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What Is Charoite? 3 Reasons To Pick Up This Rare and Elusive Gemstone


What Is Charoite? 3 Reasons To Pick Up This Rare and Elusive Gemstone

What Is Charoite? 3 Reasons To Pick Up This Rare and Elusive Gemstone


With swirling patterns reminiscent of the river for which it's named, charoite is a stone you'll be eager to add to your collection. It's striking banding, and deep purple coloring are reason enough to bring it home. And once you do, you'll see just how special this gemstone's healing properties are. 

Charoite stones are connected to the astrological signs of Sagittarius, Scorpio, and Virgo in the zodiac. They work to harmonize the energy in your chakra system while providing a veil of energetic protection.

In this article, you’ll learn a bit about what charoite is and the one, remote location where it can be found. We’ll also explore the benefits of using this gemstone’s healing properties for grounding, emotional healing, and more. 

What Is Charoite?

Charoite is a unique and rare gemstone. It was initially discovered in the 1940s, but it wasn't until 1978 that it was named for the Chara River in Russia where it is found. It ranks between a five and six on the Mohs scale and is part of the monoclinic crystal system. In their work, "The Book of Stones: Who They Are & What They Teach," Robert Simmons and Naisha Ahsian describe charoite as a complex mineral composed of potassium, sodium, calcium, barium, strontium, oxygen, silicon, and hydrogen. 

Charoite crystals come in various shades of purple and have a pearly luster. Occasionally, charoite will develop black or gold inclusions during its formation. When charoite stones are polished and cut into cabochons, they sometimes display chatoyancy or a cat-eye effect similar to tiger’s eye.  

While many varieties of crystals are found globally, charoite stones are only found in the Sakha Republic in Siberia. Charoite stones form through a process known as contact metamorphism, which is relatively common in geology, so geologists haven't cracked the code on why charoite only occurs in one specific region. 

Healing Properties of Charoite Gemstones

A hand holds a charoite crystal

Charoite gemstones are a worthwhile addition to any healing crystal collection. Their metaphysical properties are especially rejuvenating to your chakra system. In addition to stimulating the energies in your heart chakra, as well as your crown chakra, charoite will work its magic on your solar plexus and third eye chakras too.

This lilac-colored beauty will help you release fear and outdated habits, as well as strengthen the relationship you have with yourself. Here are three ways you can use this Russian stone of transformation in your own life. 

1. Hone Your Intuition

If you're serious about sharpening your intuition, charoite should be one of your go-to stones. The healing properties of this gemstone work in a few different ways to strengthen the connection you have to your inner guidance. 

Simmons and Ahsian describe how charoite stones work exceptionally well at circulating and releasing trapped or stagnant energy in your heart and crown chakras. These two energy centers can merge in a way that allows you to gain more in-depth awareness of any situations you encounter. Whenever you find yourself wanting to get to the truth of a matter and see things for what they are, charoite's healing properties may be just what you need to find clarity.

When you trust and follow through on your intuition, it's much easier to go with the flow. As such, you might notice more synchronicity in your life when you start working with charoite. The term "synchronicity" originated with the psychiatrist Carl Jung. 

Maybe you've been mulling something over in your head, and while in line at the coffee shop, you overhear a conversation that seems to be the answer to what you've had on your mind. Some might think of this as a coincidence, but Jung considered these flukes meaningful — something akin to a signpost from life letting you know you're on the right path. 

Should you find yourself unsure of what to do next in your life, try to meditate with your charoite crystals or light some candles and add them to your bath. Relax your mind and trust your inner light to point you in the right direction. Combine your charoite with amethyst, Angelite, or labradorite if you'd like extra support in this area.

2. Commit to Your Personal Healing

A person holds her hand to her heart while meditating

Aside from developing a more reliable connection to your inner guidance, charoite can help you on your personal healing journey. Whether you're hoping to tackle some lingering emotions around past situations or create new habits for yourself, this gemstone will have you covered.

Because charoite is associated with the heart chakra, this gemstone can clear any blockages in this area. This can work wonders for helping you increase your self-esteem and experience more unconditional love for yourself and others. Those who believe in past lives can use this stone to assist in working through more deeply rooted emotional issues from a past life.

Perhaps you're someone who makes decisions in your life based on what the people around you want, and not what stirs your soul. If you can relate to wanting more agency but are unsure of how to release what's holding you back, charoite can help. 

In her book, "The Encyclopedia of Crystals," Judy Hall notes how this gemstone's energetic qualities put a stop to self-sabotage and help release fear and uncertainty around moving forward. When you liberate yourself from the beliefs that hold you back, you can step into a version of yourself that feels confident in making and following through with decisions.

To deepen your work with charoite, think about picking up sugilite to help you find the courage to believe in yourself. Both sunstone and aquamarine work to help you feel more confident and let go of whatever is keeping you from being your authentic self.   

3. Ground and Strengthen Your Energy Field 

Another supportive quality of this particular gemstone lies in its ability to act as a protection stone. Charoite helps to repel negative energy and purifies your aura, further clearing your energy field of unhelpful or burdensome energies. Simmons and Ahsian share how keeping your energy clear will help you be more objective and decisive in your thinking. This is important for everyone, but even more so if you're an energy healer and need to clear residual vibrations or ground yourself back into the present moment.

Beyond protecting your energy, charoite also invites an element of grounding and stability into your life. Grounding yourself while working with energy is essential when you're hoping to take any intuitive insights or nudges from the etheric realm and use them in your life. Your intuition is always available to you whenever you call upon it. Still, an often left out aspect of it is being able to act on the guidance you receive. It's easy to dream about things, but doing something to make those dreams part of your reality is the most critical part. 

When using your charoite gemstone, amplify its grounding and protective qualities by combining it with other healing stones. Pyrite, smoky quartz, and black obsidian will all do the trick.

Use Charoite To Let Go and Move Forward in Your Life

A woman holds her arms open on a hill top

This purple stone and natural wonder is an asset in any gemstone collection, a must-have for its exquisite beauty and unmatched healing properties. By choosing to work with charoite, you can work toward being more comfortable with who you are while forging an unshakeable link with your internal wisdom. Make the time to seek out this precious stone, and see for yourself how charoite's healing properties will work in your own life.


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