Healing Crystals Guide: Gemstones to Create an Energy Healing Kit

Healing Crystals Guide: Gemstones to Create an Energy Healing Kit


All it takes is one online search for “healing crystals” and you’ll quickly find an overwhelming variety and amount of gemstones available. If you’re not sure where to start or how to pick the right ones for you, this healing crystals guide will become your new best friend.

Since ancient times, civilizations around the world have used crystals for their beauty, symbolism, and healing properties. They were used in funeral rites, religious ceremonies, or as talismans who brought their wearers protection, good fortune, wealth, and well-being.

According to Buddhist and yogi tradition, the vibrations of these healing stones are closely connected to our energetic bodies, and more precisely to our chakras. Chakras are dense pools of energy in our bodies that govern specific areas, organs, emotions, and thoughts. When one of these energy centers is blocked or out of balance, our vital force (prana) cannot flow freely. In the long term, this imbalance is believed to lead to illness, be it physical, mental, or spiritual.

Because of their tight bond with our energy systems, gemstones are considered one of the best crystal healing tools to remove stagnant vibrations and restore vital balance in the body. Therefore, if you want to feel more vibrant, energetic, and harmonious, it's crucial to learn more about the properties of stones and how they can help restore your mind, body, and soul.

In this healing crystals guide, you’ll discover how to pick the right stones for your needs, followed by a list of 15 essential crystals to create your own healing kit. Each crystal was specially selected for its unique properties, versatility, and availability. 

How to Choose the Right Crystal for You

There are many ways to pick a crystal that will work for you, but keep this idea in mind: The stone picks you, not the other way around. 

You may find yourself inexplicably attracted to a specific stone and wonder why. Then, once you start doing a little bit of research, you might recognize themes, patterns, and even physical healing properties that relate to exactly what you need.

As such, one of the best ways to pick a crystal is to go for the one you're instinctively drawn to. You may not know why, but that precious gemstone has a unique energy that is willing to support and teach you valuable lessons if you're open to it.

If you've done any research on chakra cleansing or how to balance chakras, you might want to pick a chakra stone that corresponds to the energy center you want to focus on.

If you're currently struggling with a mental, physical, emotional, or spiritual ailment, you can use the comforting and encouraging power of crystals to support you on your healing journey.

Healing Crystals Guide: 15 Gemstones to Kickstart Your Holistic Journey

The crystals in this guide have been used for centuries thanks to their special vibrations, symbolism, and timeless wisdom. 

No matter how much research you do, these 15 stones will undoubtedly come up as some of the most important and powerful gemstones in the world, making them worthy additions to any crystal collection.


Healing crystals guide: Amethyst

Amethyst is one of the most beloved stones by energy healers for a reason. This beautiful purple crystal is said to help you get in touch with your authentic essence and encourage you to be the best version of yourself. Its high-frequency vibration affects both the third eye chakra and the crown chakra, the energy centers responsible for how you connect with your inner and outer worlds, and with the universe itself.

Amethyst can enhance your creative side and intelligence, and guide you towards wiser decisions with a clear mind free from emotional influence. It’s a fantastic protection stone that is believed to relieve anxiety and stress, especially for those struggling with OCD and hyperactivity.

Other wonderful stones that help balance the third eye chakra include:


Healing crystals guide: Aquamarine

Also known as the "stone of the sea," aquamarine was long ago carried by sailors as a protection talisman. Its name comes from its soothing blue color, which resembles the purity of clear waters on a quiet day. This throat chakra stone is perfect for those who have a hard time speaking clearly or finding the right words, as it stimulates open communication, compassionate truth, and a clear mind. 

Many believe that aquamarine's soothing and healing energy helps you stay centered during troublesome times and encourages you to let go of harmful patterns. It’s considered a stone of the divine feminine that teaches you how to be yielding yet resilient — just like water. A beautiful stone for new beginnings, aquamarine is a great and gentle companion when you want to shed your old self and step into a new you.

Other blue calming and cleansing gemstones also include:

  • Kyanite
  • Sodalite

Black Tourmaline

Healing crystals guide: Black tourmaline

This powerful protection stone is a great tool to remove negative energy. This root chakra opener is said to alleviate the fear of confined spaces and to comfort those who struggle with panic attacks. Black tourmaline is a grounding stone that can cleanse your energy from negative emotions, patterns, intentions, and thoughts.

If your mind works around the clock, carry black tourmaline to help clear your head and bring your attention back to your physical body. It’s believed that this stone's vibration gives a sense of belonging and direction in life. If you're an empath, carry this stone with you at all times. 

Powerful cleansing and grounding stones include:

  • Obsidian
  • Onyx


Healing crystals guide: Carnelian

Carnelian's theme is all about taking action and empowering yourself. This warm orange crystal activates the first three chakras — also known as the earthly centers — making it a perfect stone to ground yourself, boost your creativity, and awaken your willpower. Also called the "stone of motivation and endurance," it’s said to bring joy and confidence to those who carry it.

Some believe that it instills positive energy, being particularly useful for those in charge of teams, as it stimulates natural leadership skills, self-confidence, and courage. If you want to start a new project but lack the motivation, hold on to carnelian to rekindle your drive and give you the physical energy to go after your dreams.

More warm and vibrant orange-colored gemstones include:

  • Orange aventurine
  • Sunstone


Healing crystals guide: Citrine

You'll have a hard time resisting citrine. This stone's vibration, which is linked to the solar plexus chakra, encapsulates the positivity and warmth of the sun itself. If you're having a bad day and can't seem to shake the blues, wear citrine. This stone of manifestation is said to attract success and abundance and can help you envision your goals and pursue them.

Its energizing and comforting vibe may transform negative energies into positive ones. Citrine can also help you develop a positive attitude and let things go with the flow. It’s said to be an outstanding stone to boost your metabolism and strengthen your immune system, and to encourage you to look forward optimistically.

Other beautiful and bright yellow stones include:

  • Yellow topaz
  • Yellow sapphire


Healing crystals guide: Garnet

Also known as the "sensual stone," garnet symbolizes physical love and is believed to strengthen the sexual connection and devotion between partners. As a true stone of the solar plexus and root chakra, its energy connects both the physical and emotional bodies, helping you feel more grounded and stimulating your creative talents. 

If you have deep-rooted feelings of shame, guilt, or fear, garnet's healing powers are believed to remove them and motivate you to transform any blocks into opportunities to learn and grow. This deep red-colored stone can enhance your emotional well-being, increase your sense of self-worth, and strengthen your motivation to turn your visions into reality.

Other root chakra-healing gemstones include:

  • Ruby 
  • Bloodstone


Healing crystals guide: Hematite

Considered the most powerful stone for grounding and one of the best protective stones in the world, hematite absorbs negative energies like no other. If you're feeling lost and disconnected from yourself, hold on to this beautiful and mysterious stone to bring your feet back on firm ground. Many say that it's a great stone to clear mental confusion and to guide you towards practical actions. 

If you always feel anxious, stressed, or overwhelmed by emotions, wear hematite as this crystal's vibration is believed to dispel fear of the unknown. It enables you to step into the world with more confidence and stability, and deepen your connection with your physical body.

Powerful grounding and protective crystals also include:


Healing crystals guide: Jasper

There is something quite special about jasper. Also called the "supreme nurturer," this vibrant, warm, orange-reddish stone is linked with the root and sacral chakras. As such, jasper makes an excellent companion when you want to feel more present and grounded. It possesses gentle energy that exudes a calm and peaceful influence on its wearer.

Jasper's constant and slow vibration is said to encourage patience, persistence, and self-reflection, teaching you that you are enough just as you are. When carrying this stone, you may feel more secure and comfortable about who you are and your place in the world. As a spirit stone of courage and wisdom, this mighty crystal is believed to give you strength and nourishment throughout your journey of growth.

Other nourishing stones include:

Lapis Lazuli

Healing crystals guide: Lapis lazuli

If you're new to the crystal kingdom, you can't stay indifferent to lapis lazuli. This deep blue, gold-speckled stone is considered one of the most mesmerizing crystals in the world. Ancient Egyptians used it to decorate religious artifacts and would grind it to powder to create makeup. Its vibration works with both the throat and the third eye chakras to activate the higher mind and stimulate a desire for knowledge.

A special talisman for writers and journalists, the stone of universal truth is believed to encourage deep wisdom, practical judgment, honest communication, and total understanding. Many believe that when you carry lapis lazuli, you feel more aligned with your deepest purpose and truth.

Other crystals that boost your communication abilities include:

  • Angelite
  • Azurite


Healing crystals guide: Malachite

This vibrant green stone has been used as a good luck amulet for hundreds of years, especially by travelers. It was and still is believed to prevent you from being in the wrong place at the wrong time by cracking when danger is near. Malachite is deeply connected with the heart chakra and is known as a stone of transformation.

If you're on a path of self-reflection and growth, malachite encourages you to release past negative experiences, take responsibility for your life, and help you improve your shortcomings. Wearing this stone close to your heart is believed to enhance your intuition, clarify your emotions, and even remove the fear of flying.

More heart chakra-balancing stones include:


Healing crystals guide: Moonstone

Moonstone is also known as the stone of new beginnings or the traveler's stone, especially for those traveling at night or by water. Many believe this stone helps remove obstacles, dangers, and difficulties associated with traveling. Associated with the crown chakra, its vibration can encourage inner growth and stimulate you to think outside the box.

Deeply linked to female energy, it’s a wonderful stone to soothe emotional instability and stress, inspire creativity, and attract success and good fortune, both in business and in love. It's believed to enhance your natural intuition and help you trust divine timing. Moonstone is highly beneficial for women, and many think it can help alleviate painful menstruations and menopausal symptoms.

Other crown chakra gemstones include:

Quartz Crystal

Healing crystals guide: Quartz crystal

Also known as clear quartz or the "master healer," quartz crystal cannot be left out from any healing crystals guide. This purifying gemstone activates and balances all chakras, and has a special energetic bond with the crown chakra. It is truly a one-of-a-kind crystal as it cannot hold any negative energy.

Considered a "perfect jewel" by the Japanese, clear quartz cleanses not only your aura but also the energies of other gemstones. Used in combination with other crystals, it can magnify their healing properties and any intentions you may set when you program them. If you find yourself overthinking or in a dark headspace, wear a quartz crystal to help clear your mind and remove any harmful thoughts.

Other high-frequency stones like clear quartz include:

  • Selenite
  • Herkimer diamond

Rose Quartz

Healing crystals guide: Rose quartz

The gem of universal love, or rose quartz, has one of the gentlest energies in the world. Its loving vibration balances the heart chakra and encourages unconditional love and self-esteem. Many believe this pink crystal helps to reduce stress and anxiety and supports those who have trouble sleeping. 

Its calming and reassuring nature makes rose quartz a wonderful friend to help you open your heart and fall in love with life again. It’s said to promote deep inner healing and the release of past hurts and traumas. If you're going through a rocky period with your partner, holding on to this stone is believed to restore harmony in relationships. It helps dispel suspicion and mistrust, and some even say it can help with fertility issues.

Other heart chakra-opening crystals are: 

Tiger's Eye

Healing crystals guide: Tiger's eye

Tiger's eye is another versatile stone that must be included in any healing crystals guide. This tri-colored stone works with the vibrations of the first three chakras, making you feel secure, emotionally stable, and giving you the confidence to overcome obstacles and move forward fearlessly. It's considered a lucky stone and a protective talisman that attracts financial abundance.

If you want to start a new project, career, or business, then tiger's eye is your friend. It keeps you motivated and centered despite any ups and downs, and gives you the vitality and physical endurance to pursue what you want. It's a great stone to combat exhaustion and chronic fatigue.

Other lucky stones include:


Healing crystals guide: Turquoise

Turquoise, also known as the "sky stone," has been a symbol of wealth in many ancient cultures. Its energy is deeply connected with the throat chakra, which is your self-expression center. Turquoise is considered a grounding stone that also keeps you open to your spiritual side. This vibrant blue crystal is said to enhance your leadership skills, overcome creative blocks, and even help you avoid bad investments. 

A symbol of friendship, turquoise encourages you to accept yourself (flaws and all) and show up to the world just as you are. If you're having trouble giving or receiving forgiveness, meditate with turquoise as its energy can teach you how to remove these blocks.

Beautiful blue stones that activate the throat center include:

Powerful Tools for Physical, Emotional, and Spiritual Growth

Gemstones have been used for millennia and they’re becoming more and more popular as people continue looking for alternative methods to naturally heal themselves. 

Now that you've learned more about crystals, their properties, and how to pick the right gemstones for you, be sure to bookmark this healing crystals guide so you always have a helpful reference on your spiritual journey. Remember to go with your gut feeling and intuition when it comes to selecting crystals. Each one is unique and has unique lessons you can learn to harmonize your energy and enhance your overall well-being.


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