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Yellow Crystals: Brighten Up Your Life With These 19 Yellow Crystals

Yellow crystals are naturally in tune with your solar plexus chakra. They are wonderful crystals for manifesting emotional and material abundance.

We’re going to talk about 19 of the most powerful yellow crystals and how you can use them.

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Yellow Crystals And Their Meanings

The yellow crystal meaning is that of vitality and durability. That’s because the solar plexus chakra, the seat of your personal power and stamina, is yellow.

Think about the golden light of the Sun and how it glints on precious metals like gold. Because of the yellow-gold association, yellow crystals are often a symbol of wealth and abundance.

Combining durability and wealth, yellow crystals also stand for commitments that will last a lifetime. That’s why wedding rings are often golden bands. Engagement rings with yellow crystals are also very popular. They symbolize the durability and strength of the incoming union between lovers.

There are many different yellow crystal types. Among the more popular yellow crystal names are Citrine and the many yellow or golden versions of different stones like Pearls and Diamonds.

Yellow crystals come in many shades, from light yellow crystals all the way to brown tints. Whether they’re of deep yellow hues or a fancy vivid color of gold, the different shades of yellow bring positive energy into your life.

In feng shui, yellow crystals are symbols of the fire element.

The more commonly found yellow crystals are great for everyday wear. Others are better suited for occasional wear because of their powerful effects. The extremely rare yellow crystals shouldn’t be worn so often, though. They might work better for you if you keep them at home.

yellow crystals meaning

Solar Plexus Chakra Crystals

Yellow crystals have powerful healing properties as part solar plexus chakra crystals. Crystal healers use them to help their patients connect with their personal power.

Yellow stone jewelry pieces support self-expression and personal authenticity. They're excellent when you're struggling with issues of low self-esteem. When you're confused about the direction you should be taking in life, yellow crystals cleanse your solar plexus. They help you realize which path you should be following. Then they empower you to take the first decisive step towards fulfilling your destiny.

Wearing a yellow crystals necklace is the best way to optimize your solar plexus. The crystal works directly with this energy center and improves every aspect of your life. Pair it with a yellow crystal ring and your personal power will improve tenfold.

An eye-catching yellow crystals engagement ring will harness the power of the Sun. It will bring stability to your bond and make your connection everlasting.

Manifesting With Yellow Crystals

A yellow crystals is a powerful manifesting tool. The yellow color brings the vibrant energy of life and light into your desired outcome.

Part of what makes engagement rings with yellow precious stones so powerful is their power to bring the engagement to its culmination stage of manifestation: marriage.

Yellow stones resonate with abundance, wealth, and prosperity. They harness the brilliant power of your solar plexus and divine masculine energy. The Ultimate Wealth Bracelet is an excellent example. It combines the power of Citrine with the effect of the Pi Yao symbol from Chinese culture, helping you achieve the vibe of success and prosperity.

Brighten Up Your Life With These 19 Yellow Crystals

There are plenty of yellow stone options out there. Let's find out which one works best for you.

1. Yellow Topaz

yellow topaz

Yellow Topaz is also known as Imperial Topaz or Golden Topaz. Yellow Topaz is believed to bring in the frequency of serenity and peace of mind. It supports your professional ascension.

The Professional Success Bracelet has a similar effect. It helps you climb the hierarchical ladder and make a name for yourself.

Yellow Topaz is an excellent alternative for Yellow Sapphire. That’s because Yellow Topaz is more accessible in terms of pricing.

2. Yellow Sapphire

yellow sapphire

Yellow Sapphire is also called Pukhraj stone. This precious stone is a popular substitute for Yellow Diamonds. Yellow Sapphire symbolizes divine grace and power. It fortifies loving connections and guides souls towards divine union.

The Soulmate Rose Quartz Bracelet can offer you similar benefits. It activates your divine union soul contracts and helps you manifest your soulmate.

Yellow Sapphires look similar to Yellow Topaz, but they’re way more expensive and rare. They are excellent clarity stones and have considerably fewer inclusions than Topaz. That’s why they’re one of the most valuable yellow crystals.

3. Yellow Diamond

yellow diamond

Yellow Diamond is also known as Canary Diamond. It has a pure yellow color and it’s the most valuable yellow crystals. Luckily though, Yellow Diamonds are among the more common types of colored diamonds. That means that Yellow Diamonds are a bit more affordable than other types of Diamond.

Yellow-colored Diamonds improve your creativity and support bold self-expression. They make excellent allies for writers, artists, and politicians.

If you're looking to improve your creativity, try the Innovation Bracelet. It can help you look at problems from a new perspective and find ways to overcome them.

4. Golden South Sea Pearl

golden pearl

Golden South Sea Pearls are some of the most valuable and sought-after pearls on the market today. The Golden Pearl grows in the gold-lipped Pinctada maxima South Sea oyster.

The value of Golden Pearls from the South Sea depends on their color and size.

Pearls are strongly linked with faith and the ability to connect you to the divine plan. Wear the Law of Attraction Bracelet to experience universal support when putting your plans into action.

5. Yellow Garnet

yellow garnet

Yellow Garnet is one of the rarer forms of crystals in the Garnet family. It’s also known as Mali Garnet because it was discovered there in 1994. To date, Mali is the only known source of Yellow Garnets.

The crystals range in color from yellow to yellow-green and some even have brown hues.

Garnet is a powerful stone of regeneration and healing. Try the Natural Garnet Healing Bracelet if you're looking for the powerful healing energy of love. It will enrich your life and rid you of negative energies, restoring the natural state of health.

6. Yellow Jade

The Yellow Jade crystal is not actually part of the Jade or Jadeite crystals family. In fact, it’s a variety of Cloudy Quartz that presents in a pale to medium-dark yellow color.

Other names it can be found under are Butter Quartz, Butter-cream Quartz, or Golden Jade. This beautiful crystal brings high vibes of joy and happiness into your life and is said to be a stone of luck.

7. Yellow Tourmaline

yellow tourmaline

Yellow Tourmaline is also known as Canary Tourmaline. Yellow Tourmalines are some of the rarest forms of presentation for Tourmaline crystals. It usually has a slight green tint.

Yellow Tourmaline has similar protective powers to other types of Tourmalines. It protects the wearer from negative energies and low vibes.

Wear the Mental Clarity Bracelet to pluck stress-producing ideas from your mind and bring vibes of peace, love, and harmony to your life.

8. Yellow Zircon

Yellow Zircons are brightly colored crystals that range from a light yellow to medium and vivid color yellows. Their clarity and brilliance make them excellent choices for yellow crystal jewelry pieces.

Yellow Zircon crystals are great affordable alternatives to Yellow Diamonds. When cut right, Zircon has a comparable beauty to that of the precious Diamond.

9. Yellow Emerald

Yellow Emerald is not, in fact, an Emerald. By its very definition, Emerald is a green-colored crystals.

Yellow Emerald is in fact a form of Golden Beryl. Golden Beryl is also known as Heliodor, which is a Greek word that means “gift from the Sun”. The Positive Energy Set has a similarly uplifting effect.

The clearer Golden Beryl stones are more expensive than the cloudier-looking ones.

10. Yellow Chrysoberyl

yellow chrysoberyl

Yellow Chrysoberyl comes in a light pastel yellow to a green-tinted yellow. When it presents the feature ‘chatoyancy’, meaning it looks like a cat’s eye refractive surface, it’s Cat’s Eye Chrysoberyl.

Regular Chrysoberyl is pretty affordable. Cat’s Eye Chrysoberyl is more expensive. The rarer presentation of Chrysoberyl under different colors and lighting conditions is Alexandrite, the most expensive option in the Chrysoberyl family.

11. Yellow Quartz

Yellow Quartz, also called Yellow Quartzite, can be found in almost all Quartz deposits. It’s a natural type of crystal.

On the other hand, Lemon Quartz is heat-treated. It’s obtained from Yellow Quartz mixed with other elements that undergo intense heat treatments.

12. Citrine

yellow crystal

The name Citrine comes from the French word citron, which means lemon. Most Citrine is produced by applying heat treatments to forms of Quartz like Amethyst or even Smoky Quartz.

The difference between Lemon Quartz and Citrine is given by saturation and tone. Naturally occurring Citrine is rarer to find. It comes in lighter yellow hues than the heat-treated version.

Citrine is the stone of abundance. Wear the Abundance Anklet and welcome the numerous blessings into your life.

13. Tiger's Eye

yellow crystals

Golden Tiger’s Eye presents bands of yellow, gold, and brown. But you can also find a green, red, and also blue Tiger’s Eye.

Enigmatic Tiger's eye properties include grounding and protection. Golden Tiger’s Eye is an excellent manifestation stone because it combines the golden chatoyancy effect with the rich browns of the earth element.

The Pyramid of Focus helps you achieve all of your goals.

14. Yellow Jasper

The Yellow Jasper crystal is a combination of Chalcedony and Quartz that comes in a variety of yellows and mustard colors. Jasper stones usually have a spotted or striped pattern, which gave them their name.

Jasper is considered the supremely nurturing crystal. Yellow Jasper is a very protective and discerning stone. It’s an excellent traveling companion.

Use the Power Chakra Tassels to be in charge of your energy flow.

16. Yellow Apatite

Yellow Apatite is known as Gold Apatite or Golden Apatite.

The Yellow Apatite crystal inspires hope and awakens your passion for life. It boosts your self-worth and self-confidence. That makes it particularly helpful during transformational processes like weight loss or cosmetic procedures. It helps you develop your assertiveness and gives you the courage to take risks.

Wear the Brighter Future Bracelet to lift your spirits and see the world as a brighter place.

17. Amber


Amber is an organic crystals made of fossilized tree sap. It usually contains visible impurities – things that were trapped in the sap, including twigs, insects, or other tiny creatures.

Amber has a honey yellow color. It can present darker hues of brown, especially around the visible impurities. Amber promotes spiritual and physical balance. It replenishes your energetic resources and grounds your energy.

18. Yellow Sphene

Yellow Sphene is a rare crystals of brilliant yellowish-green color. It can also be orange or brown. The Yellow Sphene crystals have a beautiful high luster. It’s also known as "Titanite" because it contains titanium.

Sphene is rarely set in jewelry because it’s a very brittle stone. But it is very beautiful and displays pleochroism, which means it seems to be of different colors when looked at from different angles. The pleochroism makes it a powerful stone of transformation.

Try the Dragon’s Heart Transformation Pendant to fill yourself with confidence and improve your motivation. You'll actively manifest your hopes and dreams. Transform into the person you always aspired to be.

19. Fire Opal

yellow fire opal

Fire Opal is an Opal variety with a bright yellow, orange or red background color. It’s created by water seeping into the silica-enriched lava and filling the seams and hollows inside it. It’s mined in certain parts of Mexico, Central America. It was held in high regard in the Aztec and Mayan civilizations.

Fire Opal displays the play of color effect rather than opalescence. The play of color means that the light coming in at different angles is reflected off of the tiny crystal inclusions and creates beautiful sparkles and flashes of color.

As a result, Fire Opal is a stone of uniqueness and leadership. It connects to the transformative power of the fire element but also brings in the calm and intuitive aspects of the water element.

Which Other Healing Crystals Work Well With Yellow Crystals?

Your yellow crystal is going to work very well with crystals that address the rest of your chakras. Consider getting a chakra healing set of stones like the 7 Chakra ‘Blissful Healing’ Set.

Stabilize the energetic flow through your body to open up a wide range of possibilities of growth and development. Activate and cleanse your chakras. You'll find it easier to embrace your life purpose and lead a full and satisfying life.

You can stimulate creativity, spark new ideas, and ignite the creative fire of your imagination. Allow a healthy energy flow to guide you towards your natural place in the grander scheme of things. When using yellow stones, you'll finally feel like everything happens for a reason. Most importantly, these powerful stones give you faith in yourself. Doubts or inhibitions will never hold you back again.

You can also pair your yellow crystals with crystals for manifesting love, abundance, and personal power.

Get Your Yellow Crystals Today!

Improve your vitality and stamina with the help of yellow crystal jewelry. These beautiful yellow crystals support your solar plexus and help you express your authentic self.

Bring the vibrant energy of abundance and prosperity into your life. A powerful symbol of endurance and durability, yellow crystals will pass the test of time. The connections and aspects of your life they symbolize will be just as durable.

If you want to make the most of their manifesting power, use your yellow stones with crystals for success and manifestation.

Embrace the solar warmth and blessings of the powerful yellow crystals. Allow your intuition to guide you when choosing your solar stone. Whichever yellow stone feels like the natural choice for you is your best choice. And if you feel like getting more of them, that's even better.

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