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21 Crystals For Astral Projection: The Ultimate Guide

Crystals are ancient. They've been around long enough to watch civilizations rise and fall, but they maintain a connection to the mystical world of the past. They help us tune in to our astral body and reach deep levels of consciousness that we might have previously thought unattainable.

The best crystals for astral projection are those that push you towards a spiritual awakening. While slightly different skills, this type of astral stone can also facilitate lucid dreaming. The healing crystals in this list can be extremely powerful gateways to new dimensions.

And we don't mean that fictitiously.

Let's take a deeper look at these new dimensions and all the crystals that help with astral travel.

What Is Astral Projection?

While it may sound a little esoteric, astral projection is the ability to consciously leave your physical body. This is usually brought about by entering a state of deep relaxation through meditation. Your astral body, otherwise known as your spiritual or ethereal body, can literally step out of your physical body.

When your astral body leaves your normal body, you are astral projecting.

While not yet proven scientifically (unlike lucid dreaming), it's not too much of a stretch to believe that energetic beings can consciously explore other realms without the need of their physical body.

This may be hard to accept if you stick by the idea that the brain creates consciousness – something which, despite popular belief, has no supporting evidence – because separating consciousness from the body would be impossible. However, if the brain acts as an antenna that receives the consciousness signal, it's far easier to accept a possible separation.

So what's an out-of-body experience?

When astral travel happens without conscious effort, this is usually referred to as an out-of-body experience. This state of being can be brought about during almost fatal incidents, coining the term near-death experience (NDE).

With astral projection, you are having an out-of-body experience that you initiate deliberately. Many astral projectors report seeing their own physical body still in its relaxation pose. They are usually connected by a silver cord.

There are tons of reports from people who supposedly left their body at the time of an accident or life-saving surgery, and despite being unconscious, could report exactly what happened when they awoke. An article in the Journal of the Missouri State Medical Association concluded that near-death experiences are "medically inexplicable" and "in a word, real."

How do crystals help with astral projection?

When you bring spiritual healing crystals into the mix, not only does the process become a lot easier, but you will also feel more safe, secure and relaxed. Healing crystals remove negative energies from your surrounding environment – empowering you to explore the astral plane without worrying what might happen to your physical body while you're gone.

Crystals for astral projection will also protect your energy on the astral plane itself. Think of them as little crystal bodyguards, shielding your aura from negative energies and helping you summon the positive energy within. Their presence will remain with you no matter how far you stray from your physical body.

Already itching to explore the astral plane? Let's take a look at some of the best crystals for astral projection.

  1. Labradorite - for spiritual awakening
  2. Lapis Lazuli - for spiritual wisdom
  3. Amethyst - for relaxation and contact with spirit guides
  4. Blue Lace Agate - for meditation
  5. Selenite - for cleansing bad vibes
  6. Clear Quartz - for clarity and manifestation
  7. Black Obsidian - for protection and introspection
  8. Smoky Quartz - for intentions and protection
  9. Citrine - for positive energy
  10. Iolite - for spiritual guidance
  11. Hematite - for grounding
  12. Rose Quartz - for choosing love
  13. Carnelian - for creativity and passion
  14. Green Aventurine - for optimism and luck
  15. Tiger's Eye - for confidence and protection
  16. Black Tourmaline - for obliterating negative energy
  17. Angelite - for connecting with your guardian angels
  18. Ametrine - for ultra-high energy
  19. Moldavite - for enhancing your metaphysical abilities
  20. Celestite - for happiness and lucid dreaming
  21. Blue Calcite - for awakening your psychic potential


21 Powerful Crystals For Astral Projection

1. Labradorite

With Labradorite, astral travel becomes simple. This iridescent stone surrounds you with high energy that enables you to easily let go of inhibitions when it comes to self-exploration. The dazzling effect of the stone mystifies your senses, and its sensational energy invokes the magic within.

Known as the stone of transformation, Labradorite is one of the finest spiritual healing crystals. It encourages you to grow and reach your full potential, both spiritually and materially.

Commonly associated with spiritual awakening, Labradorite is the go-to stone when exploring the depths of your inner world. It'll shield your aura while you astral travel and help you reach deeper levels of consciousness so that you can start astral projecting in the first place.

Get the Dragon's Heart Transformation Pendant to become more sensitive to the messages received in the spirit world.

2. Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli is another mystical stone with a swirling hypnotic blue color. It provokes introspection and self-reflection at the most profound level. It's a great stone for deep meditation practices.

Activating the third eye and throat chakras, Lapis Lazuli encourages you to tap into spiritual wisdom. Its cosmos-like appearance serves the Hermetic idiom: "As above, so below." This is why the beautiful stone has been used for astral travel for thousands of years – it bridges human energies to the spiritual realm.

This powerful healing crystal connects people to their spirit guides. It was highly coveted in ancient Egypt because of its ability to assist with prophetic magic. Lapis has a way of communicating innate knowledge to you in a simple yet profound way.

Great for chakra healing, Lapis Lazuli is available in lots of sets in our store. The Positive Energy Set might be the best choice for astral projection crystals as it also contains 5 others from this list!

3. Amethyst

Considered by some to be the best crystal for astral projection, Amethyst awakens the crown chakra and third eye chakra. It's an astral crystal that connects you to the spiritual realms and puts you in touch with your spirit guides.

When using this violet stone, astral projection becomes far more likely. Amethyst brings you to a state of complete relaxation with very little effort. In fact, of all the astral projection crystals, Amethyst is the one with the most soothing effects. It provides the double whammy of being a link to spiritual beings while also helping you relax into a blissful state of awareness.

In the spiritual realm or astral plane, the vibrant purple Amethyst will continue to support you. It banishes negative energy and encourages astral travel without anxiety. When you can explore yourself with love instead of fear, you can attain greater spiritual wisdom.

The Visualization Ring is a fantastic way to keep close to your Amethyst. Astral projection can be practiced regularly with an Amethyst ring. If you want to also use Amethyst to facilitate lucid dreaming, you can leave an Amethyst crystal point or raw Amethyst cluster on your bedside table, or place an Amethyst tumbled stone under your pillow.

4. Blue Lace Agate

Blue Lace Agate probably isn't the first stone that comes to mind when you think about astral projection, but this light blue gemstone has a natural calming effect on the body. It enables you to enter deep meditation states that make it easier to step out into the astral plane.

Blue Lace Agate is a great stone for bringing stillness within. It calms not just your physical body, but also your astral body as you prepare to take off. If you've never had an astral travel experience before then this crystal (or any other type of Agate) is an amazing support stone to keep with you.

Get a tumbled stone and hold it while you meditate to enhance your spiritual practice and soothe your soul. It'll make you entirely present on the task at home and let worries or fears melt away.

5. Selenite

The color of an angel feather, the name of a moon goddess, and the energy of the Divine, Selenite was always going to be one of the best crystals for astral projection. In fact, Selenite's powerful cleansing abilities make it one of the best crystals for just about anything.

Before you attempt astral projection, it's important to ensure that your environment is safe, clear and positively charged. Selenite, as the ultimate purification stone, can be used in a type of cleansing ritual before you astral travel. It will help to clear away negative energy that you may be unwittingly holding onto.

It's vital that you relinquish the hold of negative energies before you astral travel, otherwise you could struggle to leave your physical body, or worse, panic when you're exploring the astral plane. Selenite bracelets will make the out-of-body experience as light, fun, and positive as possible.

The best way to ensure your astral journeying goes smoothly is by preparing under the glow of the Selenite Cleansing Lamp.

6. Clear Quartz

The master healer, Clear Quartz is a gorgeous stone that helps you astral project by clearing your mind of all distractions. As it activates the crown chakra, it's one of the top crystals for supporting spiritual quests, including those that are embarked upon via astral projection.

Connecting you to universal energy, Clear Quartz is well-known for its manifestation abilities. If you want to work from a state of higher consciousness, Clear Quartz will take you there and help you tap into your authentic self and true desires.

Clear Quartz has mega mystical vibes and is one of the most commonly recognized crystals in the world. This is especially true when it's in the form of a crystal ball, associated with prophetic visions and other mighty magical properties.

The astral body is sometimes said to be an extension of the crown chakra; the full etheric body of chakras outside of the physical body. It's for this reason that clearing, opening and activating the crown chakra is of utmost importance when it comes to this type of spiritual practice. Whether it's astral projection, lucid dreaming, or any other type of out-of-body experience, make sure your crown chakra is open.

7. Black Obsidian

Black Obsidian is the top protection stone. But one of its other primary features is that it initiates introspection. It encourages the wearer to reflect on their flaws, weaknesses and regrets. It's a powerful stone for getting to the bottom of your personal issues and finding the root cause.

It's not surprise then that Black Obsidian balances the base chakra. It helps you stay in touch with the present moment and maintain mindfulness. When you astral travel, Black Obsidian serves as your anchor. It can be the difference between getting lost on an exciting, but ultimately meaningless adventure, or sticking to your spiritual quests and edging closer to enlightenment.

Of all the stones listed so far, Black Obsidian will shield your energy the most, both on the astral plane and in the material world. By wearing the Soul Cleansing Black Obsidian Bracelet you can ensure your aura will be defended while you go on your cosmic adventures.

8. Smoky Quartz

An EMF shield, Smoky Quartz is another great protection stone to guard your aura while you astral travel. As a member of the Quartz family, it's already clear that spiritual healing comes as second nature to this gorgeous stone. Meditate with Smoky Quartz before you astral travel to sync your energy to it.

Its intention-setting roots make Smoky Quartz one of the best stones for astral projection. Use it to program your subconscious mind before you leave your physical body. The intentions you set with this crystal in the build-up to your astral projection will help to guide you in the spiritual realm.

Voluntary astral traveling requires a lot of practice and focused intention. Smoky Quartz is the stone to use if you want to get some astral projection practice as it combines the protective energies of dark stones with the highly spiritual connections of Quartz.

Use the Anti-Anxiety Stones Set to calm your nerves and get into a focused state of mind before you astral travel.

9. Citrine

Citrine is commonly known as the stone of happiness. This joyful gem glows with positive energy, boundless luck, and limitless opportunities. It's the ultimate crystal for lifting your spirits and flooding you with optimism. This stone fills you with love, joy, and self-belief.

When it comes to higher consciousness, Citrine can elevate your energy and eradicate failure from your thoughts. If you want to astral travel, use Citrine with other crystals for astral projection in the form of a crystal grid. This will amplify the energies of all stones involved, including Citrine.

Maintain a can-do attitude with a piece of Citrine crystal jewelry.

10. Iolite

Another violet stone, Iolite is an all-round top stone for astral journeying, lucid dreaming and invoking a spiritual awakening. The powerful heaing crystal is in harmony with your third eye chakra, but also aligns with your crown chakra to help you forge a connection with the spirit world.

Not only has Iolite been adored for hundreds of years, it's also known to direct you both spiritually and physically. Known as the Viking's Compass, it's no wonder that Iolite can provide guidance during astral travel. It supports your energy as you transition between realms.

As a favorite among those born under the zodiac of Sagittarius, Iolite is a star in the Sagittarius Bracelet and Crystals Set.

11. Hematite

Hematite's shiny metallic luster is indicative of its earthy grounding properties. It's a crystal that roots your energy to the present moment and helps you be more mindful of the little things. It links you to Mother Earth, even during your astral projection sessions.

Hold weighty Hematite if you want to feel a sense of security during your astral travel adventures. It won't let you down.

Its protective energy is well-known, too, and it's earned its place in our best selling bracelet: The Triple Protection Bracelet. This potent stone surrounds you with positive energy and ensures that your astral travel will go smoothly.

12. Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz, the stone of unconditional love, is a top choice if you want to enhance mystical connections. A sister of Clear Quartz, the energy of the master healer rubs off on Rose Quartz – it's commonly known as a heart chakra healer.

A gentle gem with light pink hues, Rose Quartz eases you into a feeling of deep relaxation and comfort. It's a great stone to meditate with before attempting to astral project. It holds your hand while you venture outside your body.

Rose Quartz is also innately connected with the Divine feminine. It puts you in touch with your goddess energy, preparing you to embrace the astral plane with love in place of fear. It provides a deep inner faith that everything will be okay.

You can get Rose Quartz crystal pyramids, lamps, coasters, ornaments, pens, dowsing pendulums, and a wide range of Rose Quartz crystal jewelry in our special love stone collection.

13. Carnelian

One of the most creative and adventurous crystals for astral projection, Carnelian supplies the passion for exploring more than any other stone. It lights your inner fire and releases your warrior spirit so that you can explore the spiritual realms with confidence.

Carnelian also has a knack for prompting your inner child to come out to play. It reminds you what it's like to be young, free, and curious. When you reach the astral plane, you'll realize we're all eternally young, inherently free, and naturally curious. In this sense, Carnelian connects you to your true self. It's a great stone to use to generate creative ideas too.

When trying to astral travel, Carnelian is an excellent stone to add to your crystal grid. Include it with a natural protector and crown chakra opener and you've got a crystal team ripe for successful astral ventures.

Just as it sparks up your inner fire, Carnelian represents the element of fire and can be a great protection stone when partnered with other Elemental Protection Spheres.

14. Green Aventurine

A gentle gem of soothing energies, Green Aventurine is a heart chakra healer that encourages forgiveness for both yourself and others. It's considered one of the top crystals for astral travel because of its endless optimism, emotional healing powers, and its all-round loving nature.

Like Rose Quartz, Green Aventurine helps you choose love over fear. It bestows the gift of self-belief, or faith, and helps you set targets that are achievable. Green Aventurine is also known as the Gambler's Stone because of its risk-inducing nature. It's one of the most amazing stones for committing to adventures into the unknown.

We don't know about you, but for us, there isn't a bigger adventure than astral projection. It's like exploring another dimension, but can only be achieved through intense self-work. Green Aventurine bracelets give you the courage to take the leap if you're feeling apprehensive.

The Protection Set of crystal pens is amazing if you want to write down your fears with a Green Aventurine pen so that you can banish them before you astral travel.

15. Tiger's Eye

When people ask "What crystals are good for astral projection?" Tiger's Eye isn't usually at the top of people's lists. However, it's a powerful protection stone that has everything the astral traveler needs.

From shielding against malicious intentions that could potentially disrupt your astral travel experience, to safeguarding your aura against the evil eye, Tiger's Eye has been used for millennia to eliminate negative energy and enhance courage. It's a powerful stone for success and manifestation, so you can meditate with it before your astral projection practice to get into the right mindset.

You can get crystal pyramids made of Tiger's Eye that magnify your attention and help you concentrate more clearly. The Pyramid of Focus is one such pyramid.

16. Black Tourmaline

Black Tourmaline is another potent energy shield that can obliterate negative energies. It brings balance to the emotional body, and shields your energy as your astral body leaves your physical body.

If you're experiencing astral travel, Black Tourmaline is one of the best possible choices for protection to guard your human vessel while your astral body is gone. Another awesome mineral to use in a crystal grid, Black Tourmaline makes certain that you feel safe, secure and shielded at all times.

By wearing Black Tourmaline jewelry, you can ensure that both astral projection, and any lucid dreaming event you may have, are going to happen safely and in a peaceful environment.

17. Angelite

One of the lesser known crystals good for astral projection is Angelite. This beautiful crystal connects you to your spirit guides and can even facilitate contact with your guardian angels – the name may have given it away.

These highly spiritual stones are overflowing with mega mystical vibes. They magnify your connection to the divine and bring you closer to your true purpose. Linked to all kinds of metaphysical phenomena, Angelite is said to heighten your clairvoyant abilities, highlight your telepathic nature, and bring attention to your astral body.

Oftentimes, people learn about the possibility of astral travel because of their experience with this gorgeous gemstone.

18. Ametrine

Ametrine is another rare crystal that connects human energies to the cosmic ALL that is. It opens a doorway in the wearer that allows universal energy to stream in through the crown chakra.

As the name suggests, Ametrine is a hyper-rare blend of Amethyst and Citrine. It can only be found in one specific mine in Bolivia. Because of the combination of stones, Ametrine is one of the ultimate astral projection crystals. Ametrine is fantastic for all things spiritual. It can facilitate lucid dreaming if you leave it under your pillow, or help you hone your metaphysical abilities if you meditate with it regularly.

As Ametrine is super rare, it's difficult to find in crystal jewelry. Most sellers that offer Ametrine are probably selling a manufactured version, or some kind of dyed Amethyst.

19. Moldavite

Astral projection with Moldavite is like tranquility with Amethyst or clarity with Clear Quartz. It's second nature.

Awakening your inner child and opening you up for spiritual exploration, Moldavite can connect you with your guardian angels. Like Angelite, Moldavite enhances all metaphysical phenomena, including clairvoyance, clairaudience, and telepathy. Some even say it can assist with telekinesis.

Meditation with Moldavite is said to cause prophetic visions. It casts light upon fleeting shadows, enabling you to understand yourself on a deeper level.

20. Celestite

Celestite is said to be one of the must-have crystals for mastering lucid dreaming. Due to its connection with the spiritual realm, it can also assist with astral travel. The astral plane and the dreamworld are not too dissimilar. In fact, many crystals for astral projection are also highly recommended for initiating your first lucid dreaming event.

Celestite is an uplifting gemstone that makes it great for countering depression or other low emotions. It helps you replace self-destructive tendencies with harmony, creativity, and contemplation. Celestite directs your attention inwards, which is one of the reasons it works so well.

One of the best things you can do for enhancing your astral travel experience is to create a magic circle with Celestite, Moldavite, Angelite and other high-vibe crystals for astral projection.

If you know a Pisces who wants to practice astral projection, this bracelet and crystal set will work wonders for them.

21. Blue Calcite

Another calming blue stone, Blue Calcite is said to wrap you in a weighted blanket of uplifting energy that invites unparalleled relaxation. Astral travel is almost impossible without a calm state of mind, so this gem is essential.

Blue Calcite is not only a soothing gem, but it also awakens you to your psychic potential. It's for this reason that it's said to be one of the top choices for crystals for astral travel. You can communicate with higher powers, converse with your spirit guides, and truly connect with the divine.

You can get different types of Calcite in sets with other crystals on this list. The Chakra Healing Hearts Set combines Orange Calcite with 4 other stones for astral projection.

Get Your Crystals For Astral Projection At Conscious Items

Whether you are looking to astral travel for the first time, or you're an experienced voyager of the higher realms, these powerful gemstones will help you improve your skill.

Creating a crystal grid can ensure that negative energies are kept at bay and your astral body leaves your physical one in a state of love and bliss, rather than fear or tension.

Take a look at our stones for protection and support to keep your energy well guarded as you explore the astral plane.

Happy astral traveling!

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