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How to Use Twin Flame Crystals for Love Attraction

Life would be a breeze if we could choose when and where love arrives at our doorstep. Unfortunately, love remains something that blesses us when the time is right and always comes to serve a purpose. Of course, when it does arrive it feels magical. Having someone who aligns with our soul is a special feeling. So perhaps we can’t choose when, but what if you could speed the process along? Today we’re talking about a type of love from fairytales—Twin Flames—plus, what are Twin Soul Crystals, and which of nature’s stones you can use to attract Twin Flames into your life.

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What is a Twin Flame?

In terms of love life, twin flame relationships are those people you meet for the first time and yet feel like you’ve known them forever. They arrive and light up your life in a way that you never thought possible. Their purpose? To help you evolve spiritually, to undergo an inner transformation, and to find your true path in life. 

They are like a mirror, showing you what you love and what you don’t love about yourself—forcing you to see yourself for who you truly are. That is why Twin Flame relationships are so tumultuous—filled with love and adoration and yet, eventually, could come to a crashing end. Not all Twin Flame relationships end. If you are emotionally and spiritually evolved enough, you can stay with your Twin Flame forever.

Twin Flames are not to be confused with soulmates. Although the term “soulmate” is more popularly used to describe lovers, soulmates can very much so be friends or family members. It is simply someone with whom you can share anything and everything. Your truest friend. So, naturally, it can be platonic or romantic. They, too, play a role in your spiritual growth. And you can have more than one soulmate in your life.

Twin Flames, however, only come once in a lifetime, if they come at all. As the name suggests, you only have one twin. So while soulmates will pop in and out of your life and mean so much to you, a Twin Flame is ever so much more special. That may be why you’re searching for extra help from twin flame crystals!

Think you have met your twin flame and want to bring you two closer? Still looking and pining for a twin flame to come into your life? Either way, get ready for an intense experience. These crystals will help you attract and hang onto your Twin Flame so you have the most positive experience possible.

Stones to Attract Your Twin Flame

Twin Crystals

First and foremost, you’ll want to look for twin crystals. These crystals are sometimes called Soul Mate crystals and sometimes called Twin Soul crystals. Either way, they are two crystals that have grown side-by-side. This makes them look like an inseparable pair.

And much like twins, the pair is not always identical. The conjoined crystals can sometimes be growing in the same direction, other times growing in opposite directions. Sometimes they grow side-by-side but are not the same sizes. The point is to understand that a Twin Soul crystal will not always look perfect, nor does it need to. 

twin crystal clear quartz

When on a quest for these crystals to attract your Twin Flame you may most commonly stumble upon two Clear Quartz crystals. A twin soul Clear Quartz is perfect for setting an intention to find your Twin Flame, to release the stress and pressure of it happening when you think it should, and to bring peace to your current situation. 

However, the following crystals are also great at attracting Twin Flame love. As a Twin Soul crystal or not, they’re full of loving, healing energy to help you along your journey.

Rose Quartz: A stone to nurture and heal the heart, its energy is perfect for opening yourself up to the possibilities of robust love. It works to attract a Twin Flame union and ensure your heart is whole and ready to absorb the new relationship when it arrives.

Green Aventurine: A great pairing with Rose Quartz, it also works with the heart chakra to heal it. Green Aventurine bracelets keep your heart open to new connections and allow others to see your true self, an essential part of the power that is a Twin Flame. This crystal also balanced the Masculine and Feminine energies, manifesting Divine Soul connections.

Moonstone: Connected to the Divine Feminine, Moonstone bracelets can also help balance these energies and thus attract the right harmony.

Amethyst: This purple dazzler opens the Third Eye. Amethyst bracelets help connect telepathy between Twin Flames, either mentally attracting that someone to you or strengthening a relationship mentally if you have that person in your life currently.

twin crystal amethyst

Rhodochrosite: Alternatively, if you’ve been struggling to manifest your ideals, try Rhodochrosite. It works to heal past relationship trauma that may have been stopping the Twin Flame from entering. It’s also great for bringing joy and passion forward, ensuring you have the right mindset to nurture a relationship with positivity. 

Using these Crystals to Manifest the Twin Flame

There is no magic love potion to make someone appear. These twin flame crystals are there to heal blockages that may be holding you back, open your heart to accept love, and create a vibrant energy that attracts wonderful people into your life—hopefully, a Twin Flame!

twin flames

Having said that, you can add intention work to the mix. When writing intentions to attract Twin Flames, it’s best to leave the who and when to the Universe’s choosing. That leaves the what to you. So, write down what you would like to see and what you would like to feel when the time finally arrives. For example: “I will be unafraid of passion and I will welcome change into my life” or “I will see colors brighter than ever before and will shed the darkness that has shadowed my heart.” Always use the future tense here. As most of these Twin Flame crystals work with the heart chakra, you can also add meditation or chakra work to this manifesting moment. 

Remain Aligned with the Universe

As much as crystal work can ready you for love and Twin Flame love, it doesn’t always mean that’s your destiny. Remember that Twin Flames enter your life to shake things up and force you to work on yourself and your ego. And that is something you can still do today! But, of course, everyone wants to experience their once-in-a-lifetime love, whether it is “the one” that stays forever or not. Just don’t forget your healing crystal to keep your heart in harmony and expectations managed!

What’s the best crystal for me?

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