Aventurine: How to Harness Its Soothing Energy for Your Well-Being

It's hard not to fall in love with aventurine. There’s something mesmerizing and calming yet revitalizing about this beautiful stone. No wonder it’s a favorite among the holistic community. Also known as the "stone of opportunity and good fortune," aventurine has been used for thousands of years as a good luck talisman as well as a healing tool for physical, emotional, and spiritual issues.

Even though aventurine comes in different colors, its green variety is the most abundant and considered the most powerful in terms of vibration. Green aventurine has a strong connection with both the heart chakra and the solar plexus chakra. It's one of the most cherished stones to heal complicated relationships and maintain positive energy during challenging times.

Known as the "heart healer," it's a wonderful gemstone to link your earthly chakras (those that govern the physical body) to your higher chakras that connect with your spiritual side. As such, aventurine is an ideal companion for those who wish to find the ultimate balance between their physical and soulful realms.

According to Ayurvedic astrology , this green-colored stone is considered both Libra and Virgo's birthstone. It can also bring extra luck to those born under the sign of Taurus, as it’s the planetary stone of Venus.

In terms of symbology, many ancient civilizations, such as Greeks, Celts, and Asian Buddhists, have associated green aventurine with spring and summer, the seasons of rebirth, abundance, fertility, and mother nature. It's a naturally joyful and positive stone that helps you see life from a more optimistic perspective.

Legend says that aventurine is one of the luckiest gemstones in the world and that you'll be blessed with luck when you harness its energy. All you have to do is place your green aventurine in your left pocket while carrying out activities where you need luck on your side. Taking this stone with you on an important job interview, a first date, or a sports competition is said to increase your chances of getting a positive outcome.

In this article, you'll learn about the beneficial properties of green aventurine, and how you can use it in your everyday life to feel more vibrant, positive, and connected with your loved ones.

Origins of Aventurine

The aventurine meaning is still debated to this day. Many believe that its name comes from the Italian word “aventura,” meaning adventure, due to its emboldening vibrations that encourage you to get out of your comfort zone and explore new things.

Some claim it comes from the Italian phrase "a ventura," meaning "by chance" after an 18th-century Italian glassmaker accidentally created a new mixture. He added metal filings to some melting glass by mistake and created a new beautiful type of glass called aventurine glass — or goldstone. Years later, when the aventurine crystal was discovered, it was named after this creation due to its sparkling similarity. 

In the past, aventurine was also called the "stone of the Amazons," as this mineral was used by Amazonian tribes in Brazil to craft talismans and jewelry.

Ancient Chinese culture considered it the stone of Kuan-Yin, the goddess of compassion and mercy, and Tibetans believed green aventurine improved nearsightedness. Hence, they decorated statues with this crystal as a symbol of the visionary powers of Buddha. 

Aventurine is a form of quartz crystal, just like citrine and amethyst, and its green-hued color comes from the presence of a specific mineral compound called fuchsite. Aventurine is often confused with green jade, although other popular varieties include blue aventurine and brownish-red aventurine.

Some of the biggest extraction sites of aventurine include Brazil, Chile, Spain, Russia, India (where it's called Indian jade), China, Tibet, and Nepal.

Aventurine Healing Properties


Aventurine gemstones are a powerful chakra stone and crystal healing tool that can help you connect with your deeper purpose. It encourages you to release old, harmful habits and patterns, thereby enabling you to step into a more evolved version of yourself with confidence and rekindled focus. 

Due to its vibrational bond with the solar plexus (the seat of your willpower) and the heart chakra (where your self-love and meaning reside), it's the perfect stone to align your motivational energy and the courage to live your life according to your beliefs, even when they don't match what society says.

Physical Healing

As the aventurine stone is attuned to the heart center, many believe that this healing crystal's vibration can support your cardiovascular system by balancing blood pressure, reducing risk of heart attacks, strokes, or developing arteriosclerosis in the future.

Its shiny green color can soothe feelings of anxiety and stress, making it a comforting friend to calm your nervous system and add a dose of optimism to your life. If you're heavily affected by SAD (seasonal affective disorder), place an aventurine healing tassel near a source of light or heat (such as a window or fireplace) to magnify its warming and joyful vibrations.

Many believe that green aventurine can increase metabolism and tissue regeneration, thus speeding up recovery after illnesses or surgical procedures. It’s not surprising this stone is in many energy healing kits.

Placing green aventurine in your home or workspace is also said to clear electromagnetic smog and reduce environmental pollution levels. Holistically speaking, this beautiful green stone may boost phytotherapy and homeopathic treatments due to its connection with the natural world. 

Migraine headaches, chronic stiffness, muscle spasms, joint pain, and muscle cramps are some of the other conditions green aventurine is said to alleviate. 

If you have skin conditions such as rosacea, eczema, or acne, you may benefit from an aventurine crystal elixir. Simply soak your gemstone in demineralized water and apply it topically on the affected areas for a soothing, anti-inflammatory effect.

If you know someone who is struggling with fertility issues, give them a green aventurine stone. Many believe its cleansing vibrations can clear the genitals and urinary tract of energetic toxins, keeping the reproductive system functioning properly.

Some other powerful fertility gemstones include:

Emotional Healing

Aventurine is considered one of the most healing stones for your emotional body, as it helps to clear deeply ingrained negative emotions. Its connection to the solar plexus — where emotions are stored — enables you to deal with any unprocessed feelings of guilt, fear, or anger that might be stuck in your lower abdomen.

If you feel like you can't move on from a painful situation or relationship, this stone allows you to see things clearly and shed what’s preventing you from moving forward and finding your real self. As a true stone of the heart, it helps dispel dense feelings of anger, hatred, and jealousy, filling you with confidence and creativity against any obstacles that life may throw at you.

Like all green stones, its soothing energy is perfect for improving and healing strained relationships that have been eroded by fiery tempers or too much pride. Two of green aventurine's main themes are patience and forgiveness. If you're short on these, carrying this crystal can teach you how to keep a cool head and feel less aggravated by the small things that usually annoy you.

Aventurine is a wonderful stone to support a romantic relationship through all its phases. If you're at the beginning of a partnership, this crystal can help you keep an honest and open line of communication. If you're in a more advanced state, it helps you see all the reasons why you fell in love with your partner in the first place. 

Green aventurine is said to support the creation of meaningful and nourishing relationships, be it with family, friends, or business partners. It enables you to see that everyone has limitations and emotional baggage and that in the end, you're all doing the best you can with what you know. Such is the accepting spirit of this beautiful and peaceful crystal.

Other loving stones that teach forgiveness and understanding include:

Spiritual and Metaphysical Properties 


When you're feeling a bit lost, fearful of the unknown, or have a deep sense of restlessness, hold on to your green aventurine. Its soothing energy encourages you to see the bigger picture, feel more at home in the world, and pursue your purpose in life.

Aventurine’s healing vibe can offer a fresh perspective by enhancing your sense of humor and helping you understand the natural flow of life: Take things slowly, let life run its course, and accept the outcome no matter what it is. It truly teaches you to accept human nature with all its flaws and imperfections, including your own.

If you're still ridden with guilt over something you thought you could have handled better, this generous stone can help you forgive yourself. It enables you to acknowledge that if a similar situation occurs again, you now know how to handle it with more compassion and kindness. If you're ready to take brave new steps into the unknown, green aventurine is said to reward this spirit, attracting exciting, life-changing opportunities.

Wearing an aventurine pendant close to your heart is said to remove energetic blockages while guiding you to take your place in the world. It supports your decisiveness and boosts your leadership qualities. It encourages you to keep both your mind and heart clear and open to your true self, and helps to protect your energy from stagnant vibrations.

Other great protection stones include:

Live a More Positive, Vibrant, and Compassionate Life With Aventurine

Aventurine's vibration is all about the generosity of the soul towards others, but especially towards yourself. Its vibration reveals the importance of forgiving and accepting yourself so that you can then do the same for others.

The same way you instinctively place a hand over a part of your body where you feel pain, the same principle works for stones. Wearing green aventurine close to your heart is one of the best ways to keep this center open to give and receive love. More than just a beautiful gemstone, this beloved ancient crystal can help you heal emotional wounds by letting go of old, destructive patterns and giving yourself the compassion you deserve.

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