Dragon’s Heart Transformation Pendant
Innovation • Magic • Awareness
18 reviews $29.95 USD
Do you have big dreams but can’t quite figure out how to reach them? It’s a common problem that results in a fear of getting started. The Dragon’s Heart Transformation Pendant fills you with belief, increasing your drive so that you actively chase down your ambitions. Transform into the person you aspire to be. Labradorite is a spectacular stone that’s said to raise consciousness and provide you with access to deeper levels of awareness. It’s a stone that encourages truth to stand out from falsehoods, enabling you to trust in the universe and relax. Soothing an overactive mind encourages you to slow down and take in the present moment. This can stimulate creativity, sparking new ideas, and igniting your imagination. Let nature guide you from time to time. Everything happens for a reason. Most importantly, this powerful stone gives you faith in yourself. Don’t let doubts or inhibitions hold you back. Shoot for the stars. You might just surprise yourself.Affirmation: Use motivational mantras such as “I can achieve anything I set my mind to” to reinforce self-confidence.Product details: Necklace Type: pendant necklace Material: Labradorite Color: blue, black, green Cord type: cotton Dimensions: Pendant size: 1.37 - 2.16 in (3.5 - 5.5 cm) Rope length: Around 17.71 in (45 cm) on the one side Weight: 1.4 - 2.1 oz (40 - 60 g) according to the size As Labradorite is a natural stone, the colors may vary slightly from stone to stone, making each one utterly unique.
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The Spring Bloom Necklace
Change • Transformation • Growth
5 reviews $34.95 USD
We can all feel stagnant at times, like the soil during an extended winter. Life doesn’t always progress the way we envisioned it. Labradorite, the best stone for transformation, is here to fertilize the soil and bring about the spring bloom you’ve been waiting for.Opening the third eye, Labradorite empowers you to understand the truth of your surroundings. You might not be exactly where you want to be, but the blame will get you nowhere. By taking responsibility for where you are, you realize the power to change lies within you. Labradorite’s warm energy pulls this message to the surface and enables you to grow. It brings with it high energy, fun and spontaneity that might have seemed absent before. Awaken your sense of adventure and commit to the task of reaching the place you desire to be. Labradorite will support you every step of the way.Get ready for a spiritual growth spurt. Affirmations: Regularly recite a mantra that reinforces your desire to change as if it has already happened, such as, “I am surrounded by love, I’m in great shape and wonderful health, and abundance flows to me in all its forms.”Product details: Item type: necklace Material: Labradorite Color: blue, green, gold Cord type: copper Dimensions: Stone size: 0.8 in (20 mm) Length: 17.7 in (45 cm), adjustable up to 19.7 (50 cm) Weight: 0.2 oz (7 g) Since the Labradorite is a natural stone, the colors may vary slightly from stone to stone, making each one utterly unique.
Labradorite Stabilization Earrings
New Beginnings • Calmness • Destiny
7 reviews $24.95 USD
Does your mood go up and down like a seesaw? One day you can be right as rain, the next, you just wish you didn’t have to see anybody. With Labradorite, you can align your energy to stabilize your emotions.A stone of transformation, Labradorite convinces you to start anew. There’s no need to let your energy be manipulated so easily. You try too hard when it’s not needed or appreciated, and then when you actually need to do something, you’re drained and snappy. Make better use of your energy by directing it towards actions that carry a positive reaction. This will soothe and stabilize your emotions as energy is less frequently wasted. Embrace the new calmness and intuition and use it as willpower to propel you forward in life. Free your mind of hindering distractions and take a step forward as a new you.Balance your energy.Affirmations: Use the energy-stabilizing technique of repetition with the words, “Today is a new beginning” or the phrase, “I am grateful for everything that comes my way” to enhance Labradorite’s effects. Product details: Item type: earrings Material: Labradorite Color: white, blue, grey Metal type: 925 Silver Dimensions: Stones size: 0.24 in (6 mm) Length of the needle: 0.47 in (1.2 cm) Weight: 0.2 oz (5 g) As Labradorite is a natural stone, the colors may vary slightly from stone to stone, making each one utterly unique. Note: Avoid wearing earrings in water.
The Mind-Expanding Stone
Energizing • Clarity • Curiosity
8 reviews from $19.95 USD
Are you stuck in bad habits? Want to finally quit smoking, cut down on sugar, or workout regularly, but can’t seem to persist in your pursuit of happiness? A change in perspective might be in order.  Labradorite is an absolutely gorgeous stone, shimmering with flecks of green and blue. It’s no wonder that, with its otherworldly features, you can use it to connect with a higher consciousness. Known as the Magician’s Stone by shamans and spiritual healers, Labradorite enables you to spiritually renovate yourself. It digs deep into your consciousness and puts an end to an existential crisis before it’s even begun. It helps to change your perception of the world and yourself by enhancing your intuition and empowering you to think outside the box. Embrace its introspective properties to get the most out of this stone. Take your first steps along the path to enlightenment.  How to use this stone:A fantastic stone to meditate with, hold it during your reflective time and be still and quiet. Close your eyes. Let thoughts come and go, but don’t interact with them. Breathe deeply. You might be able to feel your consciousness expanding and retracting, almost like a pulse. Don’t panic. It’s a normal experience. Let your mind settle and hold it there. Listen to what Labradorite has to offer you. Product details: Item type: natural stone decoration Material: Labradorite Color: black, blue, green Dimensions: Stone length: Small: 1.18 - 1.58 in (3 - 4 cm) Large: 1.58 - 1.97 in (4 - 5 cm) Weight: 0.7 - 1.8 oz (20 - 50 g) according to the size As Labradorite is a natural stone, the colors and the shapes may vary slightly from stone to stone, making each one utterly unique.
The Fresh Start Bracelet
Transformation • Love • Support
4 reviews $24.95 USD
Everybody reaches that time in their life when they need to make big changes. If you want to achieve the life of your dreams, sacrifice is essential. The Fresh Start Bracelet supports you on the journey to making a positive change.As you can tell from its sheer beauty, Malachite is the primary stone in this bracelet. It’s a crystal famed for enhancing the quality and speed of manifestations, strengthening intentions, and promoting positive changes. Aligning the chakras streamlines your energy and empowers you to make large life adjustments with relative ease. This makes Malachite’s chakra-balancing benefits the icing on the spiritual transformation cake.Labradorite also promotes new beginnings. The mystical stone unlocks the inner power of perseverance. It pushes you to keep going, even when you feel like you want to just give up. Follow your gut. Labradorite is an intuition-boosting gem that enables you to always have a sense of direction and purpose. Treat it as a spiritual compass for reassurance that you’re on the right path.Enter the next stage of your life with confidence.Affirmation: Use mantras that dissolve the fear associated with change, such as “I am confident and capable of achieving everything I want in the next stage of my life.”Product details: Item type: bracelet Material: Malachite, Labradorite Color: green, silver, transparent Band type: elastic Dimensions:  Bead size: 0.16 in (4 mm) Bracelet length: 5.91 - 6.3 in (15 - 16 cm) Weight: 0.5 oz (15 g) As the bracelet is made from natural stones, the colors may vary slightly from stone to stone, making each one utterly unique.
The Rings of New Beginnings
Balance • Harmony • Stability
6 reviews $27.95 USD
Sometimes you can feel like you’ve reached a natural dead end. Your relationship, job, or friendship has reached a point of stagnation, but that’s okay! It just means a new beginning awaits. These two Labradorite rings can help show you the way. Or if you're going through a change with somebody else, give one to them to bring you closer.Labradorite is known for its ability to soothe an overactive mind, especially when it’s overwhelmed with thoughts of change and uncertainty. Your brand new world doesn’t have to be scary though. This pretty stone is said to enhance imagination and it pushes you to be creative with your fresh start. Build a new comfort zone that makes you happy. You'll get two rings for the price of one, so consider giving one as a gift, or wear both to gain double the support. Labradorite replaces stress with peace and tranquility, empowering you to start fresh with conviction, not fear.Don’t be afraid to start over. Affirmation: Use mantras that create positive feelings towards change, such as, “I embrace a fresh start with all my energy.” Product details: Item type: ring Material: Labradorite Color: grey, transparent, gold Band type: elastic Package includes: 2 x Labradorite Ring Dimensions: Stone size: 0.1 in (3 mm) Diameter: size 8: 0.7 in (18 mm) retractable up to size 11: 0.8 in (21 mm) Weight: approximately 0.1 oz (4 g) As Labradorite is a natural stone, the colors may vary slightly from stone to stone, making each one utterly unique.
The Labradorite Protection Bracelet
Cosmic • Awakening • Defense
9 reviews $39.95 USD
Don’t you just hate it when everything seems to go wrong? One thing after another fails or breaks and you can’t seem to stop the cycle. It tends to come from a deep spiritual disruption, but with Labradorite, you can keep your energy protected.Labradorite is known as a stone of transformation and can be used to positively transform your life. The gorgeous stone is said to enhance self-belief and help you build a stronger foundation of trust in the universe. Eradicating fears, doubts, and insecurities, its soothing vibrations relax an overactive mind. Labradorite promotes confidence, determination, and perseverance, employing these benefits to help build a spiritual shield for your energy. You’ll be so focused on your own power and drive that your energy’s defense will become second nature, a subconscious afterthought. Labradorite’s ability to stabilize the aura and keep it protected is what enables you to focus elsewhere. Let Labradorite protect your energy so that you can focus on your own desires. Affirmations: Use confident energy-strengthening affirmations such as “I am in control” or “I am protected” to enhance the stone’s effects. Product details: Item type: bracelet Material: high-quality Labradorite, Agate, Leather Color: white, black, blue, brown Dimensions: Bead size: 0.15 in (4 mm) Bracelet length: around 32.28 in (82 cm) Weight: 1.4 oz (40 g) Since Labradorite is a natural stone, the colors may vary slightly from stone to stone, making each one utterly unique.
The Crystal Zodiac Chain
Multifunctional • Protection • Zodiac
4 reviews $39.95 USD
Each sign of the Zodiac has a crystal counterpart and for the first time ever, we have one product with ALL twelve crystals! You can’t find this beauty anywhere else. It’s a one-of-a-kind healing item that you can use in a myriad of different ways: an essential multifunctional addition to any crystal collection.With one gorgeous healing crystal for each sign of the Zodiac, this chain has a unique effect on every individual! Whether it’s soothing a Taurus’s stubbornness with Rose Quartz, helping a Capricorn become more tactful with Blue Aventurine, or encouraging a Scorpio to find their inner strength with Obsidian, The Crystal Zodiac Chain will help you align and harmonize your energy. Just as it helps a Libra find inner peace or an Aquarius gain mental clarity, you can be sure it will have a special effect on you and your Zodiac.Consider it a one-stop item for all your jewelry needs—you can use it in five different ways! Fancy a bracelet? Wrap it around your wrist for a unique boho style. Prefer a necklace? You can wear it as a long matinee necklace or loop it round for a shorter style one like a choker or collar. This awesome chain can even be used to hold your mask; keep it around your neck so that it’s easy to slip on when you need it. Rather have it hold your glasses or sunglasses? This chain has you covered. There isn’t much it can’t do—and no matter how you use it, it will always protect your energy and make you look like a star!How to use:Wear this chain as a bracelet or a necklace, depending on how you feel at the time. Attach your face mask and wear it around your neck to keep the mask handy wherever you go. You can also attach other things, such as glasses. If you feel stressed, or out of sync, clutch the chain and absorb energy from the beads. They help you reconnect to the present moment and find stillness.Product details: Item type: multifunctional chain to wear as bracelet, necklace or mask/glasses holder Material: Amethyst, Rose Quartz, Amazonite, Moonstone, Tiger’s Eye, Citrine, Green Aventurine, Obsidian, Gray Agate, Blue Aventurine, Peach Aventurine, Labradorite Color: multi-color Cord type: copper-plated 14K gold filled Dimensions: Bead size: 0.3 x 0.4 in (8 x 10.5 mm) Length: 39.3 in (100 cm) Weight: 0.6 oz (16 g) Since the chain is made from natural stones, the colors may vary slightly from stone to stone, making each one utterly unique.

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