Green Crystals: Top 31 Green Gemstones For Inner Peace and Luck

Green Crystals: Top 31 Green Gemstones For Inner Peace and Luck

We’ll talk about the meaning and benefits of green gemstones, then we’re going to go through 31 powerful options you should consider if you’re thinking about getting a green crystal. 

Green Crystals Meaning

Green stones and crystals are all about the abundant and healing energy of nature and Mother Earth or Gaia.

A darker green crystal meaning is that of manifesting abundance and prosperity. A lighter green stone meaning is that of gaining spiritual insight and guidance.

Wearing green gems sends a powerful message to the universe. It says that you’re ready to gain a deeper level of wisdom so you’ll grow spiritually. You’re ready to be guided by a green light.

In Middle Eastern countries, green gems are a symbol of prosperity and wealth. They carry the message that you have a bountiful crop harvest and a healthy bank balance.

The Benefits Of Green Healing Stones

Green crystals are naturally in tune with your heart chakra. They have powerful crystal healing properties for all of your energetic centers.

A light green crystal helps your higher chakras heal. A dark green crystal has more of a healing vibe for the lower chakras. Wearing green stone jewelry is going to attract abundant and blossoming energies from the natural world.

Green crystals are amazing for emotional healing. They restore your life energy. They make sure that it’s all just a constant flow of positivity and optimism.

These beautiful gemstones are great at promoting spiritual growth and positive energy. They also attract good fortune and promote growth in all areas of your life.

Green gems are very lucky for a qualified medical professional because they encourage healing of the physical body as well as of the soul and mind.

Top 31 Green Crystals And Stones For Abundance, Inner Strength, and Good Fortune

Whether you like dark green or light green crystals, we’ve got some great options for you. This green gemstone list will help you find the best crystal for you and your energy.

Follow your intuition when choosing your green gems. And if you feel guided to get more green healing stones, follow that gut feeling too.

1. Green Tourmaline

Green Tourmaline is also known as Verdelite. It’s a Lithium rich crystalline Boron Silicate mineral from the Tourmaline family. The Tourmaline green stones come in various hues, from blue-green to chrome green and dark green. There are even some color-changing and Cat’s Eye Green Tourmaline varieties.

Often, Green Tourmaline crystals feature more than one color. Some of them feature various hues of green, but others combine green with pink, for instance – like Watermelon Tourmaline.

Green Tourmaline bracelets have excellent crystal healing properties. These green healing stones can help you overcome wounded emotions and improve your love life. Green Tourmaline resonates best with your heart chakra.

When combined with other colors, like in the case of the Watermelon Tourmaline, it offers additional emotional healing and positive energy for the soul. Wear the Anxiety-Free Bracelet Set and you’ll find your natural flow without stressing out over things coming your way.

The bluer shades of Green Tourmaline offer healing for the throat chakra as well. These Green Tourmaline healing stones support authentic connections and openly sharing your feelings.

2. Green Aventurine 

The Aventurine green healing stone is a Silicon Dioxide mineral. It’s a member of the Quartz family.

Green Aventurine helps you let go of behaviors, patterns, and habits that might be harmful. It helps you overcome setbacks and negative emotions so you can experience spiritual growth. Green Aventurine helps you restore your optimism and regain your zest for life. With the help of Green Aventurine bracelets, you can step towards a brighter future.

The Self-Cleansing Crystal Pens feature a unique Green Aventurine pen that you can use to write your intentions and gratitude.

3. Moss Agate

Moss Agate is a Silicon Dioxide green gemstone. Moss Agate is a type of Chalcedony that has green-colored mineral inclusions. These inclusions form patterns that give it a moss-like appearance.

Moss Agate helps you recover quickly from health issues. It has an anti-inflammatory effect on the body. These green gemstones cleanse the circulatory system and strengthen your immune system.

This type of Agate doesn’t present the banded structure, so technically it’s not an Agate but a Chalcedony. Regardless, it has been assimilated into the larger Green Agate crystal category.

You can read all about it here

4. Green Agate

“Proper” banded Green Agate gems are formed inside volcanic rocks. The banded or layered look results from cooling lava moving over various types of rocks and accumulating particles.

The banded structure makes Green Agate a stone of spiritual growth and development. It’s a powerful activator of the heart chakra and the chakras beneath it. Green Agate also grounds you, balancing your energy to offer a state of stability and equilibrium.

5. Green Fluorite

Green Fluorite is part of the Halides family. It comes in various shades of the color green, from light green to deep Emerald green.

Green Fluorite is a powerful energetic cleanser. It extracts negative energy from your aura in order to promote healing. With the help of Green Fluorite, you can begin a whole new life, letting go of your past.

Use the Concentration Stone to focus on building the future you desire.

6. Green Apatite

Apatite, as a gemstone category, includes many different types. The name comes from the Greek word apatein which means “to deceive”. This is because Apatite has been mistaken for other gemstones over time.

Green Apatite helps you harness your personal power so you can manifest your goals. Green Apatite builds a connection between what’s in your heart and what you will into existence.

Wear green stone earrings of Apatite to achieve manifesting success. The Apatite Heart of Positivity is a great addition to Green Apatite earrings.

7. Green Calcite

The majority of Green Calcite comes from Mexico and Brazil.

Green Calcite offers you a brand new sense of purpose. It boosts your vitality levels. When wearing these green crystals, you’ll want to make positive changes in your life.

These green crystals will prove constant companions operate on compassion and tenderness. They encourage having a forgiving nature.

8. Green Diamond

Green Diamond is one of the rarest and most expensive types of Diamonds. Natural Green Diamonds are created as a result of exposure to radiation during their formation.

Green Diamonds range from a pale green to vivid green color. Keep these light green crystals close when you’re trying to manifest prosperity and abundance in your life.

9. Green Jade

Green Jade is a mineral aggregate that includes Jadeite and Nephrite.

The finest quality of vibrant green Jade is known as "Imperial Jade". It has been used ever since ancient times.

These powerful green crystals are a magnet for good luck. The Financial Success Anklet combines Jade with Agate to manifest abundance.

10. Green Sapphire

Green Sapphire brings you tranquility and calmness. Green Sapphire engagement rings are a symbol of a harmonious union.

A Sapphire green stone bracelet is a symbol of mutual trust.

11. Green Jasper

Green Jasper is a green-colored gemstone from the Oxide mineral group of Quartzes. It can present as a light green to dark green colored gemstone.

It’s a great stone for releasing toxins from your body. Like other green gems, it also helps you with healing your emotions. This crystal supports you in letting go of toxic feelings that hold you back from growing and evolving.

12. Emerald

Emerald is a gemstone variety of the mineral Beryl. The trademark green hue of Emerald is caused by trace amounts of Chromium or Vanadium.

Emerald is rare and therefore expensive. It has been viewed as a symbol of wealth and even opulence throughout time. Emerald is one of the most popular green crystal names. Emerald gems inspire growth and personal power.

13. Malachite

Malachite is a Copper Carbonate Hydroxide mineral. Malachite has an opaque, green-banded presentation with a silky luster.

These green crystals have a rich shade of green. Malachite is a great stone for physical healing. It’s also a great supporter if you’re looking to gain clarity regarding your feelings, desires, or path.

With the help of Malachite, you can achieve material success. That’s because these green crystals bring about good fortune and abundance. Use the Law of Attraction Bracelet to achieve the level of success you’ve always dreamed of.

14. Bloodstone

The typical Bloodstone is opaque Green Jasper with red inclusions of Hematite. The red inclusions look like drops of blood, which gave these red and green crystals the name Bloodstone.

Entwining the green power of nature with the red essence of life, Bloodstone is a powerful life force booster. It instills in you positive feelings and stimulates your daring nature.

15. Peridot

Peridot, also known as Chrysolite, is a gem-quality Olivine. It’s a Magnesium-rich Silicate mineral. The green hue of Peridot depends on the Iron contents of these green crystals.

If you use Peridot green stones for rings, you’ll bring peaceful, harmonious, and calm vibes into your root and sacral chakras. Peridot has harmonious energy that helps you meet any new challenge with a collected approach.

16. Moldavite

Moldavite is a forest green, olive green or blue-green vitreous Silica projectile glass. Moldavite is a Tektite, which means it was formed as a result of a meteorite impact.

It’s a green crystal with cosmic origins. Moldavite promotes spiritual well-being and powerful new beginnings. These green crystals can send a shockwave through your energy system if you use them during meditation.

17. Green Quartz

Green Quartz is also known as Prasiolite. Natural Prasiolite comes almost exclusively from Brazil. There are some Prasiolite deposits in Lower Silesia, Poland.

These green crystals come in a variety of green colors, including yellowish-green and lime green crystals.

Prasiolite supports unconditional love. It helps you overcome negative feelings so you can heal emotional wounds.

18. Prehnite

Prehnite is a translucent green crystal. It’s Inosilicate of Calcium and Aluminum.

Prehnites are excellent crystals for respiratory system recovery. These green gemstones build up your spirit, resilient and wise.

These beautiful green crystals have great healing powers. They enhance your psychic insight. The Natural Intuition Stone has a similar effect of boosting your psychic abilities.

19. Serpentine

Serpentine green crystals are commonly found in Serpentinite rocks. The name comes from the spotted green color that resembles a serpent’s skin.

This green gem supports transformative energies. It clears your chakras of low vibes and strengthens your spiritual growth.

20. Zoisite

The Zoisite green crystals are part of the Epidote Nesosilicates. It can present as opaque and with a vitreous luster.

Zoisite is a green healing stone that reconnects you with your authentic self, with ideas or desires from the past, or even with people from your past.

Zoisite is also a great crystal for doing past lives regression and clearing karma from past lives.

21. Seraphinite

The Seraphinite stone is a form of Clinochlore and part of the Chlorite family.

These beautiful green crystals are powerful talismans for connecting with the higher realms and dimensions. They can support you in communicating with your spiritual team, guardian angel, ancestors, and spirit guides.

22. Green Diopside

Green Diopsides, also known as Chromium Diopside, are gorgeous deep green crystals.

Green Diopside is a very healing and nurturing green gemstone. It supports spiritual growth and connecting with Mother Gaia. As a result, Diopside can also support the steady grounding of your energies.

You can use the Compassionate Heart Set which has a similarly nurturing and supportive energy.

23. Chrysoprase

Chrysoprase is a gemstone variety of Chalcedony that has small Nickel inclusions. These green crystals come in a variety of hues, from medium to darker green. 

Chrysoprase has significant detoxifying powers. It can be a trusty gemstone ally during any detox process. Chrysoprase helps the heart, mind, and body get rid of waste. It supports your kidneys and can be a powerful healing stone for liver issues.

24. Amazonite

Amazonite is a type of Potassium Feldspar called Microcline. The green to a blue-green of these gemstones marries the emotionally nurturing energy of the water element with the grounding and healing vibes of Gaia.

Amazonites are great green crystals for reaching a deeper level of understanding the truth. It brings hope and a wiser perspective on things.

Get the Crystal Zodiac Chain to combine Amazonite beads with 11 other zodiac crystals.

25. Tsavorite

Tsavorite is an emerald-green variety of Grossular Garnet. These vibrant green gemstones are some of the most popular and expensive green crystal types of Garnet.

The chrome green Tsavorite is a rare gemstone that can be found in East Africa, at the border area between Tanzania and Kenya.

Tsavorite encourages selflessness. It’s a very spiritual stone, excellent for volunteers.

26. Dioptase

Dioptase is an emerald-green to a bluish-green Copper vein of Cyclosilicate mineral. It has transparent and translucent presentations, with vitreous to sub-adamantine luster.

These blue-green crystals have a powerful loving and empathic energy. They support heartfelt emotional ties. The Emotional Healing Anklet has similar supportive energy.

27. Uvarovite

Uvarovite is a Chromium-bearing Garnet green crystal. Uvarovite is one of the rarer green crystals.

Uvarovite is a powerful safety stone. It ensures you’re protected while you’re traveling in the physical and spiritual realms. That makes it a powerful astral traveling and lucid dreaming stone as well.

28. Olivine

Olivine is a Magnesium Iron Silicate. It’s part of the Nesosilicate or Orthosilicate group.

Wear an Olivine green crystal necklace to chase away negative energies from your upper chakras. Olivine improves your self-confidence. It helps you find your way towards true happiness and fulfillment.

29. Demantoid

Demantoids are rare green crystals from the Garnet family. Demantoid is part of the Andradites.

The most expensive and high-quality Demantoid comes from Russia. There’s Demantoid in Africa too, but it’s less expensive because it doesn’t feature the inclusions that the Russian one does.

These green crystals support you in dreaming big. They fuel you with optimism and positive thoughts so you can achieve any goal you set out to.

30. Green Sphene

Green Sphene, also known as Titanite, is a medium-dark green. It presents flashes of light in different colors as you move it under direct light.

These green crystals are powerful stones for manifestation and abundance. They are particularly adept at healing any issues or blockages you might be running into with your visualization or manifestation process.

31. Green Tiger's Eye

Green Tiger's Eye is a very rare version of Tiger’s Eye crystals.

Green Tiger's Eye enforces mental strength. It can protect you from surrounding low vibes and negative energies. When you wear Green Tiger's Eye, you’ll feel the power of nature's constant renewal.

Green Tiger’s Eye has strong healing powers for self-confidence issues. It supports you in embracing your authentic self and leading the life you truly desire.

Wear Green Tiger’s Eye Bracelets and you’ll grow into the best version of yourself.

What Other Crystals Work Well With Green Gems?

If you’re looking for a great crystal companion for your healing green gem, stone color options are an important thing to consider.

Green crystals are naturally in tune with brown gemstones. They both resonate deeply with the energy of Mother Gaia and the earth element. Green crystals and brown gemstones form a powerful crystal alliance, by and large.

White gemstones are also great to use together with your green gemstone. White crystals bring in the high vibes of the universe. The cosmic energies of your crown chakra will raise the vibe of your green crystal. They will serve to heal and cleanse the crystal in itself. After some use, every crystal needs some recovery and care.

If you’re wearing a green stone necklace, it will put your green crystal in resonance with your heart chakra. That will result in cleansing, healing, and activating it.

But that also puts your green gem close to your throat chakra. So blue crystals are going to work best with your green crystal at this point. Blue gemstones generally work well with green crystals. The blue stones connect with the energy of the water element, which is all about healing and comfort. So the energies of these two types of crystals connect very well.

Wearing a green stone ring will bring the healing energy of your crystal to your lower chakras, the sacral and root chakra. At that point, the best crystal allies for your green crystal ring are orange, red, brown, and black crystals.

Get Your Green Healing Stones Today!

Start your journey of emotional healing right now. Get your green healing crystals and activate high vibes within your heart.

Whether you’re dealing with a painful loss or looking for deepening the connections in your life, green crystals are the right choice for you. Use your green gems together with crystals for love and happiness and you’ll greatly amplify their powers.

Improve your life and enjoy every moment to the fullest. Allow these beautiful crystals to pave the way to your true happiness.

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