Brown Stones: 27 Best Brown Stones to Add To Your Jewelry

Brown Stones: 27 Best Brown Stones to Add To Your Jewelry

Make the most of the fertile and steady power these beautiful stones have to offer. We’ve put together a list of 27 brown stones you can choose from.

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Brown Stones Meaning

Brown stones are a powerful symbol of the planet Earth and of Mother Gaia. They make for beautiful bohemian jewelry pieces you can find in most jewelry stores. Earthy natural tones make for great costume jewelry too, though natural brown stones have a lot more to offer than their appearance.

From lighter to darker tones, these powerful stones are symbols of stability as representatives of the earth element. The lush and abundant energy of the soil makes brown stones symbols of abundance.

Dark-colored crystals talk about connecting your energy to that of Gaia. They translate to well-grounded energy and keeping a level head. Brown crystals connect you to a pragmatic and realistic approach to everything coming your way.

Brown Stones Benefits

Brown stones are naturally connected to your root chakra. They help the manifesting process and bring blessings and good luck your way. Depending on the brown hue of the stone, these great stones have various blessings to offer.

Golden brown colored stones are wonderful stones for manifesting abundance and wealth. They’re best suited for warm skin tones, though brown crystals work well with all complexions since they’re a neutral color.

Darker hues work well with a light or medium skin tone. A dark brown crystal has powerful healing and cleansing benefits. Darker brown crystals are amazing grounding and protective stones. They repel negative energies and protect you from low vibes.

27 Best Brown Stones

Brown stones come in a variety of presentations. They can feature fascinating brown patterns or be a solid color.

Your crystal might have a faceted cut or it could be cut en cabochon. It’s beautiful, whether it’s a layered or a solid color brown stone. Opaque or translucent, brown stones shine bright due to their amazing grounding and healing powers.

Let’s see which one of these great stone options is the best crystal for you.

1. Brown Tourmaline 

Tourmaline, known as the Rainbow crystal, comes in many colors. Brown Tourmaline, a deep brown stone from the Tourmaline crystals family, is also known as Dravite. Brown Tourmalines can look similar to darker versions of Smoky Quartz.

Brown Tourmaline is a Sodium Magnesium Tourmaline. With the help of Brown Tourmaline, you can improve your life force, raise your stamina levels, and achieve an energetic balance.

Brown Tourmaline is a great stone for grounding. You can clear and activate the earth chakra with Brown Tourmaline.

2. Smoky Quartz

Smoky Quartz crystals are gray and brown stones from the Quartz family. Most Smoky Quartz crystals present a clear to brown-colored base with darker colored inclusions.

Generally, transparent varieties of crystals amplify positive vibes. Darker varieties ground and protect. The very name of Smoky Quartz is due to the brown and black inclusions in this smoky brown stones.

Smoky Quartz is a powerful spiritual and energetic protector. Keeping Smoky Quartz close will repel negative energy. Smoky Quartz repels lower vibes and grants you protections. The clear parts of a Smoky Quartz crystal amplify positive energy.

The Energy Shield Anklet harnesses the power of Clear and Smoky Quartz. The Smoky Quartz grounds and protects, while the Clear Quartz raises your vibes and optimizes your energy.

3. Brown Diamond

Brown Diamond isn't as rare as other colored or transparent varieties. The Nitrogen present during the formation of a Brown Diamond gives it a brown hue.

These brown stones are high-quality crystals. Brown Diamonds are some of the more affordable and most popular brown stones from the Diamond category as of late.

Champagne Diamonds are light brown to rose-gold variety crystals. They are close to golden hues. Cognac Diamonds are the darker brown variety. They have the same composition and only the brown hues differ. Champagne Brown Diamonds are more expensive Brown Diamonds, while Cognac Diamonds are more accessible. There's also a Chocolate Brown Diamond variety, which is an even darker brown hue.

Regardless of the shade of this Diamond's neutral color, it's a beautiful choice present in jewelry stores. Adding Brown Diamonds to your jewelry collection brings stability and abundance your way.

4. Mahogany Obsidian

Mahogany Obsidian is a dark brown variety of the Obsidian stone. Also called Mountain Mahogany, Mahogany Obsidian is natural glass with Iron inclusions that create brown-colored swirls and stripes.

Mahogany Obsidian is particularly powerful when it comes to cutting energetic cords. It's a powerful stone for karmic and shadow work.

5. Brown Citrine

Natural Brown Citrine is a rare member of the Quartz family. Treated Brown Citrine crystals are more common.

Brown Citrine crystals are particularly fascinating in their geode form. They display the Brown Citrine crystals like chocolate frosting on a delicious crystal cake.

Brown Citrine works with your root chakra. It brings professional success and public recognition of your merits. The Professional Success Bracelet has a similar effect of supporting your career path.

6. Tiger's Eye

Tiger's Eye presents the Cat’s Eye effect. That means it presents a shimmering effect when catching the light under different angles. It’s one of the most popular brown stones. Tiger’s Eye is also one of the most well-known Cat's Eye effect stones. But Tiger’s Eye isn’t the only crystal that has this gorgeous effect.

Most Tiger's Eye crystal jewelry can be found in jewelry stores all over the world. The glittering golden effect makes Tiger’s Eye a popular quality option.

Wear Tiger’s Eye jewelry during trying times. If you’re stressed out, Tiger’s Eye brings you back to your center.

Wear any color of Tiger’s Eye jewelry and you’ll feel at ease. The Tiger Protection Bracelet helps you focus on the here and now. This Tiger’s Eye bracelet helps you be grateful for the many blessings in your life.

7. Fire Agate

Fire Agate crystals are golden-brown to red-brown stones from the Chalcedony family. High-quality Fire Agate is a semi-precious natural crystal discovered in Mexico.

Fire Agate presents a variety of lusters, from vitreous luster to silky luster. It’s a protection stone that has a soothing and calming effect.

8. Chocolate Opal

Chocolate Opal is also known as Ethiopian Opal. Chocolate Opal presents nodular formation patterns rather than in seams and crevices.

Chocolate Opals have a volcanic origin. That sets Chocolate Opals apart from other Opals which are sedimentary. 

Chocolate Opal is wonderful for grounding. It helps you overcome turbulent times. Due to its volcanic nature, Chocolate Opal cools down hot tempers.

9. Brown Andalusite

Andalusite is pleochroic. It displays different colors when viewed from different directions. Brown Andalusite crystals are rare.

These brown stones encourage prosperity and fulfillment. Wearing Brown Andalusite brings good luck and lucrative opportunities your way.

10. Brown Topaz

Brown Topaz is one of the more common types of naturally occurring varieties of Topaz. Brown Topaz is a Silicate Mineral form of Aluminum and Fluorine found in Brazil. It’s used to attain different colors of Topaz. Colorless Topaz can become Brown Topaz through irradiation, which is then transformed into Blue Topaz.

These brown stones activate your talents and hidden abilities. With the help of Brown Topaz, you can also sense the hidden energies around you, whether they’re forms of positive energy or negative energy.

11. Brown Agate

Brown Agate, also known as Botswana Agate, presents layers or the banding of multiple brown hues. Brown Agate forms as lava moves slowly over various stones, which creates the banding effect.

Brown Agate can present different colors, including white, gray, or peach. The layered structure of these overall brown stones is a powerful symbol of the higher dimensions.

Brown Agate helps you connect to your higher self and divinity. When you wear it you gain spiritual and psychic insight. The Stabilization Bracelet made from Persian Agate has a similar effect.

12. Cat's Eye Apatite

The Cat's Eye Apatite also presents the Cat’s Eye effect. When direct light hits these brown stones at different angles, they shimmer like the reflection of a cat’s eye.

Cat’s Eye Apatite isn't one of the more popular brown stones, but it’s a powerful and eye-catching brown crystal nonetheless.

Cat’s Eye Apatite helps you explore your authentic self. It encourages you to realize your true intentions and those of others. It supports you in sensing the emotional vibes inside the hearts of others.

13. Brown Jasper

Brown Jasper is an opaque and micro-crystalline crystals variety of Quartz. It presents large and grainy crystals.

Brown Jasper forms in nodules or it’s a filling of mineral fissures. It’s not a rare type of brown stone, but it is a powerful brown stone.

There’s a strong ecological vibe to Brown Jasper. It can serve as a wonderful worry stone. Brown Jasper dissolves negative feelings like fear, anger, or panic. It also helps you achieve a deep state of meditation.

With the help of Brown Jasper, you can gain access to your past lives so you can achieve powerful karmic healing. The Ultimate Protection Bracelet has a similar ability to cleanse your karma.

14. Opaque Chalcedony

Some might believe that this Chalcedony is in fact Brown Jasper, but Brown Jasper is actually a Quartz.

Chalcedony presents fibrous layers of various shades of brown and other colors like white and gray. These layers are called curved or angular banding and present a waxy luster.

These brown stones have nurturing energy. They promote solidarity, goodwill, and stability.

15. Mali Garnet

Mali Garnet is a rare crystal variety of the Garnet group. Mali Garnet is a blend of grossular and andradite forms. It was discovered in 1994 in Mali, the only known source to date.

The neutral tones of these brown stones are attuned to your root chakra. They encourage balance. These brilliant brown stones help you rebuild a state of equilibrium during trying times.

The Chakra-Balancing Bracelets Set has a similarly powerful effect of restoring and keeping your energetic balance.

16. Hessonite Garnet

Hessonite Garnets are brown stones also known as the Cinnamon Stone. Hessonite Garnets are grossularite forms. They're yellow or red-brown.

The name comes from the Greek word hesson which means inferior or lesser. Hessonite Garnet has a lower hardness than other Garnets.

Hessonite Garnet is cut en cabochon more often than not. It brings you wealth, success, and promotes longevity. While not the brown stone mentioned here, the Loving Life Ring employs Garnet to boost positive energy and vitality.

17. Golden Beryl

Golden Beryl is also known as Heliodor. Golden Beryl displays rich yellow and neutral color hues. The yellow color of Golden Beryl is a result of small deposits of Iron. Some Golden Beryl crystals have a yellowish-brown color.

Golden Beryl is a solar and vital brown stone. It helps you manifest abundance.

18. Boulder Opal 

These brown stones are natural host rocks with Opal seams or patches. The cut can make the precious Opal patches stand out, but it can also emphasize the connection of the thin slice of Opal to the brown color rock base.

Boulder Opal is usually cut en cabochon. The connection between the slivers of ethereal-colored stones and the earthy crystal base symbolizes the connection between the Above and the Below.

These brown stones are powerful spiritual guides. They offer great help during lucid dreaming and astral traveling. These beautiful brown stones help you achieve a deeper level of meditation. 

19. Brown Zircon

The beautiful stone called Brown Zircon presents a variety of red-brown hues. Zircon has a strong double refraction effect which can cause double images of facets. That makes faceted Brown Zircon a powerful amplifier with a silky luster.

Brown Zircon encourages unconditional love for yourself and others. It’s a brown stone that activates your heart chakra and supports compassion. You can gain similar benefits from the Rose Quartz Lamp of Compassion.

20. Enstatite

Enstatite brown stones are members of the Ferrosilite Pyroxene group. The structure changes at high melting point temperatures.

Enstatite is a powerful transformational brown stone. Bronzite is an Enstatite variety that presents a metallic luster and a bronze-like brown color.

Enstatite has a glassy translucent appearance with a glossy luster. It encourages self-analysis and helps you gain clarity.

21. Axinite

Axinite brown stones are violet-brown or red-brown minerals. The composition of Axinite includes Calcium Aluminum Borosilicate.

Brown Axinite has a vitreous luster. It’s a strong grounding stone. Axinite attracts the steady energy of Mother Gaia. It connects to your earth chakra which roots you into Gaia’s core energies.

Brown Axinite supports your strength and endurance. They’re great power stones.

22. Rutile (or Rutilated) Quartz

The Rutile Quartz is composed of Titanium Dioxide. It includes interesting patterns of needle-like or acicular inclusions of Rutile.

The Rutile needles can present a random or bundled distribution. Sometimes they form star shapes. Some of them are nearly opaque due to the high Rutile density.

Rutile (or Rutilated) Quartz is a symbol of connecting with the higher realms. It supports spiritual enlightenment and ascension. Its spiritual vibes are amplified by the Quartz. The Clear Quartz Anti-Stress Rings can offer you similar benefits.

23. Sillimanite

The Sillimanite brown stones are Aluminosilicate minerals. They were named after Benjamin Silliman. The first registered occurrence of Sillimanite was in Chester, USA. It’s a polymorph formation that’s part of the Andalusite and Kyanite mineral families.

Sillimanite is also called Fibrolite because it presents as long and slender fibrous crystals. It’s a rare crystal that can bring you joy, happiness, and prosperity.

24. Brown Sphalerite

The brown stones called Sphalerite is a common Zinc Sulfide mineral. It’s one of the most important Zinc ores.

The name comes from the Greek word sphalero which means deceitful or deceptive. It looks very similar to Galena, but it doesn’t contain Lead. Brown Sphalerite has a red-brown streaked appearance. It may present a smooth sheen or a waxy luster.

Sphalerite is very connected to Earth’s healing vibes. It balances your mental, emotional, and spiritual energy. With the help of this brown stone, you can overcome repetitive or intrusive thoughts. It heals low self-esteem and boosts your confidence in your own devices. The Spiritual Balance Pendant has a similarly powerful effect.

25. Brown Moonstone

These beautiful brown stones display the adularescence effect. Brown Moonstone has a unique brown hue. These Moonstones have a royal and distinguished look.

Brown Moonstone has a beautiful glossy luster and smooth sheen. The delicate brown hue of these crystals makes them awesome jewelry pieces for any skin tone. Check out our range of Moonstone healing tools.

26. Petrified Wood

The Petrified Wood or Petrified Tree is a fossilized crystal of crystal quality. It forms when vegetal materials are buried under sediments that protect them from decaying.

What makes Petrified Wood special is the fact it actually contains organic material, not just impressions of one like other fossils.

The tree matter it includes makes Petrified Wood one of the most powerful grounding crystals. It supports you in gaining deep and steady roots. The healing and stabilizing energy of Mother Gaia radiates from this beautiful brown stone.

27. Sang-e-Maryam 

These fossil dark brown stones are also called the Script Stone, Arabic Script Stone, or Calligraphy Stone due to the curvy sea grasses included in the fossil. The base color is a dark brown hue.

Sang-e-Maryam, also called Maryam, gives you the courage to speak your mind. It empowers you to explore your personal freedom. The Triple Crystal Anklet of Positivity has a similar effect.

Sang-e-Maryam protects you from bad dreams and fears during the night.

What Other Crystals Work Well With Brown Stones?

Use your brown stones with crystals for self-care and confidence to boost their power.

Black and red crystals work very well with the brown stones color. They connect to the root chakra and invite grounding and protective energies.

Green crystals are naturally in tune with brown stones due to their bond to Mother Gaia. They make for perfect natural allies.

Get Your Brown Stones Today!

Get your beautiful crystals right now. Begin the grounding and healing process with brown stones.

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