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Black Crystals: 17 Black Crystals You Need In Your Life

Beautiful and mysterious, black crystals have been appreciated for their magic powers ever since ancient times.

We're going to go through some of the benefits and meanings of black crystals. Then we're going to talk about 17 of the most powerful options for black crystal jewelry.

In this article:
  1. Black Crystals Meanings
  2. Root Chakra Crystals

Black Crystals Meaning

Black crystals are a symbol of elegance and grace. They talk about mystery and the beautiful subtle energies of the world around us.

Black crystals are a symbol of spiritual power; they were often worn by spiritual leaders in many different cultures. Healers also used black crystals because of their ability to restore balance and support healing. As a result, black stones and crystals became a symbol of restoring and maintaining health.

During the Victorian era, black crystals were used for mourning jewelry. The intricate and refined designs of black crystal earrings became the highlight of mourning outfits. Today, black crystal jewelry is a symbol of elegance, but also of a rebellious nature, depending on the style.

Because they have grounding powers, black crystals are also a symbol of strength and resilience. They symbolize the power of positive energies and the purity of high vibes.

Root Chakra Crystals

A black healing stone supports the energy of the human body. It cleanses all of the chakras of negative vibes and supports the presence of healing energies.

Black, red, and brown crystals are naturally in tune with your root chakra. Their energy helps you connect to the energetic center of Mother Gaia. Black crystals in particular ground your energy by connecting your aura to the healing and cleansing heart of Gaia and the earth element.

The root chakra plays a significant role in all of your manifestation processes as well as in your energetic protection. Brown and black crystals are particularly effective in supporting any process of manifestation. They connect you with the limitless abundant power of the earth. With their help, you’ll boost your ability to transform reality to suit the truth that lives within your heart and soul.

The earth element has natural vibes of health, vitality, and abundance. Black crystals help your root attune to these energies of boundless blessings. You’ll see more opportunities coming your way when wearing black crystals. They’ll connect your root chakra to endless possibilities of growth and development.

Wearing a black crystal necklace is going to bring grounding energy to the level of your higher chakras. The black crystals will attract all of the negative and low vibes that affect your heart and solar plexus chakras.

When wearing black stone jewelry, you’ll be able to express yourself authentically and show your personal strength in a well-balanced way. You’ll be assertive and confident without encroaching on anyone else’s personal space or self-expression.

Grounding With Black Crystals

Most black crystals have the power to remove negative energy and negative emotions from your aura. Your energetic vibes will regain a well-balanced level. You’ll smooth over any excesses and regain control over your reactions in everyday life.

By rooting your energetic body into the abundant earth element, black stones support your growth and development. They connect you with the vibes of balance and well-being. The protection these beautiful crystals grant you will help keep away evil spirits and malevolent intentions.

Dark brown and black crystals have the power to encourage creativity and patience. They bring a vibe of calm and collected approaches to anything coming your way. These crystals have energy similar to the fertile soil that gives plants vitality and nutrients.

When you’re wearing a black protective stone, you’ll take charge of any situation and any energetic wave coming your way. You’ll be well-centered in your vibe of optimal health, confidence, and abundance.

You’ll make the most of the brilliant energy of the Sun when you’re well-grounded. Just like plants that grow from rich soil, you’ll blossom and become your best self.

With steady roots firmly planted in the nourishing and cleansing energy of Gaia, no storm will be able to ruffle your feathers.

Top 17 Black Crystals List

Now that you know the benefits black crystals have to offer, let’s see which are the 17 most powerful black crystals you can use for protection, grounding, and healing.

1. Black Tourmaline

tourmaline black crystal

Black Tourmaline is – unsurprisingly – part of the Tourmaline family. Black Tourmaline crystals are also called Schorl stones, and they’re not actually jet black. It’s generally a dark brown to a very dark blue stone that often presents striations and ridges. Black Tourmaline is not a very tough stone, scoring 7-7.5 on the Mohs hardness scale.

Black Tourmaline is formed from liquid parts of magma, cooling off after coming to the surface and solidifying. Heated Black Tourmaline can produce electricity and it can also store an electrical charge.

That’s part of the reason why Black Tourmaline is one of the most protective black crystals. It absorbs negative vibes and blocks electromagnetic fields from affecting you. Black Tourmaline bracelets help you release stress, relieve pain, and strengthen your immune system.

The Spiritual Protection Bracelet will make sure that no bad vibes will affect your journey.

2. Black Onyx

onyx black crystal

While Black Onyx is a common crystal of solid color, its natural presentation is actually that of colored bands. Onyx contains bands of Chalcedony in alternating colors. It’s a cryptocrystalline, meaning it has inclusions of Silica minerals, such as Quartz and Moganite. The bands are parallel to one another.

Natural Black Onyx crystals are considerably rarer than artificial ones. Agate and Chalcedony have been transformed into “Black Onyx” ever since ancient times – it’s been in use ever since the Ancient Egyptians.

Black Onyx is a stone of happiness, good fortune, and physical as well as emotional strength. A powerful protection stone, Black Onyx absorbs and transforms negative energies into positive ones.

The Grounding Bracelet Set banishes fears, worries, and doubts. It revitalizes you with security and stability.

3. Black Spinel

spinel black crystal

Black Spinel is a rare black crystal with a vitreous luster. It’s made of hard Magnesium Aluminum Oxide or Magnesium Aluminate. Black Spinel is one of the rarest and most valuable minerals from the Spinel family. It’s a crystal often confused with Black Tourmaline.

Black Spinel colors go from black ink to a deep black or very dark blue. This extremely rare crystal is also confused with Black Diamond, which makes them a good Black Diamond substitute.

Black Spinel is one of the best black crystals for stimulating inspiring thoughts and creative ideas. They help you to release anger or frustration.

4. Black Diamond

diamond black crystal

Black Diamond, also known as Carbonado, is one of the toughest forms of natural diamond.

Black Diamond is typically black, but it can also be dark gray, various shades of the color green and brown. Black Diamonds are often superheated or irradiated to change their color to black. Some Black Diamonds have a radiation halo that absorbs light and makes them completely opaque and appear extremely dark.

Carbonados are extremely tough because they’re a combination of two different types of pure carbon. As a result, Black Diamond is a powerful symbol of endurance and resilience. They may be used as engagement ring stones and they make for a confident fashion statement.

5. Black Garnet

garnet black crystal

Black Garnet, known also as Andradite Garnet, is a Calcium Iron Silicate mineral that includes Titanium. It’s also known as Black Melanite or Melanite Garnet. Black Garnet has a dull or glossy black color. It’s one of the rarest crystal varieties.

Black Garnet has a shiny surface with a glassy luster and usually presents some color variation, which makes it a beautiful choice for crystal jewelry.

Black Garnet has powerful grounding energy. It’s a great psychic protection stone, but it also helps to overcome infections and addictions. Black Garnet boosts self-confidence and naturally interacts with the earth star chakra that grounds you into the energy of Mother Gaia. As a result, Black Garnet is a particularly powerful grounding stone.

The Self-Confidence Anklet gives you a boost to your self-confidence so you won’t allow the fear of failure to stop you.

6. Black Zircon

zircon black crystal

Black Zircon crystals reflect light and display a beautiful play of color effect, which makes them gorgeous choices for jewelry pieces. The dark brown to black color of most Zircon crystals are a result of the Iron Oxide impurities. Heat changes the color of natural Zircon.

Natural Zircon is often confused with cubic Zirconia, which is a laboratory-grown imitation that is more affordable. Black Zircon jewelry can be more sensitive since Zircon can become chipped upon impact, particularly if it’s a faceted black crystal.

Black Zircon boosts your self-realization abilities. It empowers you to take on responsibilities and be confident in your choices. It boosts your desire to get involved in the manifestation process.

The Self-Empowerment Jewelry Set helps you to achieve your goals and gain clarity on what you want to manifest, boosting your power to transform reality according to your authentic desires.

7. Black Pearl

pearl black

Black Pearls, also known as Tahitian pearls, are organic crystals formed in the black lip oyster (Pinctada Margaritifera). They are cultivated on the islands of French Polynesia, near Tahiti.

A pure black Tahitian Pearl is extremely rare. Black Pearls can be darker in hue, but there are also different color versions such as light gray to dark green. 

You can also find treated Black Pearl, which is the more affordable version if you enjoy the elegance of Pearls in darker colors.

Black Pearl has the ability to ward off evil spirits. It’s been seen as a powerful amulet against malevolent energies ever since ancient times.

8. Black Obsidian

obisidian black crystal

Obsidian is a naturally occurring volcanic glass. The black natural glass is formed when it cools quickly and presents minimal crystal growth.

Pure Obsidian is usually dark in appearance. Colors vary based on the inclusions of impurities. Black Obsidian includes Iron and other transition elements. Black Obsidians also contain Magnetite, which is an Iron Oxide.

When it’s tumbled or sculpted, the deep black Obsidian stone presents a beautifully shiny surface.

Black Obsidian is a powerful and creative protective stone. Obsidian supports you in connecting with your true self. It releases imbalances and negative energies from your aura.

The Premium Black Obsidian Talisman features the sacred shape of a hexagram and will keep you safe from negative energies. It will restore your energetic balance and protect it.

9. Black Sapphire

sapphire black crystal

Black Sapphire is nearly opaque. It’s so dark that it seems to absorb the light. It’s a type of Corundum (Aluminum Oxide).

Black Sapphire helps you connect at a deeper level with the natural world. It boosts personal power and strength. These black crystals can relieve fears and anxieties.

The Black Sapphire crystals also include the natural Black Star Sapphire. The Black Sapphires are usually cut into a dome shape to show the needle-like inclusions that give it the look of a six rays star-shaped pattern called asterism.

Black Star Sapphires calm down your overactive energy and systems. It helps regulate hormone levels and improves eyesight and psychic insight.

The Triple Protection Braсelet offers you the best form of spiritual protection. It keeps negativity away and boosts your ability to overcome any obstacles.

10. Black Cat's Eye Scapolite

scapolite black crystal

Cat's Eye Scapolite is a chatoyant variety of Scapolite. The chatoyant effect refers to a honey-yellow iridescent glow that resembles a cat's eye effect.

Black Cat’s Eye Scapolite isn’t a particularly hard crystal, so it’s more likely that you’ll keep it in your crystal collection rather than wear it as crystal jewelry.

Black Cat's Eye Scapolite helps you break away from a dark past. It supports you in overcoming karmic ties and karmic events, helping you focus on the here and now.

11. Black Opal

Black Opal is found in the rich soil of Lightning Ridge, Australia. Black Opals include Carbon and Iron Oxide trace elements that cause the unusual darkness of the stone’s base color. They are some of the rarest and most valuable types of Opal crystals.

Black Opal has a dark body tone that ranges from dark gray to jet black. The beautiful play of color effect makes this black crystal jewelry particularly charming.

Black Opal, one of the October birthstones, supports clarity of thought and perception. It helps the wearer discern the true intentions of the people they interact with.

12. Black Kyanite

Black Kyanite is a Silicate mineral that includes Aluminum. It forms as part of pegmatite at extremely high pressure. Black Kyanite has a specific look because it crystallizes in the form of fan-like blades. It’s found in Brazil, Myanmar, and India.

Black Kyanite supports clarity of vision for the manifestation process. It also supports clairvoyance and psychic insight. The healing energy of Black Kyanite makes it a great ally for energy healers.

13. Black Amber

Amber is fossilized resin. Each Amber stone is unique in that it has variations in size, shape, and inclusions that can vary from tiny organisms to bugs and fossilized wood.

This black crystal can include carbonized coal, which gives it a very similar look to Jet. When you hold Back Amber up to the light, it often changes color due to its inclusions. It’s a rarer form of Amber and slightly more expensive than other Amber versions.

Black Amber has a powerful protective energy that can deflect and transmute negativity.

14. Black Jade

Black Jade is a term used for two different minerals: Nephrite (Calcium Magnesium Silicate) and Jadeite (Sodium aluminum silicate). Both are very tough stones with a fine grain.

As a result, Black Jade is the term recognized for both forms though they have different characteristics. 

Black Jade is a powerful protector that shields you from negative forces and malevolent entities. It offers protection from energy vampires and the negative vibes of other people.

15. Black Quartz

Black Quartz has the same mineral composition as Smoky Quartz and Morion Quartz, with the addition of Aluminum. Aluminum gives it the light-absorbing trait that gives it the translucent-gray to jet-black color.

Authentic Black Quartz shows the black color inside it, as inclusions, as well as an outer sheen. It often presents translucence, meaning it’s not a solid black color.

Black Quartz blocks negative energies. It has the power to ground your energy while also amplifying your positive energy.

The Manifestation Bracelet clarifies your desires, takes the negativity out of the equation and supports everything falling into place.

16. Black Jasper

On the other hand, Black Jasper is a dense and opaque crystal that’s part of the Quartz family. It has a black and flinty presentation which makes it one of the rarer forms of Jasper crystals.

Black Jasper is also known as Blackstone or Basanite. It often presents veins rather than a solid color.

Black Jasper is particularly powerful when you’re working to make progress on your professional path. It supports you in manifesting your authentic calling as a successful career path.

The Professional Success Bracelet also supports you in achieving success and professional fulfillment. You’ll find your true path and experience contentment every day you work on fulfilling your life purpose.

17. Black Jet

Jet is a type of lignite, which is a type of coal and not a mineral. Jet usually presents as a black crystal, but it can have Pyrite inclusions as well. Jet is so dark that it’s the source of the phrase, “jet-black”. 

Black Jet has been popular ever since ancient times. You can find Jet artifacts dating back from the Roman Empire, through the Viking culture, and to Victorian days. Jet jewelry became popular after the 20th century.

Due to its coal nature, Jet is believed to spark inspiration and creativity while also grounding your energy. It soothes fried nerves and helps you connect with the energy of the earth and Mother Gaia. It’s of great support when you’re going through particularly stressful or tough times.

You can gain similar benefits from using the Success Stones Set, which will boost your motivation and strengthen your resolve in achieving your goals.

Which Other Healing Crystals Work Well With Black Crystals?

Black crystals are stones of protection, grounding, and manifestation. They appeal mostly to your lower chakras, namely the root.

As a result, they work in a natural balance with white crystals. White crystals heal your higher chakras and restore your energetic balance with the help of universal energies. They’ll help you gain clarity over what you want or feel. White crystals will support your spiritual strength and optimize your energetic field while the black crystals ground these higher vibes.

Black crystals also work very well with brown and red crystals. These russet-hued crystals are naturally in tune with your root chakra. They find a natural energetic balance with black crystals and work together to stabilize your energy.

Green crystals are also powerful allies for black crystals. They connect to your heart chakra, the seat of your true self and emotional awareness. In combination with most black stones, green crystals will help you express yourself authentically. Your life will become a natural manifestation of your soul’s energetic truth.

Get Your Black Crystals Today!

Start building your black crystal jewelry collection. With the help of these black crystals, you’ll protect your energy and cleanse your aura of negative energetic influences.

Black stone earrings and bracelets will help ground your energy. With their help, you’ll claim your natural birthright to optimal energetic balance. If you’re going through painful or unfortunate events, they’ll be by your side. These powerful energetic protectors will restore your optimism. They’ll bring good luck and fulfillment into your life.

Use the black crystals together with other crystals for success and manifestation. Your life is going to be transformed for the better.

Be your authentic self. Claim the professional path, success, and wealth that are rightfully yours. With these powerful crystals, you’ll set yourself up for success and happiness.

Whether you’re looking to find the love you truly desire or live the way you always felt called to, black crystals will support your path. They’ll offer you guidance and grant you protection every step of the way. Claim your blessings and grant yourself protection right now with the help of black crystals.

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