Red Crystals: 33 Powerful Red Gemstones To Spice Up Your Life

Red Crystals: 33 Powerful Red Gemstones To Spice Up Your Life

We’re going to talk about the meaning and benefits of red gemstones. You’ll find out how they can help you improve your life and enjoy every step of your journey. This list of 33 powerful red gems can help you decide which crystal allies are the best options for you.

Red Crystals Meaning

Red gemstones are beautiful. A glittering, faceted red crystal talks about the power of attraction and charisma. Red crystals, in general, are a symbol of passion. They can talk about a passionate creator, a passionate lover, or a passion for manifesting desires. 

Darker red hues speak about healing and grounding energies. Brighter red hues talk about intensity and fiery energy. Lighter red stones speak about emotional healing, love-based ties, and a positive outlook on life.

All the red gemstones are not created equal. Rubies, for instance, are a powerful symbol of wealth and high status. Red Diamonds, rare and exquisite, stand for wealth and prosperity.

Red crystals also talk about high vitality and stamina levels. They’re a symbol of vivacity, joy, and fun times.

What Are The Benefits Of Red Crystals?

Wearing red gemstone jewelry has many positive effects on your life. The fiery red healing crystals work wonders for your energetic and physical body.

Red gemstones are connected to the energy of the divine masculine through their active principle and power to manifest. But they’re also connected to the divine feminine energy via creative and fertile energy.

A darker red crystal has root chakra healing properties. It helps you cleanse and ground your root so you’re in tune with the energetic and fertile vibe of Mother Gaia. That makes your red crystal a powerful crystal for manifesting abundance.

Bright red stones work with your sacral chakra, improving your creativity and fertility. They help bring balance to your hormones and lower your stress levels.

If you suffer from low blood pressure, a red crystal will help you overcome that. Feelings of apathy, detachment, or pessimism can be overcome by wearing red gemstone jewelry. You’ll boost your ability to manifest love, abundance, and personal power with the help of these powerful gems.

If you’re dealing with negative energy, be it within you or in the environment around you, a red stone is going to keep you safe. By intensifying your connection to Gaia, your red crystal is going to protect you from low vibes. It will bless you with its healing properties.

33 Powerful Red Crystals To Spice Up Your Life

Some of these beautiful crystals have similar red hues. But they’re certainly not made of the same material from a mineral or energetic point of view.

You can wear red crystals as everyday jewelry or save them for special occasions. Maybe their stimulating and exciting energy is too much for you on a daily basis though. If so, wear these gorgeous red gemstones when you’re feeling down or uninspired. That’s fine too.

Regardless of how often you wear them, these amazing red gemstones are going to spice up your life. You’ll enjoy every moment all the more and live life to the fullest.

Let’s see what red stone suits you best. We’ve put together a powerful red gemstone list.

1. Red Quartz

Red Quartz is also known as Strawberry Quartz. It’s actually a transparent crystal with an orange-red cast and with inclusions of Lepidocrocite, Hematite, Goethite, and Iron.

Red Quartz can be a hue that ranges from pale pinkish-orange to a vibrant red. The color is mostly determined by the Iron inclusions. Most Red Quartz comes from Brazil and Madagascar.

Another significant member of the Quartz family is Rose Quartz. Similar to Rose Quartz, Strawberry Quartz boosts your self-confidence. It’s used in gemstone treatments for emotional wounds because it interacts with your heart chakra. These pinkish-red gemstones are also great at improving your love life and fertility.

Try the Strawberry Quartz Emotional Healing Bracelet and you’ll find the comfort and joy of a healed heart. Your emotional ties will thrive and your love life will flourish.

2. Red Diamond

This deep red gem is made purely of Carbon. The exact reason behind the red color of the Red Diamond is still not entirely clear. It’s believed that it’s a direct result of the immense pressure this red crystal is put under.

Red Diamond is one of the rare gems on our list. In fact, Red Diamonds are some of the rarest gemstones in the Diamond family. Very few Red Diamonds have been discovered which makes the price per carat go up significantly.

Due to its composition, Red Diamond is a powerful symbol of intense and long-lasting passion.

3. Red Zircon

Red Zircon is a natural red-colored gemstone. It’s part of the mineral family of Nesosilicates. These red gems are very shiny. The brilliant red hue and good transparency make Red Zircon a popular jewelry gemstone choice.

Wearing Red Zircon improves your love life. It helps you be confident about getting your needs met and expressing your desires. Red Zircon also gives you clarity about your lover’s true intentions.

4. Fire Opal

Fire Opal is a transparent or translucent Opal that has body colors of orange or red. The opalescent effect of Fire Opal makes these glimmering red gemstones fascinating.

The presence of tiny hydrated Silica spheres gives Fire Opals a dominant reddish-orange color when hit by direct light. It produces an effect of inner fire.

Due to the nature of their formation, Fire Opals are unique gems. They are a symbol of creativity, artistic expression, and originality. Wearing Fire Opals is particularly lucky for creative types and people with artistic jobs or hobbies. 

Wearing Fire Opals can intensify your love life. Be mindful though, as it might also encourage you to express your out-of-the-box views on life and love. Wear the 108 Quartz Healing Bracelet and you’ll overcome any obstacles by releasing worries and past experiences.

Under the fiery influence of Fire Opal, you might dare to veer a bit too boldly off the beaten path. It’s not a red gemstone for the faint of heart.

5. Red Tourmaline

Red Tourmaline is part of the Tourmaline family.

High-quality Red Tourmaline stones are often called Rubellite Tourmaline. Rubellite Tourmaline gems have a vivid saturation of red hues. Sometimes darker colored Pink Tourmaline is also included in the category of these beautiful red gemstones.

Red Tourmaline has a captivating luster and brilliant red hue. That makes Red Tourmaline an excellent choice for red crystal jewelry.

6. Red Jasper

Red Jasper is the opaque and impure variety of fine color gem-quality Silica. The red color of Red Jasper is caused by the Iron inclusions.

Red Jasper supports the circulatory system. It detoxifies your blood and removes liver and bile blockages. Red Jasper makes your heart stronger, both physically and emotionally.

Red Jasper stones were used ever since ancient times. The common red gem varieties of Red Jasper stones were believed to protect the wearer from evil spirits. The Chakra-Healing Hearts Set helps protect you from outside influences and heals your chakras.

7. Red Aventurine

Red Aventurine has glittering inclusions of Mica that make this red stone glisten or shimmer. 

Red gemstones like Aventurine push you to take action. You’ll manifest your dreams and desires under the influence of these red gems. Red Aventurine improves your Chi flow and rids you of negative thoughts and beliefs.

8. Red Coral

Red Corals are naturally occurring red gemstones. Red Coral is the name given to marine corals of the Corallium family.

Since Red Coral is a sea daughter, it brings emotional comfort during times of distress and unrest. The precious Coral natural stones cleanse your divine feminine energies.

It’s important to keep in mind that some Red Coral colonies are shrinking. But Red Coral is not an endangered species.

9. Red Topaz

Red Topaz is one of the rarest Topaz gemstone varieties. It has a beautiful intense red color. You can also find Mystic Topaz which is treated with a metallic film that can give it a bright red color.

Red Topaz was also called Imperial Topaz in the past, but nowadays the name isn’t usually attributed to red stones.

These red gemstones are a November birthstone. Red Topaz brings the spark of joy and inspiration into your life. Wear the Courage Bracelet to benefit from similar inspiring high vibes.

10. Red Ruby

Red Ruby is one of the most valued gemstones on the jewelry market. Rubies are durable red gems. Ruby ranges in color from pink to blood-red hues. The name Ruby comes from the Latin word ruber, which means red. Ruby is the July birthstone.

These bright red colored gemstones have been considered a symbol of high status and power since long ago. Many royal jewelry pieces featured Ruby. But some pieces also featured different precious red gemstones which looked a lot like a Ruby.

For instance, the Black Prince’s Ruby that is set on the front of the imperial state crown of Britain isn’t entirely a Ruby. It’s the world’s largest Red Spinel that contains a small inset Ruby.

An interesting type of Ruby is the Star Ruby. A Red Star Ruby has a star-shaped pattern. It makes the Red Star Ruby a powerful spiritual stone for energy upgrades. Wearing a Star Ruby ring supports high vibe meditation and astral traveling.

11. Red Agate

Red Agate has an orange to red hue with a streaky pattern. The pattern of the Red Agate is a result of the combination of Cryptocrystalline Silica, Microgranular Quartz, and Chalcedony.

These red gemstones were believed to protect the wearer from negative energies ever since ancient times. Red Agate is also called the Warrior's Stone. It’s believed that Red Agate stimulates your inner strength and courage.

The Harmony Bracelet helps you reignite the flame of passion and motivation within your life and soul. It helps protect your natural state of balance and supports you in achieving a state of spiritual harmony with nature and your higher self.

12. Red Apatite

Red Apatites are purplish-red crystals with great clarity. They’re usually small red gemstones, but that doesn’t take away from their power. Red Apatites can be found in Brazil.

Red Apatite connects to your heart and circulatory system. It’s considered a powerful cleanser of your energy flow through your chakras. 

13. Red Calcite

Red Calcite has Iron Oxide inclusions. It can be found abundantly in Mexico.

These red gemstones are useful when it comes to getting rid of blood disorders like anemia. Red Calcite improves your vitality levels and uplifts your energy, introducing positive high vibes.

14. Red Carnelian 

Red Carnelians are very rare brownish-red to orange-red crystals. Most often, the Red Carnelians you find on the gem market are actually red-dyed agates.

Red Carnelian boosts self-confidence and self-expression.

15. Red Garnet

Red Garnets are part of the dark red crystal category. The Garnet family includes a few types of red crystals, like Malaya Garnet or Color-Changing Garnet. The Red Spessartite Garnet is most often known as Mandarin Orange Garnet because of its bright red-orange color.

Wearing a red Garnet ring improves your love life. Red Garnet bracelets unleash your passion and activate your partner’s wildest dreams. Spessartite Garnet improves fertility for women, while the darker red Garnets work better for virility.

The Red Star Garnet is a special type of Red Garnet. It has Rutile needle inclusions that form the shape of a star. They’re amazing red stones for grounding you while you’re undergoing energetic upgrades or doing emotional healing work. Wear Red Garnet rings and you’ll experience powerful improvements in your emotional ties and experiences.

16. Red Beryl

Red Beryl is also known as Bixbite. It was referred to as Red Emerald and Scarlet Emerald as well. Red Beryl stones are an extremely rare type of red gemstone. This variety of Beryl is one of the rarest minerals on Earth.

The red color of Red Beryl is due to the presence of Manganese ions inside Beryllium Aluminum Cyclosilicate crystals. The Red Beryl stones are very small, usually under 3 carats. But due to their rarity, even these small red gemstones have a high price per carat.

17. Red Spinel

Red Spinel is also known as Spinel Ruby or Balas Ruby. These deep-red colored gemstones are a great alternative to Rubies.

Red Spinel helps you achieve stability and balance in your life. Wearing Red Spinel jewelry also helps you manifest abundance.

18. Red Hematite

Hematite is an Iron Oxide. It’s one of the most abundant minerals. It can come in a variety of colors, from red to black. It usually has a metallic luster.

The name of Hematite comes from the Greek word haima, which means blood. That’s because raw Red Hematite has a darker red color.

Red Hematite is one of the most grounding red gemstones. It amplifies your natural strength and connects you to the loving energy of Mother Gaia. Get Red Tiger's Eye bracelets with Hematite and Black Obsidian to triple its grounding effect

19. Bloodstone

Bloodstone is also known as Heliotrope. These dark red gemstones have Hematite inclusions on a green basis.

Because of the green and red color combination, Bloodstone is an amazing heart and root chakra healing crystal. It connects you to the regenerative energy of the earth as it heals your chakras.

20. Red Rhodonite

Rhodonite is a Manganese Silicate mineral. It’s usually opaque in presentation and ranges in color from pink to red. Red Rhodonite can cleave and fracture easily when faceted, which makes it a delicate choice for jewelry.

Red Rhodonite is a stone of compassion. It balances your emotional body. Red Rhodonite heals emotional wounds and scars from the past. With the help of this beautiful red crystal, you can amplify the nurturing love within your heart and in your life.

21. Red Rhodochrosite

Rhodochrosite is a Manganese Carbonate mineral. Pure Rhodochrosite is a rare and typically rose-red crystal.

Red Rhodochrosite lifts your mood. It encourages an optimistic mindset and a positive outlook on life. It helps you connect to your spiritual side and include it in your everyday life. Use the Positive Energy Set to achieve a similar positive, energy-boosting effect.

22. Red Cinnabar

Red Cinnabar has a high refractive index, even though it's a pretty soft stone. Red Cinnabar is a toxic Mercury Sulfide ore. It’s used for a pigment called Vermilion.

Cinnabar is a powerful spiritual stone. It helps manifest abundance and supports you in achieving meaningful transformations.

23. Red Labradorite

Red Labradorite, also known as Andesine, is a part of the Feldspar family. It’s closely connected to Sunstone. In fact, it’s also called Congo Sunstone on the jewelry market.

This red version of Feldspar presents the labradorescence or schiller effect. It’s rarely found in a facetable quality.

Red Labradorite is a powerful shield and protective stone. It keeps your root chakra safe from unwanted influences and negative energies. Try the Good Health Anklet for similar benefits.

24. Red Pezzottaite

Red Pezzottaite was named after the Italian geologist and mineralogist Federico Pezzotta. Pezzottaite was initially thought to be a new variety of Beryl or a form of Red Beryl. In fact, it went by the name of Raspberyl or Raspberry Beryl until it was recognized as Pezzottaite in 2003.

Pezzottaite is a Caesium analogue of Beryl. It’s a silicate composed of Caesium, Beryllium, Lithium, and Aluminum. It can be very brittle, so it’s more likely you’ll add it to your crystal collection rather than your jewelry collection.

Red Pezzottaite raises the vibes of your energetic body. It helps you connect to the higher realms and guides your steps towards manifesting true love.

25. Red Tantalite

Red Tantalite is intense red to reddish-brown. It’s got a composition that includes high Manganese and low Iron levels. It makes for beautiful faceted gemstones, but it’s rarely found on the market that way.

Tantalite red gemstones protect you from negativity. It blocks any form of hostility from affecting you. Tantalite protects you from psychic attacks, malevolent spells, or negative influences.

26. Red Sunstone

Red Sunstone is the official gemstone of Oregon. That’s because the Sunstone that originates from Oregon has inclusions of copper and Hematite which give it its reddish hue.

Red Oregon Sunstone is one of the rarer versions of Sunstone. That also makes it one of the most expensive ones.

Wearing Red Sunstone makes you fearless. It encourages you to open your wings and make your way towards achieving your goals. Wear the Ultimate Wealth Bracelet and you’ll find your way towards finally making your dreams come true.

27. Red Eudialyte

Eudialyte is a complex Silicate mineral. It can be found in coarse, grained rocks. Eudialyte contains Calcium, Cerium, Iron, Sodium, Manganese, Zirconium, and Yttrium. Eudialyte can be toxic because of the radioactive dangerous radon gas that can build up inside it.

The name Eudialyte comes from the Greek phrase eu dialytos, which means easily dissolved.

It can easily dissolve blockages in your energy and life. Red Eudialyte raises your vitality and stamina levels.

28. Crocoite

Crocoite, also known as Red Lead Ore, is a Lead Chromate mineral. It’s often found as Adamantine crystals that have large and well-developed prismatic forms. Crocoite crystals are a bright hyacinth-red color. They are translucent and have an Adamantine or vitreous luster.

Crocoite has an energizing vibe. It improves your vitality and restores your zest for life. It can be a tonic presence that helps you shine and build loving ties. Its vibe helps you experience intense passion.

29. Red Malachite

The red-brown stone known as Red Malachite is actually a type of banded Jasper. The banding resembles the patterns found in the natural Green Malachite.

Red Malachite promotes inner peace and reflection. It gives you a sense of calm and well-being under any circumstances. Red Malachite can be found in Egypt and other countries. It grounds your energy and promotes spiritual healing, including the healing of issues from past lives. The Loving Life Ring can bring you similar benefits.

30. Red Scapolite

Deep red Cat’s Eye Scapolite is a chatoyant (or cat’s eye effect) variety of gem in the Scapolite family. Red Scapolite is a very rare gemstone and one of the lesser-known. 

The darker red to brown hue makes it an excellent grounding stone. It encourages creativity and insight. Red Cat’s Eye Scapolite supports you in thinking outside of the box and coming up with novel solutions to your problems.

31. Red Citrine

Red Citrine or Brazilian Citrine is a member of the Quartz family. It presents a wide range of reddish-brown hues, getting close to darker reds. The most prized Citrines on the market today are more of a red hue than a golden or yellow hue.

Red Citrine is particularly adept at bringing its wearer feelings of joy. It boosts your energy and helps you achieve prosperity. Wear the Prosperity Bracelet to achieve a similar effect.

32. Red Moonstone

Moonstones can be found in white, gray, pink, yellow, orange, brown, and red colors. The Red Moonstones are brownish red gemstones. Red Moonstone is sometimes called Fire Moonstone.

This beautiful red gem brings the energy of the divine feminine into your root chakra. It encourages artistic expression and inspiration. When you keep Red Moonstone around, you’ll have an easier time being your authentic self and leading the life you truly desire.

33. Red Tiger’s Eye

Though Tiger’s Eye is usually associated with the color brown, this gorgeous stone comes in many different colors like green, blue, and red.

Red Tiger's Eye is a stone that encourages passion and stimulation of the senses. It improves your sex drive and fertility. It can also increase your interest and investment in practicing things you’re passionate about, taking them to the next level.

Wear the Tiger's Eye Passion Bracelet to boost your enthusiasm and confidence. Allow this beautiful red gemstone to ignite the fire of passion deep within your soul.

What Other Crystals Work Well With Red Crystals?

A red gemstone works very well with another root chakra crystal, such as a black or brown stone. It’s naturally in tune with the energy of these gemstones.

Green crystals have powerful healing properties for the heart chakra. A red crystal is going to boost the healing powers of a green crystal especially when it comes to romantic-ties-healing. It will also ground the healing and regenerative energies of the green gem.

Orange crystals have healing properties for the sacral chakra. The root and sacral chakras work together for creative, manifesting, and reproductive purposes. As a result, red and orange crystals work together very well.

Yellow crystals connect to the solar plexus. They expand your personal power and strength. A red gemstone is going to ground that energy and help the manifesting power come to life.

Get Your Red Gemstones Today!

Dare to take a decisive step towards improving your life right now. With the help of red stones, you’ll amp up all areas of your life.

Boost your manifesting power with the help of these gorgeous red gems. Enhance your ability to be creative and express yourself. Explore and embrace your authentic self. Live intensely and enjoy the pleasures of life to the fullest.

Allow these wonderful red gems to guide and support you towards leading a fuller life. If you’d like to make the most of their power, use your red stones together with crystals for success and manifestation.

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