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14 Calming Crystals For Sleep And How To Use Them For A Night Rest

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Sometimes it's stress, related to problems like your job and health. Other times, it's simply insomnia. You can lay in your bed for hours without a blink of sleep. Your mind might be running in spirals, and it can be difficult to relax.

This blog will introduce you to some of the most amazing crystals for sleep that will ensure you get good sleep every day.

Best Crystals For Sleep And Dreams

Good sleep can be difficult to achieve if you are a light sleeper, experiencing stress, or have a lot of distractions in your room. But placing crystals that help you sleep can help fix your sleep cycle, get rid of sleep disturbances, and ensure you’re well-rested.

Placing these crystals for sleep in your bedroom can ensure you get a peaceful night's sleep.

  1. Rose Quartz

    Also called "the loving stone," Rose Quartz is known for its calming and soothing effects. It emits vibrations of harmony, peace, and love, which improves sleep quality and helps get rid of harmful energies.

    The sleep crystal brings positive vibes in the bedroom, easing anxiety and ensuring pleasant dreams. Sleeping with Rose Quartz opens the heart to receive and give love. In this way, a Rose Quartz crystal is also perfect for those wanting to improve their romantic relationships.  

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  2. Black Tourmaline

    Black Tourmaline is an excellent stone for sleep when it comes to its protective properties. It absorbs negative energy and transforms it effectively into positive energy.

    As one of the most powerful crystals for cleansing energies, it helps resolve anxiety by clarifying thoughts and ensuring you fall asleep easily.

    If you especially keep electronic devices like mobiles in your bedroom, this stone’s frequency will shield you against harmful electromagnetic energies released from these devices. This is why Black Tourmaline is often called a Schorl stone.

    These crystals for sleep are also great for light sleepers who are easily disturbed. Tourmaline crystals release tension that mounts up throughout the day.

    With its powerful grounding energy, Black Tourmaline also helps deal with insomnia, which occurs when there are long periods of being awake instead of sleeping at night.

    Black Tourmaline is also a great accompanying stone if you keep a wish or dream journal. This stone can absorb any energetic blockages associated with your dreams and get rid of them.

    Another good way to make the best of Black Tourmaline is to put it on a shelf or in another room, allowing you to enjoy its restorative characteristics without affecting your sleep schedule. Or maybe you can simply wear a Black Tourmaline bracelet to keep it close to your skin.

  3. Amethyst

    Amethyst has been known as the "all-purpose stone" for ages. It is a protective stone that has ample physical, emotional, and metaphysical benefits. 

    For example, since ancient times, Amethyst has been known for helping with headaches, anxiety, and fatigue. It can also improve skin health by aiding in cell regeneration.

    A great way to unleash the benefits of Amethyst is to keep it under your pillow or your bedside table, especially when you are sleeping. It clears the mind of negative thoughts.

    Accordingly, it is an excellent healing crystal for improving sleep quality and getting a good night's rest. Amethyst is also known to aid insomnia and sleep paralysis that can significantly affect your sleep.

    This healing stone also eases an overactive mind, ensuring you’re fresh and relaxed when you wake up.

    Keep this Amethyst Healing Water Bottle in your room to fill your room with positive energy.

  4. Smoky Quartz

    Smoky Quartz, also known as the darker sister of Rose Quartz, is among the best crystals for sleep. This is because it is a grounding crystal, which can disperse negative energy and recharge you.

    Its properties are derived from its connection to the root chakra. In other words, the Quartz crystal balances the energy center, further providing stability and security.

    A Smoky Quartz crystal works by connecting you to the deeper energies of the Earth, reducing emotional tensions, and helping you move on from difficult experiences as well. And it does so by guiding you to a higher state of being where you are more content with your present and know better to let go of the past.

    The crystal’s properties are also well-suited to attract positive energies and get rid of negative energies, mainly because of its darker color. Use the Quartz crystal in crystal meditation to purify your energy field, allowing you to release your emotions like anxiety, stress, sadness, fear, and other negative vibrations.

    A great way to use Smoky Quartz is as an anklet during the day to relieve stress and prevent it from amounting to a restful sleep. 

    Learn more about Smoky Quartz and its exact science with this guide.

  5. Malachite

    Known as the "Keeper of Dreams," Malachite is popular for encouraging deep sleep, releasing emotional tension, and helping deal with mood swings.

    This peaceful stone has been used for centuries in many different ways, such as for makeup in ancient Egypt. The stone is said to encourage vivid dreams by stimulating your inner imagery.

    In other words, it's a great stone to keep at your bedside table or any other part of your room, as it can ensure you sleep well and dream well. It is also known to be a protector for children.

    However, if you particularly experience insomnia, Malachite can be very helpful. Some people recommend holding a Malachite stone in your hand for at least an hour before going to bed or until you fall asleep. It will take a few weeks until good results start pouring in, but you will see great strides in the quality of your sleep. You can also create a crystal grid in your bedroom with four Malachite stones.

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Crystals For Deep Sleep And Relaxation

You’ll benefit from crystals for deep sleep if you don't wake up relaxed and refreshed in the morning. Placing crystals like Tiger's Eye on your nightstand can give you the peaceful night's sleep that you desire.

This section will introduce you to different crystals for sleep and relaxation.

  1. Angelite

    Angelite is one of the best crystals for a peaceful sleep and incorporating soothing energy in your bedroom. With its calming energy, it ensures you get better sleep in your peaceful atmosphere.

    Angelite is also helpful for enhancing intuition and providing divine wisdom. With a relaxed mind, you will be able to detangle your thoughts and attain clarity.

    The stone also serves as an emotional cleanser. It reduces emotional tension, especially in a relationship, and provides a deep sense of your feelings.

    So, whether you want to understand yourself better, cultivate self-love, or simply fix your nighttime routine, then an Angelite crystal is all you need.

  2. Rainbow Moonstone

    Rainbow Moonstone is a crown chakra crystal that has been known for protection, spiritual purity, intuition, love, and fertility. It not only calms the mind but also opens the heart to empathy and acceptance.

    Moonstone rings can increase your sensitivity to the Feminine Divine, which teaches an extra level of hope and inspiration. It particularly protects women and children who can use this stone to sleep better.

    The stone is also associated with mood, femininity, and tides. Therefore, it is often known as the stone of the goddess. In this way, it helps the body and spirit sync with the lunar energy.

    Since sleep is the most vulnerable time, it offers extra protection at such times.

    It reacts with the person's body to ensure they sleep peacefully and all the negative energies are deflected. Many even believe that this stone has an out-of-world consciousness.

    On an emotional level, it detangles emotions and encourages more creative thinking. Overall, it helps both men and women become more connected with their feminine characteristics.

    Moonstone bracelets are all that you need to attain confidence.

  3. Tiger's Eye

    Called the stone of power, protection, and courage, Tiger’s Eye is known for its centering and calming vibrations. While this stone has various metaphysical and healing properties, it is beneficial for a peaceful sleep.

    Among many other crystals for sleep, Tiger’s Eye is one of the most powerful ones. It can help you attain deep sleep, get rid of negative energy, and acquire inner peace during crystal meditation. Its healing energy extends from the body and mind to the soul.

    Since it is a grounding stone, it can absorb and cleanse the body from negativity. Dangle this Tiger’s Eye protection tassel in your bedroom to remove negative vibes.

Crystals For Insomnia

Can’t get a good night’s sleep no matter how hard you try?  Sleeping with crystals might be the solution to getting enough sleep.

This section will introduce you to crystals for sleep that will keep off insomnia with their powerful healing power.

  1. Hematite

    Available in ample colors and associated with the Root chakra, Hematite is a powerful grounding crystal that can calm your mind and ensure an uninterrupted sleeping pattern.

    As a powerful stone for the mind, Hematite is known for healing emotional pain, balancing the mind with the body and spirit, and ensuring a calming atmosphere for light sleepers.

    Ancient Egyptians even used these crystals for sleep to curb hysteria, which can greatly affect sleep. To use Hematite, you can simply hold it in your hand and close your eyes in crystal meditation. Visualize sleeping deeply and relaxing your mind at night, and the stone's energy will ensure that happens.  

    Wear Hematite bracelets for mindfulness and to calm your thoughts for a good night’s sleep.

  2. Lepidolite

    With its beautiful lavender coloring, Lepidolite is sure to bring more emotional balance and peace to your life. It provides a sense of security, calms overactive minds by balancing brain waves, and eases anxiety.

    Lepidolite is among the best crystals for sleep. Most say that if you can pick only one crystal to sleep with at night, it should be Lepidolite. The stone can also help you access a more holistic and peaceful dream state.

    On the other hand, this stone is also known for strengthening the physical body. It ensures the nervous system is working in harmony so that you can deal with stress and anxiety.

    It also cuts down any harmful effects of external environments such as electromagnetic pollution, so your health is top-notch. In fact, this stone is also known for helping deal with hormonal cycles and menopause, which can create sleeping difficulties for women.

    When it comes to the emotional properties of this stone, it provides confidence and relaxes a disorientated mind. It also helps light sleepers recognize any imbalances in the emotion to cultivate a sense of acceptance.

    In the spiritual sense, this stone is associated with the third eye chakra, the crown chakra, and the heart chakra, which are considered a gateway to divine connections when aligned. Accordingly, the divine connection also helps deal with problems like insomnia.

  3. Opal

    Opal is one of the gorgeous stones that can bust energy blockages and make you feel confident. Each variety of Opal has its special healing properties, but all of them can enhance sleep quality for light sleepers.

    Pink Opal, for instance, helps in connecting you with your heart. This allows for a more cultivated emotional healing. Especially if your mind is disorientated because you cannot move on from a breakup, this stone can ensure more compassion and self-love for yourself.

    On the other hand, White Opal as a peace stone can help in angelic connection, as well as with the cosmic consciousness. If you are particularly dissatisfied with yourself, this stone can heighten your connection with your intuition.

    You can wear this healing bracelet with Opal for self-exploration.

    Blue Opal is also one of the best healing crystals for sleep and relaxing your mind, especially in moments of stress. It can help you get rid of anxious thoughts, which interfere with your sleep quality.

    It also helps center the mind, retain knowledge, and attain more brain power. In this way, light sleepers can re-energize for the next day.

Crystals For Anxiety And Sleep

Sometimes we are unable to sleep because of anxiety and stress riddling us. At such stages, you need to clear your mind to look at the problems carefully and find the solutions. The following crystals for sleep are also great for reducing anxiety.

  1. Epidote

    Epidote, a matte-like green stone, is known for providing the courage to live to the fullest. At times, you might have a restless sleep because of stress and anxiety. 

    Whether you’re worried about a big interview the next day or you are simply unsure about your life goals, this stone can bring more clarity to your life.

    In spiritual terms, this stone can increase your spiritual attunement and remove any energy blockages. When it comes to energy in particular, it has a detoxifying effect on the body that ensures you feel relaxed and calm.

    Light sleepers can particularly make use of this stone for better sleep quality. Most people also utilize Epidote crystals for sleep and lucid dreaming.

  2. Celestite

    Celestite is a calming stone, which is one of the best crystals for a restful night. With its high vibrations, it keeps away the chaotic thought.

    It is also known for connecting the third eye chakra with the crown and heart energy centers. In this way, you can attain better clarity in your life and even have a peaceful dream.

    People also meditate with this stone for lucid dreaming, thanks to its crystal healing properties. This sleep crystal can unleash the highest state of serenity and encourage soothing energy to manifest.

    Accordingly, if you are experiencing anxiety, particularly because you are unsure of yourself and you’re tangled up in your feelings, you need these crystals for sleep. They can help you let go of your biggest fears.

  3. Fluorite

    Fluorite is often associated with clarity and balance, so it is a powerful healing crystal for attaining a clear mindset and replacing negative energy.

    Crystal healing with Fluorite can help you understand your emotions in a much better way, allowing you to sleep peacefully at night. If you are especially unable to sleep because of the stress you take every day, this stone can be your guardian.

    Therefore, it is good to wear a Fluorite crystal and keep it closer to your skin. 

    You can also place the crystals on a high shelf or in crystal grids in your room to deal with sleep disturbances and ensure a good sleep.

Enhance Your Sleep Quality With Crystals For Sleep

There are multiple crystals out there that you can turn towards for better living. However, only certain crystals can ensure a healthy sleep, get rid of bad dreams, and reduce stress.

Lepidolite, Amethyst, Moonstone, Tiger's Eye, and Smoky Quartz are some of the best crystals to sleep with. But that's not all. You can also get Angelite and Malachite, as they are some of the best crystals for bad dreams.

In other words, there are a lot of different crystals for attaining quality sleep and bringing more clarity in life.  

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