Narcissistic feelings like inflated ego, misuse of power, misuse of sexual energy, and dominating personality

        Tiger's Eye healing properties balance your chakra and keep you grounded, ensuring you have a healthy relationship with yourself and properly channel energy without misusing it. 

        Tiger's Eye and the Root Chakra

        The Tiger's Eye properties also stimulate the root chakra, which is your grounding chakra. The root chakra is essential because it helps create foundational stability upon which your remaining chakras rest. 

        If your root chakra is misaligned, your other chakras' energies will wane. The Tiger's Eye healing properties encourage grounding energy that keeps you from feeling "in the clouds" or lost. You can also balance your root chakra and other six chakras with the crystal chakra-alignment set.

        Tiger's Eye and the Sacral Chakra

        Tiger's Eye healing properties can keep the sacral chakra open and flowing. The sacral chakra is found in the lower abdomen and ensures creative energy, sexuality, pleasure, passion, and playfulness flow through your body.

        A blocked sacral chakra will make you struggle in different ways like:

        • Experiencing lethargy
        • Lacking independence
        • Feeling burnout

        The Tiger's Eye properties instill vitality and energy and help you remain calm, keeping the sacral chakra open. This stone helps Sacral chakra stay calm and consistent instead of using a lot of energy that makes you sluggish, tired, and have burnout.

        What Does Tiger’s Eye Do: Tigers Eye Benefits?

        Here's what the Tiger's Eye can do for you:

        • Improve physical energy
        • Increase wealth and abundance
        • Offer protection
        • Enhance love in relationships
        • Manifest your goals 
        • Improve personal growth
        • Stimulate psychic gifts

        What is Tiger's Eye Good for?

        Tigers Eye is good for helping with many ailments, including:

        • Psychosomatic illnesses
        • Anxiety, stress, and seasoned depression
        • Eye and throat diseases
        • Broken bones
        • Spinal column ailments

        Is Tiger's Eye a lucky stone?

        Tiger's Eye pyramid

        Tiger's Eye is a lucky stone that attracts fortune. It was used in ancient cultures to bring protection and victory during war. You will notice that most people place it in their doorways to bring financial stability and success.

        Wearing Tiger's Eye can also bring luck to zodiac signs like Gemini. It is the zodiac stone for Geminis, helping them manifest success, focus, balance energies, and bring life to previous relationships. This stone can also bring double luck for Geminis born in June since it’s their spiritual birthstone.

        Who Should Wear Tiger's Eye?

        Everybody can wear Tiger's Eye but Capricorn and Aquarius have the hardest time merging with its energy. However, if Capricorn and Aquarius want to wear it, they can take time to find a flow with the stones.

        A Tiger's Eye stone has energies that keep you safe upon wearing it. Unless the retailer states that the asbestos was not neutralized after excavation, it is a safe stone to wear. 

        Who should not wear Tiger's Eye stone?

        Wearing Tigers Eye is considered unsafe by some if the ruler of Tiger's Eye (mars and sun) clashes with the planet ruling your zodiac sign.  

        Tiger's Eye is easily affected by strong vibrations and moisture because it is a type of chalcedony. You should not wear this stone if you work in a place with high vibrations and often knock your hands on hard surfaces. You can wear it away from work or place it in the office or pocket.

        The Best Crystals And Stones To Combine With Tiger’s Eye

        The best crystals and stones to pair with Tigers Eye are

        • Citrine
        • Quartz
        • Serpentine
        • Blue Lace Agate
        • Apache Tears
        • Selenite
        • Black Obsidian
        You can pair the Tiger' Eye stone with a Citrine crystal or your best Quartz, and it will magnify its effect. When you find that the combined energy is too much for you, you can use other stones positively.

        Tiger's Eye crystal is distinctive and can work together with other stones and crystals, such as Serpentine, Blue Lace Agate, Apache Tears, Selenite, Black Obsidian. It is effective on its own but can work miracles with crystals and their meanings.

        Tiger's Eye necklace

        How Do You Polish Tiger's Eye?

        You can polish your Tiger's Eye stone by hand with the right tools at the comfort of your home. Polishing the stone reveals the golden brown colors and makes it easy to use as Tiger's Eye jewelry or meditation stones. 

        There are two ways you can polish your Tiger's Eye:

        Polish using sandpaper

        Using sandpaper is an easy and efficient way to polish your Tiger's Eye stone. It’s a perfect polishing method if you want to wear a Tiger's Eye ring or other jewelry. 

        • You will need a chopping board, dry and wet sandpaper, a tea towel, and tap water. 
        • Place the tea towel underneath your chopping board to ensure you work steadily.
        • The next step is to lay sandpaper on your chopping board and pour a few drops of water. 
        • Afterward, rub your Tiger's Eye stone with sandpaper and water to create a smooth surface. 
        • Repeat the process until you’re satisfied with the results. 

        Polish with glass or metal polish

        If you cut your Tiger's eye, you should polish it with a compound like glass or metal polish and a clean cloth. Place the clean cloth on the chopping board, then put polish in the center of the fabric. Rub it on the board in the polish. As you continue polishing, wipe excess polish to check how you are progressing. Add more polish until you are satisfied with the results.

        Polish using a hand drill tool

        If you have a hand drill tool at home, buy polishing accessories that will help you polish your Tiger's Eye stone quickly. Remove the cutting attachment on your drill and place your polishing accessories. Apply metal or glass polish to your wheel and then buff and polish the stone until you’re satisfied with the finish. Use a cloth to remove the residues of the polish on the wheel and continue until you are done. 

        How can you tell if Tiger's Eye stone is real?

        Tiger's Eye is a form of Quartz that has a particular shine against the light. When looking at it, hold it up against the light, and it will seem like glass. While holding it like this, you’ll see a silver tone in a genuine Tiger Eye luster. 

        Is Tiger's Eye rare?

        Tiger's Eye is rare when it comes to worldwide distribution. However, the large deposits from Thailand, Western Australia, and South Africa, and other mining areas make it remain affordable. Yellow and black Tiger's Eyes are moderately cheap, while rare color combinations such as brown and gold are more expensive. Tiger's Eye stone is durable because it is Quartz; hence it generally remains affordable.

        Where should I keep my Tiger's Eye crystal?

        Keeping a Tiger's Eyes crystal next to you can give you the protection, energy, and confidence you need in your life. You can place the crystal in your pocket or purse. Keeping the Quartz crystal next to you ensures you use its energies at all times. If you want to land a job in an interview, place it in your pocket to help you remain calm with a sharp mind. 

        You can practice Feng Shui and place the healing crystals in your home for protective and grounding energy. Place this energizing stone in your doorway or in rooms where critical decisions are made. It will bring luck, and its fire elements will guide you during dark times. Guardians place them in their kid's bedrooms to promote bravery and self-confidence. 

        The Tiger's Eye stone meaning will also be helpful in your office, especially if you’re struggling with achieving goals. Whether you own the business or are just an employee, it will improve your positivity and braveness, bringing you success. 

        Another effective place to keep your Tiger Eye healing crystals is in your jewelry. Placing the healing crystals in your jewelry will ensure you have Tiger Eye properties everywhere you go. You can wear a Tiger's Eye bracelet, Tiger Eye necklace, or whatever Tiger's Eye jewelry you prefer.

        Can Tiger's eye go in water?

        Tiger's Eye is one of the water safe crystals. It tolerates both tap water and saltwater, provided it has been properly polished. That said, if you have a Tiger's Eye bracelet or necklace, you should check whether the material surrounding the stone is also water-safe. If your Tiger's Eye stone is rough, you'll want to use sound cleansing or Quartz cleansing. 


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