The Top 5 Crystals for New Beginnings

The Top 5 Crystals for New Beginnings

Change is necessary for growth. It might seem scary at times, but without it, we’d just remain the same for the rest of our lives. Whether you’re entering into a new relationship, you’ve just gotten a new job, or you’re merely preparing for the new year (and finally putting 2020 behind us!), you can find support for your goals by using crystals for new beginnings.

Sometimes you're thrown into change without a choice. Your world comes tumbling down around you, leaving you with no option but to change or go down with it. In times like this, we may feel a strong sense of fear, loss, or even grief. This is why it’s good to have crystals for accepting change. Not only do they help prepare your energy for your fresh start, but they support you through the tough times and encourage you to advance with confidence and courage.

Whichever emotion you feel on the broad spectrum that goes hand in hand with change, you’ll find that there’s a crystal to support it. No matter how unique your reaction, there is a stone for you.

There’s always a sense of adventure when working with crystals for new beginnings. You’re exploring the unknown and throwing yourself headfirst into life. Regardless of whether you chose this new direction or you’re thrust into it, you get to create the reality that unfolds from here on out. You have the free will to determine your end goals and reach them.

So with January just around the corner, now is the perfect time to be considering what’s next for you. You might be tired of setting New Year’s resolutions as they rarely last more than a few months, but this is why crystals for new beginnings are so useful. Not only do they provide a visual reminder of your goals, but they also offer an energetic reminder. If you program your stones for change in the right way, you can commit to resolutions that actually last.

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The Top 5 Crystals for New Beginnings


This mystical wonder stone is known as a gem for transformation. It’s ideal for support during times of upheaval. It maintains an open mind, deepens your perspective, and expands your awareness. It amplifies your intuition so that you can feel energy more efficiently. In doing so, you’ll come to realize that change is natural, and there’s no reason to be afraid.


It's an excellent stone for luck, at it empowers you to trust in your own judgment. More often than not, your instincts are right.  Labradorite bracelets can build up an energetic forcefield around you to prevent negative influences from affecting your mindstate. Other people’s opinions or jealous streaks aren’t worth your time. 


Another stone of transformation, malachite, is one of the best crystals for new beginnings because of its supporting nature. It offers tough love that you can’t find in its gentler alternatives. By opening the heart chakra, it floods you with unconditional love and prepares you for every scenario. Whatever the reason for change, love is vital for moving forward from a place of peace. 

If you’re feeling low, Malachite bracelets will reconnect you to your intention and, more importantly, the passion and energy behind it. It forges a bond between nature and you so that you never feel lost or alone. The world is always your home. This luscious green crystal also ensures your aura is unaffected by EMF radiation or other toxic pollutants that can prevent you from fully embracing new opportunities.

Rainbow Moonstone

This feminine gemstone connects you to the lunar cycle and helps you dance to the natural rhythm of life. It activates the crown chakra and empowers you to make decisions based on higher consciousness levels—above that of the ego. It encourages gratitude and helps you reflect on the new changes happening in your life. If you’re letting go of something you cherished, be thankful for the wisdom it gave you and the joy you experienced. Nothing lasts forever.

If you find yourself short on energy, rainbow moonstone lets you kick back and relax while you replenish your life force. To have fun and enjoy life now, you need to let go of what was before. Cup the stone in your palms and visualize your intention to accelerate and enhance the manifestation process.


Often called a crystal for hope, amazonite brings a level of optimism that’s in short supply at the moment. It converts worries and fear into excitement and anticipation. This makes it one of the best crystals for accepting change, as you can hold it while going through your transformation to surround yourself with positive energy. It also motivates you to follow your natural talents. There’s an infinite amount of possibilities available to you, and amazonite gives you the freedom to choose who you want to become.

Amazonite encourages you to forget what other people think and teaches that only you can make yourself happy. Relying on other people’s acceptance only causes sorrow. Step away from the herd and dare to be different. It might mean taking some risks, but amazonite is always there to transform that fear of getting started into sheer joy and enthusiasm. It encourages you to take action to achieve your dreams, making it one of the ultimate crystals for moving forward in 2021. 


Citrine is arguably the most uplifting and vibrant crystal you can find. It activates the solar plexus chakra, fueling your power and enabling you to access your inner strength and drive. It fills you with confidence so that you know exactly what you’re capable of. Dial your self-belief up a notch.

citrine bracelet

In addition to this, Citrine bracelets are the best for change because of its positive energy. It empowers you to tackle anything that life throws at you with a smile. Often called a money attractor, citrine attracts abundance in all its forms and inspires you to follow your dreams, no matter how big they are. There isn’t a crystal on earth that provides you with a greater zest for life than citrine. Use Citrine rings to increase your energy output towards new passion projects this coming year.

How to Set New Year’s Resolutions with Crystals

So now you know the power that crystals have over your intentions, it’s time to make use of them. People often regret what they didn’t do rather than what they did do. Now is the time to ensure that it never happens to you. Make your resolutions stick this year by programming crystals for new beginnings.

Follow these simple steps to transform your crystal into an energetic reminder of your intentions. Whenever you see or touch it, you’ll be able to re-spark that inner flame for your passion. It’s the key to making your dreams a reality. If ever you’re feeling low or like you can’t make it, then take some time to reconnect with your crystal, and you’ll re-energize your desire.

Repeat the affirmation: I can.

new beginnings

  1. Choose the crystal you want to work with and get comfortable in a quiet place where you won’t be disturbed.
  2. Set your intention: be clear, concise, and, most of all, specific.
  3. Once you’re ready, hold the crystal in your palm and get used to its energy. See if you can feel a connection between you and the stone.
  4. Recite your intention three times. Whether you vocalize it, or keep it in your head, is up to you.
  5. Place the crystal somewhere you will see it regularly to act as a visual and energetic reminder. If you choose a crystal that you intend to hold or wear, its energy will automatically be nearby.

Remember to be as straightforward as possible when setting your intention. The more specific you can be about what you want to manifest, the easier it is to bring your focus and attention towards it. It becomes a target for your energy, so if the target is vast and vague, then you aren’t going to hit the bull’s eye.

Use crystals to set the right

New Year's Intentions

for happy new beginnings.

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