Lithium Quartz: Find Your Emotional Balance With This Healing Stone

Lithium Quartz: Find Your Emotional Balance With This Healing Stone

The quartz family is one of the largest and most comprehensive in the mineral world, as well as the most commonly found gem group on Earth. You might have heard about its many and colorful varieties, including rose quartz, smoky quartz, or rutilated quartz. However, you may not be aware that other famous healing stones such as amethyst, citrine, carnelian, and tiger's eye are also types of quartz crystal. Still, one of the most mysterious and powerful variations in this family is lithium quartz.

Whether you're a crystal newbie or have a significant gemstone collection, lithium quartz might have escaped your radar. Energy workers praise it for its metaphysical properties, especially for its strong connection with your emotional body.

Lithium quartz, with its beautiful violet-pinkish hue, has a unique affinity with the heart chakra, as well as with the third eye chakra and the crown chakra. Similar to fluorite, it's an extremely versatile crystal that has a profound link with the superior energy centers but also cleanses and balances the whole chakra system. Even though it's not considered a birthstone, this beautiful gem is said to be particularly beneficial for those born under the sign of Aquarius.

So if you've never heard about lithium quartz and its incredible healing properties, this essential guide is for you. You'll learn about its origins and tips for how to use its gentle, healing energy to support your overall well-being.

Origins of Lithium Quartz

Unlike clear quartz, lithium quartz is a rare gemstone found only in one place in the world, the region of Minas Gerais, Brazil. This area is the country's storehouse of mineral riches. It's where some of the most impressive gemstone specimens ever recorded — from rubies and blue topaz to tourmalines and aquamarines — were found.

From simple tumblestones to crystal pendants, this mesmerizing healing crystal is coveted for its gentle pinkish hues, a result of magenta-colored lithium inclusions, hence the name lithium quartz. This compound is well-known for its many uses. However, it's mainly recognized for its natural antidepressant properties. For this reason, holistic medicine practitioners believe that carrying a piece of this stone can be soothing for those who struggle with anxiety and stress

3 Ways To Use Lithium Quartz 

Pretty stone of lithium quartz

Contrary to other timeless healing stones, like turquoise or lapis lazuli, the potential of lithium quartz crystals has yet to be fully explored or comprehended. Nevertheless, metaphysical healers recognize this gentle gem as one of the best energetic tools for balancing and healing your emotional body. 

Lithium quartz's biggest strength lies in its tranquil and peaceful vibration, which assist you in slowly unearthing your emotional baggage, all the while keeping your mind clear so you can deal with your baggage with love and compassion. 

If you're looking to enhance the healing qualities of lithium quartz, then consider combining it with other gemstones such as morganite, chrysoprase, phenacite, ajoite, or danburite. Other great pairings to amplify the spiritual properties of this pink crystal include chrysocolla, moldavite, petalite, celestite, and scolecite.

Keep in mind that when you buy a new stone or crystal, it's best to use it on its own first. Once you're fully aware of its vibration, you may then combine it with other gemstones.

1. Emotional Balance

Like all pink-colored stones — including rose quartz and pink kunzite — lithium quartz is a powerful but gentle heart chakra stone, and a perfect companion if you're having a hard time finding emotional peace. This beautiful crystal is a great teacher that allows you to understand the patterns and people you attract into your life, especially the relationships that end in heartache. 

If you find yourself repeating unhealthy cycles when it comes to friends, family, or partners, then lithium quartz can assist you in recognizing them and encourage you to make the changes you find necessary. As a stone of transition, its energy helps you to release attachments and expectations, and supports emotional openness. Keeping an open heart to new people can be especially hard after having your feelings hurt, so carrying this supportive tool can make all the difference.

Due to the peaceful vibrations it emits, lithium quartz can help ward-off disagreements and conflicts in a relationship. As it stimulates both the heart and the third eye chakras — the self-love and rationality seats, respectively — it encourages you to stay centered and analyze emotional issues with clarity and an analytical mind. It's particularly helpful for removing repressed anger and grief and reinforcing positive energies.

2. Anxiety and Stress Relief

In crystal healing sessions, lithium crystals function as a healing instrument to provide stress relief, which may lead to more complicated situations, such as severe anxiety or panic attacks. 

Alternative medicine practitioners believe that — along with lepidolite, which also contains lithium — lithium quartz is one of the best protection stones for people who are extremely sensitive to the energy of gemstones. So, if you find that classic protective crystals like obsidian, hematite, and black lava rock have a vibration that is too strong for you, then lithium quartz can be a fantastic alternative. 

It has the extraordinary capability of calming your nervous system without depriving you of your ability to function effectively and methodically. This sweet and relaxing crystal can help to dispel fears, especially when you're scared of doing or saying the wrong thing. It gives you the courage and strength to step into your true self, fearlessly and unapologetically.

If you have an overactive mind and your sleep is being affected by it, lithium quartz may be the answer to your troubles. Simply place a piece of this stone under your pillow to help dispel insomnia and keep restless nights at bay.

3. Spiritual Growth

Lithium quartz may help with spiritual growth

Energetically speaking, lithium quartz vibrates at a very high frequency, similar to Herkimer diamond and moonstone . For this reason, it's an outstanding meditation stone that allows you to go deeper into your practice and get essential insights about who you are and what your place is in the world. Crystal healers believe that once you're able to connect with your higher self and comprehend your real purpose in life, you'll reach the ultimate state of inner peace. 

As a true crown chakra stone — the seat that governs your connection to the universal energy — lithium quartz encourages you to surrender to the universe and have faith in its infinite wisdom. By doing so, you're opening yourself to receive all its abundance and knowledge. 

Unlike other gemstones, it does not cause any discomfort, which may occur when you're adapting to a new stone.Holistic lifestyle followers also claim that spraying lithium quartz crystal elixir on plants that are struggling can help them grow stronger and have more vitality. 

Like all quartz crystals, this mineral possesses great amplifying energies, making it a great stone to use in manifestation rituals. Here's a simple way to use it:

  •  Write a habit you want to change or something you wish to achieve in a piece of paper and fold it. 
  • Place your lithium quartz on top of the paper, close your eyes, and focus on what you've written. 
  • Release your intentions into the universe with the awareness that lithium quartz has your back.

Manifestation practices are best done during the full moon to magnify the energy of your resolutions.

Use Lithium Quartz as a Holistic Tool To Balance Your Emotions

Even though lithium quartz is still a little known gemstone, it's always worth keeping it in mind when creating your crystal healing kit. It's not only a mesmerizing crystal with a soothing vibration, it also possesses a cleansing energy that can help remove deep-seated, heavy emotions and replace them with understanding and forgiveness.

It's only when you manage to shed these emotional burdens that you can move forward and become a more happy, vibrant, and confident version of yourself. 

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