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Leo Birthstone: The Powerful Healing Properties Of Leo Stones

If you were born between July 22 and August 23, then you're a Leo. Leo is an assertive and passionate zodiac sign. Leos have a natural inclination towards leadership and manifestation. With the help of birthstones and healing crystals, Leo can make the most of its natural potential.

We've already covered the 10 best crystals for Leo. Now we'll talk about Leo birthstones and how you can benefit from wearing Leo birthstone jewelry.

About the Leo Zodiac Sign

The astrological sign of Leo is the fifth sign of the zodiac. It's also the second of the fire zodiac signs. The ruling planet of Leo is the Sun and the zodiac symbol is the Lion.

One of the key traits of Leo people is their ability to harness their personal power and lead. In fact, people born under the sign of Leo are natural-born leaders. It feels perfectly natural for a Lion to be in the driving seat of anything they get involved in. Sometimes, that might mean they don't make for that great a copilot, though. There can only be one Sun in the sky, after all.

A person born as a Leo is full of passion since Leo is a fire sign. Leos are driven, ambitious, motivated, full of life, and quick on their feet. Their energy flows like lava some days. During stressful times, they may develop a temper too. In some cases, they might have some issues with self-control if their ego is hurt.

What Is The Leo Birthstone?

What is a Leo birthstone? A Leo zodiac birthstone is the birthstone associated with the month when the Leo native was born. That means that we'll be talking about two Leo birthstones: Ruby for July Leos, and Peridot for August Leos.

What birthstone is Leo going to resonate with the most? Most likely, it will be the birthstone of the native's birth month, but it might be the birthstone of the other month, too. In some cases, you might resonate more with one of the birthstone healing crystals we'll talk about a bit later.

There's no such thing as the right or wrong birthstone for Leo. It's all about what feels right to you.

The July Leo Birthstone: Ruby

July's main birthstone is a regal stone. It's often included in royal jewelry. Due to the rich red color, it's very attuned to the sacral chakra and root chakra.

When Leos wear this birthstone, their love life and fertility are greatly improved. Their heart opens up towards true and deep love. When wearing this birthstone, a Leo’s love life will be injected with excitement and energy.

When the time comes to manifest your true divine counterpart, your birthstone will be of great help. Wear the Soulmate Rose Quartz Bracelet together with Ruby jewelry and magnetize your soulmate towards you.

The Ruby healing stone supports Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine energies with the spark of passion. When you wear Ruby birthstone jewelry as a Leo, it ignites your creativity and brightens up your perspectives.

You'll feel like the whole world is at your feet when you wear these beautiful stones. The energetic, emotional, and mental balance this gemstone promotes will become the steady foundation of your brilliant future.

Two excellent healing crystals and alternatives for June birthstones are Red Jasper and Carnelian.

Red Jasper: a supportive July birthstone ally

Red Jasper is a powerful stone when it comes to endurance and the ability to stay focused and on track. It connects to the root chakra, grounding the energy and promoting tranquility.

When part of a set like in the Power Chakra Tassels, it optimizes the energy flow within the entire body and ignites the spark of intensity and determination.

Carnelian: a great July birthstone activating crystal for Leos

Carnelian brings in the vibe of inspiration and compassion.

Wearing Carnelian can bring creative ideas and skills you might have overlooked swirling up from your subconscious mind. You'll have a great sense of personal power. You'll improve your focus if you wear the Chakra-Balancing Bracelets Set, which includes Carnelian.

Leos can benefit from the help of Carnelian particularly when going through very stressful situations that involve business or professional projects. Read more about Carnelian stone spiritual meaning in our complete guide!

The August Leo Birthstone: Peridot

Peridot is August's main birthstone for Leos. It's been admired for its properties ever since the Ancient Egyptians. Peridot is also called Olivine because it can be found in various shades of light green, including olive hues.

The Peridot Leo birthstone comes in a variety of yellow-green colors. These August gemstones work with the heart chakra and the solar plexus chakra. Leo people who wear Peridot benefit from its protective stone properties. Peridot helps Leos with gaining and improving the energetic balance within their aura.

The Peridot gemstones encourage abundance. It's a wonderful stone to use in your manifesting process. Part of the magic of this beautiful stone is that it supports you and sharpens your attention.

With the help of Peridot, you can pick up on opportunities and find the best way to make the most of them. Wear the Rainbow Freedom Rings and you'll see prosperity come your way.

The Peridot gemstone also supports energetic upgrades and helps you remain down to earth while you ascend on a spiritual level.

The Peridot stone can align the energetic flow of your body by activating your chakras. It improves the flow of energy through your entire aura. The Peridot birthstone will clear the air when it comes to your thoughts and energy field. It can cleanse the negative energy so you'll enjoy a more fulfilling life.

Peridot enhances psychic abilities. It serves to clear the channels of spiritual communication, activating also the third eye chakra and maintaining it cleansed. The result is a well-balanced and serene state of mind, heart, and body.

The Cosmic Balance Earrings give you the comfort of knowing deep down inside that we're all connected; that the Universe is an abundant place of endless possibilities. Wear them with a Peridot Leo birthstone necklace and connect with the higher dimensions.

But Peridot can also bring in emotional abundance and fulfillment. When worn together with a Peridot Leo birthstone ring, Rose Quartz focuses on healing the heart chakra. Rose Quartz optimizes Leo's energy so it flows with the vibes of unconditional love. Once you harmonize with that frequency, you'll manifest a spiritual union.

Golden Citrine: uplifting vibes for your Leo birthstone

Citrine radiates warmth and love, bringing a golden ray of sunshine into the wearer’s life, regardless of their external situation. The uplifting vibes of this stone dispel negative energy on the spot. Together with your Peridot birthstone, it will protect you from malicious thoughts or intentions.

By wearing the Mindfulness Bracelet, you'll make sure that you practice self-love first and foremost, not allowing yourself to become overworked or overwhelmed with tasks.

Amber: a great Leo birthstone cleanser

Amber, which is fossilized tree sap, acts as a natural sponge when it comes to negative and low vibes. It cleanses the people and space around it, trapping those low vibes within.

The healing and purifying effect of Amber makes it an amazing option due to its Leo birthstone crystal power. A great Amber alternative is Tiger's Eye. Wear the Ring of Power & Grace with Peridot jewelry to experience a graceful transformation that propels you into your authentic self.

What Color Is Leo Birthstone Jewelry?

When it comes to powerful gemstones for Leos, the color influences the meaning.

Activating and inspiring Leo birthstones

Some of the most powerful inspiring and activating stones for Leo are red, like Ruby, Red Jasper, and Carnelian, which we already talked about.

Red gemstones are in tune with the sacral chakra, the Ruby birthstone, and the hot energy of the Sun.

Manifesting Leo birthstones

Since the Lion is such a solar, fiery sign, and its ruling planet is the Sun, the main Leo birthstone color is yellow.

Yellow Leo stones and crystals are very powerful. Yellow is also the color that resonates with the solar plexus chakra, the energy storage of your entire energetic body. Though that's not so directly reflected in the two birthstones we've already discussed, there is a full Leo birthstone list to choose from when it comes to yellow crystals.

Yellow Sapphire, for instance, is a stone of prosperity, success, and manifesting new beginnings. It's the gemstone of accumulating new knowledge, new resources, and new opportunities. The Ultimate Wealth Bracelet has a similar effect, helping you achieve success in everything you do, material-wise or not. 

Spiritual development Leo birthstones

Clear and yellow Leo crystals are amazing for spiritual growth and development.

Diamond is the stone of amazing strength and durability. It's a symbol of resilience and spiritual power. It talks about the ability to gain clarity and perspective with the help of contemplation and personal experience.

While Diamond might be tougher to get, you can get similar benefits from Clear Quartz. Gain mental clarity, sharpness of wit, and ponder on the deeper meaning of life with the help of the Energy Protection Lamp.

Blue stones are very supportive of Leo's spiritual path too. Blue Tiger’s Eye is a powerful protection stone for Leo. It can cleanse negative energy and introduce calm and relaxing vibes while also boosting your confidence.

If you wear the Blue Tiger Eye Bracelet, you'll experience its spiritual power. It will balance your crown chakra and support you in resolving mental conflicts. If you wear it with some Peridot jewelry, you'll greatly increase your ability to make the most of the good luck coming your way.

Healing Leo gemstones

Green gemstones play an important role in the healing process for Leos. Leos are some of the most passion-oriented natives of the zodiac. They love deeply and they hurt deeply when it doesn't work out.

The meaning of green gemstones for Leo is that of heart chakra healing. These crystals work very well together with Peridot for Leos.

Grounding Leo crystals and stones

Other Lion gemstones are black or brown, resonating with the root chakra. These stones are great for grounding Leo's creative energy. They support the manifesting power of this solar star sign.

As a Leo's energy is very passionate and action-oriented, grounding is an essential part of maintaining this star sign’s well-being. One of the great grounding stones for Leo is Black Onyx.

Because it has a powerful connection to the earth element, Black Onyx balances a Leo's energy and shields it from low vibes. While used on its own it's powerful, but the best way to use it is in combination with other stones like in the Solar System Stones & Bracelet Set.

How Do You Connect To Leo Birthstones?

Connecting to your Leo birthstones is a process that involves three important stages:

  • - make sure that you have chosen the right crystal for your energy and situation;
  • - open up to your stone's energy, and;
  • - start to interact with its energy in order to achieve your purpose.

1. Is it the right crystal for you?

If you follow your intuition when first choosing your crystal, then, generally speaking, you can be sure that it is the right crystal for you. But it might turn out that it's not the right crystal for your particular goal or at this particular point in time.

If you're not feeling that intuitive connection with the crystal you decided on, don't try to force it. Embrace the presence of that particular crystal in your life. Release any disappointment or confusion you might feel right now. Remember that when you and a crystal connect, it's always for a higher purpose.

Ask your higher self to guide you towards a crystal that will help you fulfill your initial goal. Be open to what your intuition tells you. The right choice for you might not be a particular crystal from a list you had in mind. That's perfectly fine.

2. How do you open up to your crystal?

Now you have the right crystal for your goal. It's time to connect with it on a consciously aware level.

Hold your crystal in the palm of your hand and close your eyes. Focus on the cool feeling of the natural stone on your skin. Visualize that coolness seeping into your palm; it's slowly becoming part of you. Now focus on the warmth of your skin compared to the crystal. Visualize the warmth of your skin seeping into the crystal that you're holding. You are becoming one with the stone.

You might experience a tingly feeling in your palm as you do this exercise. If you do experience it, then it's a clear sign you're very connected to the stone you've chosen. In case you don't feel it though, that doesn't mean that the process didn't work. It simply means that you process energetic exchanges differently.

3. Starting to interact purposefully with the crystal's energy

Congratulations! You and your crystal are now connected. You're ready to work together. Use whatever method you chose for this part of the process, whether it's rituals, meditation, or whatever else.

You can do this exercise with your crystal every time you use it. It's important to repeat the exercise with every use, particularly at the beginning of your experience with using crystals. In time, your energetic field will open up instinctively to that of your crystal.

Set your Leo birthstone an intention and away you go! The crystal will act as an extension of yourself in the ethereal, or quantum, field.

Shine With Leo Birthstones!

Invite the energy of passion and abundance into your life with the help of Leo gemstones. Dive deeper into the meaning of leadership. Take charge of your own destiny with your favorite stone from the Leo birthstones list.

What’s the best crystal for me?

You are only few answers away from finding out which crystal is best suited for your life’s journey ✨

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