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Crystals For Growth, Wisdom, and Wealth in The New Year

It’s never a bad time to begin searching for ways to grow spiritually, gain personal wisdom, or attain more wealth. They’re natural cravings of mankind, inexplicably hardwired into us at birth. We want to know why we’re here. We want to know ourselves. We want to have value.

We’ve gathered a selection of crystals for growth, wisdom, and wealth to give you a glimpse of the multitude of stones available to support you on your incredible journey. The journey called life. 

What better time to start than now: the new year’s mayhem has died down, we’re only a few days into the new decade, and the rest of your life is unraveling before your eyes.

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Crystals For Growth

The three crystals chosen for this category vary in their effects, but they all share one common goal: they’re all crystals for spiritual growth, whichever way you look at it.


Clear Quartz

First up, we have the all-healer, Clear Quartz. Arguably the most popular crystal on the planet, this transparent beauty is one of the best crystals for spiritual growth. 
Known widely for its healing properties, it makes sure your previous energy is eradicated—that weighty negativity that followed you around, influencing your rash decisions. With the negative vibrations gone, there’s room for love and positivity to shine through. This is clear to see with your enhanced mindset. It’s in this wondrous state that the growth begins to happen. When you release what was holding you back and embrace positivity, you can only advance forward.



This purple-hued gemstone is largely associated with nature and peacefulness: two things that are incompatible with negative energy. It soothes the soul when small annoyances seek to destabilize you emotionally, reminding you that delayed trains or parking tickets aren't the end of the world. Relieving stress, it helps to balance mood swings and keep your feelings in check. Amethyst also helps you recover from grief and feelings of intense sadness. Its most powerful ability for growth, however, is to raise you spiritually, dramatically enhancing your self-awareness. All the great crystals for spiritual growth help to develop your perception of yourself. And it’s no wonder; the doorways to higher consciousness aren’t locked, they’re just waiting to be found.




Offering spiritual protection and helping change negative energy into positive, there’s a reason why Labradorite is considered a great stone for growth. With your energy shield, you can focus more easily on your fresh targets and achieve them without any hindrances. A fantastic piece for bringing peace and harmony into your life, it gives you the inner strength to stand up for your convictions and beliefs. It inspires courageous actions and guides you along the path to deeper introspection. We’ve already discussed how much of an impact self-exploration has on internal growth. If you understand yourself, then you realize that your only limits are the ones you set yourself. As much as you can be told and taught, lessons like these only ever sink in through experience.

Crystals For Wisdom

Everyone wants to be wiser than they were last year. Nobody wants to make the same mistake twice, and if there’s one thing we have learned, it’s that everybody makes mistakes. Here are our choices for crystals to use for wisdom.

Lapis Lazuli


A powerful and intuitive stone, Lapis Lazuli is the iconic symbol of wisdom. It promotes strength of character, emanating peace, love, and compassion. Encouraging a deeper level of communication with the divine self, this gem produces clarity of thought that’s almost unrivaled in the crystal world. Bringing a boost to spiritual love, Lapis Lazuli is a fantastic healer when it comes to pain related to emotions and feelings. It’s internal, truth-seeking aspect empowers you to learn from your past self’s mistakes and do better next time.




Obsidian takes a more ruthless approach to introspection. Put simply, it obliterates your flaws and crumbles them before your eyes. It’s advised against working with this stone if you aren’t prepared for the intensity of the results. They can be overwhelming to some due to their eye-opening nature. Obsidian is also one of the best stones for energy protection. It guards your energy like a vault, funneling in the good and ventilating the negativity generated from within. It helps to release mental stress which can prevent you from realizing your true power. Grounding your root chakra and anchoring you to the present, this volcanic rock instills confidence in yourself and your abilities, pushing you to utilize them to their fullest potential. The wise use their talents, not waste them.



One of thebest healing crystals for wisdom, Kyanite is a standout phenomenon for meditation. Sitting in silence with this stone, feeling and respecting its energy, encourages communication with the eternal wisdom of the universe. Its powers are divine in nature, but so are you. This crystal helps you understand the significance of that, elevating you to higher consciousness. Bringing balance to your energy, this wise crystal knows that conflicting energy can only ever detract from the one truth. It’s a stone that inspires loyalty—in both relationships and yourself.

Crystals For Wealth

The most powerful crystals for wealth are the ones that can attract more money, prosperity, and success into your life. Here’s three that have a proven track record of doing so for thousands of years.



Fantastic stone for the worriers among you, Citrine relaxes finance-related anxiety, massaging it out of your system. It’s impossible to attract more money if you’re constantly thinking about how much you lack. It removes these thoughts and brings ones of joy, optimism, and confidence instead. With the positive boost to your attitude that Citrine brings, you can manifest more money, more often. Gain the clarity of mind to understand exactly how the power of belief works. Carry it with you every day to amplify your prosperity and cleanse the negativity that forms in your aura.


Tiger’s Eye


Another one of the most powerful crystals for wealth, Tiger’s Eye is predominantly a stone of confidence. With the courage of the tiger, you can use your newfound perspective to tackle problems and find new and creative solutions to solve them. The wealth aspect of Tiger’s Eye is a result of the astounding success that comes so easily to users of this gem. Escaping tunnel vision could be one of the simplest solutions to a lack of wealth. Open your mind and embrace the infinite possibilities of life.

Green Jade


Used for millennia as one of the best crystals for success and wealth, it’s still just as popular today. And for the same reason! A fantastic gem for long-term financial planning, Green Jade’s energy seems to ignite passion in all areas of your life. Chase your goals and tick off your financial checklist. Make sure you bring this little wonderstone along to any important financial meetings you need to attend. It will work in your favor for prosperity. It’s also an excellent stone to carry when beginning a new business venture. Don’t squander your chances by leaving your Green Jade at home!

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