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Blue Topaz: How To Use This Timeless Stone for Your Well-Being

If you've been trying to pick a gemstone with formidable healing properties that exudes class and is sure to be a show stopper, then blue topaz is the crystal you've been looking for. Its soothing and calming blue color is one of the reasons why this gemstone was — and still is — one of the most sought after gems.  

Even though topaz comes in many different varieties and a rainbow of colors, its blue variation is the most popular when it comes to topaz jewelry. It is both an affordable and elegant gem, commonly found in classic faceted cuts like emerald, pear, cushion, round, and marquise. For these reasons, the blue topaz crystal is a commonly used gemstone for engagement rings.

Natural blue topaz is an extremely rare gem and most of the mineral specimens that you find in stores now are, in fact, treated colorless topaz or yellow topaz. They are irradiated and then heated to produce different shades that go from a pale, light blue to a dark, stormy blue. Along with tanzanite and turquoise, topaz is a traditional December birthstone and, hence, a Sagittarius birthstone

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In this guide, you'll learn about the origins of blue topaz, its main locations around the world, and how you can use this mesmerizing crystal to balance your mind, body, and soul.

Origins of Blue Topaz

The name "topaz" was used for at least 2,000 years to describe any yellow or yellowish stone. It has often been confused with other crystals like quartz, tourmaline, citrine, peridot, beryl, and sapphires. It was only about 200 years ago that gem trades realized that this vibrant gemstone occurred not only in yellow but also in a range of different colors.

There are different theories behind the origin of the name topaz. Some say it comes from the Greek "topazion," a derivation of the Sanskrit word "tapas," meaning fire. This may be due to an ancient oriental legend claiming that blue topaz had the power to cool down hot water. Others believed that it was named after Topazios, an island in the Egyptian red sea, where deposits of this stone were found.

In ancient Greece, it was considered a symbol of longevity, life, and wisdom. Greek people wore this ocean-colored stone frequently as they believed it gave them energy and strength.

Sources of Topaz

Blue topaz

Precious topaz — the name given to stones that have not been treated — can be found in different colors, the most common being brown, colorless (also known as white topaz), and yellow. The most valuable colors include red and pink topaz, as well as blue topaz. However, none can beat imperial topaz, an orange-reddish variety that can only be found in the Brazilian state of Minas Gerais and that can reach staggering values — an average of around $1000 per carat.

The three most common varieties of blue topaz stone include London blue topaz (dark blue), Swiss blue topaz (vibrant sky blue), and pale blue. No matter what kind of gemstone you get, keep in mind that blue topaz may lose its color when exposed to the sun for long periods of time or to a source of extreme heat.

The most common mining locations for this crystal include Brazil, Mexico, Australia, Utah in the U.S., Sri Lanka, Nigeria, Pakistan, Myanmar, India, Madagascar, Namibia, Russia, and Zimbabwe.

Healing Properties of Blue Topaz

Like all blue stones, blue topaz's energy is deeply connected with the throat chakra — the communication seat. It also resonates with the third eye chakra, the energy center that governs your mind and your perception of the world around you. 

Thanks to this energetic link, blue topaz is considered an excellent stone that encourages you to express yourself honestly and openly, and that supports you on your journey of self-reflection and personal growth.

Physical Benefits

According to ancient Greek healers, blue topaz was very helpful for eye conditions as well as for fever bouts. They believed its soothing and cooling qualities absorbed the heat and lowered the body's high temperature naturally. Healers applied these same cooling properties to ease the inflammation, pain, and discomfort caused by degenerative joint conditions.  

Many believe it can be useful to stimulate the endocrine system — responsible for the production of hormones — as well as the digestive system, by helping to restore the sense of taste and stimulating a healthy appetite. 

As a true stone of the throat chakra — which includes the neck and chest areas — healers believe blue topaz can bring relief in throat and lung conditions, as well as encourage a balanced cardiovascular system.

If you struggle with anxiety or are under a lot of stress, topaz’s calming and gentle vibrations are a fantastic, holistic tool to promote comfort and relaxation. Energy healers believe it can help fortify the nervous system and stimulate a sluggish metabolism, promoting more vibrant and joyful energies.

Emotional Healing

Blue topaz

If you're looking for a protection stone to help ward off negative energies, thoughts, and emotions, then blue topaz could be a great companion for you. Similar to blue lace agate, its soothing energy is said to balance emotions or mood swings, especially if you need to release deep-seated anger. By carrying this gem, you're encouraging all your unacknowledged rage and pain to surface so that you can deal with it and finally let go.

Blue topaz's mystic vibration is believed to help you understand your emotions — either joyful or negative — and learn from them, teaching you that both play an essential part in your life and self-growth journey. 

This stone guides you to acknowledge your self-worth and gives you the confidence to realize that there is no better source of emotional nourishment than the one you have inside you. This allows you to truly love and accept yourself by understanding that your happiness is your own responsibility rather than someone else's.

If you know someone who has been through a shocking event or a traumatic situation, give them a blue topaz gemstone. Just like aquamarine, this stone's energy is said to re-establish stability in their emotional body and help them process recent events with a calm and collected mind. It also gives you both inner strength and mental stamina to overcome all the challenges that life may throw your way.

As a stone of communication, joy, and honesty, blue topaz's vibration can boost your self-worth and self-esteem so you can confidently step into your true self and live according to your terms and views, rather than trying to impress or please other people. 

Spiritual Growth and Guidance

Just like amethyst, blue topaz is a great stone to connect with your higher self, encouraging you to be more open and willing to learn, and thus allowing you to connect with your inner wisdom. It helps you to access your creative side, provide out-of-the-box solutions to problems, and appreciate your gifts and talents. 

Among all its benefits, perhaps the most important is that blue topaz can teach you the ability to see the bigger picture as well as the small details that make life so great. It's by connecting these two visions that you can finally understand the meaning and purpose of your life. This beautiful and elegant stone encourages you to let go of the things that don't serve you anymore, surrender to the cycles of life, and forgive both yourself and others.

Carrying blue topaz in your everyday life can stimulate your ability to express thoughts and feelings clearly, kindly, and honestly, inspiring you at the same time to be more generous and to become a person of great integrity. As a true third eye chakra stone, it stimulates your capacity to think, analyze, and learn complex concepts and ideas, as well as increase your concentration and focus on completing your projects quickly and seamlessly.

Use Blue Topaz To Soothe Your Emotions and Communicate Openly

If you're going through a period of great stress in your life and need a calming energetic tool, or if you have a hard time speaking your truth to the world, you might find yourself gravitating toward blue topaz. This is no coincidence, as energy healers believe that the crystal chooses the person and not the other way around.

Blue topaz can be a great friend to support and comfort you on your path of self-discovery. By supporting your throat and third eye chakra, you may feel inspired to let go of harmful emotions, express your views, and start living your real purpose.

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